Style Pick of the Week: Buck Mason Donegal Cable Crew – Most Rugged Sweater for Winter

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There’s never a bad time to bolster your winter menswear rotation with one of the best winter sweaters, and if you can embrace a piece that’s both classic and yet decidedly on trend at the same time, then I say that’s all the better. Enter the Buck Mason Natural Donegal Cable Crew, a burly and hard-wearing sweater to rival any one of the best men’s sweaters you might already have in your closet. Fisherman sweaters have never really gone out of fashion, serving as a classic reminder of when such sweaters were worn on the high seas and knitted primarily in the Aran Islands.

These days, brands like Buck Mason — already purveyors of one of the best men’s winter parkas and some of the best winter menswear deals — use modern fabric blends (like merino wool with nylon) to give sweaters like the Buck Mason Natural Donegal Cable Crew some added punch. The result is a durable and dependable sweater that looks every bit like the classic icons your grandfather (and Hemingway) appreciated so much, yet with performance for 2022 in mind. The thick knit of this sweater is primed for frigid temperatures these days, and at a sub-$200 price, it’s not hard to see why the Buck Mason Natural Donegal Cable Crew has been a hot seller.

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The textured fabric and rugged knit of the Buck Mason Natural Donegal Cable Crew make it as inspired a sweater as you’re apt to find these days, the kind you can easily wear with other favorites from Buck Mason, naturally. Take the Buck Mason Natural Donegal Cable Crew and pair it with slim, dark Buck Mason men’s jeans and your favorite pair of leather boots for a tried-and-true combination that works at the office on a casual Friday or for a weekend brewery trip. Better still, the Buck Mason Natural Donegal Cable Crew works when worn with an Oxford shirt (again, at the office) or atop — or beneath! — a more rugged flannel workshirt. It should be cut with enough room to layer, which is a great thing considering it’s knit thickly enough that you’ll want to reach for it when winter is at its worst.

The Buck Mason Natural Donegal Cable Crew features hand-linked panels, a careful process that extends the life of the garment beyond just sewing these panels. All in all, it’s precise-yet-rugged design touches that make the Buck Mason Natural Donegal Cable Crew one of the best men’s winter sweaters, far and away. It’s pricier than your standard V-neck or crewneck sweatshirt (the Buck Mason Natural Donegal Cable Crew retails for $198 at Buck Mason), but it’ll go a long way towards making your winter that much warmer and more stylish. Consider adding it — or any one of Buck Mason’s stylish sweaters for men — to your wardrobe before it sells out.

See Now, Buy Now: This Buck Mason Shawl Cardigan is One of the Best Men’s Winter Sweaters

Perhaps you’ve experienced this phenomenon recently: Dealing with a frigid day without one of the best men’s winter sweaters as part of your style rotation. It’s not all that fun, is it? And if you’re caught off-guard without a cozy, well-made sweater — say, the exceptional Buck Mason Herdsman Shawl Cardigan — then the going only gets tougher from there. That’s why we’re here today, though: To get you outfitted properly for cold temperatures in style, and we’re going to do it with one of the best cardigans for men from a lauded retailer that knows plenty about rugged, essential and classic men’s style. Perhaps you know Buck Mason for the brand’s well-stocked Last Chance Sale section, featuring stellar deals on durable, great-looking menswear, or perhaps from the brand’s prowess at producing one of the best winter jackets for men.

Either way, you can be sure you’re in for a treat when it comes to the search for one of the best men’s winter sweaters, no doubt about it. Naturally, it’s the specs on the Buck Mason Herdsman Shawl Cardigan that help separate it from the pack, including the fabric that makes up this very cozy winter sweater. Using merino and cashmere wool for softness and warmth, Buck Mason has nailed the perfect formula when it comes to rugged appeal and comfort.

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The Buck Mason Herdsman Shawl Cardigan is a sweater that doesn’t cut any corners in terms of delivering standout style and a thick, warming knit. It’s an ideal sweater to throw on at a moment’s notice for blustery winter days, especially if you happen to be hitting the road to an upstate cabin or a winter weekend. Think of the Buck Mason Herdsman Shawl Cardigan like a casual-yet-necessary upgrade ‘over your favorite zip hoodie — it’ll prove just as warm and comfortable, but with plenty of stylish appeal to wear with other menswear staples like a Buck Mason Oxford shirt and expertly faded Buck Mason jeans.

