Style Pick of the Week: Mott & Bow Morton Denim

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Slim, easy to wear and sleek -- the ideal pair of black denim, new from Mott & Bow.

Slim, easy to wear and sleek — the ideal pair of black denim, new from Mott & Bow.


Just when you thought you didn’t need another pair of denim, along comes Mott & Bow with another must-have release. From the brand’s luxurious Italian-made denim to styles like its rough-and-tumble Norfolk Raw Denim and seasonal favorites like the lightwash Ludlow, they keep finding new ways to add more stretch, comfort and style to your denim game. That goes for the styles they stock over at Huckberry, and so it goes with the latest release on the docket from the fast-growing company — the ultra-dark and ultra-cool Slim Morton Denim. Black denim can be a bit underrated when it comes to matters of style — that is, everyone reaches for a pair of classic dark blue denim on the daily, yet black denim can sometimes get pushed aside. Make no mistake, it’s just as fun to wear, and nearly just as versatile — in fact, some might argue that a deep black jean is the dressiest style of denim you can wear. For the not-outrageous $128 price tag for the Mott & Bow Slim Morton, that’s not a bad thing at all. The dark color plays nicely off everything from a lightweight blue blazer at the office to a classic white Oxford worn untucked for casual-yet-polished (and decidedly minimal) feel on the weekends. Of course, it’s also the most “rock-ready” jean on the market — black denim is a solid choice when it comes to what you should wear to your next rock concert, especially if you rock ’em underneath a slim grey pocket tee and a classic leather jacket. Just don’t go too far down that lane when it comes to fit — although they’re also available in a Skinny fit (and a still-tailored Straight leg), Slim is probably going to be the way to go for most of us fellas out there.

And with a polished fit any way you slice it, there’s little these jeans can’t do. That goes for pairing up with fall style staples like a slim Taylor Stitch flannel shirt or a crisp blue Todd Shelton chambray shirt. Wear either of those on their own, or pair up the ensemble with a made-in-America Pistol Lake henley for an extra dash of rugged appeal. The positives of these easily wearable jeans don’t stop at looks, though. In fact, looks are just an added bonus when you consider the extreme comfort and quality with which this denim is made. They’re made with four-way stretch technology and an astonishing 26 percent stretch — yes, 26 percent! That’s quite a step up from the helpful and comfortable two percent elastane found in the denim brand’s other wares, and it should make them ideal for lots of extended wear — be it at the office from 9 to 5 and beyond, or out on the road as you travel in style. And about that slick black colorway  — it comes from a no-fade fabric, so that means you won’t lose any color as you wear these jeans over and over … and over. As has always been the case with Mott & Bow, you won’t find a better, more wearable or more comfortable jean — and at a time when black denim can take a backseat to the classics, having a premium pair in your rotation has never looked (or felt) better.

Get the Mott & Bow Slim Morton today at the brand’s Web site and pick up more Mott & Bow denim via Huckberry.

Are you a Mott & Bow fan? Would you purchase these jeans, and how would you style ’em?

Style Suggestion: What to Wear When It’s Hot Out

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While the calendar shows that we’re well into August, the summer heat shows no signs of dissipating — maybe that’s just the unfortunate circumstance of navigating the overcrowded subways, but I think not. And so, that’s what we’re getting into today (if the title wasn’t enough). That crucial-yet-simple question — what to wear when it’s hot out — is still pretty relevant, and it’s a good thought to keep in your back pocket even if it feels like summer’s winding down. Now, the good news is that if you live in an area where it’s ungodly hot all year-round, you’ll have plenty of use for the below style suggestion. It’s partly functional, it’s (hopefully) stylish, and it’s geared toward taking you from Sunday brunch to the park and beyond — you can even repurpose this #menswear look during a casual day at the office. For those who value versatility in style (which should be, well, all of us), that’s a must-have. Got other questions or thoughts on what you’d like to see on The Style Guide? Get at me on Twitter.
Buck Mason - Timeless Design. Made in America.
The Shirt: Good Man Brand Slub Stripe Polo — $75.98

A polo that hits the sweet spot in terms of lightweight fabric and solid fit.

A polo that hits the sweet spot in terms of lightweight fabric and solid fit.

If you want to look put-together even on a day off, a crisp-yet-casual polo sold via the fine team at Huckberry will set you right. This particular number features a peached slub jersey fabric that’s going to be breathable and move with you. In fact, it should feel every bit like a slim pocket T-shirt, yet it looks that much more polished thanks to a collar that’s hand-sewn by shirtmakers — your average polo, this is not. The trim fit is to be applauded (even in a larger size like XL), and it’ll stylishly complement your choice of pants (particularly the ones below).

The Pants: OLIVERS Apparel 5-Pocket Pant — $168

A pant that manages to be ultra-stretchy and yet still sharp.

A pant that manages to be ultra-stretchy and yet still sharp.

