Style Pick of the Week: Taylor Stitch Apres Pants

As we cruise through Memorial Day weekend into the rest of summer, there are certain essential menswear brands you’ve got to keep top of mind to outfit you properly for the dog days ahead. If you read the blog on the regular, you probably know what I’m about to say next: San Francisco’s Taylor Stitch is one of the best menswear brands out there, and it just so happens that the Taylor Stitch Apres Pants are, well, some of the best men’s pants to beat the heat in style all summer long. With the comfort of tailored sweatpants and the same style as, say, Taylor Stitch chinos, believe me when I say the Taylor Stitch Apres Pants are a must-have pair of summer trousers.

HELM Boots

The time is now, as in, right now, to restock your wardrobe with the best pants for men, the kind of breezy pair you can wear without a second thought, no matter how hot it gets out there (and no matter what’s on your summer agenda for each and every weekend). The key, as with classics like a Taylor Stitch indigo shirt or the Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Tee, comes with the unique blend of durable construction, breezy style and versatile good looks. It’s a trio of must-haves that Taylor Stitch gets right over and over again. Let me put it this way: The Taylor Stitch Apres Pants are the answer to the question, “What pants can I wear when it’s hot out?” and man, do they ever answer it decisively.

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The great thing about the Taylor Stitch Apres Pants is the fact that, first and foremost, they wear like your breeziest, most comfortable pair of sweatpants…and yet, they’re not the sweats you’ve been wearing for over a year at this point. No sir, the best pants for men are made from an organic cotton double cloth that’s been heavily washed for a lived-in feel right from the start, and the indigo dye will wear in nicely over time.

Mack Weldon The front slash pockets aren’t all that different from your favorite chinos (same thing with the back patch button pockets), and yet, the Taylor Stitch Apres Pants channel perfectly laidback comfort and style all the same. The elastic waistband is a touch that works nicely for relaxed days at home or days about town (wear the Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Tee and a Taylor Stitch denim jacket, and no one will be all the wiser that you’re not wearing a belt). It’s that ideal blend of utility and dependable style, at home or on Zoom calls or at your favorite brewery, that makes these some of the best pants for men this summer. You can count on Taylor Stitch’s pants when you need them the most, so it’s time to add ’em to your shopping cart.

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See Now, Buy Now: These Olivers Apparel Pants are the Best Men’s Pants for Spring

Olivers Apparel Passage Pants

The perfect blend of technical fabric and classic spring style from Olivers Apparel.

As the calendar turns into March — March 2021, although it feels like it can’t possibly be — it’s crucial that you focus on the task at hand: Updating your wardrobe with the best spring style essentials from your favorite brands, including the likes of Olivers Apparel. That means you’re going to need some of the best men’s pants for spring: The Olivers Apparel Compass Pants, which the brand calls “adventure pants with style.” It’s tough to argue with that assessment, seeing as they’re made with the brand’s proprietary Compass Ripstop Nylon to resist tears. There’s plenty more where that came from, so keep on scrolling.

Olivers Apparel reliably makes some of the most versatile menswear out there, the kind you can wear for long road trips, quick jaunts around town or days spent working at home (it’s got to be the durable stretch fabric). Of course, Olivers also designs some of the best workout gear for men — like the Olivers All Over Shorts — but these pieces work just fine for more laidback days at home, too. Again, the stretch fabric and durable designs are the kicker here, and that’s where the Olivers Apparel Compass Pants are going to put in plenty of work this season, on the road or at home.

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Olivers Apparel Review

One of five sharp color options, and they’re complete with a comfortable elastic waistband.

These days, the best men’s pants for spring have to be able to do multiple things well, and that includes handling days at home or days on the road (plus, a potential return to the office). The durable ripstop nylon Compass fabric is truly what helps the Olivers Apparel Compass Pants outshine other casual options in your wardrobe (even your favorite sweatpants). Plus, the water-resistant coating is another major bonus. You also can’t go wrong with sharp and easily wearable color options, like Military Olive or Blue Steel. Each can be paired right out of the box with spring style picks like an Olivers Apparel T-shirt, or else a classic Oxford shirt and your favorite spring boots for more polished style.

