The List: Buy The Best Father’s Day Gifts This Year at Bespoke Post

Bespoke Post Father's Day Shop

Folks, not to worry: There’s still plenty of time to get some of the best Father’s Day gifts for your dad or any father figure (or father-in-law, and so on!) in your life. And there’s one place to go to get it done: Bespoke Post, makers of the best subscription boxes for men and much more, from menswear to home goods to footwear, watches… you get the picture. There’s a gift for every type of Dad on your list this year, and these are my favorite gifts to buy now from Bespoke Post. Without further ado, let’s dive right in. We’ll start things off by looking at some of the best Boxes this month from Bespoke Post before we cover the best of the rest. Your Father’s Day gifts are going to rule this year, trust me.

The Best Gifts for Father’s Day at Bespoke Post 

Bespoke Post Weekender Box — $45 (When Signing Up for Bespoke Post)

Bespoke Post Weekender Box

This is perhaps one of the most popular Bespoke Post Boxes around, and it’s not hard to see why. You’re going to be gifting Dad perhaps the most affordable weekender bag on the market, made by Line of Trade and available in a diverse array of colors.

Bespoke Post Coast Box — $45 (When Signing Up for Bespoke Post)

Bespoke Post Coast Box

Here’s a great gift for the stylish dad, one that’s simple and effective for beach-ready style. The Bespoke Post Coast Box is, of course, a terrific value and likely features your dad’s new favorite shirt.

Bespoke Post Turbo Box — $45 (When Signing Up for Bespoke Post

Bespoke Post Turbo Box

Consider this the best gift for the Dad who loves coffee. The Bespoke Post Turbo Box is packed with finely crafted, single-origin coffee from Drive Coffee, all the better to power days working at home or hitting the road. Plus,, the packaging is cool-as-can-be.

Infused Skull Decanter Set — $90

Infused Skull Globe Whiskey Decanter Set

Consider picking up this stylish decanter set for the Dad who loves a great dram of whiskey from time to time. It’s the kind of unique Father’s Day gift you’ll practically only find at Bespoke Post, so act accordingly.

Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket — $188

Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket

If your Dad is seriously into style, he’s hopefully acquainted with Taylor Stitch. If not, the rugged Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket is a certified men’s style classic, especially for summer.

Fox Knives Voyager Tanto Folding Knife — $110

Fox Knives Voyager Tanto Folding Knife

If your Dad is a bit of a rugged outdoorsman, get him this durable Fox Knives folding knife to add to his everyday carry. He’ll use it every single day, I guarantee it.

Ooni Fyra Wood-Fired Pizza Oven — $299

Ooni Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Here’s the ultimate . This wood-fired pizza oven is just plain cool, featuring sleek design and some seriously neat cooking capabilities. Dinner is served, folks.

Shinola Daily Wear Watch — $395

Shinola Daily Wear Watch

Here’s another style splurge for the Dad who loves watches. Shinola has long made some of the best watches for men on the market, and this durable sport watch is no exception: He’ll wear it from sun up to sun down this summer.

Bellroy Hide and Seek Wallet — $89 

Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet

If Dad needs a new wallet this season, get him this sleek, stylish wallet for men from Bellroy. It features RFID protection and a quick-access design, all the better to use on the go.

Nisolo Alejandro Slip-Ons — $165

Nisolo Alejandro Leather Slip-Ons

Give Dad the gift of great style with these handsome, refined leather slip-ons he can wear to the office or to happy hour without missing a beat. It helps that these are sustainably made and quite simply perfect for a hot summer day.

Are you all set on your shopping list for Father’s Day gifts this year? I hope the above suggestions are enough to get the ball rolling, whether you want to go the style route and get Dad some refined leather slip-ons or if you want to blend the rugged and the sporty by picking up one of the best watches for men from Shinola. Of course, you can also add to Dad’s everyday carry with, say, the Fox Knives folding knife or a new leather wallet. The world is your oyster when it comes to the best gifts for Father’s Day this year, so start stocking up right now at Bespoke Post.

Style Pick of the Week: Bespoke Post Sol Box

The key to summer relaxation? Quite possibly the Bespoke Post Sol Box.

The perfect way to unwind on a summer weekend? Well, I can’t tell you what exactly is required there (cold beer and sunshine?), but I can indeed tell you that the Bespoke Post Sol Box is going to make your weekend a whole lot more relaxed — and a whole lot more stylish. That’s because the Bespoke Post Sol Box features some of the best espadrilles you can slide your feet into, made with handcrafted care and available for a very, VERY agreeable price. If you follow the blog, you absolutely know we love what you can find at Bespoke Post. Think of it as the thinking man’s monthly subscription service, delivering everything from everyday carry essentials to everything you need for a summer grillout — and of course, the Bespoke Post Sol Box falls within that same realm, and same low price ($45 when you sign up for the site). In short, what you’re getting with the Bespoke Post Sol Box appears simple at first, but can offer a whole lot more than that. Consider your alternatives to your sturdy leather boots and even your stylish suede chukka boots — you’ve got classic leather moccasins, of course, but how about we shake things up?

