The Sunday Sale: Head Back to the Billy Reid Winter Event to Save 40 Percent Off Sale Items

Best flannel shirt for men.

Thanks for joining me on this fine late winter Sunday, my friends. If today’s headline looks a bit familiar as you scour the market high and low for the best menswear essentials, there’s a good reason for that. You see, we’re heading back over to Billy Reid to shop the famed Alabama-based designer’s Winter Event, the jam-packed yet fast-selling sale section that we talked about as recently as last month on the blog.

Pieces like one of the best men’s shirt jackets are still up for grabs, as is the handsome knit shirt from Billy Reid you see above, but those deals just got even better. How so, you might ask? Well, it’s the Billy Reid Sale On Sale currently running now through March 6th, which gives you up to 60 percent off (including 40 percent off already on-sale items). To save even more at Billy Reid’s Winter Event, just use the code EXTRA40 to take your wardrobe to the next level.

Billy Reid Winter Sale

There’s a bit of everything up for grabs from the award-winning designer’s namesake brand, from some of the best sweaters for men to Billy Reid henleys, the aforementioned knit shirt and much more. Again, this “sale on sale” — boasting some of the best winter style essentials for men, no less — runs through March 6th, so outfit yourself accordingly while saving more than a few bucks in the process. Shop now, thank me later and get ready to dress in style to close out winter, folks. Stay stylish out there!


The Sunday Sale: The Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt Is More Than 40 Percent Off

Best flannel shirt for men.

If you know where to look, opportunities abound to save on the best winter menswear — if you know where to look, that is. That’s why we’re here with today’s Sunday Sale, of course: To point you in the direction of companies like Faherty Brand, a longtime favorite of mine with a penchant for selling everything from one of the best winter jackets to the stylish flannel shirt you see above.

Best winter flannel shirt for men.

The shirt in question, of course, is the fan favorite Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt, a rugged yet ultra-soft men’s shirt for winter that wears like an overshirt or a standalone flannel shirt, any way you slice it. And the deal in question? In select colors and patterns (nine of them, to be exact), the Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt is more than 40 percent off.

That’s one heck of a deal for a casually rugged shirt you can wear virtually every day, be it through more casual days at the office or winter weekend brewery outings or lounge-ready days at home. It’s not all that often that the Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt goes on sale with such wide variety available, so hop on this deal while it’s still around. I’ll leave you to it, my friends.

The Thursday Buy: The Faherty Alpine Flannel Shirt is One of the Coziest Men’s Shirts for Winter

Your rotation of the best winter style essentials is, in some ways, like a stable, right? A tried-and-true rotation that you turn towards on the daily, especially when it comes time to layer up with one of the best flannel shirts for winter. And in the brisk months, never underestimate how far a rugged, stylish men’s flannel shirt can take you. And on that note, never underestimate how far Faherty flannel shirts will take you, with the right mix of polish, rugged style and cozy winter warmth.

It gets even better, especially if you know the family-owned New York brand. They’ve built a business off super-soft fabric and put that into practice with picks like the Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt (a personal favorite), as well as today’s featured pick. That’d be the must-buy Faherty Alpine Flannel Shirt, an ultra-soft, well-made flannel shirt fit for the office or a holiday party. The best part? The Faherty Brushed Alpine Flannel Shirt is now 33 percent off as of this writing when you use the code SALE25.

It’s all part of Faherty’s “Sale On Sale” this season — get an extra 25 percent off sale items — and the Faherty Alpine Flannel Shirt just might be the best of the bunch as you survey those action-packed sale offerings. For good measure, the Faherty Alpine Flannel Shirt is made from brushed 100 percent organic cotton, boasting the sort of classic fit that allows you to layer it over your favorite henley or wear it comfortably on its own (or perhaps underneath one of the best winter blazers).

The versatility of the Faherty Alpine Flannel Shirt is nearly unmatched in that regard. Rock it untucked with tailored chinos or wool trousers for a crisp-yet-casual holiday party look, or style it with a rugged shawl cardigan for a dash of winter weekend warmth.

