The Friday Read: A New Messenger Bag, All About My Newsletter & The Best Beard Balms for Men

One of the coolest short-sleeve shirts your money can buy.

Alright, alright, alright — thanks, my friends, for joining us for another edition of The Friday Read. In my humble opinion, it’s the best way to start the weekend, is it not? That is, the best way to start the weekend besides kicking back in that classic men’s shirt from Taylor Stitch shown above (it’s the Taylor Stitch Short-Sleeve California Shirt, by the way). Now: If you’re new around these parts, or if you could use a refresher after the Fourth of July holiday, I’m covering new men’s style deals, suggested reads, fun tidbits like the best craft beer (on occasion), the best men’s gear and more each Friday. I’ll also highlight cool picks from this very blog that are worth a second look. How about it? Let’s keep it rolling today.

I’m back in Brooklyn after a relaxing, safe and restful Fourth of July weekend back in Michigan visiting family and hanging out (socially distanced!) with friends. Of course, as you might have seen on my Instagram, I made sure to bring along plenty of summer style essentials, naturally. It was so great to catch up with my brother and four (four!) nieces and nephews, plus my mom, dad and sister — our first time spent together since Christmas! Talk about a much-needed break. I’m back at it here in the borough though, with weekend plans including a much-needed spin of the rocking Japandroids album “Near to The Wild Heart of Life” (on vinyl, of course!) accompanied by some fresh craft beer from a new favorite, Brooklyn’s own Wild East Brewing — stop by and pick up some to-go in their new (semi-built) space, if you so choose. I’ll also be helped along by High Brew Coffee‘s excellent canned cold brew — ya can’t go wrong there, can you? For now though, I hope the below picks will help get (or keep!) your weekend rolling along. Thanks, as ever, for reading.

  • Let’s get things going the right way. Well, that’d be the right way if you consider yourself a super fan of the blog — I’m comin’ at ya with even more content these days, thanks to my twice-weekly newsletter that just debuted this week. Known as The Style Guide In Brief, think of it like a mini-version of, well, the Friday Read. Every Tuesday and Saturday, I’ll cover a couple shopping picks, a must-buy beverage (craft beer or coffee, anyone??) and a cool song to get you ready for the day ahead. How does that sound? And hey, it’s free! Sign up here.
  • We mentioned above we’d be tackling a rugged messenger bag for summer, and that’s what the Carhartt x CORDURA Messenger Bag ($64.99) sets out to provide. It’s remarkably tough and durable, but compact enough to sling across your shoulder without weighing you down. I’ve been testing out my own messenger bag (thanks to my friends at Linda Gaunt Communications for sending!) these past few weeks in the wilds of Marine Park and beyond, and for the blend of affordability and durability, I can’t recommend it enough.
  • Keeping your beard in fine form during quarantine — and every other time of year, for that matter — can be a tall task at times. Whether you’re a longtime member of the bearded brethren or a newbie to the whole game, you should certainly head over to The Manual to check out my guide to the best beard balms for men. They won’t let you down.
  • Hey, you know what your summer weekend needs? One of the best men’s short-sleeve shirts. Not just any short-sleeve shirt, though. Get this limited-edition Todd Snyder camp collar shirt via my latest GearMoose briefing. Happy shopping, folks.

Now then, before we take off for the weekend, I’ll leave you with one last essential pair of summer shoes from one of the best menswear designers on the planet. That’d be Todd Snyder, and you’d do very well indeed to check out my post on the Todd Snyder x Sebago Tatanka Chukkas. They’re some of the best chukka boots (or are they boat shoes??) for summer, make no mistake about it. If you pick up a pair, be sure to let me know on Twitter. OK, now … that’ll wrap up today’s post. We’ll see you over at my newsletter? I sure hope so. Be sure to check back for tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week, too. Cheers, my friends.


See Now, Buy Now: The Todd Snyder x Sebago Chukkas Are Summer’s Best Shoes

Todd Snyder x Sebago is as cool as it gets for stylish summer footwear.