The best part is, no one will be any the wiser that you’ve got a comfortable elastic waistband versus a more traditional belt. That touch makes the Olivers Apparel Compass Pants yet another perfect pair of work-from-home pants, and if you do have to go to the office — or else get out of the house for a weekend coffee — they’re also a safe, stylish bet. The fit looks to be tailored without being overly tight, yet another crucial, comfortable touch. In fact, they could be the best pants to wear on a spring road trip, if you feel so inclined. Wherever this spring takes you (even if it’s just from your fridge to the patio, cold beer in hand!), make the Olivers Apparel Compass Pants your spring go-to pair.

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See Now, Buy Now: The Western Rise Evolution Pants are Summer’s Perfect Pants

The best adventure pants — and the best pants to wear at home.

Editor’s note: This post is sponsored by Western Rise and contains affiliate links, from which a commission might be earned. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting brands that support The Style Guide! 

Have you long been in search of, let’s say, the best men’s pants for summer? It’s a tricky bar to clear, especially if you want pants that really can do it all. We’re talking pants you can wear to work from home, to lounge around the house and to get out & about on socially distanced adventures (as seen above). It’s impossible to find a versatile pair of pants that check all those boxes, right? Wrong. The Western Rise Evolution Pants, as the headline so sagely calls out, are going to become your new go-to pants this season, and they’re here not a moment too soon. Now, if you read the blog (or follow along on Facebook or Twitter), then you know that  Western Rise makes standout gear for the guy on the go, from essential travel pants to a versatile performance flannel shirt. Crucially the Western Rise Evolution Pants fall within that same wheelhouse — durable, high-quality, ever-versatile and seriously stylish. Again, they’re the perfect pants for summer. I’ve been testing out my own pair (as you might have seen on my Instagram), and I can’t recommend them enough.

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One of six colors in which you’ll find these exceptional pants.

Let’s start with the quality construction of these dependable everyday pants. Nylon  Supplex® is truly some next-level stuff, using air-texturized nylon fibers spun into a lightweight, durable, stretchy pair of pants that look like your favorite chinos and perform just as well as your favorite hiking pants. The Western Rise Evolution Pants really are something else — the lightweight construction alone makes them well-suited for days at the home office and on your patio, but it gets better. They’re  both anti-wrinkle and stain-resistant, and you can pick them up in no less than six highly stylish colors (including Olive, Blue Grey and Khaki). To make matters even better: They come equipped with a hidden back zipper security pocket  to keep your everyday carry safe. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the Western Rise Evolution Pants go far above and beyond what you’d expect a typical pair of pants to provide. Plus, they’re sleek and reasonably priced — when you consider all that you’re getting out of ’em. These are the kind of pants you can rock with a T-shirt and suede chukka boots as readily as you can pair with, say, a Western Rise merino shirt or performance-minded polo. And when you really want to get out there and hit the trail? Go with a rugged henley and tough hiking shoes — the Western Rise Evolution Pants are assuredly up to the task — you might even want to consider getting more than one pair (no, you should definitely consider that).

Details make the difference here from Western Rise.

It’s also tough to find a pair of USA-made pants these days, and yet, Western Rise has managed to pull off that tricky feat with these durable everyday pants. Small touches like YKK zippers amp things up a notch, as do sturdy rivets — these aren’t stiff like canvas work pants, though (as to be expected from such a versatile and innovative fabric). See, I told you it gets better, right? To sum things up: These are your new favorite pants. Buy them now, then wear accordingly the rest of the season (and heck, the rest of the year).

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Style Pick of the Week: Olivers Apparel Passage Pants

Slim, stylish, comfortable and yet polished pants for home.

First of all: Thank you for being here, and thank you for swinging by this Brooklyn style blog for another entry in our weekly Style Pick of the Week series — if you’re new here, this series covers one standout menswear essential for the season & for your consideration. In this case, during these trying and strange times, today’s spring menswear essential comes at us courtesy of Olivers Apparel. To be more specific, as we all continue to spend plenty of time at home amid the coronavirus pandemic (last time I’ll mention it by name), you’re going to need some of the best casual pants to wear at home. You’re going to need the Olivers Apparel Passage Pants in fact, which wear like your favorite jeans but have the standout style of classic slim chinos. You might be wondering, though — “If I’m at home, why bother with dressing up?” … well, not so fast. It’s a question we’ll continue to tackle on the blog going forward, but whether taking care of your family or taking care of business remotely, you still need some of the best men’s pants for spring — comfort and style are paramount, and of course, the Olivers Apparel Passage Pants get the job done handsomely. Let’s dive into what makes these slim pants so darn essential for the season (and yes, hanging at home).

