2017 Men’s Style Holiday Wish List

My friends, the above title says it all — it’s time, once again, to dive into the men’s style holiday wish list of your, well OK … my dreams). This wish list of the best men’s gear has become a yearly ritual dating way back to when The Style Guide first launched (as Siblings with Style, no less), and it’s always one of my favorites (Editor’s note: Check out my first-ever holiday wish list from  back in the day while we’re on the topic). Why? Well, if you read our regular list of the best seasonal menswear — entitled *ahem* The List … you know that it can be fun to dream a little about what’s going to end up in your closet. And that’s no more true than when it comes to what Santa might be leaving for you under the tree. After all, it’s December and the clock is ticking. Rest assured that we’ll also be publishing gift guides on what to buy for the women (and fellas) in your life in the coming weeks. It’s all covered! Let me know on Twitter what’s on your holiday wish list, and thanks for reading! 

Shinola Runwell Chronograph — $750

An unbeatable watch from a brand that nails the perfect balance between rugged, casul and yet refined style.

Another year, another stylish Shinola watch on my holiday wish list. Can you blame me? Shinola makes well-crafted timepieces with sensible design and just a bit of rugged edge. It must be my Michigan roots, but I truly appreciate this brand and how they’re focusing on bringing industry and a bit of an economic uplift to Detroit. So yes, the Shinola Runwell Chronograph is a stunner in my book.
Taylor Stitch Telegraph Jacket in Navy Donegal — $278
Taylor Stitch Telegraph Jacket

A well-tailored, well-made jacket from Taylor Stitch that would be a heck of a Christmas gift.

Truly, it seems like Taylor Stitch can do no wrong — that’s even the case when it comes to handsome, winter-ready tailoring like the Taylor Stitch Telegraph Jacket in Navy Donegal. It’s on this wish list precisely because it’s a change of pace from tan herringbone or grey flannel when it comes to cold-weather tailoring, and it features that classic Taylor Stitch fit and quality. Santa, any thoughts?
GrowlerWerks Copper uKeg — $169

A seriously cool way to keep your beer fresh and in good condition.

It’s definitely the craft beer fan in me — and the abundance of excellent brewpubs and breweries in Brooklyn and beyond — but the stylishly and effectively designed GrowlerWerks Copper uKeg is certainly a handsome addition to one’s apartment (including mine, potentially!). Perfect for keeping a rich stout or porter fresh through winter, ehh?
Audio Pro T3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker — $249

A unique way to upgrade your listening experience in terms of design and style.

Here’s yet another device that plays right into my interests (and perhaps yours, too!). The crisply designed Audio Pro T3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker adds just enough sleek style to any apartment or home, and this cool home speaker is able to move where you move, from your home office to your back deck to your workshop. As for me, I’d use the Audio Pro Bluetooth Speaker to crank some tunes by my favorite band, The National. Who else is with me??
Taylor Stitch Link Stitch Sweater in Oatmeal Alpaca — $145

A new sweater offering from a revered brand — absolutely perfect to add to a holiday style wish list.

Looking forward to a chilly winter season, like me? Then I’d wager that you and I both could use the rugged Taylor Stitch Link Sweater, a new offering from a brand that specializes in the kind of stylish layering essentials any guy would be happy to receive this winter. Seriously, I could see the Taylor Stitch Link Sweater working perfectly when layered with a stylish field coat or a classic denim jacket in equal measure … taking notes, Santa?
Flint and Tinder Crossback Work Shirt — $138

A fitting winter shirt that’s rugged, durable and worthy of a Christmas list for you … and maybe someone else?

The Flint and Tinder Crossback Work Shirt is certainly a more accessible piece in terms of rugged winter style for this wish list when compared to, say the Shinola Runwell Chronograph at the top of the list. It’s no less essential and well-crafted, though — it would do very well when worn atop the Taylor Stitch Link Sweater with burgundy corduroys, for starters. Yes indeed, the Flint and Tinder Crossback Work Shirt is a winner when it comes to prime layering. Sounds like a top holiday wish list pick to me.
Red Wing Iron Ranger Boots in Tan Harvest — $300

Finely made leather boots … that I sure hope Santa leaves for me under the tree, ehh?

