The Friday Read: J. Crew Sunglasses, American Apparel and Mark Zuckerberg’s Closet

Editor’s note: Expect these posts once a week on Fridays — consider this a jumpstart on reading for your weekend downtime. Expect a mix of style and non-style content. For more entries, click here

So this week was yet another exciting and fast-paced one — we’re knee-deep (or maybe neck-deep?) in planning for what should be a fun and enjoyable #NYFWM event for my 9-to-5 job working on behalf of Timberland. In particular, we’ll be hosting a styling suite and a “recharge” lounge for men’s style editors, writers and bloggers during the hustle and bustle of various runway shows (including those from Style Guide favorites like Todd Snyder and Billy Reid). It should be a fun couple of days, to say the least! In the midst of all that preparation, I was also thankful to check out some great menswear trade shows — so there’s certainly lots going on all at once! And that makes me even more grateful to get the chance to write about it through this blog and other platforms. With all that being said — time to log off, rest up and get ready for next week. In the meantime, enjoy this week’s Friday Read and check back here for the weekly Style Pick on Saturday.

  • This piece comes to us from earlier this month, but it’s still newsworthy — what’s the classic distinction between a dress watch and a sport watch? And when and how should you wear one? The Wall Street Journal’s horological expert dives on in. (You can always click the following link for a slightly less complicated look at why it’s important to wear a watch, too).
  • Former American Apparel CEO Dov Charney is, as reports … “screwed” in the settlement reached this week by the company; it effectively cuts off his company stock and returns control of the company to its lenders — will this change things up design and product-wise in addition to a financial boost? We’ll see, folks.
  • Mark Zuckerberg gave the Facebook community (read: the Internet at large) a look at his famously minimal wardrobe when he returned to the office after paternity leave (spoiler: his closet is filled with hoodies and gray tees).
  • Style Note of the Week: We again turn to the fine folks at Esquire (lots of good stuff outta there this week) for another piece of menswear news for all you J. Crew fans  — the brand just launched its own sunglasses line, which includes nice styles that should prove versatile the whole year ’round.
Need to up your boot game? Or kill some more time?
    • Last but not least, I caught up with our friends over at Thursday Boot Company to cover the Natural Diplomat Boot — and why you need ’em — for GearHungry.


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