Luckily, Faherty sells all of those essentials (just shop for Faherty Bestsellers), but it’s the Faherty Alpine Flannel Shirt that remains the star of the show today, thanks to the fact that it’s — again, a reminder! — 33 percent off with the code SALE25. My friends, I think you just found your new favorite winter shirt, and it’s the Faherty Alpine Flannel Shirt

Style Pick of the Week: Line of Trade Summit Flannel Shirt – Best Fall Flannel Shirt for Guys

Best flannel shirt for men this fall

What’s sitting at the top of your list right now as you shop for the best men’s fall essentials? I’ve got plenty of the best fall style gear picks on my mind at the moment as well, but I’d say that for right now, as we move into the season, it’s best to start with a tried-and-true selection: One of the best flannel shirts for men. As with any good seasonal style selection, there’s also a tried-and-true resource you can visit to stock up accordingly, and that resource just so happens to be NYC-based Bespoke Post.

You recognize the brand (I should hope!) for selling everything from affordable Timex watches to the best winter sweaters, and the seriously cool, rugged and affordable Line of Trade Summit Flannel Shirt is but the latest and greatest must-have from them. Seriously, snag this one before it sells out.

Flannel is, naturally, a classic fall fabric, providing warmth, comfort and plenty of throwback appeal on many a casual day this season, and the Line of Trade Summit Flannel Shirt hits all the right notes as you shop for your new favorite shirt (starting with price — it clocks in at just $65 at Bespoke Post).

Best men's flannel shirt

It’s tough to know where to begin with the Line of Trade Summit Flannel Shirt, because it does so many things well — and it does ’em all at a low, sub-$70 price, no less. The Line of Trade Summit Flannel Shirt is crafted from a brushed flannel fabric that just so happens to be a nice, midweight cotton material.

That means the go-anywhere Line of Trade Summit Flannel Shirt is warm enough to layer atop your favorite henley and easy enough to wear on its own (perhaps beneath the best fall blazer, for good measure).

In addition to that easy-to-layer weight, the Line of Trade Summit Flannel Shirt hits the right notes when it comes to fall style (note the four utterly classic plaid color combos) and sizing (it’s available in sizes up to 3XL). And again, it’s certainly worth repeating that the Line of Trade Summit Flannel Shirt is a downright steal at just $65. With fall rolling in quickly, you might want to go ahead and pick up more than one of this trusty fall flannel shirt. Good luck out there, my friends.

The Thursday Buy: The Mack Weldon WARMKNIT Flannel is Winter’s Best Flannel Shirt

There’s no shortage of flannel shirts on the market these days, but there’s only one retailer making the best men’s flannel shirt for guys on the go, and that’s Mack Weldon. The NYC retailer has built a super-strong Web presence over the last decade, with a focus on reaching customers online and an even tighter focus on making some of the best basics for men. That same approach extends into each product category introduced by the direct-to-consumer company, an approach that allows them to make the best flannel shirt for men (alongside its much-loved Mack Weldon boxer briefs, T-shirts and much more). It’s a careful process that’s yielded serious dividends, and they’ve certainly got a fan in this menswear writer.

So, why should you stock up on the Mack Weldon WARMKNIT Flannel right now? I can think of plenty of reasons, each one better than the last if you value the right blend of rugged good looks and top-notch performance. Just like, say, the Mack Weldon Ace Crew Neck, it exudes both versatile style and technical functionality and comfort, making it an easy pick-up for yourself or a nice gift for the stylish guy in your life. The ever-wearable Mack Weldon WARMKNIT Flannel gets its edge from the brand’s Thermolite® technology, which provides insulating warmth alongside a moisture-wicking interior. These two features alone make it one of the best men’s flannel shirts, but it gets better from there.

The Mack Weldon WARMKNIT Flannel is really the total package as far as flannel shirts are concerned, with a tailored fit that makes it dressy enough to wear on its own, either tucked in or untucked, at the office with some Mack Weldon Maverick Tech Chinos. Of course, the Mack Weldon WARMKNIT Flannel is also soft-brushed for cozy comfort, offering up a modern feel that works seven days a week, with your favorite pair of blue jeans or even Mack Weldon joggers for some high-low style. Better still, this classic-yet-contemporary flannel shirt works well when layered under one of the best travel jackets (from Mack Weldon, naturally) for true go-anywhere style.

