The List: Upgrade Your Winter Style with these Top Gear Picks for February

It’s about time to get your credit card handy and step right up to peruse another edition of The List. We already kicked off last month (2018!) in style with the best men’s gear for January, and we’re back at it again today with another set of picks sure to take up more space in your closet. We’ve got handy accessories — like a rugged watch roll for storing your favorite timepieces —  and we’ve even got, well, your next watch purchase. That is to say, it’s all covered here on The Style Guide. Happy shopping, my friends (oh, and feel free to check in on Twitter if you end up making any purchases!). So, here we go …

Nau Utility Down Field Jacket — $305.98

A tailored silhouette, technical performance and a look that’s reminiscent of a modern take on the classic field jacket? Nau gets it right with the Down Utility Field Jacket, folks.


Worn & Wound Canvas and Leather Watch Fold — $95

A handsome and rugged watch roll for storing your favorite watches.

Worn & Wound has been in the accessories game for a bit now, and it’s not hard to see why when pieces like the Canvas and Leather Watch Fold are so well-made and sharp-looking.

Szanto Vintage Dive Watch 5203 — $249.98

A durably crafted, utterly “timeless” timepiece.

What watch are you going to store in your Canvas and Leather Watch Fold? Well, one of ’em should certainly be the Szanto Vintage Dive Watch, my friends. A beautiful and reasonably priced rugged leather watch.

Myles Apparel Elements Crew — $65.98

A dependable crewneck sweatshirt that blends functionality and classic styling.

The Myles Apparel Elements Crew is anything but a basic crewneck, crafted from Storm Cotton — it just so happens to be water-repellent. Definitely break out this rugged crewneck sweatshirt for your next morning run.
Tanner Goods Drifter Dopp Kit — $75

Tanner Goods makes everything — even its dopp kits — the right way. Rest assured of that.

Need a new dopp kit? Want a new dopp kit? Either way, the Tanner Goods Drifter Dopp Kit is going to keep all your men’s grooming essentials quite nicely organized on the road.

Outerknown Lowtide Sweats — $74.98

Tapered sweatpants in a neutral color, perfect for cozy weekend wear.

Outerknown reliably blends style and sustainability, and the brand’s Lowtide Sweats do so in a way that’s affordable and modern.

Oak Street Bootmakers Natural Dainite Summit Boots — $526

Remarkable boots, made with long-lasting performance and timeless style.

The folks at Oak Street Bootmakers sure can make a heck of a pair of boots — the Natural Dainite Summit Boots are evidence of that, to be sure.

Grayers Oakleigh Classic Oxford in White — $88

The right shirt to wear for … just about any occasion, truly.

If it’s a classic Oxford shirt you need in your wardobe, well, the Grayers Oakleigh Classic Oxford fits the bill in both name and styling potential.

SeaVees Bayside Moc — $106

Is this the perfect casual weekend sneaker? It just might be, it just might be.

Is it impossible to wear sneakers in the winter? Not necessarily, especially when they feature the moc toe construction of the SeaVees Bayside Moc, plus stellar (and casual) looks.

Taylor Stitch The Minimalist Billfold in Brown — $98

A well-crafted wallet that fits right in alongside your slim Taylor Stitch chinos.

Can Taylor Stitch do it all? Yes, yes they can — the Minimalist Billfold is a perfect example of the way they get the little details right, even in terms of accessories.

We only have one thing left to do now … solidify what exactly you’re buying from this round of The List! Chime in via the comments below to let me know what’s on your radar. Thanks for reading!



Online Shopping Picks: The Best Men’s Winter Accessories To Buy Now

Editor’s note: Click through this link to see more men’s style shopping picks.

Just a couple of weeks ago on The Style Guide, we talked about the best men’s gloves to buy for winter  — a pretty specific category that can nonetheless make a big difference in how you tackle cold weather on the daily.  You might not think much of getting the right winter gloves, but again, the devil is in the details. Such is also the case with other stylish winter accessories — we covered the topic last year on the blog, but we’re updating it for 2017 today. There are certainly multiple ways to go as you gear up for winter — that is to say, you can snap up pieces that are either rugged and built for work & adventure, or more refined and made to dress up (a la some of James Bond’s accessories in “Skyfall”). With that versatile approach in mind, we — and by we, I mean me — compiled choice picks for the chilly weather ahead. So, prepare to dress for the polar vortex and get shopping while there’s still time. Happy shopping!

