See Now, Buy Now: This Everlane Cardigan is the Perfect Sweater for Fall and Winter

Everlane Felted Merino Cardigan

Everlane always delivers the goods when it comes to transparent, stylish menswear (and women’s wear!).

My friends, I’ll come right out and say it now: The Everlane Felted Merino Cardigan is the best men’s sweater for under $100 (or at least one of them), and now that we’ve officially hit November in earnest, I’d say that means it belongs in your wardrobe ASAP. It’s a subtly stylish and classic cardigan on the surface, one that packs in plenty of functionality and form for an agreeable price tag. As you know from reading the blog over the years (going back to 2015!), Everlane does things the right way, updating consumers on where its products are made and how they’re made, often focusing on sustainable materials like merino. Merino is a fabric that’s made from merino sheep wool, resulting in a warm and soft hand feel, and that makes it great when done up in a sweater, especially something as cool and classic as the Everlane Felted Merino Cardigan.

SHOP: The Everlane Felted Merino Cardigan 

A classic silhouette that wears well with plenty of style staples for fall and winter.

And here’s the real kicker: With the holiday season quickly approaching — even if it looks different this year than in years past — the Everlane Felted Merino Cardigan is going to prove a versatile seasonal workhorse, wearable with everything from your favorite chambray shirt and dark blue denim to a crisp white Oxford shirt and tan chinos. It works for Zoom calls, distanced days in the office and naturally, some fun on fall and winter weekends. The Everlane Felted Merino Cardigan offers up that crucial blend of affordability and style points that’s so tough to find these days, and that makes it a worthy addition to your seasonal wardrobe — right? 100 percent correct.

SHOP: The Everlane Felted Merino Cardigan 

Elevated Basics. Grounded Price.

The Friday Read: New GlassesUSA Eyewear, An Everlane Cardigan & the Best Beer for Fall

Just a few of the stylish eyewear options from Champion and for your weekend.

My friends, can you see clearly heading into the weekend? Get it? Well, your eyewear and sunglasses rotation is about to get a heck of a lot more stylish heading into Saturday and beyond, thanks to the exclusive launch of the Champion x Collection last week. That’s right — the lauded athletic brand is teaming up with one of the best eyeglass retailers out there. You might remember from another edition of the Friday Read covering the best blue light glasses, and this new launch is a welcome addition to the brand’s rotation of the best men’s eyeglasses out there. Consider shopping Champion x GlassesUSA to keep your eyes in fine form heading into fall, folks. So, we’ve got that out there — what else is on the rest of your fall weekend to-do list?

I’ll certainly do my best to keep you entertained and well-stocked in matters of style in today’s Friday Read, so stay tuned for more below. Perhaps you’re also of the mind to subscribe to my newsletter, The Style Guide In Brief? Every Tuesday and Saturday, I send out a dispatch via Substack covering the best seasonal gear, the best craft beer and whiskey or coffee and indie rock to soundtrack your reading and shopping. Fun, right? I certainly think so, and I’d be honored if you subscribed. In the meantime, you can check out my bylines at and, naturally. As for me, well, I’ll be checking out favorite spots like Threes Brewing in Brooklyn this weekend for safe and distanced to-go beers, and if you’ll be doing something similar, consider this a virtual toast to fall.

Everlane Felted Merino Cardigan

Possibly your new favorite cardigan? Yes, very possibly indeed.

PAIGE Cooper Shirt

Possibly the best casual shirt for fall? You decide.

Now, before we go our separate ways (at least until tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week!), let me leave you with one last essential fall buy: The FRYE Tyler Boots, as covered here on the blog, are easily some of the best men’s boots for fall, what with their rugged good looks and durability, plus plenty of seasonal style potential. Check out my post, then be sure to outfit yourself accordingly with a pair of the best fall boots, my friends. OK, that’s all I’ve got today. Stay safe out there this weekend, my friends. Cheers!


The Friday Read: A New Leather Flask for Fall, Filson’s Newest Jacket & Everlane’s Uniform Collection

Essential, rugged moc toe leather boots for plenty of occasions.

