See Now, Buy Now: WP Standard Is Making One of the Best Leather Duffel Bags for Men

Best leather duffel bag for men.

As a new season dawns, perhaps you’ve got one thing on your mind: Planning your next (or your first!) spring getaway, and doing so by packing up plenty of your favorite travel style essentials into, well, one of the best duffel bags for men. The right gear is nothing without the proper means to transport it, and if you can do so in rugged, heritage-minded style, that’s certainly all the better.

From the pages of this blog, you’re likely well-acquainted with other brands making the best leather jacket and the best leather goods, like my friends at Satchel & Page. Let me introduce you now to a brand that’s going to make a serious run for your money, too: That brand would be WP Standard, an upstart brand with an intense dedication to quality and craftsmanship (and yes, that includes the best leather goods for men across the board).

The Texas-based brand began humbly enough, when founder Ryan Barr set out in 2009 to craft guitar straps out of finely crafted leather. A trip to a Mexican tannery and years working in his basement workshop set the brand on the path it walks today: The WP Standard lineup of leather goods is extensive, handsomely crafted and expertly curated, from leather house shoes to stylish leather wallets and of course, one of the best duffel bags for men on the market. In fact, if you’re searching for a high-quality duffle bag for under $500, the WP Standard PanAm Duffle Bag is an excellent, meticulously crafted option.

Best men's duffle bag for travel.

These days, WP Standard uses a team of artisans to turn its finished leather into remarkably cool, built-to-last products like the WP Standard PanAm Duffle Bag. The difference is in the details, and at a glance, the good folks at WP Standard have really knocked this one out of the park. 100 percent full-grain leather makes up the heritage-quality WP Standard PanAm Duffle Bag, further bolstered by brass hardware for a suitably antique-looking finish.

WP Standard leather goods.

Fittingly, it comes complete with a leather luggage tag to help you keep a watchful eye on your bag as you zig-zag across the country and the globe. An interior pocket provides space for other valuable leather goods and EDC essentials — for instance, the brand makes a refined leather toiletry kit — while the entire design of the WP Standard PanAm Duffle Bag is carry-on friendly.

Satchel and Page

If you ask me, this is one stylish leather duffle that’s about ready to go on as many adventures as you are, and naturally, the WP Standard PanAm Duffle Bag will develop a rugged patina over time. And again, it’s worth remembering that the WP Standard PanAm Duffle Bag retails for under $500 — talk about a steal for your new favorite travel bag.


See Now, Buy Now: The Satchel & Page Weekender Is The Best Men’s Duffle Bag for Holiday Travel

Any time you hit the road, especially as you pack up those men’s style essentials for the holiday season, I maintain you should have good looks and hard-wearing functionality top of mind. That goes for how you’re dressing to get from point A to point B (especially on a chilly winter day), and it’s just as important to ensure you’re packing up one of the best weekender bags for men.

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It’s especially useful during the holidays, when your time is short and you’ve probably got multiple stops to make on the road. What’s a well-dressed guy like yourself to do? That’s easy: Load up the durable, rugged and effortlessly stylish Satchel & Page Weekender — one of the best duffle bags for men, let alone this time of year — and get out there.

Perhaps you recognize the famed Texas brand for its recent Warehouse Sale, which gave you the chance to save on one of the best leather bags, or perhaps you’re a newcomer — either way, there’s lots to love with this rugged-yet-refined maker of everyday carry essentials.

Best leather weekender bag.

Crucially, the Satchel & Page Weekender is built to exacting specifications in Italy featuring fine Italian leather, the kind that’s only guaranteed to get better with age (and I know you’ll want to pack up this bag quite a lot the rest of the year, too). The Satchel & Page Weekender is also made in conjunction with gold-rated leather tanneries for added sustainability, and the end result is quite stylish yet rugged and utilitarian, to boot.

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For good measure, the Satchel & Page Weekender boasts an easy-access laptop compartment, plus an interior zipper pocket and key clip. On top of that, this stylish men’s weekender bag is also built with enough space for MacBook Pro 16-inch. Durable antique brass D-rings add a touch of durability while serving as a useful place for extra attachments.

Suffice to say, the Satchel & Page Weekender is made with plenty of room for your holiday style essentials, and it’s also made to get better with age. Bear in mind that the heirloom-worthy Satchel & Page Weekender is more of an investment than other weekender bags at more than $600, but when you consider the fact that you can use this durable men’s duffle bag all the time (yes, all the time), it’s seriously worth it.