The Friday Read: The Best Denim Jacket to Buy Now, Grimm Artisanal Ales and Sunday Brunch Style

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here on the blog, even outside of regular menswear writing pursuits and #NYFWM. Last weekend, I was excited and thrilled to be back in my home state of Michigan to celebrate the wedding reception of two great friends (congrats to the Vissers!). Of course, you probably saw that if you follow me on Instagram (wink, wink). It was a lovely evening complete with some fun dancing and plenty of Bell’s Oberon in the Michigan heat.

I wore my Thursday Boots Statesman Dress Shoes (shop them in this post!) and a charcoal Awearness Kenneth Cole suite, along with a crisp Todd Snyder dress shirt. We capped off the weekend by visiting Belle Isle Park, home to the Belle Isle Conservatory and Aquarium (again, as seen on my Instagram!). It was a beautiful day to explore and get outside, even in the heat — it’s a good thing that we capped off the day with a trip to Batch Brewing Company in Detroit, located near the West Side Industrial area and featuring easily drinkable beers like the Berggasse 19, a Vienna lager with some rich flavor. In the meantime, I’m hoping your week is closing out nicely — I’ve got some brews to enjoy, and some menswear to write about. The rest of your Friday Read is below!

  • Haven’t been keeping up with our ongoing See Now, Buy Now series here on the blog? Then let me get ya updated on one of my favorite recent entries — last week, I told you all about how the Flint and Tinder Denim Trucker Jacket can work as the perfect summer layer, able to pair with a rugged henley and chinos or an Oxford shirt and slim chino shorts in equal measure. Read the post here.
  • It’s hard to find but delicious to drink — I’m talking, of course, about the coveted Lambo Door Double IPA from Brooklyn’s own Grimm Artisanal Ales. I’m looking forward to checking out their brand-new, permanent East Williamsburg location very soon, but for now, I’d say I’ll have to make do with re-reading my latest feature for GearMoose covering this excellent & uniquely crushable brew.

  • I’m all about upgrading your style in unexpected ways for everyday situations — take Sunday brunch, for instance. Your focus should be on dressing in a way that’s casual and comfortable, yet also distinct and versatile — hence, my latest feature on what to wear for Sunday brunch over at The Manual! Who else wants a Bloody Mary now?
  • Not in the mood to pack away your boots even as the thermostat climbs? Then, the OluKai Nalukai Boots, as covered in last week’s Style Pick of the Week, are the lightweight option you need to buy now, and wear now.

Loyal Style Guide readers, thanks for sticking it out until the end today! Join us again tomorrow for a brand-new Style Pick of the Week, and let’s all try to stay cool out there. Until then!


Style Suggestion: What to Wear for Sunday Brunch

Editor’s note: More interested in other style suggestions? Head here. And then come right back, please?

So, here’s the scenario. Maybe you’re not the type to “brunch” frequently, or go out dressed up on a Sunday (be it church or somewhere else). But let’s say you’ve got a nice meal out planned with friends or family on… Saturday instead? This outfit can definitely be customized to that situation as well. And as the weather really rolls into spring, there are going to be opportunities aplenty to get outside and enjoy a nice meal and a warm breeze. It’s a pretty enjoyable experience, honestly — even if fighting crowds isn’t your thing. Trust me, I love me some brunch. And whether you enjoy it in a more casual or formal setting, the below outfit should be able to take you either direction with a few tweaks. And hey, who doesn’t love buying a new spring sweater or a nice polo? I’d wager very few of us. Oh, and save some time to check out The Style Guide on Facebook while we’re here.

The Sweater: JackThreads Daily Cardigan in Navy — $39.99

A versatile cardigan great for spring and well beyond.

A versatile cardigan great for spring and well beyond.

Why the cardigan, you ask? Well, as it is April and all, there could very well be a slight chill in the air (and if you need something sturdier on top of that, look here for great spring jackets). And this JackThreads cardigan in particular is the one to pick up if you’ve never given the style a shot — or conversely, if you’ve tried it and not been a fan. There’s a reason they call it the “Daily Cardigan,” and that might very well be because it combines a slim fit with excellent fabric and a really versatile color. Which brings us to the polo you see below…

The Polo: Bonobos Classic Pique Polo in Heather Brick — $58

As seen in this week's guide to spring polos -- it's a nice, casual style upgrade.