Let’s step into Friday the right way — with the lowdown on some of the best men’s leather boots for fall. More specifically, the exceptionally rugged and tough Quoddy Bowhunter Boots, some of the toughest and most stylish boots to wear with olive chinos (as shown above), light wash denim (yes, for fall!) or your favorite corduroy pants as we roll into another fall weekend. They’re the kind of stylish leather boots I’ll be wearing this weekend, in fact. On that note: It’s tough to believe it’s November, and even more difficult to believe … it’s been about three years since I visited my alma mater, Michigan State University in East Lansing! The time’s flown since I’ve been back, and together with some former student newspaper friends from The State News, I’ve decided it’s high time I ventured back to the Midwest for a Spartan football game, some tasty beers at HopCat, and a crucial brunch at Beggar’s Banquet — all favorite pursuits during my college days! I have a special place in my heart for the lovely MSU campus & the friendships and memories I made along the way — it’ll be wonderful to return home! There will of course be tailgating and cold beer aplenty throughout the weekend once I arrive on an early-morning flight into Detroit, and I’m also seriously looking forward to taking in some classic Michigan fall weather as my beloved Michigan State Spartans play Illinois. Naturally, I’ll be wearing some of my favorite fall style essentials along the way — what about your weekend plans? Let me know on Twitter, be sure to check out tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week, and kick off your weekend nice and early with today’s Friday Read. Go Green!

So, that’s the end of today’s brief-yet-hopefully enlightening Friday Read. Because weekend fun is never done, though, I’m going to leave you with my recommendation for perhaps the best fall jacket, one you can wear with ease atop your favorite Oxford shirt alongside slim faded denim. It’s a surefire combo for all your top casual fall pursuits, from apple orchard visits to brewery tours & beyond. Cheers to the weekend, my friends!

#OOTD: How to Wear Your New Favorite Vintage Sneakers for Spring

Do you have a favorite pair of sneakers in your closet? A pair of stylish sneakers to consistently turn toward in a multitude of spring style situations? Weekend brunch, brewery visits, hours-long park strolls — and of course, days at the office aplenty — can all be tackled with the stylish spring sneakers (and the #OOTD) in question. It’s all about versatility and comfort when it comes to Beckett Simonon’s Morgen Trainers, and they’re complemented handsomely by a rugged chore jacket (via Everlane), a stylish denim shirt from Billy Reid and slim chinos (sold by Huckberry, of course). The building blocks here can really take you anywhere, with the ability to be mixed and matched with ease. The resulting #OOTD can go to the office on a casual Friday, or out to your favorite brewery, and essentially anywhere in between.

And the beauty of this #OOTD is that you can remove layers as needed through shifting spring weather. Specifically, the Everlane Chore Jacket (a new personal favorite) can even double as a cool blazer replacement if need be. And again, it all starts from the ground up with your new favorite pair of sneakers from Beckett Simonon. Cheers to spring!

Mixing up your spring sneakers with touches both rugged and casual — and from some of your favorite brands.

We’ve told you in the past that the best ensembles start from the ground up, right? In this case, that involves Beckett Simonon’s Morgen Trainers, a heck of a stylish, comfortable and premium pair of sneakers that tie each and every outfit together handsomely. In this case, the outfit only gets better and better the more you look at it (I think so, at least). That is to say, a rugged chore jacket from Everlane adds versatile utility and style, especially when layered over both a stylish denim shirt from Billy Reid and a rugged henley from Flint and Tinder. Those three layers should have you ready for whatever comes your way this spring, from a light breeze to a sudden drop in temperature. And in matters of style, this entire combo works, too — it’s fit for a night at a gastropub or a round of beers at a brewery, or a day at the office. It’s also tied together by slim chinos that sit nicely atop the vintage trainers from Beckett Simonon— you see, it’s all tied together. It should also go without saying that the right #OOTD is also finished off with the right accessories, including a stylish leather watch and an equally stylish leather belt (both investment-level pieces in their own right). Richly crafted indigo socks from Anonymousism provide a dash of comfort and style, too. When worn all together, this #OOTD is darn near unbeatable — and again, it all comes back down to the stylish sneakers you’ve got on your feet. Happy spring, folks!

