The Tuesday Steal: Save 40 Percent On this Rugged Shirt Jacket from Billy Reid

Best winter shirt jacket for men.

Folks, welcome back to another Tuesday and another chance to shop and save on your new favorite menswear from one of the country’s most premium, stylish and timeless brands. And it’s fitting that the Billy Reid Winter Event continues to serve up outstanding discounts on the best seasonal menswear, including the Billy Reid Theo Shirt Jacket. Believe it or not, your new favorite shirt jacket is a whopping 40 percent off — yes, 40 percent off — and it’s worth every single penny.

Now, we’ve talked in the past on the blog about one of the best winter men’s style sales from the famed American designer, but it’s always worth diving a little deeper and taking another look at some of the top winter style essentials, yes? And that’s where the rugged, exceptionally well-crafted Billy Reid Theo Shirt Jacket enters the equation (and your wardrobe). It’s not quite like any shirt jacket (or shacket!) you’ve seen on the market, from the rich wool-blend shadow plaid exterior to the 100 percent recycled insulation.

The Billy Reid Theo Shirt Jacket gets better from there: Note details like side hip pockets and of course, two front-button chest pockets that turn this rugged shirt jacket into an indispensable winter layer. Wear it over your favorite henley from Billy Reid, or go so far as to match up the Billy Reid Theo Shirt Jacket with an Oxford shirt for a dash of high-low style.

Satchel and Page

Now, just know that although the Billy Reid Theo Shirt Jacket is 40 percent off, it’s still a bit of a splurge at $268. And yet, it’s available in plenty of sizes, it’s versatile and well-designed as can be, and it’s a nice stylistic change of pace from a winter parka or peacoat. Act now to add the Billy Reid Theo Shirt Jacket to your style rotation, my friends.

The Sunday Sale: Take 25 Percent Off the Best Winter Menswear at Taylor Stitch

When opportunity comes knocking — as in, the chance to shop some of the best winter menswear on sale from one of your favorite retailers — it’s best to answer the door, so to speak, right? And with the fast-moving Taylor Stitch Cold Weather Clearout, you’ve got a better chance than ever to upgrade your winter style essentials at low, low prices. What’s the scoop? Well, through just today only, you can take an additional 25 percent off the Taylor Stitch Last Call section, an unbelievable opportunity to score even deeper discounts on your favorite menswear essentials.

It’s the kind of deal that doesn’t come around too often, so prepare and shop accordingly if you want to layer up with rugged Taylor Stitch gear the rest of winter. The Taylor Stitch Last Call section boasts classic must-haves like the Taylor Stitch Fisherman Sweater at a whopping 48 percent off, not to mention investment-level pieces like the burly, super-warm Taylor Stitch Bunker Jacket, also priced at 48 percent off. Again, the selection within the Taylor Stitch Last Call section is moving fast, and this sale is only sticking around through today: I’ll leave you to shop early and often on this fine winter Sunday. Good luck out there, my friends!

The Friday Read: A Brooklyn Birthday Weekend & The Taylor Stitch Cold-Weather Clearout Sale

Best winter menswear from Taylor Stitch

My friends, as you can tell from the above headline, it’s a pretty momentous weekend in my neck of the woods here in Brooklyn. Now, it’d be exciting enough for the chance to shop the Taylor Stitch Winter Clearout Sale, of course (offering 25 percent off already-discounted Taylor Stitch winter menswear in the Last Call section), of course. Before we go any further, I’d certainly suggest you shop one of the best winter menswear sales of the moment (not that you need me to drive home that point too much!).

But beyond that, it’s a big weekend for me personally — I’m celebrating my 31st birthday, and I’ll be doing it in Brooklyn, to boot! You can, naturally, keep up with all the fun on my Instagram: I plan on making a few stops at my favorite Brooklyn locales, from the quiet confines of Prospect Park to the amber-hued environs of famed whiskey bar Sycamore.

Beyond time spent reflecting on my life and work in New York City, I plan to (of course) listen to my favorite band The National, spin some vinyl on my record player and catch up with family and friends — not bad for a few days of Brooklyn-centric fun!

Above all though, I’m very grateful to get the chance to do what I do — write about menswear, music, whiskey and more in New York — and I’m ever so grateful for your support of this small menswear blog. For now, I’ll sign off — check back for tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week, and once again: Thanks for reading and stay stylish!

The Sunday Sale: Get Up to 60 Percent Off the Best Winter Menswear at the Todd Snyder Winter Sale

Best winter menswear from Todd Snyder.

My friends, the above headline says it all, but consider this a helpful refresher as we close out the weekend today. The Todd Snyder Winter Sale is still going on, with deals that really are better than ever. Of course, we talked about one of the best winter menswear deals on the blog this past Friday, but again, deals this outstanding are tough to pass up (and certainly worth a reminder in their own right).

The famed American menswear designer, as you know if you peruse the pages of this site, does everything from stylish cashmere sweaters to one of the best trucker jackets on the market. Luckily, some of those very pieces are up for grabs right now at as much as 60 percent off. That’s right: Use the code WINTER30 to get as much as 60 percent off at one of the country’s best menswear designers.

As always with any sale from Todd Snyder, these discounts won’t last forever, so make haste — I’ll leave you to it. Happy shopping, my friends!

The Tuesday Steal: Save 25 Percent on Cold-Weather Essentials with the Billy Reid Holiday Sale

Best holiday style essentials for men.