As one might expect, it can be a lot right off the bat to call a pair of stylish summer shoes … well, the best summer shoes. But for my money’s worth (and yours!), I think you just might find that to be the case with the Todd Snyder x Sebago line of stylish, durable summer footwear. The Todd Snyder x Sebago Tatanka Chukka Boots ($175) in particular are everything you could ask for in a pair of classic summer shoes — and then some. Crucially, they’re also here just in time for the Fourth of July weekend, and what could be better than that? Heck, is there anything more all-American than two brands like Todd Snyder and Sebago teaming up? Not quite. Snyder’s Iowa-born heritage and his love of classic Sebago shoes make this a natural pairing, to say the least. So, on to these must-have summer shoes. A crucial point, as well: You can get 15 percent off at Todd Snyder when you sign up for Todd Snyder E-mailsWhy would you want to do that, though? Read on, friends.

SHOP: Todd Snyder x Sebago 

A classic pair of summer chukka boots, to be sure.

Note that the collection also features a pair of seriously cool Todd Snyder x Sebago boat shoes ($145), but for summer adventures that could involve socially distanced jaunts into town or evenings around the bonfire, the Todd Snyder x Sebago Tatanka Chukka is my top pick. Consider these a lightweight pair of chukka boots to team up with breezy navy chinos and a white polo for crisp summer style, or else wear ’em alongside light wash denim and a grey slub tee. Feel like going a bit more adventurous? Yes, I’d say you could wear the Todd Snyder x Sebago Tatanka Chukka Boots with navy shorts (go for a pair with a 7-inch inseam to hit above the knee), plus a grey henley (I like henleys from Buck Mason!) for standout summer style. Again, these tips apply for Fourth of July weekend style as well as the rest of the summer.  What are you waiting for? The long weekend is calling, and Todd Snyder x Sebago should be what you’re wearing.

SHOP: Todd Snyder x Sebago 

#OOTD: Try Out This Cool Way to Wear Your Boat Shoes This Summer

As the summer months roll on in a socially distanced fashion, perhaps you realize you’re running out of ways to wear, let’s say, your favorite boat shoes. That’s what we’re here to fix today. From the right way to wear a henley to the best way to wear a polo for summer, rest assured that we’ve got plenty of style inspiration to pull from today — even if you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to summer boat shoes. The crucial first step? Finding the right pair, and that’s before you even think about putting together an ensemble. In that regard, I think you’re going to like today’s pick from Todd Snyder x Sebago — the update is a fittingly all-American take on classic boat shoes, one that feels fresh and modern without overdoing it. That means these boat shoes can stand up to time on the dock or the waterfront, and they’ll look great when you’re back on dry land, kicked up with a cold beer in hand. We’ll step away from the routine a bit though as far as the rest of your summer style essentials. In this instance, that means we’re layering up one of the best short-sleeve shirts for summer atop a classic white tee — rather than going for a more standard polo. And once you’ve found the best dive watch, the right sunglasses and a cool cap, I’d say you’ve got the makings of a perfect summer look (even if everyone’s routines are different these days). But again, it all starts with the stylish boat shoes on your feet. Get ready accordingly, starting with the full look below. Thanks for reading!

Cool-as-heck boat shoes, worn in an equally cool manner.

Yet again, just when you thought you’d seen it all when it comes to boat shoes, I hope this #OOTD was able to change your mind a bit. It’s critical that you build from the ground up with nothing less than the best boat shoes, a truly unique pair from Todd Snyder and Sebago in a fresh white color. Those boat shoes are grounded by the rest of the outfit, which still manages to break free from the everyday — I’m referring, of course, to the rugged short-sleeve shirt from Taylor Stitch, worn breezy and open atop your new favorite T-shirt for all-day summer style (this look would work especially well if you’re wondering what to wear for the Fourth of July!). That combo really gets taken up a notch when you consider the fact that you’re wearing some of the most versatile shorts for summer — the sort of shorts you can wear to swim, grill or hike without missing a beat. Things get even better, though — your rugged dive watch provides similar versatility for day-to-night style, while a tough tote bag from Billykirk helps to haul absolutely every single thing you need for a socially distanced summer day. Naturally, the crucial Huckberry Explorer’s Cap helps top everything off in functional summer style, while the incredibly innovative Tens sunglasses shown here are also a fitting seasonal move. Have questions on what to wear this summer, or on any of the above items? Hit me up on Twitter. Thanks for reading!