Plus, the Buck Mason Herdsman Shawl Cardigan is certainly going to give you some bang for your buck, with durable utility to wear in the great outdoors alongside a waxed trucker jacket, yet style points that work back at the office with a pair of the best chinos for men. Of course, the Buck Mason Herdsman Shawl Cardigan retails for $225, but you’re getting exceptional warmth, timeless style and comfort on the road and at home. Take your pick between two colorways when it comes to the Buck Mason Herdsman Shawl Cardigan, and rest easy knowing the Charcoal Grey shade in particular (my personal favorite) just gets the job done any way you wear it. Consider your search for one of the best men’s sweaters over (for now, at least). Job well-done, Buck Mason.

See Now, Buy Now: This Bespoke Post Sweater is One of the Best Men’s Winter Sweaters Right Now

I always appreciate the chance to check out a brand that’s practically a one-stop shop for the best menswear on the market, especially when the Web site in question is Bespoke Post. Hopefully, you’re familiar with the NYC-based company through my Bespoke Post reviews over the years. If not, know that with Bespoke Post, you’re getting everything from the best men’s subscription boxes — curated and sent out every single month — along with a selection of some of the coolest gear and menswear on the market. And that’s certainly the case with the Line of Trade Starboard Donegal Sweater, one of the best men’s winter sweaters you can shop right this very instant. Think of it like an ideal style upgrade to start the new year, offered up at a ridiculously low price (below $80) and featuring all the rugged, versatile style you could hope for these days.

Line of Trade is one of the in-house brands at Bespoke Post, designed and dreamed up by the team to give you instant access to highly wearable, highly versatile menswear and style gear. That includes the newly launched Line of Trade Starboard Donegal Sweater, which arrives just in time for chilly January weather. It’s made with 60 percent wool, along with added nylon and acrylic for durability and a hint of easygoing stretch, and it only gets better from there.

The fact that the Line of Trade Starboard Donegal Sweater is so affordable is a huge benefit, but Bespoke Post certainly doesn’t skimp on quality or style points, either. Take your pick from three currently available, fast-selling color options, each of which would wear well with your favorite pair of classic blue jeans or with tan chinos, to name but two daily staples. The Line of Trade Starboard Donegal Sweater also stands apart from the pack thanks to faux suede elbow patches for old-school style appeal, plus ribbed turn-up cuffs. It’s the kind of sweater you can wear on its own over one of the best long-sleeve shirts alongside some tapered weekend joggers, but you should also look for every opportunity available to dress up the ever-excellent Line of Trade Starboard Donegal Sweater.

To me, that means you can wear this handsome and refined sweater with wool trousers and some of the best men’s Chelsea boots, or else with dark blue jeans and rugged lace-up boots for a bit of high-low style. In any of the three colors currently available, the Line of Trade Starboard Donegal Sweater is going to look simply exceptional, whether worn casually or with rugged good looks in mind. Layer it under a waxed trucker jacket to hit the trail (and then a brewery) this winter, or wear it to the office to shake up your seasonal style rotation. Line of Trade’s Donegal sweater simply gets the job done at a low, low price.

See Now, Buy Now: This Rugged Schott Cardigan Is The Must-Buy Winter Sweater You Need Now

Sometimes, the best way to stay warm in winter is a blend of the old-school and the new-school. For instance, take a good look at one of the best men’s sweaters as shown above: The Schott Yak Blend Cardigan Sweater is an ideal example of the benefits of both modern style and old-school appeal. It comes from Schott, after all, makers of some of the very best leather jackets for men, season after season and year after year. And they haven’t cut any corners when it comes to the Schott Yak Blend Cardigan Sweater, a durable and dependable sweater made to the brand’s exacting specifications.

