The Thursday Buy: This Shearling Jacket from MR. PORTER Is a Seasonal Splurge Worth Buying

MR. PORTER review

A serious wardrobe upgrade that looks truly great any way you wear it.

What’s the first thing you think of when you think of MR. PORTER? Is it luxury menswear at prices both accessible and investment-worthy? It should be, especially as we roll into the holiday season — the holidays are indeed different this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put your best foot forward in other ways when you (safely) exit the house. MR. PORTER has long been known for stocking and selling some of the best men’s jackets on the planet, from retailers far and wide — and its own in-house line MR. P is nothing to sneeze at, either. This MR. P Shearling-Trimmed Bomber Jacket just might take the cake as far as seasonal splurges and a great way to treat yourself heading into the holidays (if you feel so inclined). Make no mistake, this rugged-yet-refined shearling bomber jacket falls squarely within the realm of “investment-level outerwear,” seeing as you’d be ponying up more than $500 for a jacket that might not be a daily go-to. And yet, who’s to say you can’t rock this jacket on the daily, especially with staples like dark denim, a grey crewneck sweatshirt and brown leather moc toe boots?

SHOP: The MR. P Shearling-Trimmed Bomber Jacket 

A super-premium outerwear upgrade to wear all winter long.

It’s a one-of-a-kind offering in a seasonally friendly color that features an internal pocket for storage of EDC essentials, plus outer flap pockets to handle small holiday items (or a flask, perhaps). Call it one of the best jackets for men if you value staying warm in style, or call it a true splurge, but either way, there’s no denying the type of daily style and value it’ll offer. And you can even find ways to dress up the MR. P Shearling-Trimmed Bomber Jacket, perhaps with grey wool trousers, the aforementioned brown leather moc toe boots and a white Oxford shirt for day-to-night holiday style. When it comes down to it, that’s all you can ask for from one of the best men’s jackets, and that’s all you should need to ask. Cheers, my friends.

SHOP: The MR. P Shearling-Trimmed Bomber Jacket 


The Thursday Buy: This Kingsman Cardigan From MR. PORTER Is the Best Sweater To Buy This Year

Kingsman Harry Ribbed Cashmere Sweater

One of the coolest cardigans on the planet, no questions asked.

Here we are, on Thanksgiving itself and on the eve of Black Friday (enjoy both days safely, folks!), and it’s with classic holiday style in mind I’m recommending you invest in the very best with the Kingsman Harry Ribbed Cashmere Cardigan. It’s easily one of the best sweaters for men right now, and in the years to come (seriously). Inspired by the exceptional stylings of the “Kingsman” film series (and so named for Colin Firth’s character, superspy Harry Hart), it’s worth picking up all on its own right now, too. It’s available at MR. PORTER, and if you’ve been known to browse the brand rather than pull the trigger, now might be the perfect time to pick up your new favorite sweater. It’s an incredibly well-made and refined cardigan, the kind that will bring you plenty of compliments … and will more than likely make those around you supremely jealous. Available in ever-versatile Navy or Cream colorways right now, it’s a prized pick-up you’ll find yourself reaching for every single day.

I’m serious: It’s an investment-level sweater (it retails for $1,060 at MR. PORTER — yep!), but it’s truly one of the best cardigans for men, period. It’s the kind of sweater that’s going to look incredible no matter what you wear it with, but it’s probably best suited to, say, a white Oxford shirt and tan chinos for classic, timeless holiday style. If that sounds like the perfect ensemble to wear this winter, then the Kingsman Harry Ribbed Cashmere Cardigan is a must-buy today.

SHOP: The Kingsman Harry Ribbed Cashmere Cardigan

Soft cashmere fabric and football leather buttons separate this sweater from the pack.

It’s absolutely the details that make the difference when it comes to investing in one of the best men’s cardigans out there, and as you can see above, the Kingsman Harry Ribbed Cashmere Cardigan does a fantastic job at going above and beyond. The cashmere should be soft and easy to layer, while the brown leather buttons add another touch of refinement. Simply put, the Kingsman Harry Ribbed Cashmere Cardigan is going to look absolutely exceptional with nearly anything , as previously mentioned (yes, even a crisp white T-shirt and expertly faded jeans). The next time you want to invest in a sweater you’ll have for years, go right ahead and pick up the Kingsman Harry Ribbed Cashmere Cardigan — you certainly won’t regret it.

SHOP: The Kingsman Harry Ribbed Cashmere Cardigan


The Friday Read: Mr. Porter, Dia: Beacon and New Music from Mainland

Editor’s note: Expect these posts once a week on Fridays — consider this a jumpstart on reading for your weekend downtime. Expect a mix of style and non-style content. For more entries, click here

Here we sit on the doorstep of another start to a winter weekend — maybe you’re feeling a bit tired of chilly weather at this point? I certainly am — as a heads-up, tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week will aim to get you thinking ahead in a good way. It was a nice and slightly less hectic week around these parts, so that’s positive — still waiting on spring though! I’m particularly excited about some recent writing work I’ve been able to do with GearMoose (an excellent site in its own right), so that’s kept me busy outside of my day job, too.

Now if you do get the chance to step away from your busy days, I’d highly recommend a trip to the lovely small town of Beacon, NY — I took the time to get away for a bit last weekend and check out the sights and sounds of a relaxing (and on this weekend, very chilly) locale. It’s home to the world-class Dia: Beacon art museum, and some tremendous spots for craft beer and gourmet food — namely, The Hop and Draught Industries, both surefire winners. It was great to rest and recharge a bit. If you’re looking to do the same just an hour outside of NYC, that’s where I’d recommend you go. And that brings us back to the start of this weekend — before we get things going, sit back with some freshly-tapped #menswear news.

  • Have you ever shopped at Mr. Porter? Or is it a bit out of your price range? I find myself looking at a few items from time to time on the site — and with that, Mr. Porter is celebrating the five-year anniversary of its launch via GQ. The product mix certainly leans more continental, but it’s still worth a look if you know what you want.
  • Question No. 2: Are you a watch fan like yours truly? If so, Esquire dug up the best watches from SIHH (the international timepiece extravaganza), here for your viewing pleasure.
  • Question No. 3: On a non-style related note, are you looking to dig into some new music? Might I suggest Brooklyn indie rockers Mainland — they’re a heck of a band, they just wrapped a tour with Marianas Trench, and their music is catchy and relatable; get to that link for more details on their latest single.

Need more links to shop through? Start here.

    • Stock up on the best men’s grooming products for winter with my choice picks from this week’s post — they’ll have you beating the chill in no time.
    • The Style Guide (AKA yours truly) is all about excellent style essentials — that’s the focus of my new GearMoose series, in fact. Read more about Mott & Bow raw denim at that link.

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