The Tuesday Steal: Tecovas Just Launched Its First Slip-on For Under $200

Curating a wardrobe filled with clothes you love to wear (but not too many clothes!) sometimes requires keeping a weather eye out on the market — finding brands you can trust, and then trusting those brands when they enter new territory. Take Tecovas, a personal favorite of your Brooklyn style writer and makers of some of the best dress boots for men.

Well, they’re entering unfamiliar territory and yet doing so with a focus on making some of the best men’s shoes: Meet the Tecovas Monterrey Slip-on, the brand’s first-ever slip-on and a downright steal (a true Tuesday Steal!) for under $200. It’s a unique style for a brand best known for making some of the best leather dress boots — a go-to pair of mine, in fact — and it’s a nice way to change up your footwear rotation in the summer months, to say the least.

Best summer slip-ons for men.

Crucially, the Tecovas Monterrey Slip-on features all the same hallmarks of the brand’s rugged, durable and yet easy-to-wear boots, starting with an impressive focus on craftsmanship. That means using materials like bovine, which will wear nicely over time, or water-resistant suede, plus Blake stitch construction — critical for that durability but arguably more streamlined than Goodyear welt construction.

To make matters even better — yes, better — the Tecovas Monterrey Slip-on is low-profile enough to wear with rolled chinos or light wash jeans, but also casual enough to wear with your favorite summer shorts. And of course, the Tecovas Monterrey Slip-on is a downright steal — hence the inclusion in our Tuesday Steal series — for under $170. There’s plenty of time to make ’em your new favorite summer slip-ons.

The Tuesday Steal: These Tecovas Chelsea Boots are the Best Leather Dress Boots for Men

Chestnut Calf

There are some menswear essentials, like the best leather dress boots for men, that really just jump off the page, and that’s precisely what’s so great about the Tecovas Chance Chelsea Boots. As you can see above, these boots really are something else in terms of style and construction, and you should expect nothing less from a famed Western brand like Tecovas. Based in Texas and known for its selection of rugged leather cowboy boots (both a big trend in the market and a classic option for ranchers), the brand doesn’t cut corners when it comes to quality craftsmanship.

Perhaps you’re newly familiar with the brand from this very blog, where I’ve written Tecovas reviews about the brand’s classic denim trucker jacket and one of the best men’s henleys under $60 (yes, it really is that affordable). Now, the rugged and durable Tecovas Chance Chelsea Boots aren’t quite a pair of boots you can snag for under $100 (they retail for $225 at Tecovas), but that still makes them a mighty fine option as far as one of the most stylish pairs of leather dress boots is concerned.

Chestnut Calf-pair

There’s plenty of feedback out there that makes the Tecovas Chance Chelsea Boots a worthwhile purchase if you want a pair of the best leather dress boots for men, too. They’ve received more than 40 Tecovas reviews at an average score of 4.8 out of 5 — if you like to do your research and shop carefully when on the hunt for the best men’s boots, the Tecovas Chance Chelsea Boots have more than enough data to back them up. They’ve also got the proper specs to back them up, too. The Tecovas Chance Chelsea Boots are crafted from rich Chestnut Calfksin Leather, the kind that’ll only get better with age. And these refined Chelsea boots are also built the right way for maximum durability, featuring a hybrid Western heel for a dressy yet tough look and feel.

That means you can rock the Tecovas Chance Chelsea Boots with style staples like slim blue jeans and your favorite Oxford shirt at the office, or you can team the Tecovas Chance Chelsea Boots with black jeans and a classic denim trucker jacket for a more casual, rugged look. These handsome Chelsea boots also come in a hard-working Rust Roughout Leather, a waterproof leather that ensures the Tecovas Chance Chelsea Boots are ready for just about anything. When you want a pair of the best leather dress boots, the kind you can wear with classic blue jeans or a winter wool suit, it’s the Tecovas Chance Chelsea Boots you want on your feet right now. Step out in style, folks.

The Tuesday Steal: This Tecovas Denim Trucker Jacket is Under $130 Right Now


Finding the sort of rugged menswear you can value and wear for years and years can be a bit tricky on a budget, or rather, even if you’re not on a budget. But where else are you going to go to find the best denim trucker jacket for under $130? There’s only one place to go, and that’s Austin-based bootmaker and famed Western wear brand Tecovas. Western-style gear has been having a serious style moment, as I’ve written about on this blog, and Tecovas is leading the way in making some of the best Western menswear with a nice mix of heritage and modern style in mind.

It’s true, and that same sort of coveted, cool, rugged and all-American style can now be yours for the taking for under $130, thanks to the exceptionally rugged and well-made Tecovas Denim Trucker Jacket. It’s a fitting Tuesday Steal, and it’s an even better complementary piece if you pick up some Tecovas men’s boots to complete your rugged winter ensemble. Yes indeed, the Tecovas Denim Trucker Jacket is one of the coolest jackets I’ve seen in some time, and I think you’ll agree.