SHOP:The Bespoke Post Sol Box 

One of two versatile colorways when it comes to the Bespoke Post Sol Box.

I’m talking, of course, about some of the best slip-ons for men, an option not considered often enough — but then again, not every pair of espadrilles is as stylish as the Visgata Sitges Espadrilles as found in this Bespoke Post Box, right? Exactly right.

This pair is handcrafted by artisans in Spain, and it reflects the laidback style of the Mediterranean. Wear these with your favorite pair of linen trousers and a camp collar shirt to head to a lovely evening of dinner and drinks, or just throw on the Visgata Sitges Espadrilles with tailored shorts and a classic slub tee every single time you please. The cotton canvas upper is breathable and comfortable, while the use of natural jute is sustainable and again, highly stylish. Plus, you can throw the espadrilles from the Bespoke Post Sol Box into your weekender bag with ease as you hit the road — talk about packing light. And while you can’t exactly pair these with your classic business casual suit, you should feel free to wear the Visgata Sitges Espadrilles with tan chinos and a tailored white Oxford to dinner on your next vacation. The key to summer relaxation? It’s gotta be the Bespoke Post Sol Box.

SHOP:The Bespoke Post Sol Box 

Style Pick of the Week: Bespoke Post Wander Box

From a helpful guide book to a nifty iPhone camera lens, this is the gear you need to travel with this fall. Image courtesy of Bespoke Post.

We’re taking a slight departure from our usual #menswear focus on today’s Style Pick of the Week — just a slight (if literal) departure. Because, let’s be real — who among us doesn’t love the thrill of adventure and the excitement of exploring somewhere new? For travel lovers and explorers alike the Bespoke Post Wander Box is a prime choice as this week’s Style Pick– like other favorites on the blog, it’s an all-in-one offering in terms of versatility and dependability. And if you’re looking for a bit of fall travel style, I’d urge you to pick up the Wander Box. Without a doubt, the Wander Box from Bespoke Post has everything you need to explore a new locale — with a few handy extras thrown in. The utility of the Wander Boxavailable for just $45 when you sign up for Bespoke Post– starts with the essential Wildsam Field Guide.

These mini-encyclopedias fit easily in a bag or a coat packet and are jam-packed with all kinds of helpful info on a wide range of cities. The guides cover everywhere from San Francisco to Brooklyn to Nashville and Austin –it’s your call. And when I say jam-packed, I mean jam-packed. From insights on gourmet eats and craft beverages to a full set of personal essays and reflections on specific cities, each Field Guide is entirely customized by city — and again, they’re packed full of essential info. Heck, I used my Wildsam Field Guide on a fall trip to Nashville and absolutely loved the cool spots it turned up, from coffee to menswear. So, that’s one major benefit of the Bespoke Post Wander Box  — and the rest of the goods? They’re just as stellar.

Bespoke Post Wander Box

Using my Wildsam Field Guide to get around Nashville in style — this could be you! Or not. But it could be!

It’s the little details in every Bespoke Post box that make the difference, and the Wander Box gets those right, too. Namely, you get your pick of ebony or bamboo headphones from LSTN Sound Co. — crystal-clear sound quality and understated style, to boot. What’s more,  these headphones feature no-rub functionality (no twisted cords here), and they also come with an in-line microphone to take calls. Not bad, ehh? And the Wander Box doesn’t stop there — no sir. It’s complete with a Universal Smartphone Fisheye Lens, a  wide-angle smartphone camera attachment that should up your photo quality significantly. That’a heck of a deal for just $45 — can’t believe it? Neither could I when saw the price tag. So, to recap the Wander Box — you get a brand-new camera attachment to capture the perfect Instagram shot, plus an amazing field guide to help you explore cool cities like Nashville … plus an excellent set of stylish headphones. That’s all too good to be true, yes? Well, Bespoke Post makes it a reality. Just pick your city, pick up the Wander Box  and get planning.

Will you be picking up the Wander Box  from Bespoke Post before you hit the road this season?  Let me know on Twitter

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Style Pick of the Week: Blue Claw Co. Waxed Weekender

Blue Claw Co.

An all-around standout bag, from the waxed canvas exterior to the design exclusive to Bespoke Post.