There are also plenty of standard-issue flannel shirt touches, like two front-button chest pockets, on the Mack Weldon WARMKNIT Flannel. As if that wasn’t enough, you’re getting a versatile flannel shirt for home or office for under $100 — if it seems like the Mack Weldon WARMKNIT Flannel is too good to be true, well, it’s surely not. To please every palette, the always-cool Mack Weldon WARMKNIT Flannel comes in five pattern options and one crisp, solid colorway. Consider getting two (or heck, even three) to make the Mack Weldon WARMKNIT Flannel your go-to fall and winter office shirt. It can do just about anything you ask of it though, including winter road trips and holiday affairs. Try out Mack Weldon and see for yourself.

The Sunday Sale: Get Free Shipping on Orders Over $75 at Patagonia, Including This Rugged Fall Flannel

Shopping on a budget for the best fall style essentials can be a little tricky, and I say this as someone who loves investment-worthy menswear picks aplenty. So any amount of cash you can save is pretty crucial, right? And if you can do it with sustainability and style in mind, well, isn’t that all the better? Hence, today’s Sunday Sale: A look at garb like the best men’s workwear, as well as the fact that you can get free shipping on orders over $75 at Patagonia. The outdoor retailer is committed to activism and helping the environment, using upcycled, recycled or organic materials across its product line, which just so happens to feature some of the best rugged gear for men. I’m personally a fan of the Patagonia Farrier Shirt, which could be one of the best flannel shirts for fall. For starters, it retails for $89, so it meets the order cut-off nicely. That’s not all this rugged work shirt can do for you, and it’s far from the only nice steal you’ll find at Patagonia.

The Patagonia Farrier Work Shirt (again, just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the best gear right now at Patagonia) comes in a classic red-and-black pattern, plus essential solid colors. Best of all, it’s warm, it’s substantial, it wears nicely with Patagonia jeans and durable Patagonia work pants, and you needn’t pay extra for shipping. Take your pick between a rugged work shirt made with either industrial hemp and recycled polyester, or else one derived from 88 percent organic cotton and 12 percent industrial hemp. Either way, it’s still a darn-fine and mighty tough work shirt made to tackle fall and winter projects with ease. In fact, the entire Patagonia men’s line is packed with hard-working, sustainably gear delivered to your doorstep without over-the-top shipping fees. If that sounds like something you’d appreciate, then I’d say it’s about time you took advantage of free shipping on orders over $75 at Patagonia. If you like what you find, you can always let me know on Twitter. Happy fall, folks!

Shop now and save at Patagonia

Free shipping is within reach on the best fall gear

See Now, Buy Now: Flint and Tinder Has Dreamed Up the Perfect Flannel Shirt for Fall

There are certain menswear staples that are so well-executed, it’s enough to make you want to add ’em to your wardrobe right away. That’s especially true as we roll into fall, and I’d wager you’ve got your eye on one of the best flannel shirts, right? No doubt about it, and that’s where the Flint and Tinder Jackson Flannel Shirt comes into play. It’s undoubtedly a stylish, rugged essential to get in your closet ASAP, and another prime example of what Flint and Tinder does so well. F&T, for the uninitiated, is the in-house brand at Huckberry, makers of everything from a rugged and undeniably classic waxed trucker jacket to the perfect henley and now, the perfect flannel shirt. The Flint and Tinder Jackson Flannel Shirt is a new addition to the Flint and Tinder menswear rotation, and a mighty perfect one, at that. It’s available in four rich and absolutely spot-on fall colors, including the handsome Walnut Rust Plaid seen above. Things are just getting started, though, believe you me.

Stock your closet with fall-ready flannel

Flint and Tinder is the brand to shop now

It’s not just style points you’re getting with the unbelievably cool Flint and Tinder Jackson Flannel Shirt. The fabrication is top-notch, truly something that sets apart this shirt from the pack (more on this in a second). If you want a ridiculously well-made flannel shirt for just a shade over $100, this is the one to buy now.

The specs are as outstanding as any you’re apt to find when it comes to your new favorite flannel shirt, as one might expect from the attention-to-detail focus over at Huckberry. Made from 100 percent cotton flannel that happens to be super-soft, not overly bulky, the Flint and Tinder Jackson Flannel Shirt is an ideal top layer over a rugged henley (similar to a shirt jacket), but it’s also going to wear nicely underneath a waxed Flint and Tinder jacket, too. And you simply can’t beat fall style options like the rich Walnut Rust Plaid shown above — it’s as if Flint and Tinder thought of everything with this rugged flannel shirt, to say the least.