If you read the blog regularly, you know that sometimes, striking while the iron is hot is just about everything in menswear. That is to say: When the chance comes up to shop in-season style picks, like one of the best men’s sweaters — and from one of the country’s best designers, no less — it’s a chance worth jumping on post-haste. Enter the very timely, very stylish Billy Reid Holiday Sale, a rare offering that delivers some of the best men’s winter style essentials at 25 percent off right now.

Best winter turtleneck for men.

Yes, my friends, it’s certainly not too good to be true: The Billy Reid Holiday Sale is here to save the day if you need a luxe, refined sweater for a holiday shindig (Christmas is this coming Sunday, after all!). All you need to do is simple, really: Use the code HAPPYHOLIDAYS to get, say, your new favorite sweater, or a stylish cashmere turtleneck, or a statement-making scarf or hat.

And because it’s Billy Reid, you can be sure these pieces are utterly distinctive and totally unique, with design touches that are often Easter egg callbacks to his heritage and the brand’s own way of making subtle style statements. So, you’re getting the chance to score one of the best sweaters for men — to name but one staple piece — at a solid deal entering the final stretch of Christmas… what more could you ask for, right? Save 25 percent at the Billy Reid Holiday Sale right now... then thank me later.

See Now, Buy Now: Get Up to 50 Percent Off The Best Winter Menswear at Todd Snyder’s Winter Sale

Best winter menswear at Tod Snyder

Welcome, my friends, to the last full week before Christmas, as ideal a time as any to shop for the best winter menswear. Now, I can’t personally guarantee that your winter menswear essentials will arrive at your doorstep before the big day later this week, but that shouldn’t stop you from shopping for a few seasonal style upgrades. Of course, you’re in luck by way of the Todd Snyder Winter Sale, an excellent opportunity to shop a little bit of everything from one of America’s best menswear designers.

Todd Snyder menswear

At the Todd Snyder Winter Sale, you can get up to 50 percent off when you use the code WINTER20 — so, that’s good for 20 percent off sale styles right now, and it’s a deal that won’t be around for very long. Ideally, you already know Mr. Snyder’s handiwork producing modern updates of tried-and-true classics, like one of the best flannel shirts for men, or even a highly affordable cashmere beanie.

Well, picks like those – and a plethora of other stylish, refined-yet-rugged menswear picks are up for grabs right now for a limited time. On offer? You’ll see everything from cashmere sweaters to winter parkas to chamois shirts and much, much mofre. Remember: Up to 50 percent off is within your grasp at Todd Snyder’s Winter Sale. I’ll leave you to it, my friends.

The Tuesday Steal: Get 20 Percent Off the Taylor Stitch Winter Sale Right Now

Best winter menswear sales.

Shopping for the best winter menswear is as much about opportunity as it is about knowing precisely what your wardrobe needs. And when you zero in on the best menswear essentials for your wardrobe, and realize you can snag those stylish pieces on sale, then that’s what you might call the sweet spot.

And my friends, the Taylor Stitch Winter Sale is that sweet spot indeed. It’s a rare seasonal sale from the lauded San Francisco retailers, a personal favorite of mine over the years here on the blog (and hopefully, a favorite of yours, too). So, here’s the scoop — and I’ll keep it brief in the name of shopping the best winter sale deals.

But, yes indeed: Taylor Stitch is offering 20 percent off seasonal staples, including its famed Yosemite Shirt and a run of winter sweaters and essential layers. These picks are the epitome of rugged, durable, timeless winter fashion, and again, they’re 20 percent off right now. Run, don’t walk, to shop the Taylor Stitch Winter Sale, my friends.

The Tuesday Steal: Get An Extra 30 Percent off At the Grayers Winter Menswear Sale

Grayers brand review.

There are certain, well, certainties when shopping around for the best seasonal menswear, like the fact that the season is, eventually, going to start to wind down. But that’s where, you the discerning menswear shopper, are in luck, because that’s the best time to buy versatile gear you can wear into early (or even late!) spring. Enter the Grayers Men’s Winter Sale, one terrific source to get an extra 30 percent off your favorite winter menswear with the code EXTRA30. Deals like these don’t come around too often, as I say, and they certainly tend not to stick around for very long, either. Perhaps you already recognize Texas-based Grayers (so named for the preppy grey flannel pants, or “grayers,” worn at boarding schools back in the day). as the makers of one of the best shirt jackets for men.

Better still, you might know the brand as the purveyors behind the well-stocked Grayers Last Call sale section, an always-reliable source for the best menswear deals of the moment — and another great place to go if you don’t find anything you like in the Grayers Men’s Winter Sale. On that note though, I should think it’s going to be mighty hard not to find anything you enjoy among the best men’s winter style moves. Still with me? Keep on scrolling.

Best winter menswear on sale.

Within this frankly outstanding (and yet fast-moving!) menswear section, you’ll find rugged shirt jackets, some of the best henleys for men and plenty more picks you can start wearing now and keep on rocking through blustery spring days. Beyond that, the Grayers Men’s Winter Sale also offers stylish men’s chinos, stretch corduroy pants and an array of classics from the nicely designed, super-soft Grayers Athletics line.


Many of these deals might seem too good to be true, with prices falling well below $100, but again, that’s what makes the Grayers Men’s Winter Sale a popular one these days. Heck, at last check, you’ll even find a classic men’s corduroy blazer for under $150. How’s that for one of the best menswear sales out there, right? If you end up finding something you like — no, love — within the Grayers Men’s Winter Sale, be sure to drop a comment below. Cheers and happy shopping!