2017 Spring Style Wish List

If it feels weird to be talking about spring — and this site’s Spring Style Wish List particularly — you’re not alone.  It seems not too long ago we were talking about the best men’s winter boots and stylish winter accessories — now, it’s not quite time to shelve those pieces yet, but let’s at least look to the season ahead. What do you say? Spring style can be quite an enjoyable time in the #menswear world — you still get to incorporate classic pieces, like a slim chambray shirt and classic leather chukka boots, and yet you get to do so with layered looks and tough spring outerwear. It’s not quite close (at all) to beach weather — and that means you don’t have to dress for summer heat  quite yet.  And of course, that pesky snow is melting away slowly but surely — break out that spring gear, folks! So, it’s a great time all around. I’d say you’ll certainly recognize some of the brands — and perhaps the pieces themselves — in the below wish list. What’s on your wish list? Weigh in via The Style Guide Facebook page, and follow along via Instagram to see how I style some of these picks. Cheers and happy shopping!

Beckett Simonon

#1. Abercrombie & Fitch Bonded Mac Jacket — $99

Your new favorite spring jacket -- perfect for rainy, breezy days & plenty of time in between.

Your new favorite spring jacket — perfect for rainy, breezy days & plenty of time in between.


Yes indeed, we’re starting things off with an excellent, classic and sharp jacket from the newly revamped Abercrombie & Fitch. The brand excels at creating modern updates to timeless, tried-and-true styles — we have former Club Monaco designer Aaron Levine to thank for that. And this cotton mac jacket is the perfect spring color and style; it’s fit for slipping on over a navy blazer or teaming with something as simple as a merino henley & light wash denim.  A&F certainly has plenty Wish List-worthy pieces — stick with us for more…

#2. Abercrombie & Fitch Garment-Dyed Oxford — $39


Just when you thought A&F couldn’t get any better — they did. Right? Right.

Lest you thought we were done with picks from Abercrombie & Fitch, think again. Like the Abercrombie & Fitch Wool Shirt — an ideal winter layering piece — this simple-yet-stylish Garment-Dyed Oxford could be your new favorite spring shirt.  There’s nothing too fancy about it; it’s just a crisp silhouette with vintage-inspired detailing via the washed fabric, plus neat design touches in the way of the button chest pocket. Team this with sharp leather sneakers and stone chinos for easygoing seasonal style.

#3. Taylor Stitch Merino Henley — $98

Taylor Stitch

Potentially your new favorite spring layer, courtesy of Taylor Stitch.

If you didn’t know already, we here at The Style Guide are HUGE fans of Taylor Stitch. But who isn’t, right? The brand makes essential pieces for every season, and something as simple and yet well-made as the Taylor Stitch Merino Henley is a pretty easy choice when it comes to spring layering thanks to its breathable, comfortable fabric and great fit. Wear it on its own or wear it under a waxed trucker jacket for tough, effective style when it’s breezy out. Heck, wear this crisp Merino Henley under the  Abercrombie & Fitch Bonded Mac Jacket  as you dash out for a weekend coffee in the rain.

#4. Jack Mason Aviator 3-Hand Watch — $174.98

Jack Mason

A handsome, substantial watch made for plenty of spring style situations.

Texas-based Jack Mason does an outstanding job when it comes to translating rugged, masculine and stylish inspiration into unique timepieces. Take the strong, sturdy Aviator 3-Hand Watch Featuring a handsome brown leather strap and a unique gold case-black dial combo, it’s the ideal casual spring watch. With a substantial — but not overly large — 42mm case and handy features like Super Luminova markings and an aviation-inspired dial design, it’ll definitely be one of the more unique timepieces in your watch collection.

#5. Life/After/Denim Classic 5-Pocket Pant in White — $148

Don’t be afraid of 5-pocket pants, especially in white — style them with a chambray shirt and suede chukkas.

Seeing as they make such high-quality, coveted goods, it should come as no shock that Life/After/Denim menswear sells out in a hurry. The Classic 5-Pocket Pant in White is one such popular offering, and it’s easy to see why. White 5-pocket pants are a great way to break out of a dark denim rut in the warmer months, and the 5-pocket cut here should be tailored, trim and easily wearable with everything from an indigo pocket tee and suede Chelsea boots to stylish leather dress shoes — trust me.

Honorable Mention: Brooks Heritage Renshaw Sneakers — $89.99

A new classic, based on … well …. an old classic.

It’s always mighty tough to narrow down any Style Wish List to five picks, and these retro-inspired, unique Brooks Heritage sneakers just missed the cut. They still get the nod here for an honorable mention though, as these kicks are a new offering from a brand that’s perfecting the right balance between vintage style inspiration and modern wearability. I’ve worn Brooks Heritage sneakers on a summer trip to Las Vegas and a winter trip to Florida, and I’m excited to break out this pair in the warmer months ahead.
Frank & Oak

Alright, folks — who’s primed for spring style? Ideally, the above Wish List picks will get you thinking and planning all sorts of #OOTD looks in the weeks and months ahead. Updated takes on modern classics — like the Abercrombie & Fitch Bonded Mac Jacket and the Garment-Dyed Oxford  are fresh, quick ways to upgrade your style, and you shouldn’t forget about the layering potential and functionality of an excellent base layer like the Taylor Stitch Merino Henley. Lest we forget about your accessories game, don’t sleep on the toughness, affordability and handsome style of the Jack Mason Aviator 3-Hand Watch or the easygoing spring vibes of a crisp pair of tailored 5-pocket pants from Life/After/Denim. OK, all set with those notes? Shopping cart full? Good deal!