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Available in a wide array of colors and made with crucial stretch.

Yes indeed, these slim five-pocket pants check all the right boxes, from the tailored and business-friendly fit (for when you can return to the office?) to the use of durable CORDURA fabric and built-in four-way stretch. They’re some of the most versatile pants your author has seen in some time, wearable with everything from an Olivers Apparel tee to your favorite henley to a slim Oxford shirt. They’re equally perfect for a solitary hike or a grocery store run in equal measure, and as you would hope, the Olivers Apparel Passage Pants come in a variety of suitable, neutral and classic colors. The tailored fit is also agreeable and yet not too slim, while the fact that these pants are plenty stretchy is a must-have when you’re posted up in your home office. Italian hardware gives these slim five-pocket pants an extra degree of durability, and again, the gusseted crotch allows even further freedom of movement. Put simply, the Olivers Apparel Passage Pants are some of the best new pants to buy for spring — don’t wait another second.

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Style Pick of the Week: Western Rise AT Slim Pants

Tough, rugged-yet-versatile pants cut from innovative fabric.

Your search for the best men’s pants is nearly over — well, at least it will be if you take my words to heart during today’s Style Pick of the Week. That’s because we’re talking all about the Western Rise AT Slim Pants, simply some of the toughest, best pants for men any time of year (and particularly when the going gets tough during winter). You need rugged pants that won’t quit or suffer an untimely blowout, and Western Rise is going to come through in the clutch. And that’s where the AT Slim Pants enter the equation (and your wardrobe). What’s the catch, Beau? Heck, in my mind, there isn’t really a catch — the Western Rise AT Slim Pants just deliver on multiple levels. For Western Rise, that all starts with a focus on fabric. The brand focuses on “elevated apparel” that calls to mind adventure and versatility — from the city to the great outdoors and back (it’s right there in the Western Rise name, after all). And that approach all goes back down to the small details — crucially, the Western Rise AT Slim Pants are made with tough stretch nylon featuring air-texturized fibers. It’s certainly the best of the new (that tech-focused fabric) with the old-school (the design is based on tough outdoor rivet pants from the 1870s).

The Best Basics. Summer Ready.

The Western Rise AT Slim Pants are simply as good as it gets in terms of tough, dependable style.

Even if you’ve got a closet packed full of the best men’s jeans and chinos, there’s not a chance you’ve got some slim five-pocket pants like these from Western Rise. That’s because the Western Rise AT Slim Pants have plenty of added value, including the fact that the AT Cloth (also made with canvas) is abrasion-resistant and treated with DWR technology to shed water. These could just be the perfect pants for your commute  (especially if you favor biking to work when it’s warmer), yet they really won’t miss a beat at the office, either. The range of colors, including the slate blue option seen here, gives you the opportunity to wear these rugged men’s pants with anything and everything you can dream up, from a tough trucker jacket and your favorite henley on the weekend to a Western Rise flannel shirt and classic chukka boots at the office. End your search right now for your new favorite pants — the only question left is what color you’re going to buy.

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Elevated Basics. Grounded Price.

See Now, Buy Now: The Proof Rover Pants Are My New Favorite Pants — Here’s Why

The perfect pants to carry you into fall — I nearly guarantee it.

So, the headline really says it all today if you want a new pair of the best pants for men. The Proof Rover Pants, as sold by the ever-stylish team at Huckberry, are my new favorite pants. And what’s more, they’re some of the best men’s pants on the market, period. As the weather starts to turn slightly chillier, you’re going to need some rugged, go-anywhere trousers — and again, the Proof Rover Pants are those pants. Get the picture? Good — now, let’s dive in. You’ve seen these before on the blog, particularly in my guide to dressing for early fall, but they’re back again today — for good reason. With the cut of chinos and the styling potential of slim denim, plus the rugged appeal & functionality of tough chore pants, the Proof Rover Pants just get the job done: At the office with an Oxford shirt and a classic navy blazer, on the weekend with a rugged long-sleeve henley, and as you travel on an upstate day trip with a tough field jacket in tow. How does that work exactly? It’s simple, and it starts with the exceptional fabric and comfort — two reasons I can’t seem to stop wearing my Proof Rover Pants.
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The tough styling potential and functionality you’ll need all fall.

