See Now, Buy Now: Layer Up with this Western Rise Merino Tee

Best merino T-shirt for men.

There are times when the solution in your search for the best men’s style essentials really is quite simple. Think of all you’ve still got to juggle these days: Work From Home style, Zoom calls and casual days back in the office, plus time on the road and in the great outdoors. The solution? At least in the case of today’s post, is to wear one of the best merino T-shirts. And the T-shirt in question today — the Western Rise StrongCore Merino Long-Sleeve Tee — offers plenty of ways to wear it, plenty of minimal, sleek style and plenty of utility for the modern man.

Merino in its own right is an essential fabric for any wardrobe, what with natural moisture-wicking and insulating properties, a soft handfeel and the ability to act as an insulating base layer in the cold, or a moisture-wicking outer layer on breezy spring (or temperate winter) days.

And this stylish merino T-shirt from Western Rise checks all the proper boxes, and then some. Now, you might recognize Western Rise from making one of the best men’s long-sleeve buttondowns, but they’ve applied that same innovation to a more casual long-sleeve tee, too.

Best merino long-sleeve tee for men.

The Colorado-based company with a penchant for the outdoors bills the Western Rise StrongCore Merino Long-Sleeve Tee as the “only long sleeve shirt you need,” and it’s hard to argue with that take. The jersey Merino wool fabric is temperature-regulating and of course, moisture-wicking, boasting a soft handfeel and a fit that makes it easy to move around in and easy to layer up with as your base for a casually rugged outfit. The split side hem also offers nice added mobility.

It’s better still that the Western Rise StrongCore Merino Long-Sleeve Tee features a streamlined design with no branding. That means can rock it under an unlined blazer at the office for a mix of high-low style, you can team your new favorite long-sleeve tee with tapered joggers for a laidback weekend look, or you can style the Western Rise StrongCore Merino Long-Sleeve Tee underneath a denim jacket with tan chinos for the ultimate mix of comfort and classic style.

Waxed Canavas Milled In Scotland

And when you need to hit the trail or the road, the Western Rise StrongCore Merino Long-Sleeve Tee delivers moisture-wicking comfort and performance. Take your pick from colors like Dune, Midnight or Black, then get ready to wear this shirt as many ways as you can dream up.


See Now, Buy Now: The Western Rise X Cotton Button Down is the Best Men’s Shirt for Early Spring

The best men's shirt for spring.

Does it feel weird to already be thinking about and talking about one of the best men’s shirts for spring? It’s at least a little strange, seeing as you yourself might still be layered up with, say, one of the best cardigans for men, but we’ll get through it together — and it’s never too early to think about new style staples for a new season.

That’s especially the case with Western Rise, the Colorado-based purveyors of performance menswear and makers of layers like one of the most rugged shirt jackets you can buy, not to mention the best stretch pants for men. This is where the Western Rise X Cotton Button Down is going to help you bridge the gap between late winter and early spring, with all the comfort, style and performance you need for the office, weekend getaways and plenty more. The specs on the Western Rise X Cotton Button Down are really what sets it apart from the pack, and in an essential way, no less.

For starters, it harnesses the right blend of performance and style that you can wear from one season into the next, crucially. In the case of the Western Rise X Cotton Button Down, that means proprietary 4-way stretch Nylon 66 fabric, which also happens to resist stains and wick away moisture. In that sense, it’s truly a day-to-night shirt, with style points to prove it.

The best everyday men's casual shirt.

The Western Rise X Cotton Button Down certainly isn’t your classic Oxford shirt, which can sometimes be hard to wear and rather stuffy — it’s a modern take on an iconic look, and it never hurts to have one of the best shirts for men at your disposal. This shirt is also odor-resistant and made for repeated wear, be it at the office with a stretch wool sportcoat and your favorite chinos, or worn casually, untucked, with a pair of rugged leather boots and classic blue jeans for men. And although the Western Rise X Cotton Button Down looks like your casual, everyday shirt, it’s got other features that make it truly versatile from day to night.