The List: All the Gear You Need to Shop During June

Best everyday carry for guys

From stylish LSTN Sound Co. headphones via Bespoke Post to a sharp Daniel Wellington watch and a handsome valet tray from Billykirk, this is the sort of gear you’ll find on The List.

As a menswear writer, I come across a fair bit of, well, stuff. From my personal shopping to planning out the #OOTD series and Style Pick of the Week entries here at The Style Guide, it’s an ongoing endeavor to sort through different sites to find products that 1) I’d wear and 2) I think you might enjoy. That’s what it’s all about, right? With that being said, there are only so many hours in the day — and there’s only so much of my writing you likely want to read (I kid, I kid).  That brings me to the real point of today’s post — we’re kicking off a brand-new series here on the blog.

Sutro Shoes Inc.

It’s called The List, and it’s simply that: A collection of intriguing finds, surprising items, stylish summer footwear, cool accessories, … anything that should be of interest to a reader like yourself, and (mostly) anything that hasn’t made it into regularly scheduled blog content. Think of it as a look at the best new gear for guys, in a way. There are no rankings or categories here — just the best o’ the best. Curated by your humble team of one, it’ll cover a pretty solid spectrum of #menswear, and I hope to keep it rolling monthly — or heck, more frequently than that. One final note — as to our other recent series, Style Guide Recommends, you can look for another entry in the coming weeks. Until then, sit tight, follow me on Instagram, and shop The List!

Mark Albert Classic Chelsea Boot in Dark Brown — $225

Mark Albert Chelsea Boots

Beautiful boots — stunning quality and classic looks.

Rich brown leather, Pennsylvania-made construction and a ton of durability in these stylish Chelsea boots. Buy them now, wear them now — don’t wait ’til fall.


J. Crew Wallace and Barnes Short-Sleeve Utility Shirt — $79.50

Roll the sleeves up, add some tough selvedge denim and leather boots … presto.

The old-school look of a tough-as-nails shirt your grandfather might have worn — that means it’s perfect for this menswear moment.

Novesta Star Master Sneakers in Eter — $59.98

Novesta sneakers

The look of a classic and the comfort of an old favorite.

A cotton canvas upper meets a natural rubber outsole and Slovakian construction — the coolest pair of sneakers you’ll buy this summer.

Everlane Cotton Crew in Dutch Blue — $16

A summer-ready color and quality make this tee one to wear with chinos & white sneakers.

In addition to the Everlane Slim Pants, you should pick up this versatile, well-made and modern-fitting tee.

Tanner Goods Record Rack — $70

Are you an audiophile? Store your records just like this.

One of the pleasures of having a record collection involves how you display them — this USA-made stainless steel apparatus is simple, crisply designed and well-made.


Areaware Bottle Axe — $17.50


Made for cracking open plenty of bottles of beer this summer and beyond.

You’re standing around manning the grill this summer, and your buddy hands you a beer — you should open it with the Areaware Bottle Axe, right?

Bespoke Post Chill Box — $45 (When Joining Bespoke Post)

Bespoke Post

Made for long days on the beach and long hikes — critical refreshment you can carry with you.

For just over $45, you get a durable cooler and two go-anywhere pils glasses — the Chill Box is a summer must-have.

Form-Function-Form Horween Leather Chronograph — $118.98


Smart-looking, stylish and rugged — the ideal summer watch.

It’s tough to find a combo as rugged, functional and stylish as the Horween leather straps of Form-Function-Form and the rugged durability of Timex.

Well, Style Guide readers … that’s The List.  Want to weigh in, or suggest gear to add? Hit me up on Twitter. We’ll see you tomorrow for our Friday Read.


Online Shopping Picks: The Best Men’s Weekender Bags

Editor’s note: For even more online shopping picks covering everything from watches to spring and summer style, head here.