The Jacket: Taylor Stitch Maritime Submariner Jacket — $198 OR Outerknown Nomadic Parka — $195

Either a parka with technical flair, or a rugged-yet-casual wool jacket. Your call.

Either a parka with technical flair, or a rugged-yet-casual wool jacket. Your call.

In an ideal world, we’d all be able to stock our closets chock full of coats for every type of situation — sadly, there’s not enough time or money to go around for that. With a versatile approach and comfort — plus warmth — in mind, either the Maritime Submariner Jacket  or the reliable, hard-wearing and easy-to-layer Outerknown Nomadic Parka  are really solid winter outerwear picks. The Submariner Jacket  is made from beastly boiled wool, and the Nomadic Parka is a great piece to layer up with when wearing everything from a casual crewneck sweater to a tailored winter outfit.

The Gloves: J. Crew Cashmere-Lined Leather Gloves — $98 OR Hestra Granvik Gloves — $180

Again, the choice between casual style and dressy appeal is up to you.

Again, the choice between casual style and dressy appeal is up to you.

So, here we are again with an underrated style accessory — critical, yet underrated. There’s that tricky balance between dressy and casual here — if you find yourself suiting up on the regular, a pair of refined, cashmered-lined leather gloves is the perfect pick (the smartphone-capable fingers are a nice touch, too). And for all kinds of rugged winter style adventures, there might not be a better pick than the Hestra Granvik Gloves — truly, these guys know what they’re doing when it comes to crafting great winter gloves.

The Hat: Columbiaknit Watch Cap — $17


As sold by Style Guide favorites Huckberry , there’s something refreshingly no-frills about a well-made, simple and affordable winter hat like the Columbiaknit Watch Cap. Again, winter accessories are an underrated way to complement your overall look — just look at how well our man David Beckham dresses for winter with a simple puffer jacket and yes, a neutral beanie cap. Your ears will definitely thank you when the polar vortex hits.

The Scarf: S.N.S Herning Torso Scarf — $96.60

A scarf that's easily wearable, comfortable and worth the price.

A scarf that’s easily wearable, comfortable and worth the price.

Am I encouraging you to spend nearly $100 on a scarf? Well, yes. If you can only pick up one scarf, you might as well make it a well-made, neutral and versatile piece you can match with anything in your closet. Whether you team it with a slim topcoat or a more rugged piece like the Nomadic Parka, you truly can’t go wrong with this ribbed black scarf. In fact, you could even steal some winter style from Daniel Craig and team it with a thick-knit shawl-collar cardigan.

Frank & Oak

The Socks: Wigwam Merino Lite Hiker Socks — $12.98 OR American Trench Fair Isle Sock in Merino & Cashmere — $28.98

Your call -- simple, well-made socks or a pair with winter-friendly pattern.

Your call — simple, well-made socks or a pair with winter-friendly pattern.

We’ve once again reached that tricky balance between a casual winter accessory and a piece that’s slightly more dressed up. For simple functionality and comfort, there might not be a better value on the market than the Merino Lite Hiker Socks. And if you want a pair with a bit more visual interest — yet the same quality and versatility, the Fair Isle Sock in Merino & Cashmere is about as good as it gets.  Heck, you could snag two pairs of the Merino Lite Hikers, and throw in a pair from American Trench for good measure. Not a bad deal, ehh?


OK, is your closet fully stocked yet? If you still need to upgrade your winter accessories, I hope the above picks give you a place to start. It always pays to reach for quality and versatility — particularly in terms of outerwear like the Submariner Jacket or the essential Nomadic Parka. And with the rest of your accessories, you should hunt for similar quality — so, a thick-knit ribbed scarf and tough winter gloves from the likes of Hestra are wise additions to your ensemble.  And although you might not think too much of it, a comfortable winter hat like the Columbiaknit Watch Cap is going to provide you with long-lasting comfort and warmth (as are functional socks from Wigwam or American Trench). Did you take notes? Open up a few browser tabs? Either way, happy shopping and stay warm out there!