The shawl collar silhouette is also one that looks perfectly on-trend these days, yet harkens back to throwback style a la Steve McQueen, and even well beyond that, all the way back to the days when the best men’s cardigans were used in the most extreme conditions on the planet. So in your own world and for your own winter style pursuits, the Schott Yak Blend Cardigan Sweater can more than pass muster. Of course, that’s great news, considering it’s stocked and sold by the fine folks at Huckberry.

The Schott Yak Blend Cardigan Sweater, as you might expect, switches things up from your traditional cardigan in a way that only the revered menswear makers at Schott can pull off. For starters (and as you might have guessed), this cardigan incorporates cotton and yak wool alongside polyester for a mix of stretchy, cozy comfort. The shawl design of the Schott Yak Blend Cardigan Sweater also provides extra coverage around your neck. This cardigan just might prove thick enough to replace a more lightweight winter coat if you layer it over one of the best men’s flannel shirts, for instance. Plus, the thick rib knit and oversized buttons ensure this is a cardigan that can withstand both layering and winter weather.

The bulky design should give you room to layer without being overly baggy, though. If you’ve been on the hunt for a cardigan like the one worn by Daniel Craig in the thriller movie “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” for instance, this is a close substitute to the rugged shawl cardigan he wears. And that’s style worth emulating, is it not? Now, the Schott Yak Blend Cardigan Sweater is both fast-selling and also priced more expensively than other options when it comes to the best men’s sweaters, and that’s OK, because it’s worth it (the sweater retails for $180 at Huckberry). Reliable performance and rugged style is the name of the game with the Schott Yak Blend Cardigan Sweater, and if that sounds like a sweater you need in your life, then I’d say you need to stock up accordingly.

See Now, Buy Now: This Bonobos Merino Wool Sweater is the Top Sweater to Wear All Fall

As far as fall style essentials are concerned, I should hope that you’re well-stocked by now. If not, well, there’s just enough time to start layering up the right way, and these days, it often starts with one of the best men’s sweaters. Heading to the office and want to change up your look without investing in a new blazer? Get the sort of stylish sweater you can wear with ease atop your Oxford or chambray shirt. Looking for an easy grab-and-go layer to throw on with trusty work-from-home pants? Again, here’s where the Bonobos Washable Merino Crew Neck Sweater enters the equation (and your wardrobe). It’s the latest from a retailer that’s always prided itself on innovation, be that through its perfectly fitting men’s pants, its range of handsome Italian tailoring or an always well-stocked selection of the best seasonal menswear.

When temperatures start to drop without stopping, something like the wear-with-anything Bonobos Washable Merino Crew Neck Sweater is going to be your best friend. It all starts, as you might expect, with the use of merino wool, a fabric I simply can’t get enough of. If you read the blog regularly, you might recognize the fact that merino wool is moisture-wicking (yet warm), plus anti-microbial and, in the case of the Bonobos Washable Merino Crew Neck Sweater, very easy to wash and wear repeatedly. That’s unlike other more expensive sweaters, like cashmere, which calls for professional cleaning more often than not. No sir, the hit list of positives surrounding the Bonobos Washable Merino Crew Neck Sweater only keeps growing.

So, the fabric in and of itself makes the Bonobos Washable Merino Crew Neck Sweater highly covetable (as does the agreeable price — it retails for $99, a heck of a steal for a sweater you can wear more than once weekly). What’s that, you say? Wearing the same sweater more than once? Absolutely. Take your pick from multiple color options, including Heather Green, and rest easy knowing you can wear the Bonobos Washable Merino Crew Neck Sweater to the office (atop a white Oxford shirt with tan chinos) or at home alongside tailored sweatpants and a long-sleeve tee. Talk about cozy fall weekend comfort, right? Plus, the details are exactly on-point, just as one might expect from a lauded retailer like Bonobos.

Ribbed stitching helps accentuate your shoulders, and it also adds an unexpected touch at the cuff and collar. The best part about all these design details might just be the fact that you can do so much with the Bonobos Washable Merino Crew Neck Sweater, from the office to a fall weekend and back. And at that highly agreeable price (again, $99 at Bonobos), you very well might want to pick up more than one. Do yourself a favor and layer up in style this fall.