From stylish-yet-functional essentials like the brand’s Movement Kit to staple pieces like the 5-Pocket Pant, OLIVERS is as solid an option as any if you’re looking for essentials to fight the heat. Although these are, well, pants and not fabric-reducing shorts, this particular pant is made with a nylon-spandex blend for stretch and comfort. Plus, they’ve got the super-crisp look of a classic pair of chinos and comfortable four-way stretch properties built in. Lastly, the folks at OLIVERS make these bad boys in Los Angeles, so you’re supporting American manufacturing while looking great.

The Shoes: Jack Erwin Cooper Boat Shoes — $125

Just the right shoe to complement an outfit made for movement and comfort.

Just the right shoe to complement an outfit made for movement and comfort.

Whether you’re stepping out on a summer holiday or exploring a big city on the weekend, a sharp pair of leather shoes that mix casual and refined style can’t go wrong. With that versatility in mind, Jack Erwin crafted the Cooper Boat Shoe, a favorite set of kicks for yours truly. They feel as comfortable as a pair of sneakers, the Caramel Nubuck is handsome and high-quality, and the elongated loafer last means they have a dressier look and feel than other boat shoes on the market (although you can’t go wrong with something like a refined leather loafer here). An underrated thing about these shoes? You can also rock them with no-show socks for a bit of breezy comfort.

The Socks: Sock Genius Villa Park Stripe No-show Sock — $10

A pair of no-show socks that keeps popping up -- for plenty of reasons.

A pair of no-show socks that keeps popping up — for plenty of reasons.

If you’ve kept up with all things men’s style here on the blog, you’ve seen Sock Genius No-show socks around these parts before — and for great reason. Now, if you’re already well-stocked with other comfortable no-show socks,  you’re probably fine to pass on picking up this pair. But if not, I’d strongly suggest you snag a set to finish off your outfit. A breathable pair of no-shows will help out your feet and your shoes tremendously in the long run, and the neat color & pattern on these is a small bonus when you kick off your shoes at the end of the day.

The Belt: Arcade Belt Co. Crawford Belt — $36

Whereas a leather belt will weigh you down, this number is built with a ton of stretch for lightweight comfort.

Whereas a leather belt will weigh you down, this number is built with a ton of stretch for lightweight comfort.

Sometimes, a leather belt can just feel a bit too cumbersome. Particularly when it’s just too hot out, you want to reduce excess weight as much as possible — and yes, that can even be done by reaching for a lightweight stretch belt. Arcade Belt Co. makes unique-looking belts that blend different materials — in this case, full-grain leather and high-tensile elastic. The result is a stylish belt that, like the polo and chinos above, moves with you as you walk around town or settle in for a relaxing Sunday brunch (also an area where the stretch could help, too). It’s a bit pricey, but it’ll pay off given the potential for mixing and matching with style staples like dark raw denim in the fall, too.

The Watch: Szanto Military Field Watch — $149.98

The right balance of casual, rugged and stylish.

The right balance of casual, rugged and stylish.

Now, there are certainly other casual watches that could work here, but the key here is to reach for a watch that’s going to help you fight the heat (in a small way) is a solid move. Although we all love a rich leather watch, the leather strap isn’t exactly the best option when it’s hot — but a canvas-strap watch, with its lightweight material, is much better (to put it simply). A durable field watch might seem an unusual option, so if that feels too casual, you could grab a stylish dive watch instead. Yet, the charcoal strap and dial shown here are understated, the dial design itself isn’t too loud, and the 42mm diameter is just about the right size — it’s a bit bigger in diameter than  a classic dress watch, but it’s well short of the world’s largest watch, ya dig?

The Sunglasses: Steven Alan Optical Millbrook Sunglasses in Dark Stripe Tortoise — $165

Sunglasses that are dressy yet not overly so.

Sunglasses that are dressy yet not overly so.

You might recognize these Steven Alan Optical sunglasses from this site’s roundup of the best men’s sunglasses for summer, and they’re making another appearance here for good measure. While the military field watch above skews a bit more casual, these sunglasses find that style middle ground nicely — they’re refined and a bit elevated, but they’d still look right at home with a polo and chinos.  Paired with the rich nubuck boat shoes, they make this an outfit that’s equal parts ready for casual Friday and a quick pint at the bar thereafter. And, they can even complement a lightweight suit at your next summer wedding.

It can be tough to gear up for a hot day in style — particularly if it means battling a hot commute, for example. But making the decision to dress stylishly and functionally can definitely be done if you know where to look. Fabrics that are breathable and lightweight, but done up in tailored silhouettes like the ones seen here, are the way to go if you’ve got to head to the office and then to a post-work engagement. And if you just want to look a little snappier on the weekend, chinos and a polo with built-in stretch are the perfect anchor for any look. Got other picks, or items you’d replace? Let me know in the comments!

Stay cool out there,


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