The Sunday Sale: Buy One of the Best Winter Peacoats from Overland for 40 Percent Off

Overland men's jackets

Layer up for the rest of winter with ease and style in mind, thanks to this refined wool-blend pea coat.

Just when you thought you might have made it to the other side of winter (for now), well, it comes roaring right back, does it not? That’s why you need one of the best men’s pea coats for navigating the chill, the snow and the harsh environs of winter, and that’s why we’re back once again with another edition of The Sunday Sale. The pea coat in question is the highly stylish, refined and great-looking Overland Emmet Wool-Blend Pea Coat, and here’s the kicker: You can get your new favorite pea coat for 40 percent off at Overland right now. If you’re not yet familiar with Overland, well, you will be soon enough. The company launched in New Mexico in the 1970s with one outpost and a focus on sheepskin outerwear, home goods and more. Today, Overland has 16 stores across the country, and still focuses on selling the best jackets for men (and women) — that makes the Overland Emmet Wool-Blend Pea Coat a downright steal for the price if you want a finely crafted pea coat to carry you through a long winter into spring.

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Overland Emmet Wool-Blend Pea Coat

An easy-to-layer fit in a versatile color with handsome leather detailing. What’s not to love?

The specs are truly what set the Overland Emmet Wool-Blend Pea Coat apart from the pack, including the expertly crafted wool-and-alpaca blend that makes up this coat. Alpaca fibers are incredibly soft and smooth to the touch, while wool is a classic, hard-wearing winter fabric. The jacket is lined in polyester, so be sure to layer up (as you usually would on a cold winter day) with something like a classic crewneck sweatshirt and your favorite Oxford shirt for versatile, go-anywhere style.

As you might expect, Overland doesn’t stop there. The leather trim stands out stylishly with the collar flat or popped up against the cold. The fit is plenty agreeable for layering, although you might want to size down if you need a trimmer fit. Either way, you’re assuredly getting one of the best pea coats for men on the market, made by a classic heritage brand. The Overland Emmet Wool-Blend Pea Coat doesn’t come cheap, but here’s your reminder that once again, you can get this coat for 40 percent off right this very instant. How’s that for a deal on your new favorite pea coat, ehh? Not bad at all.

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The Thursday Buy: This Buck Mason Peacoat Is One of the Best Men’s Winter Coats Around

An easy-to-layer peacoat you can wear with just about anything you’d like.

Ever wondered to yourself what the perfect peacoat looks like? Especially the perfect peacoat to buy to close out the year (Happy New Year’s Eve, by the way!). Well, it could just be the Buck Mason Melton Admiral Peacoat, one of the best men’s winter jackets when it comes to providing classic style, hard-wearing functionality and timeless appeal. Yes, that’s right: This handsome men’s peacoat does all that and more, and at a price that’s not half-bad. It’s the latest addition to the Buck Mason rotation of utterly timeless and rugged menswear, and it’s only fitting that this classic navy peacoat fits in rather nicely with the rest of the brand’s offering. What I mean to say by that is, you can wear this rugged navy peacoat atop your favorite Buck Mason denim shirt and Buck Mason jeans without missing a beat. That’s great news as far as winter layering is concerned. Heck, this is also a perfect jacket to layer with if you’re looking for insight on how to dress casually for winter, for example. But let’s get to the specs of this coat and see if that’s really what sells you on it.

SHOP: The Buck Mason Melton Admiral Peacoat

Buck Mason Admiral Melton Peacoat

The perfect way to wear this peacoat? Very nearly — try it and see for yourself.

For starters, let’s talk about the melton wool fabric blend, which also mixes in recycled fibers for added durability and sustainability. It’s a modern update of the way peacoats were made in years past, and this jacket is all the better for it. The navy color is also true to the way peacoats were made in days gone by, and that makes it incredibly versatile and just plain cool. The Buck Mason Melton Admiral Peacoat is also wind-resistant and yet heavier than traditional peacoats, all the better to stand up to tough winter conditions.

The fit is tailored but should be relatively easy to layer, meaning you can rock it with everything from your favorite henley to a Buck Mason cardigan. The Buck Mason Melton Admiral Peacoat is also lined in Japanese satin for a smooth and soft finish, and the nautical-inspired buttons are just one more throwback-inspired touch that puts this jacket over the top. The next time you need one of the best men’s peacoats, consider your problem solved by snagging the Buck Mason Melton Admiral Peacoat.

Online Shopping Picks: Best Men’s Peacoats for Winter

Perhaps the most famous recent peacoat advocate -- 007. Looking sharp in a wool number from Billy Reid.

Perhaps the most famous recent peacoat advocate — 007. Looking sharp in a wool number from Billy Reid.