Style Pick of the Week: Billy Reid Dover Sweatshirt – The Best Fall Weekend Sweatshirt

What do you think of when you think of a crewneck sweatshirt? Perhaps a trusty athletic logo sweatshirt or even something more premium, right? Put all those thoughts to rest for just one second and consider that you haven’t yet seen one of the best sweatshirts for men, period: That’d be the Billy Reid Dover Sweatshirt, an exceptional take on the traditional crewneck sweater that blends both old-school athletic heritage and modern refinement in a surprisingly dressy and versatile final product. It’s part of Billy Reid’s Fall 2021 Collection, and it’s worth every penny. The Alabama-based designer has produced award-winning staples like one of the best casual shirts for fall for years now, and he’s also got quite the rotation of outerwear, like the famed Billy Reid Bond Peacoat, up for grabs. But before you can throw on a new jacket, start with the Billy Reid Dover Sweatshirt for comfortable layering, casually cool style and much more.

Billy Reid’s Dover Sweatshirt belongs in your closet

The perfect blend of old-school cool and modern style

Billy Reid made a name for himself merging the old and the new, winning menswear accolades aplenty in the process, and the Billy Reid Dover Sweatshirt, is a prime example of how it all comes together. It’s got the silhouette of a grey crewneck sweatshirt, but it’s cleaned up and accented with leather elbow patches and armhole piping. Your standard athletic sweatshirt, this is certainly not. And especially in a cool Heather Grey color, it’s about as versatile as you want it to be.

Billy Reid Dover Sweatshirt | Huckberry

The Billy Reid Dover Sweatshirt also features slight details that really showcase the Billy Reid difference, like the small patch accenting Billy Reid’s signature stripe design. It’s touches like those ones that make the Billy Reid Dover Sweatshirt a fitting piece to wear with tailored blue jeans or tan chinos to the office when you can mix and match pieces. You can also layer the Billy Reid Dover Sweatshirt beneath your favorite fall blazer or beneath a rugged field jacket, but to me, this classic crewneck sweatshirt is at its best when you showcase those handsome leather elbow patches and rock it solo for a weekend coffee outing. Note that it also comes in a sleek Black colorway with contrasting elbow patches, but Heather Grey is your best bet, in my humble opinion.

And because it’s made with a cotton-polyester blend, it’s not too heavy or bulky — it’s the ideal go-between sweater to wear as we move into October. You can throw it on over a classic Billy Reid Oxford shirt or a long-sleeve tee from Billy Reid, too: The choice is all yours. Now, be warned, because the Billy Reid Dover Sweatshirt will run you $195, quite the price tag. But that being said, it’s exceedingly rare to find a crewneck sweatshirt made with this much care and attention to detail. For my money’s worth, I’d say you need to make this one your new favorite fall sweater ASAP.

Style Pick of the Week: Mott and Bow Merino Wool Crew – The Best Early Fall Sweater

It’s nearly time to stop the process of shedding layers for the summer, and instead focus on layering up for early fall. Enter today’s Style Pick of the Week, one of the best men’s sweaters for early fall. Seasonal dressing is the name of the game, and just as you rely on Mott and Bow to come through with, say, the best pocket tee or the best jeans for summer, you can also count on the to deliver one of the best sweaters for men. Made with versatile, surprisingly lightweight merino wool, the Mott and Bow Light Merino Wool Crew is the wear-anywhere sweater you need in your closet starting right now. The best part is, you can even get 10 percent off orders of less than $150, or a free beanie or scarf with orders of more than $150. Talk about a quick and effective way to kill two birds with one stone, as it were, when it comes to getting dressed for early fall and beyond.


Think of it like the perfect sweater to wear with jeans, especially back to a more casual office or out on an early fall weekend stroll. The fact that it layers up nicely over a Mott and Bow T-shirt or with a stylish, on-sale Mott and Bow buttondown shirt is also an added bonus, but it only gets better from there. Coming from a company that started out by only focusing on the best jeans for men, that’s not bad utility and style to have in your closet – not bad at all. And another bonus? First-time customers can get 10 percent off at Mott and Bow with the code beau10. Let’s keep on scrolling through the list of why that’s an outstanding idea, shall we?