HELM Boots

The jumbo twill cotton fabrication lends this flannel shirt an air of durability and style, and the hits keep coming from there. The patch chest pocket is a handy storage space for your everyday carry essentials, yet another small touch that really elevates the Flint and Tinder Jackson Flannel Shirt a cut above the rest. Take your pick from those four essential colors and patterns, and then layer up to your heart’s content with your favorite flannel shirt and a pair of expertly faded jeans. The rest of fall’s adventures await, folks, and the Flint and Tinder Jackson Flannel Shirt belongs in your wardrobe (and on your back) for ’em.

SHOP: The Flint and Tinder Jackson Flannel Shirt

Style Pick of the Week: Faherty Brand Stretch Seaview Flannel Shirt

Faherty Stretch Seaview Flannel Shirt

A well-made, comfortable and yet rugged flannel shirt from Faherty Brand.

Folks, the theme of this month has been new menswear for a new year, and what better way to keep that all going than by checking out the best new men’s style for 2021 at Faherty Brand, ehh? The soulful, laidback and ever-stylish California brand focuses on exceptional fabrics, easygoing silhouettes and the kind of versatility that makes these picks a sharp-yet-subtle solution if you’re in search of, say, one of the best flannel shirts for winter. And folks, the Faherty Brand Stretch Seaview Flannel Shirt is back, it’s better than ever and it’s a perfect weekend style move as our latest Style Pick of the Week. What do ya say, ehh? Every guy can use one of the most rugged flannel shirts out there, yet the Stretch Seaview Flannel also blends a hearty dose of casual comfort and go-anywhere versatility. The fit is ideal for wearing all on its own or layering atop a henley or a slub pocket tee (kind of like the Faherty Legend Sweater Shirt), so it’s got plenty going for it — to say the very least. If it’s one of the best flannel shirts for men you seek, it’s quite hard to go wrong (again, to say the least!).

SHOP: The Faherty Brand Stretch Seaview Flannel Shirt 

Faherty Brand Review

Take your pick between seven cool and iconic patterns for winter style from Faherty Brand.

The best men’s flannel shirts have a few things in common, and yet this particular shirt rises above the rest. It’s made with soft organic cotton infused with stretch fabric for comfort and layering in these quarantine times. Better still, you can pick it up in one of seven cool and eye-catching patterns, including the classic Blue Rose Gingham seen above. The button chest pocket adds to the shirt’s more easygoing feel, giving it the sort of look that pairs easily with a thermal henley or a graphic tee for a pop of visual interest. And because it’s tailored but not overly tight, you can readily layer it up or wear it on its own, especially untucked with expertly faded denim or tan chinos. Throw on your favorite pair of leather boots and call it good (or rather, get out there and get a growler of local, brewery-fresh beer, yes?). The Faherty Brand Stretch Seaview Flannel Shirt  checks all the proper boxes these days, to say the very least. Make it yours and make it work for you.

SHOP: The Faherty Brand Stretch Seaview Flannel Shirt 

Style Pick of the Week: Filson Western Flannel Shirt

The right way to layer up for chilly fall weather, guaranteed.

It’s high time we started diving into prime Pacific Northwest gear purveyor Filson, seeing as fall is perhaps the perfect season for this lauded heritage brand. And if it’s one of the best men’s flannel shirts that you seek for the season, then you should look no further than the Filson Western Flannel Shirt, a historically inspired, tough flannel shirt that cuts no corners when you want a dependable layer for chilly weather. This flannel shirt belongs on your list of fall style essentials for plenty of reasons, the least of which being that it’s got plenty of quality and versatility in terms of its specs. That shouldn’t surprise you if you’re a fan of Filson, but it’s still impressive. Namely, the Filson Western Flannel Shirt features the look and feel of a classic Western shirt, yet it’s done up in durable cotton twill fabric for uncompromising durability.

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Yet, that cotton twill is also brushed for softness — in short, this is a classic flannel shirt that’s going to feel like you’ve had it for years … right out of the box. Bravo on that front, Filson. And the other positive? Because this durable shirt is crafted to the brand’s top-notch standards, it’s made to be worn both indoors and outdoors, in the worst weather imaginable, for years to come — it’s no joke. Snap-front pockets and button snaps make it easy to layer up underneath a tough waxed trucker jacket or atop a thermal shirt (or with all three of those pieces at once).