They’ve got the classic five-pocket design of denim, and yet the tailored cut of chinos — and we haven’t even discussed the exceptional fabric used to craft the Proof Rover Pants. It’s a specially engineered fabric made with cotton, Sorbek and lycra for durability, a hint of stretch & ease of movement. Throw in the fact that these rugged work pants feature a gusseted crotch and darted knee seams, and you’ve got a pair of pants that you can actually wear to, y’know, tackle yard work … or simply tackle another IPA at your favorite brewery.

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The rivet points on the Proof Rover Pants are also sturdy and tough, while the fabric is custom pigment-dyed — that means these slim fall trousers are going to break in like your favorite pair of jeans, month after month … after month. And what’s more, they retail for under $100 at Huckberry, a heck of a deal when you consider how much you can wear ’em (every day of the week??). And one last point: I just might have to get a pair of Proof Rover Pants in every color, seeing as the rich options (from Midnight Navy to Khaki) are as versatile as can be. Hopefully, that captures why I love the Proof Rover Pants so much — and why you might feel the same way. Cheers!

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Style Pick of the Week: Need Supply Co. Khaki Twill Pants

Entirely classic and yet modern, these are the best twill pants to buy now.

Every guy — yes, even you — needs a pair of classic twill pants in his wardrobe for spring and summer. The kind of hard-working, hard-wearing khakis that your father or grandfather likely favored, yet done up in a fit and fabric befitting the modern man (again, that’s you). And the great thing about the Need Supply Co. Khaki Twill Pants? Although they come from a retailer that stocks designs that tend to be a little more fashion-forward, these are perfectly classic and utterly stylish — with no pleats to be found. Yes indeed, these are some of the best pants for summer, and that’s all there is to it. All the right details are in place to make these stylish khaki pants an easy go-to, from the classic mid-rise to the durable fabric, just the way they made ’em in the old days (yet with a decidedly more modern fit and wearability). The Need Supply Co. Khaki Twill Pants could (and should) become an essential at the office and beyond, offering the sort of upgraded business casual style you expect from your favorite brands.

Be it that essential mid-rise or the pleasingly tapered fit — with pressed creases for a more dressy feel — the Need Supply Co. Khaki Twill Pants check all the right boxes while offering slightly more unique style than other chinos on the market (witness the styling in the above photo, for one). Front slash pockets also keep things nice and tidy when it comes to the Need Supply Co. Khaki Twill Pants — that means you can easily wear them with a classic cotton blazer and a blue Oxford shirt to the office (paired with brown leather brogues), or alongside your favorite T-shirt and suede chukka boots on the weekend, cuffs rolled. Searching for the right pair of twill pants is as easy as buying this pair. Although they start out with a bit more of a tailored look thanks to the pressed leg creases, you can break them in and make them all your own over time. Feel free to wear them with a light wash denim jacket, a crisp white tee, and your favorite henley to grab a post-work pint — these aren’t your dad’s chinos, that much is true. The formula for success when it comes to crafting a pair of the best men’s chinos is tricky to unlock … yet the Need Supply Co. Khaki Twill Pants do just that.

See Now, Buy Now: The Proof Nomad Pants are Your Go-Anywhere Pants for Spring and Summer

The sharp, travel-ready pants you need for spring and summer.

Want a pair of stylish pants that can go anywhere and everywhere you go this spring and summer? Of course you do. Hence, I give you the Proof Nomad Pants, the latest highly versatile entry in our See Now, Buy Now series. They’re a more-than-fitting addition to your list of spring menswear essentials, I know that much to be true. If you follow the blog, you’ll recall that we’ve talked about the Proof Nomad Pants in the past, but they’re now back and better than ever. Much like the rest of Proof’s gear (including a personal favorite, the Proof Oxford), the Proof Nomad Pants look like any other day-to-day style staple, yet are made to move with you. To wit: The Proof Nomad Pants are crafted with a new-and-improved Toray twill from Japan — that means they’re durable, ever-so-slightly stretchy and yet breathable at the same time. They’ve also upgraded the Proof Nomad Pants with two versatile, equally polished cuts — Slim (my preferred pick) and Straight (for a crisp-but-relaxed vibe — never baggy, though). The Proof Nomad Pants are also designed in San Francisco — a city known as much as any for style that demands mobility and versatility.