SHOP: The Mott and Bow Light Merino Wool Crew

Fittingly, it’s the fabric that makes the Mott and Bow Light Merino Wool Crew such a solid seasonal buy (and certainly, one of the best sweaters for early fall). Merino wool is nice and lightweight to begin with, filled with moisture-wicking, breathable and anti-microbial properties. The weave here is definitely thicker than your standard merino wool T-shirt, but layering the Mott and Bow Light Merino Wool Crew should prove a snap. You can even throw a rugged waxed trucker jacket over top of it, without risking getting too hot (even on a breezy, cloudy fall day). Your new favorite sweater is also as wearable as it gets, either at the office atop an Oxford shirt or worn over a soft cotton T-shirt for a weekend coffee outing. Low Cost. High Quality. Classic wardrobe essentials for less!

The crewneck design makes it easier to layer over a tee than a V-neck sweater, but you can also throw on the Mott and Bow Light Merino Wool Crew atop a Mott and Bow denim shirt with ease. And in a color like Cobalt Blue, it goes with pretty much anything and everything in your wardrobe (certainly, that list also includes Mott and Bow jeans and Mott and Bow chinos). Whatever you expect out of a great fall sweater, the Mott and Bow Light Merino Wool Crew can deliver everything you need, be it at your 9-to-5 or your favorite brewery. Layer up accordingly, folks.

SHOP: The Mott and Bow Light Merino Wool Crew

The Sunday Sale: Save Nearly 30 Percent on Cashmere Sweaters from Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder Cashmere Crewneck Sweatshirt

A plethora of on-sale cashmere crewneck sweaters at Todd Snyder today.

Folks, here we are again with another look at some of the best shopping deals for men, as we do every Sunday, and it helps that we’re back the swing of things with one of the best sweaters for men from Todd Snyder. Not just any old sweater, either. It’s the Todd Snyder way, after all, to take the basics, like the humble crewneck sweatshirt, and reinvent them in a way that’s fresh, modern, seriously well-made and seriously cool. That’s absolutely what you’re getting with the Todd Snyder Cashmere Crewneck Sweater, available in a cool shade of Camel for 29 percent off right now (that’s $209 at Todd Snyder, versus $298). Is that a serious investment for the seemingly humble crewneck sweater? It certainly is, but the difference is in the details, as you know with all things Todd Snyder menswear

Other editions of Todd Snyder cashmere sweaters are on sale as well, including a Todd Snyder Cashmere Crewneck in Electric Blue that you can score for 33 percent off. But for maximum versatility, serious style points and plenty of refined bang for your hard-earned bucks, let’s look at the Todd Snyder Cashmere Crewneck Sweater in Camel as we roll into another spring week.

SHOP: The Todd Snyder Cashmere Crewneck Sweater

Todd Snyder men's sweaters

The most versatile sweater you can buy for spring? You be the judge of that.

Simply put, the Todd Snyder Cashmere Crewneck Sweater in Camel has plenty going for it that makes it worth investment. There’s the cool Camel color, the kind you can wear with dark indigo jeans, light wash denim, your favorite pair of chinos or even canvas shorts in for a high-low style blend… you name it, and it’s the ideal shade to step into early spring and beyond. Of course, Todd Snyder cashmere sweaters have plenty going for them as far as quality is concerned, too. In this case, we’re talking a midweight cashmere fabric blend that’s as breathable as it is warm, making this the ideal sweater to layer up over a classic Oxford shirt or even a long-sleeve cotton T-shirt. The crewneck silhouette also is at once casual and yet crisp, providing the right base for a business casual look with a poplin dress shirt and a knit tie.

It’s also knit with ribbed cuffs at the wrists and the waist for a better fit (this sweater won’t stretch out or lose its shape). The Todd Snyder Cashmere Crewneck Sweater in Camel is the kind of sweater you’re going to find yourself wearing casually (even with tapered joggers and high-top sneakers) or when the need to dress up for a Zoom call comes into play, and that makes it a must-buy spring sweater.

SHOP: The Todd Snyder Cashmere Crewneck Sweater

Style Pick of the Week: Taylor Stitch Crawford Sweater

Taylor Stitch menswear

A rugged, classic cardigan the likes of only Taylor Stitch can make.