Just as in yesterday’s New Year’s Eve Style Suggestion, we turn (seemingly as always) to everyone’s favorite secret agent for some great style inspiration — this time, centered around the essential peacoat. Now, the seasonal change this time of year has left lots of traditional winter gear on shelves without much use. But even in the past few days, temperatures have dropped slightly in NYC — not earth-shatteringly cold, but still chillier. Winter weather style calls for taking lots of different items and pairing them together in one stylish ensemble – and that definitely starts with great outerwear. We’re looking for something thicker and less casual than a fall and winter jacket, cut slightly longer and yet not as formal as the topcoat. In this case, we’re looking for that classic, military-inspired style staple – the peacoat. Traditional peacoats were worn on the decks of naval ships to combat the rough seas, but today’s versions see action in a different set of circumstances (particularly if you’re Mr. Bond). Some are too short to wear over a blazer, but they do just fine over an array of crewneck and V-neck sweaters, henleys and other layers, and they look great with some dark denim or chinos. So with those checkpoints in mind, I set out to find some great peacoat options – so you don’t have to, my fellow busy menswear fan.  Read on, and stay stylish.

#1. JackThreads The Peacoat — $159.50

Slim, neutral and wearable with just about anything -- exactly what you should look for in a sharp peacoat.

Slim, neutral and wearable with just about anything — exactly what you should look for in a sharp peacoat.

JackThreads, as with most of the offerings in its menswear line launched this past fall, rightly focuses on doing a basic style in an essential way with its simply named peacoat. It’s cut slimmer and features those handy chest pockets in addition to the flap hip pockets, so it should work pretty easily to slip your hands into those chest pockets. It’s a wool-polyester blend, but even items from JackThreads that do feature polyester (such as the Navy Geo Sweater) don’t feel cheap or move poorly — so consider this peacoat a definite step up in quality from cheaper options, at a greatly reduced price compared to what 007 wears. Charcoal or navy color options in addition to the crisp Heather Grey make this one a keeper.

#2. Frank & Oak Double-Breasted Plaid Peacoat — $78

The plaid pattern is a bit loud, but the slim fit and the quality of Frank & Oak should definitely deliver.

The plaid pattern is a bit loud, but the slim fit and the quality of Frank & Oak should definitely deliver.

At first glance, the price on this Double-Breasted Plaid Peacoat is an eye-popper, considering it’s marked down from $225 as part of the brand’s End-of-Year Sale. That might be because of the slightly loud plaid pattern, but the navy-and-grey combo still grounds this jacket pretty nicely. It’s double-breasted and, like the JackThreads option above, features both chest pockets and hip flap pockets for warmth. This number is all-wool with a light padding, and it looks to be cut just a bit more like a blazer, so perhaps it could work atop a more casual jacket. Frank & Oak definitely delivers on quality for the price, so you can feel more confident about this $78 coat than even a more expensive H&M peacoat.

#3. J. Crew Factory Classic Peacoat in Charcoal — $135.50

A reliable budget pick-up from a reliable budget retailer.

A reliable budget pick-up from a reliable budget retailer.

While J. Crew is currently offering its Dock Coat on sale, J. Crew Factory again steps up with a reliable and classic budget option. The Classic Peacoat really is about as classic as it gets, with a true 10-button front and flannel-lined flap pockets. It looks downright sturdy and retails for a great price, and that charcoal color, while not nearly as versatile as navy, should still prove more wearable than a solid black peacoat. The fit should lean on the trim side, so that’s good news even if you do like to layer over multiple pieces.

#4. Bonobos The Bristol Peacoat — $398

A modern fit and neutral color make this very nearly worth the price tag.

A modern fit and neutral color make this very nearly worth the price tag.

Another maritime-inspired classic, the Bristol Peacoat features higher chest pockets (placed too high?) and customary hip pockets, with a few design extras (like a belted back) thrown in for good measure. It’s flannel-lined and also features lightweight quilting, so you’re looking at one jacket that’s extra warm and cut trim and modern, to boot. As with a lot of what Bonobos sells these days, it’s priced a bit above what most of us would be comfortable paying, but the versatile grey color and Italian wool construction should make it worth the asking price.

#5. Billy Reid Bond Peacoat — $795

A warm olive/brown color plus a trim fit and the same silhouette as worn by 007 -- doesn't get any better.

A warm olive/brown color plus a trim fit and the same silhouette as worn by 007 — doesn’t get any better.

The Billy Reid Bond Peacoat is on here, admittedly, for posterity – just as with the enviable but expensive Shinola leather weekender that found its way onto my list of best weekender bags. Unfortunately however, the option pictured at the very top of this post is on backorder in all but Medium and Large. Billy Reid is famous for its quality and refinement, so it’s a logical choice that this same cut of coat saw heavy play in Skyfall (and as part of the real-life wardrobe of Daniel Craig). This coat in particular is warm, slim-cut and sharp-looking with a shirt and tie or a henley and denim. Plus, the brown color (which leans more toward olive), is just different enough, but still wearable with everything from navy to heather grey and shades of tan.

While only the very lucky few can hope to emulate 007 this winter, the above options should help keep you stylish and warm in chilly weather. Check back here next week for the best winter boots to pair with your peacoat, and look after that for features on stylish winter accessories and online shopping picks for the most formal coat you can rock this winter, the topcoat. Stay warm!