As spring rolls into summer, there’s a very good chance that a lot of us are going to be hitting the road for vacation quite a bit more than during the doldrums of winter. This is definitely the case for yours truly, as I just trekked down to Washington, D.C. for the weekend earlier this month, and have a few more trips in the works. While longer travels certainly require larger luggage, traveling for just a handful of days presents some style conundrums — both in matter of what to pack, and what to pack that gear in. A stylish weekender bag is going to be your best friend in these situations — most have just enough room to hold multiple pairs of shoes and multiple outfits, plus any other gear you might need. And a great-looking bag is the ideal compliment to a sharp travel outfit. Plus, making that upgrade from a standard gym bag or duffle is yet another step on the path that is constantly trying to improve your personal style. Heck, it’s just fun to have a bag that happens to look as good as what you’re wearing. Make packing and traveling easy with one of this site’s picks below for the best men’s weekender bags, and get to booking that flight. Let me know what you think on The Style Guide Facebook page, too!

#1. Owen & Fred Voyager Waxed Weekender — $275

A bag that's built for wear-and-tear, yet still manages to look mighty handsome.

A bag that’s built for wear-and-tear, yet still manages to look mighty handsome.

The first entry on this list is a real tried-and-true, trip-tested bag that’s made in America and built with a ton of quality. Yes, the Owen & Fred Voyager Waxed Weekender  is certainly a stunner, made from Martexin Original Waxed canvas (some of the best of the best) and finished off with durable leather straps from Wickett & Craig, one of the oldest tanneries in the country. It’s beastly, stylish and built to break in over time, complete with two interior zippered pockets for extra storage. After taking it with me on my trip to Washington, D.C., I can say you’ll be very pleased with it indeed.

#2. Everlane Dipped Weekender — $115

An affordable alternative to more expensive options, with just as much style.

An affordable alternative to more expensive options, with just as much style.

Whereas the above Owen & Fred bag packs a  heck of a punch in both quality and price, the Everlane Dipped Weekender is a more affordable answer to the question of what you should travel with this summer. It’s made from twill and features a neat, screen-printed look that contrasts nicely with the black leather straps. Everlane has a brand really does it all now from its Slim Pant to bags like these, which really put them on the map. While the price might seem at odds with the expected quality, it’s part of Everlane’s commitment to transparency, and that should work out nicely should you buy this bag.

#3. J. Crew Harwick Weekender Bag — $148

A more casual alternative from a brand that does a lot of things well.

A more casual alternative from a brand that does a lot of things well.

Just as Everlane has expanded its product categories over the years, J. Crew has continued to stick with making all sorts of stylish accessories for guys — like the Harwick Weekender Bag. It’s nylon, so it’s decidedly more casual in construction and looks than the Everlane or Owen & Fred options, but the Dark Navy color should stylish and versatile for laidback weekend trips. It packs in a shocking eight pockets — that’s more than tons of bags on the market, and it means all of your gear — from a classic white Oxford to your stylish dopp kit — stays separate (and clean).

#4. Wood & Faulk Grand Tourer Weekend Bag — $175

A stylish-looking offering from an under-the-radar brand.

A stylish-looking offering from an under-the-radar brand.

Have you heard of Wood & Faulk? They’re a new brand for this style writer, but given the stunning looks (and presumably, quality) of their Grand Tourer Weekend Bag, they’re worth watching. This piece is made from tough-looking waxed canvas and features leather accents from S.B. Foot Tanning Co. — the same tannery that produces leather for Red Wing Shoes. Talk about stunning quality packed into one piece. End pockets and an inner zip pocket offer additional space, and the brass hardware finishes off this bag nicely.

#5. Troubadour Fabric + Leather Weekender — $855

A pricey, minimal and super-premium weekender bag.

A pricey, minimal and super-premium weekender bag.

It wouldn’t truly be an Online Shopping Picks entry if we didn’t finish things off with a stylish and yes — incredibly expensive — weekender bag. The Fabric + Leather Weekender  features vegetable-tanned leather and a minimal, premium look thanks  to the black leather and nylon fabric accents (although the Navy, Khaki and Olive colorways look mighty nice, too). It’s an investment bag that certainly would look right at home alongside your best travel suit — if you’re the type who travels a lot for business but wants a bag that’s different than a standard rolling suitcase, this is the bag you need.
Frank & Oak
While each of the above bags are suited for different kinds of situations — particularly the Troubadour weekender — each is going to stylish and durably complement your travel ensemble and any stylish travel accessories you might be bringing with you. Maximizing a great price, tough quality and handsome looks is going to be critical, too — and hopefully, do-able with any of the above picks. If you’re still searching for that perfect bag, an option from the likes of Herschel Supply Co. might work well. But in the meantime, let me know on Twitter if I missed any picks or key brands!