There comes a day in every season, especially winter, when bone-chilling cold hits you as soon as you wake up. You rush to closet and search for one of the best sweaters for men in these trying times, but you might come up short — that is, until you pick up the Taylor Stitch Crawford Sweater. It’s the latest and greatest addition to the Taylor Stitch line of sweaters, one that just so happens to be positively packed with the best men’s sweaters for winter and well beyond. But to me, it’s the Taylor Stitch Crawford Sweater that really takes the cake, what with the use of organic cotton and seed stitch construction to give it some texture and visual interest. It gets plenty better from there, though.

When the going gets tough, when the weather takes a turn for the worse and when your weekend calls for effortlessly cool, rugged style and top-notch layering potential, that’s where the Taylor Stitch Crawford Sweater comes into play. Perhaps you’ve already added a versatile winter jacket, like the Taylor Stitch Gibson Jacket, into your seasonal rotation, so why not keep the hits rolling with one of the best men’s cardigans out there, ehh? It’s tough to pass up the blend of versatility, performance and classic looks you’re getting here, folks.

SHOP: The Taylor Stitch Crawford Sweater

Taylor Stitch Crawford Sweater

The timeless shawl construction and rugged good looks are as ideal as it gets for winter layering.

It’s always worth watching when Taylor Stitch puts its collective design prowess towards a new silhouette, and in this case, it’s a rugged shawl cardigan. This classic men’s cardigan, in fact, gives off some very similar style vibes to, say, Daniel Craig’s cardigan in “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” –– that’s style to be emulated right there, is it not? The great thing about the Taylor Stitch Crawford Sweater is that it comes at a price tag that’s more agreeable than you might expect ($168 at Taylor Stitch), and touches like dark horn buttons add durability and a touch of style. Better still is the fact that this sweater can pull double or triple-duty, if you will.

Wear it atop a classic Oxford shirt with tan Taylor Stitch chinos for versatile business casual or “Zoom call” style, or else pair it up with a rugged men’s henley and selvedge denim for laidback weekend outings. If you want to go more casual still, how about you throw the Taylor Stitch Crawford Sweater on over a favorite garment-dyed T-shirt with some joggers for your morning coffee run? Any way you choose to wear it, the Taylor Stitch Crawford Sweater is an unstoppable winter layering staple, and it’s by far destined to become your new favorite winter sweater.

SHOP: The Taylor Stitch Crawford Sweater

See Now, Buy Now: This Everlane Cardigan is the Perfect Sweater for Fall and Winter

Everlane Felted Merino Cardigan

Everlane always delivers the goods when it comes to transparent, stylish menswear (and women’s wear!).

My friends, I’ll come right out and say it now: The Everlane Felted Merino Cardigan is the best men’s sweater for under $100 (or at least one of them), and now that we’ve officially hit November in earnest, I’d say that means it belongs in your wardrobe ASAP. It’s a subtly stylish and classic cardigan on the surface, one that packs in plenty of functionality and form for an agreeable price tag. As you know from reading the blog over the years (going back to 2015!), Everlane does things the right way, updating consumers on where its products are made and how they’re made, often focusing on sustainable materials like merino. Merino is a fabric that’s made from merino sheep wool, resulting in a warm and soft hand feel, and that makes it great when done up in a sweater, especially something as cool and classic as the Everlane Felted Merino Cardigan.

SHOP: The Everlane Felted Merino Cardigan 

A classic silhouette that wears well with plenty of style staples for fall and winter.

And here’s the real kicker: With the holiday season quickly approaching — even if it looks different this year than in years past — the Everlane Felted Merino Cardigan is going to prove a versatile seasonal workhorse, wearable with everything from your favorite chambray shirt and dark blue denim to a crisp white Oxford shirt and tan chinos. It works for Zoom calls, distanced days in the office and naturally, some fun on fall and winter weekends. The Everlane Felted Merino Cardigan offers up that crucial blend of affordability and style points that’s so tough to find these days, and that makes it a worthy addition to your seasonal wardrobe — right? 100 percent correct.

SHOP: The Everlane Felted Merino Cardigan 

Elevated Basics. Grounded Price.