Notably, the Western Rise X Cotton Button Down is available in crisp, easy-to-style colors like Fog and Cloud, with neat features like hidden buttons at the collar for a clean finish. It’s also heavier than an Oxford shirt, yet still durable and plenty breathable — you won’t need to wear an undershirt with this style. You can comfortably rock it with one of the best waxed trucker jackets or a spring-ready field jacket with ease.

And again, it’s more than suited for repeated wear — at this rate, the Western Rise X Cotton Button Down is more than worth the purchase price of $118, as many Western Rise reviews note. Take advantage of this early spring style move while it’s still around — you won’t regret it.

The Sunday Sale: Shop the Year-End Sale Right Now at Western Rise

Western Rise Evolution Pant for Men. Lightweight, Breathable, Stretchy and  Moisture Wicking. at Amazon Men's Clothing store

Christmas *just* flew by, but the best menswear deals are still up for grabs, starting with one of the best performance menswear brands, Western Rise. The Colorado-based brand specializes in durable shirts, pants and accessories made with highly flexible, weather-ready fabrics, for starters. Any Western Rise review should also call out that the brand makes one of the best short-sleeve shirts and some of the best shirt jackets on the market, to name but a few standout style picks. There’s never been a better time to shop (as cliche as that might sound, after all). How’s that? Well, here it is: Get 20 percent off sitewide at Western Rise with the code YEAREND, now through December 31st. This is a limited-time sale in every sense of the word, and it’s only to your advantage that the sale covers every single item on the site.

I’m personally a big fan of the lightweight warmth and rugged durability of the Western Rise AirLight Long-Sleeve Shirt for everyday wear (at the office and while working from home). I also love the Western Rise Diversion Pants, featuring four-way stretch and yet the same fit as your favorite pair of office-ready chinos. What could be better than that? Well, how about the chance to truly outfit yourself from head-to-toe via the Western Rise Year-End Sale? I’m talking, of course, about the chance to get the wear-with-anything Western Rise Versa Hat (a packable hat made with quick-drying fabric), as well as Western Rise Merino Athletic Socks. When you want the ideal mix of style, durability, performance and versatility, it’s Western Rise you want. And to drive it home once again, it’s the Western Rise Year-End Sale you want to shop now (Remember: 20 percent off with the code YEAREND now through December 31st!). Let’s close out the year the right way: Saving on standout style gear for the rest of the season.

The Thursday Buy: Western Rise Is Making the Best Short-Sleeve Shirt on the Market

Look toward the great outdoors this coming spring and the wild West to find the best men’s short-sleeve shirt for spring and summer today, my friends. It’s coming at you courtesy of Western Rise, based in Colorado and makers of gear that perfectly blends performance and style with ease. The shirt in question today is the Western Rise AirLight Short-Sleeve Buttondown, easily one of the best shirts for men when the thermostat climbs and yet you’ve still got to look polished. It’s all in keeping with that crucial blend of innovative fabrics and classic silhouettes, as best seen in other Western Rise staples, like the best men’s shirt jacket or the best long-sleeve shirt for outdoor adventures. The list goes on, of course, but the Western Rise AirLight Short-Sleeve Buttondown is here just in time for a new season of fun in the sun.


It’s the perfect kind of shirt for the demands of these days, which could encompass anything from weekend errands or day trips to working on your patio on a Friday to dashing out for an outdoor beer when the day is done. Through it all the Western Rise AirLight Short-Sleeve Buttondown is going to perfectly blend great looks with comfortable, breezy fabric (and that’s an understatement).

The key is the AirLight cloth, which starts with texturized SUPPLEXÂŽ nylon and incorporates a post-consumer recycled polyester to really drive home the warm-weather nature of the Western Rise AirLight Short-Sleeve Buttondown. It’s then woven into a lightweight weave that breathes easily and dries quickly. Oh, and as if that wasn’t enough, it’s finished off with a light water-repellent finish to handle spring mists and, well, light rain.