SHOP: The Filson Western Flannel Shirt

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Tough hardware and comfortable fabric make this Filson flannel shirt one-of-a-kind, no questions asked.

Seriously, if you want one of the best flannel shirts for men, this is the way to go — and the price ($135 via Huckberry) isn’t too shabby, either. Consider, if you will, all the ways in which you can wear this Filson flannel shirt. For instance: Layer it over your favorite henley and team it with tough chore pants when early morning yard work calls your name. Or else, if you just want a surprisingly cozy flannel shirt to wear to out for morning coffee, take the Filson Western Flannel Shirt and mash it up with expertly faded denim. Heck, you can even team up this stylish flannel shirt with a classic shawl collar cardigan and tan chinos to head to the office (just add leather chukka boots). Again, the best men’s flannel shirts (like this one!) deliver the goods in terms of dependable fall style and durability — over and over and over again. Fall is here, and it’s time to layer up accordingly with Filson.

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Style Pick of the Week: Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt

Editor’s note: Expect these posts weekly detailing one standout item coveted by yours truly. Sometimes, these fit within budgetary restrictions and other times, they’re expensive splurges worth saving for. For more Wish List items from Beau, head here, and to see other Style Picks, head here.

A rugged, Portuguese-made shirt from a brand that consistently delivers on style essentials.

A rugged, Portuguese-made shirt from a brand that consistently delivers on style essentials.

There are brands that almost make it ridiculously easy to get all your shopping done in one place — if you read The Style Guide, you know that Taylor Stitch is definitely one such brand.  It seems that just about anything you need on the #menswear front can be fulfilled by the brand — that goes for things like essential chambray shirting, classic men’s chinos made from durable fabric, and a drool-worthy leather jacket or two, and it’s particularly evident during times best suited to rugged gear (like fall). If you thought you couldn’t possibly need another reason to shop at Taylor Stitch, think again. In this instance, gentlemen (and ladies), the Crater Shirt is that very reason — and it’s a heck of a good one. It’s available for pre-order right now on the brand’s Web site for the very reasonable price of $98 — that means you should hop on  ordering one just as soon as you can. Clearly, fans of the brand got the memo — the Navy & Charcoal Plaid version seen here has been funded to the tune 146 percent. Now, what are you getting for that price? Starting with the brushed Portuguese flannel and rolling through to small details like the flap chest pocket and Japanese Urea cat’s eye buttons,  a heck of a shirt is what you’re getting. It plays right into the brand’s focus on producing timeless pieces that quickly turn into hard-wearing wardrobe staples. If you’ve checked out something as seemingly straightforward as the brand’s Brushed White Oxford, then you know that sentiment to be true. No matter the style, you’re getting the best they’ve got to offer. With the Crater Shirt, that means you’re also getting to pick between two color choices practically made for late fall, early winter and beyond.

The inverse of the option seen at the top of the page -- yet still just as stylish and versatile.

The reverse of the option seen at the top of the page — a Charcoal & Navy Plaid pattern that’s still just as stylish and versatile.

Seriously, you can’t go wrong with either the Navy & Charcoal Plaid  seen at the very top of the page, or the Charcoal & Navy Plaid pattern seen above. Still with me? Hopefully. Either way, you’re getting a durable, modern-fitting flannel shirt that’s heavy enough to wear as a shirt-jacket over a long-sleeve merino tee, comfortable enough to wear on its own, and stylish enough to fit in at the office with slim chinos — or atop slim raw denim at your favorite weekend watering hole. By pre-ordering now, you’re setting yourself up for a heck of a stylish November (that’s when the shirt ships out). It’s a hallmark of the brand that the style is still one you could easily wear with a variety of looks — that goes for the snowy depths of January just as much as it does for crisp November days. If it sounds strange to think that far ahead, think of this as a long-term investment that’s well worth your while. Heck, if the Crater Shirt is anything like the brand’s lauded Yosemite Shirt, it’s absolutely a keeper. For all of us fans of Taylor Stitch, that’s excellent news indeed. What are you waiting for? Head to the Taylor Stitch site to pre-order the Crater Shirt now (that’s not a request!).

If you do pre-order it, let me know on Twitter — and stay stylish in the meantime,

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