SHOP: The Proof Nomad Pants

The author’s favorite color of the Proof Nomad Pants.

And the truly great thing about the Proof Nomad Pants is that although they’ve got the technical prowess you need for a long day of travel or a long day on the job, they don’t look at all like overly technical pants. I’d certainly say you could wear the Proof Nomad Pants to the office (a grey chino blazer and a white Oxford are fine complements) with the same ease as you could wear them to head to the bar (try ’em with a white short-sleeve henley and brown leather chukka boots). But again, the Proof Nomad Pants can do nearly anything you ask of them — try them on and see for yourself.

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Style Suggestion: Thanksgiving Day

All ready to pack up next week? Slim Mailbag by Satchel and Page. Stowaway Weekender Bag by Navali.

All ready to pack up next week? Slim Mailbag by Satchel and Page. Stowaway Weekender Bag by Navali.

Editor’s note: For past Style Suggestions covering Turkey Day, head here.

It’s hard to believe that as I type this post, we’re looking at the third — yes, third — Style Suggestion covering Thanksgiving Day on The Style Guide. Only three, you say? Well, it feels like more than that — it’s been a great journey, with a big move to NYC and some job changes interspersed among all that, and it’s one that I’m thankful for every day. That, of course, includes the cool brands I get to work with and much more importantly, the awesome, engaging people who read this site!

And none of it would be possible without the support and love of my family & friends (some of whom might be reading this post — Hi, guys!). So in the run-up to the holiday next week, that’s what’ll be on my mind. But as to what’s on your mind — hopefully that centers around being quite thankful, too. But, say perhaps your thoughts on are what to wear, or the travel gear you should pack to get to your holiday destination? That’s what we’re covering below — and we’re keeping things casual-crisp in this Style Suggestion. Take a read and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

The Sweater: Frank & Oak Horizontal Cable Sweater in Navy — $66

A horizontal knit and herringbone texture keep this sweater quite visually appealing.

Frank & Oak is a brand that continually gets a lot of things right, something that’s quite tricky to do when you balance putting out monthly collections  with adding to a growing brick-and-mortar presence. But they do it quite well, particularly when it comes to churning out staple fall & winter layering pieces. This reasonably priced cotton sweater nails that equation — it’s cut trim in a sharp, neutral color, yet the formality is toned down by cable knitting; that touch also gives it a good bit of visual interest. It’s less formal than a crisp merino V-neck, so if that’s the way your holiday situation is shaking out, you might want to reach for one of those instead. Conversely, adding in a nice knit tie could dress things up in a pinch if need be.

The Shirt: UNIQLO Slim-Fit Long-Sleeve Oxford — $19.90 (On-Sale)

Keep it simple and crisp with the classic white OCBD for Thanksgiving.

Keep it simple and crisp with the classic white OCBD for Thanksgiving.

UNIQLO continues to rightfully earn its status as a maker of basics that hold up pretty well for the price, and that extends to its shirts in this case. When these are on-sale — and even when they aren’t — they’re an excellent value. The slim fit white Oxford shown here does indeed fit nice and trim, and like most UNIQLO products, these should have some decent stretch built in (more on why that stretch important when we get to the pants). The white Oxford is a style basic that stands up to the challenge of Thanksgiving — it’s likely a day spent in someone else’s home around a special occasion, so it helps to look polished. Yet, it’s not overly dressy, and it seems Thanksgiving is a good holiday to try out going tieless. Yes, it’s a navy sweater-plus-white shirt combo up top, but the texture of the sweater ups the ante.

The Pants: JackThreads Slim Corduroy Pant — $59.50

A basic corduroy that nails the affordability-quality equation and provides nice, er, function for the holiday.

A basic corduroy that nails the affordability-quality equation and provides nice, er, function for the holiday.

This particular pair of pants might seem quite familiar if you’ve perused this blog as of late; they were the top pick in a feature on the best men’s corduroys for fall and winter, and they’re back this go-round. They combine a slim, modern fit, a versatile color and perhaps most importantly for this holiday, a hint of stretch built in (y’know, for all that physical activity you’ll be undertaking on Thanksgiving). However, any pair of corduroys from this list could feasibly work. At any rate, cords will add another dose of texture to the outfit while still appearing a bit more formal than dark denim would, yet they’re not as dressy as some grey trousers — that’ll work well with the fact that we (or just you?) are going tieless here.