Stay stylish and safe travels,



Style Pick of the Week: Everlane Cashmere Sweater

Editor’s note: Expect these posts weekly detailing one standout item coveted by yours truly. Sometimes, these fit within budgetary restrictions and other times, they’re expensive splurges worth saving for. For more Wish List items from Beau, head here, and to see other Style Picks, head here.

A luxurious update to the classic V-neck, courtesy of Everlane.

A luxurious update to the classic V-neck, courtesy of Everlane.

While I’m sure we all have our assortment of dependable V-neck and crewneck sweaters in hard-wearing fabrics, there’s something to be said for taking the time to look into — and buy, and wear — a more lux piece. It might start out as an aspirational goal, but taking a leap upward to a more premium product can definitely be worth it. That goes for something like the Zady Organic Men’s Buttondown, and it certainly carries over to another, equally transparent retailer — the good people at Everlane. The site’s product selection has long been solid (check out this 2015 piece on shopping picks from Everlane), but it’s expanded even deeper in the past few months, from the brand’s essential Slim Pant to its selection of wool overcoats. That goes double for its luxurious-looking cashmere V-neck sweaters (also available in a crewneck style). For sale in versatile colors like Navy and the unique grey-and-black Donegal blend seen at the top, plus a rich Burgundy, the brand is once again showing its knack for refining simple basics. And that’s why, maybe (just maybe), you should fork over some hard-earned cash — and if you wrote down a style resolution to cut back your clothing allowance this year, I do apologize.

A rich color from a brand normally known for its subdued palette.

A rich color from a brand normally known for its subdued palette.

Made from 100 percent Grade-A cashmere and featuring a slim fit — both details that shouldn’t be overlooked, there’s no question that this is the ultimate style upgrade as far as V-neck sweaters go. Rest assured that staple brands like Banana Republic still do excellent, and cheaper V-necks in fabrics like extra fine merino. But again — it’s always great to have one stellar item in your closet that’s a step above of the rest, one that you can reliably wear without fail. This V-neck is your answer, folks. Take the Charcoal color, for example. That piece would work quite well with some burgundy corduroys and a white Oxford for a day at the office, and you could likely layer it over a soft V-neck tee with some slim denim for a casual weekend outing. The great thing is, with Everlane’s pricing system and emphasis on transparency, you can be sure you’re getting a nice deal from a company that approaches things the right way. The good things just keep piling up — and this sweater’s certainly at the top of the heap.

Do you own any Everlane sweaters? What are your thoughts on the brand?
Shop the latest in Men's styles Under $50 + get FREE Shipping on orders over $100 at Frank & Oak!

Online Shopping Picks: Best Men’s Blazers for Fall and Winter

Editor’s note: For a plethora of Online Shopping Picks delving into accessories, footwear and knitwear, head right this way.

Ready to take on fall in this "old" photo circa 2014. Blazer & chambray shirt by J. Crew. Slim jeans by Scotch & Soda. Shawl cardigan by GAP. Knit tie by Frank & Oak. Brown wingtip boots by JC Penney. Photo credit: Khoa Nguyen.

Ready to take on fall in this “old” photo circa 2014. Tan herringbone blazer & chambray shirt by J. Crew. Pocket square by Banana Republic. Slim jeans by Scotch & Soda. Shawl cardigan by GAP. Knit tie by Frank & Oak. Brown wingtip boots by JC Penney. Stainless steel dive watch by Invicta. Glasses by Burberry. Photo credit: Khoa Nguyen.