Good lookin’ out and stay stylish,


Online Shopping Picks: The Best Men’s Sweaters for Spring

Editor’s note: To catch up with other Online Shopping Picks fit for each and every season, head this way.

Is it  just me, or does this seem familiar? Well, we were here on Monday talking about the best men’s outerwear for spring. And now, we’re back with another Online Shopping Picks entry — yet, this isn’t déjà vu. Rather, today we’re tackling another somewhat overlooked but quite crucial facet of spring style — transitional layering outside of spring jackets. So for all those in-between times when it’s not breezy enough for a coat, but you’d feel more comfortable with another top layer. It’s a tricky time of year, yes? And there’s another crucial distinction to make here — while it’s great to wear something like a thick shawl-collar cardigan during the depths of winter, such a sweater is just too overpowering for the spring. We’re lightening things up, mixing in some trends and looking at a plethora of price points in the picks below — stay a while, won’t you? In the meantime, if you’d like to see anything on The Style Guide in particular, hit me up on Twitter.

#1. JackThreads The Reverse Sweatshirt — $59

Definitely a change of pace compared to a standard crewneck -- but perfect for spring.

Definitely a change of pace compared to a standard crewneck — but perfect for spring.

Maybe it’s just me, but yours truly feels that if you’re going to rock a sweater in the spring, it doesn’t hurt to take a bit of a style risk and go for a piece that’s distinctive… yet oddly versatile. JackThreads launched its full menswear line last fall, and the most recent crop of spring offerings nails it again in terms of price, quality and unique styling potential. The Reverse Sweatshirt uses on-trend colorblocking and some unique details, to be sure — but it actually leans more middle-of-the-road thanks to the neutral color palette. It’s not terribly expensive, and it would be a great change of pace when worn with lightwash jeans or tan chinos and white sneakers on weekend outings.

#2. H&M Fine-Knit Cotton Sweater — $24.99

We're talking a very manageable price and a neutral, wearable color.

We’re talking a very manageable price and a neutral, wearable color.

Spring is all about color, right? So why the pick of a heather grey cotton sweater here? Well, versatility is pretty critical, for starters. However, at a price like this H&M sweater here, you very well might be able to get away with grabbing the blue version of this piece as well. But sticking to what’s in the cards — H&M seems to do certain things very well for the price, and if you’re not looking to drop a ton of cash for a piece that might see limited use (particularly if you live in a warm climate), then it’s perfectly acceptable to spring for something a little cheaper — been there, done that. If you’re interested in a higher price point, though…

#3. Bonobos Linen Henley — $98

A switch from heather grey to a lighter blue that should pair quite well with dark denim or khaki shorts.

A switch from heather grey to a lighter blue that should pair quite well with dark denim or khaki shorts.

First things right off the bat — is this a henley, or is it a sweater? Both? For being a linen knit, the photos certainly make it look a bit thicker in terms of fabric. It’s certainly a higher price point, but the quality should definitely be there given Bonobos’ history of solidly constructed knitwear. The Cloudy Blue color strikes a different vibe than light grey or even a  darker navy, so it would be a unique pick to pair with chinos and desert boots (know that for now though, it’s only available in the brand’s Slim fit). It could certainly be rocked on its own, but it could also complement a white Oxford for a spring-ready layered look.

#4. J. Crew Factory Textured Cotton Crewneck Sweater — $32

The textured cotton and chest pocket are nice visual touches.

The textured cotton and chest pocket are nice visual touches.

For seasonal staples that pack in quality very similar to J. Crew, there’s just one place to turn — the big brand’s smaller offshoot. Crafted from textured cotton that looks soft and with some nix texture, this cotton crewneck sweater could definitely be a spring go-to, especially in that shade of khaki. It would work as a solid top layer with navy chinos and a blue Oxford for the work day, and it could also be thrown on over a simple white tee with linen shorts similar in styling to one of the outfits here for when you head out to a campfire or a rooftop barbeque. Toss in some white sneakers and you’re practically ready for evening after evening of fun.

#5. Billy Reid Fisher Crew — $145

From the maker of the Bond Peacoat -- a seasonal sweater that's splurge-worthy.

From the maker of the Bond Peacoat — a seasonal sweater that’s splurge-worthy.

It wouldn’t be an Online Shopping Picks entry if we didn’t highlight a splurge-worthy entry from one of this site’s favorite American menswear designers. Billy Reid takes Southern sensibilities and mixes ’em with a dash of heritage style for seasonal offerings like this crewneck sweater, which gets a lot right. The raglan sleeves are cut to make your chest and shoulders look broader without the added bulk of, say, a winter sweater. The cotton-polyester blend should be lightweight and breathable, and the cream contrast cuffs are a nice-looking design touch. This just might be the dressiest sweater of the bunch based on sheer quality alone  (although feasibly any of these pieces could be worn over an Oxford, for example).

So what’s your take on the spring sweater? Worth the hassle (and style points), or no? Keeping the principles of solid fit, versatile color and a price within your reach are all key when hitting the market. If you play your cards right, the above pieces could even be layered under a tough denim jacket  in the fall — that’s definitely two-season style from one sweater (maybe even three if you toss on a great winter peacoat). Don’t forget about other spring style essentials to go along with this guy — to that end, we’ll have features on excellent spring sneakers and jeans coming up in the next couple weeks. Stay tuned!

And most importantly — stay stylish,