The Shoes: Thursday Boots Chocolate Suede Scout Boot — $149

A Goodyear welt, a sharp brown suede color and a slim silhouette make these chukkas look pricier than they are -- a nice addition to the outfit.

A Goodyear welt, a sharp brown suede color and a slim silhouette make these chukkas look pricier than they are — a nice addition to the outfit.

When you take one look at this shoe, you might think it retails for almost twice what it does. The Scout line of chukka boots is a recent introduction from Thursday Boots, and the Chocolate Suede Scout Boot really does look like something else (note that they also come in a crisp Brown Leather option). Thursday Boots, while the target of some criticisms, has provided this author with good quality over time as far as my Roughout Captain Boots are concerned, so we’ll stick with the brand here. On a style points note, these definitely look like something James Bond might’ve worn back in Quantum of Solace. And they’re a worthy pick to finish off this outfit, too — the silhouette makes them less obtrusive than a work boot, and the suede tones down the formality appropriately. Yet, they’re still dressier than crisp sneakers (as great as those can be to wear). That’s what we’re going for here, ultimately.

The Belt: Land’s End Distressed Vintage Jean Belt — $39.00

Go for a bit of visual interest with your belt, as with the rest of your outfit, and you'll be pleased with the results.

Go for a bit of visual interest with your belt, as with the rest of your outfit, and you’ll be pleased with the results.

If at first you experience some sticker shock over the price of this belt, rest assured — it’ll be alright. Paying a bit more for an item you can get lots of wear out of — potentially even every day of the week — is a very solid investment. And if you find yourself dressing in a manner similar to this outfit a lot, a belt with some rugged distressing is one you can reach for over and over. The roughed-up, full-grain leather continues to add a dose of texture to this ensemble in a situation where one could easily reach for a sleeker, and more expensive, dress belt. Not to worry that it doesn’t match up with the dark brown suede — it’s perfectly acceptable to break that rule when you’ve got suede shoes.

The Watch: Timex Waterbury Chronograph — $100

Design details like the aged-looking leather strap and the rugged-refined dial pair nicely with the rest of this outfit.

Design details like the aged-looking leather strap and the rugged-refined dial pair nicely with the rest of this outfit.

Timex hits the nail right on the head with a watch that’s rugged and refined, decently dressy but still acceptably casual and more importantly, ideal for the holiday — all for $100. The Waterbury line was introduced earlier this year to play off the brand’s heritage (and perhaps challenge brands like Shinola?), and it stands to reason that they’ve grabbed some customers with a lower price point and pretty good looks, to boot. The brown dial and aged brown leather strap match up nicely with the overall smart-casual vibe of the outfit. Plus, the strap itself adds some nice texture to an outfit that’s already quite full of it, from the corduroy pants to the cable-knit sweater and the suede boots. Plus, it’ll keep the time well and stand up to a reasonable game of backyard football.

The Socks: American Trench Fall Triple Stripes Sock — $14.50

Complementary colors and a breathable blend of recycled cotton make these socks comfortable AND stylish.

Complementary colors and a breathable blend of recycled cotton make these socks comfortable AND stylish.

If you aren’t yet sold on American Trench, it’s a brand that you absolutely should consider checking out. They’ve popped up here in a Style Q&A , and that gives some great insight into who they are as a brand. In short for the uninitiated: they source premium fabrics and construct their socks (and other gear, like merino watch caps) in U.S. factories, so the price that you pay is more than worth it. And in this particular instance, the Triple Stripe Sock adds a nice complimentary color scheme to the overall outfit without detracting too much from each individual piece. Plus, these socks are comfortable and crafted from a breathable blend of cotton — all too crucial if you slip off the shoes and pad to the kitchen for that second (or third) serving at halftime.

So that’s what’s in the books as far as this Style Suggestion goes — remember above all else that no matter what you wear next week, it’s about celebrating the day with the people you love, and being thankful for what’s on your plate. That’s something that definitely transcends style.

With that said though — thanks, as always, for reading.

Stay stylish,

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