As is often the case in the world of men’s style, it seems that sometimes the seasons change too quickly — on the writing front, that is. Last week, we tackled excellent henleys to transition into fall weather in earnest (for most of us, at least), and now your humble author will gladly take a stab at the best cold-weather blazers out there on the market — because those things have been on shelves far too long now for you not to buy one, right? Keep in mind that a great lighter weight blazer (one from this list) could definitely transition into the slight chill of fall when layered appropriately. Heck, I even have an unconstructed blazer I’ve worn in the Michigan winter, layered up with a V-neck sweater (of course). But let’s say you want something thicker to stand up to chilly weather — a la the trusty J. Crew blazer (sadly, long gone from shelves) at the top of the page. That’s what this edition of Online Shopping Picks will cover — but you’ll have to foot the rest of the bill for a new jacket. [Editor’s note: Some might take issue with the definition of a blazer here — these styles are sometimes called sportcoats — but we’ll stick with blazer terminology for now. To clear up any confusion, head here].

#1. Uniqlo Wool Blended Comfort Jacket — $99.90

As previously seen on this site's Fall Style Wish List, Uniqlo delivers on another great fall & winter blazer.

As previously seen on this site’s Fall Style Wish List, Uniqlo delivers on another great fall & winter blazer.

Does this jacket look familiar at all? Of course it does (at least if you caught it at the top of my Fall Style Wish List). Some might have issues with Uniqlo’s fit, as the tail of its jackets and its sleeves generally run a little shorter and slimmer than most, but the brand does make an outstanding jacket (is it a blazer? a sportcoat) for the price. These jackets certainly lean casual given the lack of construction, but in a deeper, saturated shade like the Grey Plaid on the far left or even the Dark Green option as seen on the site, it’s a jacket that could absolutely be paired with dress trousers and some sharp black shoes for the office.

#2. J. Crew Factory Thompson Elbow-patch Sportcoat in Tweed — $168

A four-season shade of navy merged with suede elbow patches for fall and winter.

A four-season shade of navy merged with suede elbow patches for fall and winter.

Rustic, slightly throwback-focused details like suede elbow patches have been making a comeback in clothing items for the past couple years now, and designers aren’t pulling the plug on this added touch just yet. In the case of this blazer, it works quite well, calling to mind old hunting jackets. And this piece has some other things going for it, too — namely, you get J. Crew-like quality at a lower price than some similar models at the big brother retailer. The slightly flashier touch of those elbow patches is grounded by a nice shade of navy, which should work well over dark denim or grey wool trousers. The patches make it more casual and thus a little less versatile — thus dropping it to spot no. 2 here. Still, it’s a jacket that could see a lot of use in the coming months.  If you’ve got some bulk to you and want a jacket that ditches the elbow patches, the mainline brand is making a blazer in a similar shade in its roomier, more athletic Crosby fit.

#3. Apolis Indigo Wool Blazer — $388

The ideal balance of tradition and modern style, done up in an on-trend color and luxurious fabric.

The ideal balance of tradition and modern style, done up in an on-trend color and luxurious fabric.

Whoa, now. Almost $400 for a blazer? In spot #3? Yes, yes indeed — and here’s why. The argument can definitely be made here for investing in quality pieces that provide a long-term benefit; a terrific wool blazer, sure to be warm, well-made and endlessly versatile, can serve you well for seasons and years to come. And the way Apolis makes ’em, you know you’re getting a quality product. Not everyone has the kind of, er, capital to invest in such a piece, but this option has all the makings of a classic jacket if you do take the plunge. The double vents and deep indigo color make it the closest to a traditional blazer of any of the bunch seen here, yet it leans modern thanks to the slim fit. Wear it with some broken-in denim,  wear it with black corduroy pants for some edge — heck, wear it over a T-shirt.

#4. GAP Herringbone Blazer — $89.95

A nice color combo and casual patch pockets make this one blazer to take business-casual ... or just casual.

A nice color combo and casual patch pockets make this one blazer to take business-casual … or just casual.

Now, that’s more like it. We turn to a reliable standby at an affordable price for option #4. It’s somewhat concerning that the fit looks a bit … off in these photos, so this might be a good pick to try on in store. The price is not so expensive that it’d be too much of a pain to tailor. But note that the sleeves feature functioning cuffs, which can be an absolute mess to get tailored. However, the fabric blend, cool grey color and patch pockets make this an ideal blazer to throw on over, say, a white Oxford, red V-neck and dark jeans in a business casual setting — if the fit is on-point. Since the patch pockets do push it into casual territory, you could even mix it up and toss it over a long-sleeve henley. A word to the wise — keep your eyes open for the launch of The Hill-side’s capsule collection for GAP very soon; there’s likely to be a great blazer or two in there (Editor’s note: Check out the full rundown via GQ as of 9/23). 