The specs on the Tecovas Denim Trucker Jacket are about as good as it gets, given the brand’s roots making some of the toughest Western boots on the market. A corduroy collar accents the tough 14 oz. cotton denim, the kind that should prove easy to layer while offering some added bulk. Go on and wear the Tecovas Denim Trucker Jacket atop a Tecovas men’s henley and a flannel shirt this winter, and then keep it handy to wear over one of your favorite short-sleeve T-shirts — it’s that versatile and dependable.


Reinforced stitching and antique brass buttons are small design touches that make the Tecovas Denim Trucker Jacket even cooler and more dependable. Tecovas says this jacket is both meant for work and play, and the rich indigo color will only get better with age. You can even team this jacket with slim black jeans and some Tecovas Western boots for style that’s on-trend and yet classic, the kind of look that works at the bar, the brewery or around town. It’s simple, to me: The Tecovas Denim Trucker Jacket is your next great outerwear purchase. Stock up now, my friends.

The Friday Read: Everlane’s New Shoes, The Best Men’s Shirt for Winter & The Best Serums for Men

Ever come across a shirt that’s so well-suited for a winter weekend, it makes you wonder why you’ve never come across it before? That’s my first thought when considering the stellar lineup of rugged, rough-and-tumble and yet classic men’s long-sleeve shirts from Western retailer Tecovas, a brand you need to know. You might remember I talked about Tecovas, makers of some of the most stylish leather Chelsea boots, a few weeks back on the blog, but they do much more than craft just durable, timeless Western leather boots (note the Tecovas Brushed Cotton Pearl Snap Shirt — as seen above). Of note: You can earn $25 for every $100 you spend, too. It’s high time you upgraded your shirting wardrobe, and if you ask me, a sub-$100 Western shirt from Tecovas is a mighty fine way to do that as head into a December weekend. What else should you shop this weekend? I’m glad you asked.

You could start with my guide for The Manual covering the best puffer jackets, particularly as chilly December weather hits, and you could also really step things up and scour my music and menswear newsletter, The Style Guide In Brief, for both style and music picks. How about that, ehh? Of course, I’ve got a few more picks beyond what I’ve recommended above. Let’s read and shop to keep that Friday rolling.

  • I’m going to shine a spotlight on a recent release that I think is perfectly well-suited to your weekend shopping pursuits. Everlane just released a new collection of men’s shoes, including a pair of classic desert boots and some new Everlane men’s sneakers. Both retail for just $125 and come in two crisp shades of suede, so you can’t go wrong when it comes down to the right mix of high-low holiday style.
  • Let’s step from a men’s footwear pick into a new grooming essential to upgrade your routine ASAP. Over at, I wrote about the best serums for men, which have the potential to nourish, smooth and soften your mug in just hours. See for yourself which ones are my favorites — of course, I had to include Caldera+Lab and American Provenance. Happy shopping, folks.
  • In need of a pair of go-anywhere blue jeans, the kind that work at the office and on the road? Allow me to offer up my guide to the best blue jeans to wear anywhere, for the holidays, at the office and beyond. Check it out at The Manual to get the full scoop.

That’ll wrap up today’s Friday Read, which hopefully gives you plenty of time to shop and read those choice selections above. But I’ve got one more pick for you before we roll through Friday — the good folks at Shinola specialize in the best men’s watches, sure, but they’ve also done quite the job of crafting the best leather wallet for men, which I wrote about here. Stock up accordingly, my friends. And TGIF!

See Now, Buy Now: Get One of the Best Men’s Henleys for Under $60 at Tecovas


Isn’t it nice to know that you can go to one place to get plenty of the best men’s style essentials, beyond just, say, the best men’s boots? That’s the case with Tecovas, the Texas-based bootmaker that crafts rugged Western boots and of course, one of the best men’s henleys. It really is like getting a two-for-one deal, knowing that you can step right up and buy rugged men’s leather boots at the very same time that you buy one of your new favorite henleys. What do boots have to do with henleys? Plenty, after all. Boots, especially made in the classic Western and ranch styles by Tecovas, are all about function, purpose and rugged appeal. And the best henleys for men started out the same way, first worn by sporting men in Britain and eventually, utilized as an undershirt. History lesson aside (or perhaps, history lesson included, the Tecovas Waffle Henley is a surefire best bet to shop the next time you pick up some Tecovas men’s boots.