Stylish leather boots — especially the much-hyped, long-coveted Red Wing Iron Ranger Boots — nearly always end up on my style wish list. That’s certainly true this year, as demanding NYC winters call for rugged, classic men’s boots … like the Red Wing Iron Ranger. Will this year be the year? We shall see, we shall see …
John Woodbridge & Sons Vintage-Style Football — $125

A cool home decor addition? Assuredly. A bit silly? Maybe. But still cool nonetheless? Oh, yes.

Now, is it essential that I receive this stylish John Woodbrige & Sons Vintage-Style Football? No, not really. That’s why it’s on the holiday wish list, though! This vintage leather football is a bit silly, to be sure … but it looks cool and adds a touch of rugged appeal to any space — I can see it resting nicely on my windowsill or in a bookshelf for a stylish home decor touch. Does the John Woodbrige & Sons Vintage-Style Football make your wish list?

Taylor Stitch Oxnard Shirt in Sun-Bleached Chambray — $125

Another shirt from Taylor Stitch? Certainly — all of the brand’s gear is worthy of a wish list!

To be sure, do I have enough rugged Taylor Stitch menswear in my wardrobe to last me quite a while? Why, yes … yes, I certainly do. Will that stop me from adding the Taylor Stitch Oxnard Shirt to my holiday wish list? Assuredly not. The Oxnard Shirt is a well-crafted, versatile shirt, ready for layering now with a rugged henley and wearing with rolled chinos and stylish leather sneakers come spring and summer. So, it ends up on this list!
Alright, folks — what’s ending up on your holiday wish list? Which of these picks couldn’t you live without? The Shinola Runwell Chronograph is a true stunner in my eyes, as is the Taylor Stitch Link Sweater, an excellent men’s layering essential. Of course, I can’t pass up the GrowlerWerks Copper uKeg for the season, either. Let me know in the comments what you’re asking for (and hoping for) this Christmas.
Happy shopping and thanks for reading!

Men’s Style Holiday Wish List 2016

Editor’s note: Be sure to check out last year’s Men’s Style Holiday Wish List as you shop around. Portions of this post use affiliate links, from which a small commission might be earned. Thanks for supporting the brands that support The Style Guide!

If you peruse the pages of ye olde Style Guide regularly, you might recognize that your author is a big fan of the much-coveted style wish list. From a seasonal favorite — the rugged-leaning Fall Style Wish List — to holiday-centric picks like the ones below, it’s fun to shop around, look ahead and set goals. That is to say, the pieces featured below are definitely investment-worthy, often made with beautiful construction, quality materials and classic styling potential for the holiday season and beyond. It’s a favorite of mine to write, and hey, it’s fun to dream about what Santa might be putting under the tree this Christmas. You’ll recognize picks from Style Guide-approved digital sites like Huckberry and brands like Apolis, along with new picks sure to surprise, delight and possibly hurt your credit card. Not convinced? Read on below and drop us a note on The Style Guide Facebook page.

#1. Thorogood Dodgeville Boots in Cognac — $375


A handsome, rugged pair of boots made in America.

Who doesn’t love a pair of rugged leather boots? Very few, I’d say. And even fewer if the boots in question are the beautifully crafted, handsome-looking Thorogood Dodgeville Boots. They top this Wish List because, to be frank, last year’s Wish List featured leather sneakers at the top, and this year’s edition needed some refreshing — truly! Even more than that, they’re a unique change of pace from something like the Red Wing Iron Ranger — they’re unlined for a lighter weight and far less break-in time, and the Cognac color of the Dodgeville Boots should prove itself versatile, rich and investment-worthy — for you or someone else on your list.

Frank & Oak

#2. Todd Snyder Suede Quad Jacket in Tobacco — $1,595

A simply stunning jacket that's unique, premium and yes ... expensive.

A simply stunning jacket that’s unique, premium and yes … expensive.