#5. Everlane Luxe Sweater Blazer — $165

Part blazer, part sweater and all casual style in one high-quality Everlane piece.

Part blazer, part sweater and all casual style in one high-quality Everlane piece.

Is this a sweater? A blazer? A swacket? Whatever you call it, the Luxe Sweater Blazer definitely walks the line between casual and crisp style — exactly the type of versatility a nice blazer (or swacket) should provide in the colder months. It should almost wear like the Uniqlo wool blend jacket seen at the top of the page — easygoing enough over a crewneck sweatshirt (for both warmth and casual style), and high-quality enough to pair with a chambray dress shirt. From personal experience with Everlane, its products fit slim, and jackets like these often feature a nice hint of stretch — key when you still need mobility underneath a topcoat. This is one blazer in particular that would pair especially well with high-low combos — think slim chinos  plus vintage-inspired runners.

The competition across the board as this post was assembled was pretty cutthroat (or as cutthroat as writing about blazers can be). Brands like Bonobos, with its Italian Knit Blazer, are giving more established brethren like J. Crew a run for their money in the looks (and price) department. As was previously alluded to, The Hill-side is also quickly establishing itself as a player in the splurge blazer game — this Selvedge Mini-Houndstooth Tailored Jacket in Indigo has a great workwear vibe to it, not to mention a high price. Stick to affordable (or at the very least, classic) and versatile options when picking up a great blazer or two this season though, and you’ll reap those rewards as soon as the leaves start to turn.
Ben Sherman US
What’s your go-to fall and winter blazer? Are you planning on refreshing your closet with any of the picks here?

Ernest Alexander

Style Pick of the Week: Everlane Slim Pant

Editor’s note: Expect these posts weekly detailing one standout item coveted by yours truly. Sometimes, these fit within budgetary restrictions and other times, they’re expensive splurges worth saving for. For more Wish List items from Beau, head here, and to see other Style Picks, head here.

They're finally here, folks. A long-awaited release from buzzed-about Web retailer Everlane.

They’re finally here, folks. A long-awaited release from buzzed-about Web retailer Everlane.

Drumroll, please … after years of doing simple basics the right way for guys, Everlane stepped into uncharted territory with its latest release earlier this week — pants. The Everlane Slim Pant, to be specific.  A year-plus of research  led the brand to its newest offering, which joins other minimal yet well-designed pieces like pocket T-shirts, polos and sweaters in an increasingly expanding number of styles. But right now, the pants are what have people talking. And for this first big foray into a new product category, Everlane has (in characteristic fashion) kept things exceedingly simple. Just three colors (midnight black, a pleasing shade of heightened navy, and classic khaki). The versatility of these colors goes without saying — even a black pair of pants is starting to look promising again, ehh? And the fit details they’ve worked into the design make them even more versatile.

A tailored but not tight fit and classic colors -- like Navy shown here -- knock these ones out of the park from the Web retailer.

A tailored but not tight fit and classic colors — like Navy shown here — knock these ones out of the park from the Web retailer.

They feature 2% elastane stretch built in (similar to Mott & Bow denim), offering a little give when you move around. And the slim yet not overly tailored fit is definitely to be desired as well. GQ got the scoop on the release earlier this week, and had nothing but good things to say — promising words indeed. While these pants appear at first to have several great things going for them, the transparency and lack of a retailer markup is key — that makes these a $65 pair of pants as opposed to $140, according to the brand. The breathable cotton weave should make these as versatile as something like the Washed Chino from Bonobos — a true four-season chino. The navy (or heck, black or khaki) would look excellent right now with an olive henley and equally sharp with a grey sweater come chillier fall nights.

What are your thoughts on the latest release from the brand? Will you be picking up a pair?
Ernest Alexander

Ben Sherman US

Online Shopping Picks: Best Men’s Weekender Bags

The Navali Stowaway Weekender bag in Carafe. What are you packing this spring and summer?