If it wasn’t clear right away that this is one of the best short-sleeve shirts for men, hopefully, you’re coming around now. To top things off, it also features a UPF50 finish, ideal for wearing (along with sunscreen!) on spring and summer hikes and park strolls. I’d also strongly urge you to wear it with some of the best men’s pants for summer, also from Western Rise (see, there’s that blend of technical functionality and style again!).

Crosstown Bomber

I personally love the Light Blue color — a key component of the style points this shirt has going for it — but it’s also available in a crisp Fog and a clean, classic Black colorway. Of course, the Western Rise AirLight Short-Sleeve Buttondown has the small details taken care of accordingly, too — that means you’re also getting a hidden buttondown collar and a handy chest pocket. Take it from a guy who’s tested his out frequently even just this month — it’s going to become your new favorite spring and summer shirt. Who can say no to that, ehh?

See Now, Buy Now: The Western Rise AirLoft Shirt Jacket is the Best Winter Shirt Jacket

Western Rise AirLoft Shirt Jacket

A durable shirt jacket that blends modern reliability with dependeable style.

When you start to think of winter menswear, what do you conjure up first? Perhaps a rugged parka or a burly flannel shirt, right? Perhaps, and those winter style staples are all well and good, but what if I told you that there was a way to get winter warmth with lightweight layering via one of the best men’s shirt jackets — how about that, ehh? Enter the ever-reliable, technically savvy and seriously cool Western Rise AirLoft Shirt Jacket, and make it your new go-to layer for winter. This rugged shirt jacket carries on the Western Rise tradition of blending technical fabrics and modern innovation with tried-and-true silhouettes — if you read the blog, you’ll recognize the Western Rise Evolution Pants and the Western Rise AirLight Shirt, for starters. Luckily, the Western Rise AirLoft Shirt Jacket carries forward the same blend of technical performance and cool style, starting with the water-resistant, four-way stretch fabric, ideal for all your winter adventures when layered atop a thermal shirt or a classic flannel. But wait… there’s more! Much more, folks.

SHOP: The Western Rise AirLoft Shirt Jacket

Western Rise review

It’s the four-way stretch fabric and durable construction that sets this shirt jacket apart from the pack.

One of the best shirt jackets for men, as you might expect, breaks out all the proper bells and whistles when it comes to the performance you need in cold weather. This shirt jacket is made to regulate your temperature and features more streamlined insulation than other bulkier shirt jackets or parkas (I should know — I’ve been testing it out, courtesy of the brand!).

The Western Rise AirLoft Shirt Jacket gets technical with the use of Toray’s 40g 3DeFX+ÂŽ hollow-core, 4-way stretch insulation, an in-depth way of saying this insulation is like no other on the market. Three zip pockets, including two zip pockets at the hip, provide space for your everyday carry essentials, and the clean fit means this shirt jacket won’t slow you down on or off the trail. Throw it on atop a tee when you need to clean up for a Zoom call, or pair it with a rugged flannel shirt for even more warmth. However you slice it, the Western Rise AirLoft Shirt Jacket is your new favorite winter layer.

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The Thursday Buy: This Western Rise Shirt is the Most Versatile Men’s Shirt for Fall

Western Rise AirLight Buttondown Shirt

The time is upon us for you to upgrade your fall wardrobe — both for style at home and on the road, and the easiest way to do that? Why, that’d be with the Western Rise AirLight Button-Down Shirt, one of the best men’s shirts for fall. That seriously counts for something, even if these days, you’re more inclined to put on something like this Western Rise shirt for a Zoom call as opposed to a day at the office. But the adage holds true: Whether you wear it on a day of fall adventures (I see a distillery visit or a quick beer garden stop in your future) or a day at home, you can’t go wrong with the Western Rise AirLight Shirt. In fact, it’s an equally fitting compliment to, say, the Western Rise Evolution Pants (as previously seen on the blog), so it’s worth upgrading your fall shirting if only for that reason.