So, first things first: Wow. Just … wow. That jacket is something else! And were it not for your author’s love of rugged, durable boots, it would top this list. Now, is it realistic to spend more than $1,500 on a jacket for yourself? Ehh… not really. That’s why it’s on the Wish List, though — it reflects the type of premium approach to heritage staples that Todd Snyder has perfected. From the Todd Snyder x Champion Pocket Sweatshirt to the stunning Suede Quad Jacket, each piece is worthy of the purchase price in its own way. This upgraded hybrid field jacket is one you should wear as much as you can — with a shirt and tie, over a marled henley and out to Sunday brunch this holiday season.

#3. Lum-Tec Special Edition Combat B30 Bronze Watch — $899.98

Uniquely durable, well-designed and long-lasting -- a beautiful watch for your own wish list.

Uniquely durable, well-designed and long-lasting — a beautiful watch for your own wish list.

Yet again, another entry on this Holiday Style Wish List is a jaw-dropper — at least for this #menswear fan.  Of course, it’s a jaw-dropper in terms of price as well as looks — the Lum-Tec Special Edition Combat B30 Bronze Watch is the type of watch that’s somewhat rare, in that it’s built for the field and the office in equal measure thanks to its handsome profile. The bronze case will take on a unique patina over time, the Miyota automatic movement is one of the best around, and the Combat B30 Bronze Watch  comes with four heavy nylon straps — the interchangeability means it could be dressed up with a leather strap, too. So yes, it made my wish list pretty easily — how about yours?

#4. Flint and Tinder Bomber Jacket — $178

A versatile, easy-to-layer and oft-coveted bomber jacket for the holiday style wish list.

A versatile, easy-to-layer and oft-coveted bomber jacket for the holiday style wish list.

Now, it’s somewhat rare that a piece like the Flint and Tinder Bomber Jacket — more suited perhaps for fall than winter weather — makes a cold-weather style wish list. But then again, the Flint and Tinder Bomber Jacket  is no ordinary bomber jacket. It’s tough, durable and fully ready for winter layering — it’s the rare bomber jacket that also nails the hybrid between casual and dressier style, so it could reliably stand in for a blazer atop a blue Oxford for unique (and toasty) looks. That’s what makes it a worthy addition to this list — the Flint and Tinder Bomber Jacket is high-quality enough to hang with the best outerwear around, and versatile enough to work through the spring. Heck, you might want to gift it to someone — and then pick one up for yourself.

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A unique take on the trucker jacket in a winter-friendly fabric.

A unique take on the trucker jacket in a winter-friendly fabric.

We all love a versatile, durable denim jacket for the warmer months, right? And sure, you’ve got a tough waxed trucker jacket for the fall season. But what about when you need another casual layer during the chill of winter? Something to throw on underneath a slim topcoat or over a classic crewneck sweatshirt?  That’s exactly the type of jacket your friendly neighborhood menswear author had in mind when adding the Alta Wool Flannel Jean Jacket to this list – it’s unique in its silhouette and fabrication, cozy enough to wear over a marled henley with a winter scarf, and ready for prime layering this winter. Hopefully, Santa brings you one.


BONUS PICK: Apolis Selvage Denim Chore Coat — $228
Apolis Selvage Denim Chore Coat

A Huckberry exclusive made with the best denim around.

We’ve got a bonus pick for you here today, ‘cuz Santa doesn’t leave just one gift under the tree — does he? Brands like Apolis stock darn near all the great menswear you could ask for, from rugged picks like the Huckberry-exclusive Selvage Denim Chore Coat to classic staples like its Standard Issue Utility Chino. But the coat featured above is the one to grab — or covet — this holiday season. It’s made from premium Cone Mills denim in an immensely wearable silhouette, from the office to the trail and back. Again, I sure hope Santa hooks you up.
And with that, the book is closed on this year’s Holiday Style Wish List. Well, partially. On second thought, might just open up another tab for that Flint and Tinder Bomber Jacket … at any rate, it’s an exercise in fun that should get you thinking about gift-giving and saving ahead for the new year. Yes, we’re all about style resolutions, and upgrading key wardrobe essentials like a rugged chore coat and a stylish field watch are great goals to keep in mind this holiday season and beyond. Chime in on additions to your own wish list in the comments or on Twitter. And let’s connect via Instagram for plenty more menswear fun.
As always, thanks for reading!