As seen in this week’s guide to spring polos — it’s a nice, casual style upgrade.

This polo first appeared …well, just earlier this week in our guide to the best spring polos for men, but it’s back again precisely because this is the ideal situation in which to upgrade your polo game. Bonobos has updated the fabric and fit of this pique polo, and the color is also a welcome switch-up from blue or white polos (of which this past week’s post was filled with). But at any rate, the modern fit of both the cardigan and polo should avoid too many preppy vibes — and the prices are agreeable, too.

The Pants: Taylor Stitch Slim Chino in Khaki — $98

A pair of chinos that's both classic and modern? Pick 'em up before they're gone.

A pair of chinos that’s both classic and modern? Pick ’em up before they’re gone.

The Taylor Stitch Standard Issue Chino is practically legendary for its combination of quality and styling potential, and that makes it an easy pick to pair with this outfit. This pair again takes another prep style staple and upgrades it significantly from its forebears by slimming down the fit, using a brushed Spanish twill and crucially, getting rid of those pesky pleats. The color works nicely off the burgundy polo and the navy cardigan, and a cuffed chino is always a solid bet with crisp white sneakers. On that note — drum roll, please….

The Sneakers: GREATS Brand Royale in Blanco — $159

The 21st century dress sneaker, fit for brunches galore.

The 21st century dress sneaker, fit for brunches galore.

Are you getting the vibe of this outfit yet? It’s all about taking casual, preppier style staples and classing them up significantly — that’s equally true in the case of the GREATS Royale in a remarkably crisp and premium white Italian leather. This is about as close to a dress pair of white sneakers as you can get, and they should look right at home as a casual-yet-polished capper to this outfit. If they’re too casual, you could definitely swap them out for a pair of refined wingtips. Conversely, the GREATS Wilson would definitely be suitable here.

The Belt: Land’s End Distressed Vintage Jean Belt — $39

Not too casual, not too dressy. Perfect for Sunday brunch.

Not too casual, not too dressy. Perfect for Sunday brunch.

As opposed to picking a full-on dress belt, we’ll reach here for a belt that combines a touch of rugged styling with a crisp lighter brown color. It’s a nice go-between that’ll also work well up against durable winter boots, so it’s worth the price tag. The brass buckle dresses things down, too. A more summer-friendly woven cotton belt (as featured here) could also do the trick — but keep in mind, versatility is the goal even when grabbing a belt.

The Watch: KOMONO Winston Blue in Cognac — $89.95

The cognac strap, blue dial and silver dial markings are a pretty pleasing combo that should work well in this outfit.

The cognac strap, blue dial and silver dial markings are a pretty pleasing combo that should work well in this outfit.

So we’ve got the navy cardigan, the burgundy polo and the tan chinos — what’s next on the color wheel? Call it unscientific, but a striking blue watch really complements those colors nicely. KOMONO crafts its watches with striking quality for the price point — for colder temperatures, the Winston Herringbone is a personal favorite. The Winston in Blue looks to be no different in terms of quality, with a pleasing design and a cognac strap that matches nicely with the belt. And the price? That should definitely leave a bit leftover for a Bloody Mary.

The Socks: American Trench Rugby Stripe Socks in Navy — $14.50

A subtle but stylish complement to a sharp Sunday style scenario (see what I did there?).

A subtle but stylish complement to a sharp Sunday style scenario (see what I did there?).

These are anything but a plain old dress sock. American Trench’s cotton rugby stripe socks are premium, breathable and comfortable, with a pattern that pairs really well with the other colors in this ensemble. The Navy Rugby Stripe Sock in particular is a new offering for spring that’ll definitely pair well with white sneakers or tan suede chukkas. No-show socks would definitely work in this instance if it’s a little warmer out.

In an ideal scenario, the above combo would you have covered for every brunch situation imaginable — yes, even Brunch Village. And the same styling principles still apply no matter where you go this spring — looking for quality style staples that fit well and coordinate color-wise (underrated, but important) is always a bonus. And pieces like slim chinos, a sharp polo and crisp white sneakers can definitely carry you into summer. The only question is where to make a reservation — right?