SHOP: The Western Rise AirLight Button-Down Shirt

Western Rise review

What separates the Western Rise AirLight Button-Down Shirt from the rest of your fall shirting? My friends, I’m so glad you asked. It starts with the comfort stretch fabric, engineered to resists stains and odor (crucial during these busy work-from-home days, if you ask me). The AirLight cloth blends nylon and polyester for a comfortable look, fit and feel, and the styling of this shirt means it’s tailored but not overly tight. To me, that makes it the perfect shirt to wear at home, out on the road or in the field (preferably layered up with a waxed canvas jacket, right?). Yes indeed, the Western Rise AirLight Shirt is a subtly stylish, performance-minded shirt that checks all the right boxes — it’s easily one of the best men’s shirts for fall, and it’s now yours for the taking.

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See Now, Buy Now: The Western Rise Evolution Pants are Summer’s Perfect Pants

The best adventure pants — and the best pants to wear at home.

Editor’s note: This post is sponsored by Western Rise and contains affiliate links, from which a commission might be earned. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting brands that support The Style Guide! 

Have you long been in search of, let’s say, the best men’s pants for spring 2023 and summer? It’s a tricky bar to clear, especially if you want pants that really can do it all. We’re talking pants you can wear to work from home, to lounge around the house and to get out & about on socially distanced adventures (as seen above). It’s impossible to find a versatile pair of pants that check all those boxes, right? Wrong.

The Western Rise Evolution Pants, as the headline so sagely calls out, are going to become your new go-to pants this season, and they’re here not a moment too soon. Now, if you read the blog (or follow along on Facebook or Twitter), then you know that Western Rise makes standout gear for the guy on the go, from essential travel pants to a versatile performance flannel shirt. Crucially the Western Rise Evolution Pants fall within that same wheelhouse — durable, high-quality, ever-versatile and seriously stylish. Again, they’re the perfect pants for summer. I’ve been testing out my own pair (as you might have seen on my Instagram), and I can’t recommend them enough.

SHOP: The Western Rise Evolution Pants 

One of six colors in which you’ll find these exceptional pants.

Let’s start with the quality construction of these dependable everyday pants. Nylon SupplexÂŽ is truly some next-level stuff, using air-texturized nylon fibers spun into a lightweight, durable, stretchy pair of pants that look like your favorite chinos and perform just as well as your favorite hiking pants. The Western Rise Evolution Pants really are something else — the lightweight construction alone makes them well-suited for days at the home office and on your patio, but it gets better. They’re both anti-wrinkle and stain-resistant, and you can pick them up in no less than six highly stylish colors (including Olive, Blue Grey and Khaki).

To make matters even better: They come equipped with a hidden back zipper security pocket  to keep your everyday carry safe. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the Western Rise Evolution Pants go far above and beyond what you’d expect a typical pair of pants to provide. Plus, they’re sleek and reasonably priced — when you consider all that you’re getting out of ’em.

These are the kind of pants you can rock with a T-shirt and suede chukka boots as readily as you can pair with, say, a Western Rise merino shirt or performance-minded polo. And when you really want to get out there and hit the trail? Go with a rugged henley and tough hiking shoes — the Western Rise Evolution Pants are assuredly up to the task — you might even want to consider getting more than one pair (no, you should definitely consider that).

Details make the difference here from Western Rise.

It’s also tough to find a pair of USA-made pants these days, and yet, Western Rise has managed to pull off that tricky feat with these durable everyday pants. Small touches like YKK zippers amp things up a notch, as do sturdy rivets — these aren’t stiff like canvas work pants, though (as to be expected from such a versatile and innovative fabric). See, I told you it gets better, right? To sum things up: These are your new favorite pants. Buy them now, then wear accordingly the rest of the season (and heck, the rest of the year).

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Style Pick of the Week: Western Rise AT Slim Pants

Tough, rugged-yet-versatile pants cut from innovative fabric.