It’s also worth noting that Tecovas — based in Austin — also offers a full range of men’s Western wear and apparel beyond just what we’ve already talked about. They’re a true lifestyle brand if you love Western fashion, if you need hard-wearing gear to get you from point A to point B, or if you just value the ideal blend of old-school craftsmanship and timeless style that you get with everything from the brand’s rugged Western boots to the essential Tecovas Waffle Henley. Why should you consider adding this henley to your cart the next time you pick up a pair of finely crafted Tecovas men’s boots? Allow me to lead the way.


It really does make perfect sense that the Tecovas Waffle Henley is as high-quality and functional as it is (not to mention, it gives you plenty of bang for your buck at under $60). Yes indeed, Tecovas doesn’t cut any corners with its handsome and ready-for-anything leather boots, which you can wear for work or play. The same can absolutely be said about the Tecovas Waffle Henley, made from 100 percent pima cotton in a waffle knit that makes it an excellent, insulating base layer underneath one of the best denim shirts or your favorite waxed trucker jacket. So, it’s both a lightweight base layer and a henley you can wear on its own, thanks to the unique four-button placket and the textured cotton knit. And of course, it helps that the Tecovas Waffle Henley features elastic sleeve cuffs to customize your fit and layering (go ahead, roll up the sleeves of your flannel shirt).

As if that wasn’t enough, the Tecovas Waffle Henley takes the cake as one of the best henleys for men thanks to its versatility. Whether you pick up the natural Bone shade or the surprisingly rich Washed Navy, this is a henley that goes beyond just an undershirt or base layer. Wear it out in the wild West, wear it on the trail or wear it with some of the best weekend pants for men. It’s ready for anything, just like the brand’s boots. If you end up snagging the Tecovas Waffle Henley, let me know in the comments. Happy layering, folks!

The Friday Read: The Huckberry Undercover Sale, The Best New Boots for Men & Fall’s Best Jeans

Men's Chelsea Boot - Handmade Calfskin and Suede Leather | The Chance

Do yourself a favor and step into the weekend with some of the best boots for men on your feet, especially as we roll through late November, yes? And the boots in question you should be shopping come from one heck of a place: That’d be Tecovas, makers of the stylish leather Chelsea boots you see above, plus a whole bunch of both traditional and on-trend Western boots for men. I’ve gotten to know the brand over the past year-and-a-half or so, and consider this an early endorsement for your weekend: They’re absolutely a brand to know and shop, first launched by founder Paul Hedrick and focused on cowboy boots. These days, the Austin-based company goes just beyond cowboy boots and really does make some of the best boots for men (those Chelsea boots shown above in particular!). In short, you can expect to see a lot more of them on the blog going forward, but you’d do well to add to your rotation of stylish leather boots right now in the meantime.

It’s fitting that I’m kicking off today’s Friday Read talking about Tecovasas we speak, I’m actually in western Mexico (the famed city of Guadalajara, to be exact!) on a press trip with famed tequila brand Jose Cuervo! I’m visiting Guadalajara and Tequila to learn about the process behind making Jose Cuervo tequila, going out into the agave fields themselves and exploring the city and region in the meantime. There’s also an exciting Jose Cuervo announcement in the works, but I can’t quite share details on that yet. For now, how about you do yourself a favor and get some Jose Cuervo delivered for happy hour later via Drizly? I’ll be sure to report back on the trip, but for now, you can follow along on Instagram to get the full scoop. I’ll be enjoying my fair share of Jose Cuervo this weekend before trekking back to the States (negative COVID test in hand!), and with that being said, do yourself a favor and settle in to read about my top style, shopping and reading picks this weekend. Cheers!

Gifts | Huckberry
  • It’s never too early to start shopping for the best holiday gifts, is it? Of course, there’s one place I recommend above all others, and that’d be Huckberry. The Huckberry 2021 Gift Guide should be of particular interest this weekend, because now through November 21st, you can shop the Huckberry Undercover Sale to get the best deals on the site’s best-selling items (especially ones done up in all-black to fit with that undercover theme). Beyond that, it’s also an ideal time to shop early and often to get the best gifts for the rugged outdoorsman, the style lover and more in your life. What’s not to love about Huckberry’s Gift Guide and the Huckberry Undercover Sale, ehh?
A New Denim; Mott & Bow – MaleCritique
  • I’ve talked on the blog in recent weeks about the best men’s sweatpants to buy for cozy holiday lounging – those would be from Mott and Bow, of course — but what about if you need something with some more polish? In case you needed a reminder (and especially ahead of the holiday season, where you need jeans you can wear with anything), Mott and Bow is giving first-time customers 10 percent off with the code beau10. If you’ve already tried out the brand’s classic blue jeans, then I can’t recommend enough that you return to the well again, so to speak, and shop more Mott and Bow.
  • I wear a lot of hats in terms of my menswear writing, including writing plenty of guides to the best menswear for The Manual. That being said, I think it pays off to have style resources at your disposal, and that’s why I love personal styling service Stitch Fix. You can also shop the brand’s Stitch Fix Freestyle program, which allows you to shop entire outfits at once. All that being said, my latest dispatch for The Manual covers the best outfits to buy now at Stitch Fix, and there’s something for everyone. Complete your profile, answer your style quiz and get started on finding the best men’s style essentials for you.