The Navali Stowaway Weekender bag in Carafe. What are you packing this spring and summer?

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine (and blog reader) asked me about recommendations for great weekender bags. It got me thinking – now that winter is finally thawing out, I’m sure lots of us have our eyes on spring or summer getaways. While hitting the road for a vacation  is always fun, a big part of the process is how you’re getting there & what you’re packing. And if you’re kitted out in a stylish get-up for the road, you need a bag that’s equally as sharp. Backpacks and sports duffle bags, although functional, don’t provide nearly enough room or the looks needed for longer travel. And while formal briefcases or suitcases work for business trips, the weekender bag is all about providing enough room for the essentials — and doing so in an easygoing fashion. Here are 5 great bags for the road ahead.

#1. Navali Stowaway Weekender Bag — $159.99

The Navali Stowaway Weekender Bag comes with a lifetime warranty, and should last a good long while.

The Navali Stowaway Weekender Bag comes with a lifetime warranty, and should last a good long while.

First seen on this blog back in August of last year, the Carafe color pictured here is now gone – but it’s been replaced with an equally stylish washed navy option or a spring-like “Sand” shade. The blue cotton canvas contrasts nicely with the brown leather fastenings, but it’s not all for show. Exterior pockets with strong buckle fastenings, tough zippers, a thick & comfortable shoulder strap and just enough for the essentials make this bag worth the price. Dimensions are 22″ width, 12″height, 8 1/2″ diameter.

#2. J. Crew Abingdon Weekender Bag — $198

Deep olive. Waxed cotton canvas. J. Crew's Abingdon bag.

Deep olive. Waxed cotton canvas. J. Crew’s Abingdon bag.

It’s tough to go anywhere on Siblings with Style without finding a J. Crew item in a shopping roundup — this is one company doing many things exceptionally. The Abingdon is slightly bigger than the Navali above in terms of height (17 1/2″), width (26″) and diameter (9 1/4″), so it can certainly carry more goods & take a bit of a beating. The waxed cotton canvas construction should age very nicely with increased usage too.

#3. Everlane Twill Weekender — $95 

Everlane's simple, clean take on the weekender.

Everlane’s simple, clean take on the weekender.

Everlane delivers a much more minimal, modernist (and cheaper) take on the weekender bag. The brand keeps things simple with a grey cotton twill exterior and black leather fastenings — no aged waxed cotton here, folks. Everlane’s bags really put the brand on the map and continue to be quite popular. Having used an Everlane twill weekender pretty extensively across the past summer in New York, these bags can definitely take quite a lot for the price.

#4. Filson Large Duffel Bag — $358

True heritage quality — and an heirloom-worthy price.

True heritage quality — and an heirloom-worthy price.

Filson has something the other brands on this list don’t — real, true heritage when it comes to make hardy outdoor gear. Only in recent years has the brand become known more among the fashion community, but it’s got years of experience outfitting hunters, fishers and outdoorsmen. Its bags are crafted from the same durable mindset. This duffle is a true beast of a bag, guaranteed for life and by far the most substantial weekender listed. The olive & tan versions are backordered, but navy and brown are in stock.

#5. Shinola Signature Duffle — $1,250

Exceptionally expensive. But also exceptionally well-made.

Exceptionally expensive. But also exceptionally well-made.

So this post isn’t really advocating you go out and drop more than A GRAND on a single bag. But, it’s always worth it to scout out what options are out there – and maybe keep a goal in mind for a future investment. This particular bag looks beautiful and features outstanding Horween leather and is individually stamped and numbered — those are the kind of details that bring the price up. The hardware is solid brass, and despite being leather, this bag should not only hold up but also age exceptionally well (it better for that price!). Available in black & brown, with a cognac number coming soon.

NOTE: Other bags that just missed the cut here include J. Crew Factory’s somewhat smaller but very affordable Carson duffle bag, Navali’s Waxed Stowaway Weekender in Olive and Frank & Oak’s Genuine Italian Leather Weekender. JackThreads is also stocking quite a few weekender bags for low prices at the moment.

What’s your favorite from this list? Any idea what you’ll be buying for your travels?

Ernest Alexander