Your search for the best men’s pants for spring and beyond is nearly over — well, at least it will be if you take my words to heart during today’s Style Pick of the Week. That’s because we’re talking all about the Western Rise AT Slim Pants, simply some of the toughest, best pants for men any time of year (and particularly when the going gets tough during winter).
You need rugged pants that won’t quit or suffer an untimely blowout, and Western Rise is going to come through in the clutch. And that’s where the AT Slim Pants enter the equation (and your wardrobe). What’s the catch, Beau? Heck, in my mind, there isn’t really a catch — the Western Rise AT Slim Pants just deliver on multiple levels. For Western Rise, that all starts with a focus on fabric. The brand focuses on “elevated apparel” that calls to mind adventure and versatility — from the city to the great outdoors and back (it’s right there in the Western Rise name, after all). And that approach all goes back down to the small details — crucially, the Western Rise AT Slim Pants are made with tough stretch nylon featuring air-texturized fibers. It’s certainly the best of the new (that tech-focused fabric) with the old-school (the design is based on tough outdoor rivet pants from the 1870s).

The Best Basics. Summer Ready.

The Western Rise AT Slim Pants are simply as good as it gets in terms of tough, dependable style.

Even if you’ve got a closet packed full of the best men’s jeans and chinos, there’s not a chance you’ve got some slim five-pocket pants like these from Western Rise. That’s because the Western Rise AT Slim Pants have plenty of added value, including the fact that the AT Cloth (also made with canvas) is abrasion-resistant and treated with DWR technology to shed water. The Western Rise AT Slim Pants could just be the perfect pants for your commute (especially if you favor biking to work when it’s warmer), yet they really won’t miss a beat at the office, either. The range of colors, including the slate blue option seen here, gives you the opportunity to wear these rugged men’s pants with anything and everything you can dream up, from a tough trucker jacket and your favorite henley on the weekend to a Western Rise flannel shirt and classic chukka boots at the office. End your search right now for your new favorite pants — the only question left is what color you’re going to buy.

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Elevated Basics. Grounded Price.

Style Pick of the Week: Western Rise TechWool Flannel Shirt

A performance-minded flannel shirt for all your winter pursuits.

There are classic flannel shirts that call to mind cold winters, chilly mornings, the good old days, and perhaps … a certain lack of modern style. Now, make no mistake, I love — I mean, LOVE — a rugged flannel shirt as much as the next guy (check out this Filson flannel shirt, for starters), but what if you’re looking for a modern flannel shirt? That’s where Western Rise enters the equation today, and they do so with one of the best men’s flannel shirts you can buy right now. Yes indeed, the Western Rise TechWool Flannel Shirt delivers all the style points you’d expect from your standard flannel shirt, and it does so using fabrication and product specs that are as modern as can be. To wit: The TechWool Flannel Shirt is made with a blend of COOLMAX fibers and fine-gauge wool, plus elasterell polyester for stretch, comfort and breathability — it’s a downright revolutionary fabric blend that’s as comfortable as it is stylish. So, bonus points to Western Rise for that. Did I mention it’s also moisture-wicking and odor-resistant? Because it can do that, too.

SHOP: Western Rise TechWool Flannel Shirt 

One of the best flannel shirts — and one that blends performance and style.

All of that would certainly be enough to make it one of the best men’s shirts on the market — period — but it’s also got a few more things going for it (to say the least). Namely, this slim flannel shirt features a fit that’s, well, slim and tailored — not bad for a cold-weather staple. That means, in my mind, that you can pair the Western Rise TechWool Flannel Shirt with your favorite henley or all on its own underneath everything from a tough workwear jacket to a stylish denim jacket (add a scarf and classic beanie cap when things get chilly). The Cloud color is cool and contemporary, as well — it’s almost akin to your trusty classic Oxford shirt, so you can wear it with a navy cotton blazer or a shawl collar cardigan to head to the office (yes, yes you can). That go-anywhere potential also means you can wear this stylish flannel shirt each and every day of the week, and that means on the weekends (with a laidback crewneck sweatshirt and chinos), as well as  during the work week and out on the road. For a one-of-a-kind flannel shirt, the only option right now is the Western Rise TechWool Flannel Shirt.


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