That’ll nearly wrap things up in my latest Friday dispatch, but I’ll leave you with one more style pick as I head into a weekend of tequila tasting (beyond recommending that you shop some of the best boots for men at Tecovas). Yes indeed, in addition to that, consider shopping one of the most affordable men’s shirt jackets right now at another Austin-based brand, Howler Brothers. Now, while that shirt jacket has sold quite fast, it’s always worth shopping the Texas purveyors of rugged gear made for adventures and good times. With that, I’ve got some tequila to drink. Enjoy the weekend and happy shopping!

The Friday Read: The Best Gifts for Men, New Mott and Bow Denim & The Perfect T-Shirt

The right way to gear up for a cozy winter weekend — don’t you agree? Faherty Brand gets it.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — ’tis the season to bundle up in style, get your shopping taken care of, and then … kick back with one of the best Christmas beers, right? To help you get started with that first step, might I suggest picking up a Faherty Brand sweater for rugged style and cozy comfort? Something like the essential Faherty Brand Legend Sweater ought to do the trick, don’t you agree? After all, you can never go wrong with a stylish sweater that doubles as a rugged shirt — at least, that’s what I think. You’ll find today’s post is focused on plenty of the best gifts for men, from a well-crafted T-shirt to a new men’s grooming upgrade — there’s no time to waste if you still need to take care of some shopping. Holiday shopping will definitely be on my mind this weekend in NYC, but I’m excited to have some time off to properly take in the sights and sounds of the city.

On that note, I’m venturing into Manhattan on Saturday to fuel up with Birch Coffee, explore Central Park — potentially snapping some photos for my Instagram along the way — and then cap the day off in a big way. I’m heading to a rare evening on Broadway (well, in this case, Off-Broadway) to see a much-hyped production of “Cyrano,” starring Peter Dinklage and featuring music written by none other than members of my favorite band, The National! Lead singer Matt Berninger and his wife, Carin Besser, wrote lyrics for this updated production of “Cyrano,” while brothers Aaron and Bryce Dessner (the multi-instrument virtuosos of the band) wrote music. Talk about an incredible combination — and surely, an incredible production! I really can’t wait. What’s on your weekend to-do list? First things first, check out today’s Friday Read.

  • Let’s get down to holiday gifting, shall we? I mentioned above that we’d dive into a great deal on men’s jeans, and that’s in fact the case here with Mott and Bow. The NYC brand is still going strong when it comes to making some of the best men’s jeans, and this season, they’ve got quite the deal on tap:  Get a free tee with any order of denimusing the code HOLIDAY19!
  • now through the end of the month. Want more deals on the best men’s jeans and accessories from this excellent brand? It gets better. Use the code (again, HOLIDAY19!) to get a free scarf or hat with orders over $200. The search for the best pair of men’s denim just got a whole lot easier.
  • Alright, so I’m going to point you toward a major grooming upgrade (and a major grooming gift) for the guy in your life this season. Helpfully, Cardon for Men is launching a limited-edition gift set with a special early preview of two products set to launch in January (those two new products would be the Clay Purifying Cleaners and 3-in-1 Hydro Boost Gel Moisturizer). So, that’s a special gift set that also offers an early look at two new potential grooming favorites — what’s not to love about that??
  •  Perhaps you want to pick up a gift for the traveler in your life? Look no further than the richly crafted, well-appointed Tecovas Large Duffle, from the same brand that’s built quite the heritage of making ultra-functional (and stylish) cowboy boots.
  • Speaking of essential gifts, what about the perfect T-shirt? It’s possible now, thanks to General Issue (the work of award-winning designer Susan Woo). This new brand works with factories and like-minded partners in Brooklyn to craft luxurious-yet-accesible basics, resulting in a well-curated line with three items to start. A super-soft short-sleeve tee, a sharp polo, and a casual long-sleeve shawl tee are up for grabs — whoever gets one of these is going to love it, guarnateed.

Alright, that’s going to end my latest rundown of crucial men’s gifts to buy now — there’s plenty more where that came from in the weeks ahead. In the meantime, perhaps you’re interested in reading about even more of the best new menswear releases? From a rugged waxed trucker jacket to the best new leather boots, I guarantee you my latest gear roundup will have something for you (or the stylish fella on your shopping list). Cheers to the season!