Before you hit the road on your next trip, grab the Blue Claw Co. Waxed Weekender — you’re gonna need it, and I’ll tell you exactly why today on The Style Guide. For starters, you can make the argument that every guy needs a stylish weekender bag in his rotation. It’s an accessory that’s more than just a place to stash your stuff as you dress for summer travel. Think of it like an extension of your outfit — as I always say, the small details count, and your weekender bag is definitely among those details. The best men’s weekender bags get a few things right. Oftentimes, those things revolve around sturdy construction, expert detailing, handsome looks (all the better to pair with everything from a tee and jeans to a polo and blazer) and the ability to haul all of your favorite gear.Today, we’re all in luck — the Blue Claw Co. Waxed Weekender checks all of those boxes. It’s a worthy buy before your next trip — and thanks to Bespoke Post, it’s affordable as heck, and entirely unique Why should you snag the Waxed Weekender over other options, though? Keep on reading, fella.


Notably, the Blue Claw Co. Waxed Weekender is exclusive to Bespoke Post — you really won’t find it anywhere else. It’s got the sort of rugged specifications and strong construction you’d expect from an American-made weekender bag. As it were, Blue Claw Co. designs all of its gear in Minneapolils and produces it with attention to detail — if this bag can stand up to Minnesota winters, it can certainly stand up to summer travel. It’s similar in size to the Owen and Fred Voyager Waxed Weekender, so it should be a trusty trip standby — that goes for whether you pack it with American-made denim aplenty or your favorite suede chukka boots and one of the best men’s dopp kits.

Blue Claw Co. Waxed Weekender

Handsome bridle leather accents and durable hardware give this bag a solid look and feel.

And as we’ve said before, the small touches set the Blue Claw Co. Waxed Weekender apart. As you can see above, touches like a solid brass zipper and complementary brass hardware give it all the durability you need when hitting the road weekend after weekend.  It can readily fit in an airplane overhead bin, and with that durable waxed canvas exterior, you can chuck the Waxed Weekender in the back of your car for a summer upstate trip or a weekend at the beach. That brings us to perhaps the most important point. The Waxed Weekender is a bit of an investment at $295 in full. However, get this: When you sign up for Bespoke Post, you can snag the tough, durable and stylish  Blue Claw Co. Waxed Weekender  for $215 — not a bad deal, ehh? And keep in mind that signing up for Bespoke Post also gives you access to the brand’s monthly subscription box for just $45. But that’s another post entirely. At any rate, the  Blue Claw Co. Waxed Weekender is among the best men’s weekender bags to buy now — that much is true. Will you be hitting the road with the  Waxed Weekender  in tow? Let me know in the comments, and catch up with us over at The Style Guide Facebook page!

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Style Guide Recommends: Here’s Why You Should Be Shopping Bespoke Post

Best everyday carry for guys

The LSTN Sound Co. Headphones are but one piece of stylish gear you get via monthly boxes from Bespoke Post.

Today’s new Style Guide Recommends entry is vitally important. How so? Well, if you want one convenient, accessible, affordable and stylish place to get all of your favorite new gear, I’ve got just the recommendation for you.  If you’re not familiar with the Style Guide Recommends series, know that it covers a little bit of everything under the sun — from the style blog you should be reading now to the perfect headphones to upgrade your listening experience. Today’s new entry hits on a similar note  — that is, a little bit of everything. In short, I’m telling you all about why you should be shopping Bespoke Post — the one-stop store for guys who love handsome, refined and functional menswear, stylish home goods and standout accessories.  It’s among the best subscription boxes for men, and if that sounds like something you can get on board with, stick around for the rest of today’s post.

Plenty of us are surely familiar with how Bespoke Post operates, but if not … you’re in for a big treat. The brand itself is a bit multi-layered — you have the option to sign up for and shop a series of themed boxes, with a new one dropping every month. They also offer up stylish menswear (and more!) via the brand’s store. Crucially, know that Bespoke Post boxes are jam-packed. The way Bespoke Post does it, you get plenty of affordability, value and great style within those boxes. Take my personal favorite, the Bespoke Post Vibes Box — as seen above.  It came packed with sharp headphones from LSTN Sound Co., plus a refreshing candle — it’s a deal that’s totally worth signing up for Bespoke Post. Not bad, right? And the thing is, Bespoke Post boxes run you just $45 — $45! — if you sign up for monthly shipments.

Frank And Oak

Bespoke Post Weekender Box

Available in a plethora of colors, the Weekender Box is likely the best value on the market when it comes to a durable, handsome and stylish weekender bag.

Plus, you get the chance to review that month’s Bespoke Post box online before it ships, with the option to switch or skip boxes if you so please. Oh, and the goodies in each box are worth well over what you pay — a value of at least $70. Whether we’re talking the beach-centric Bespoke Post Chill Box, the handsome and functional weekender bag contained in the Bespoke Post Weekender Box, or the gastronomically minded Bespoke Post Hecho Box (packed with ingredients for a gourmet Mexican meal), you’re getting stellar quality and value. If you can believe it, that’s not all that Bespoke Post offers! Hold onto your hats.

Bespoke Post

Just two of the supremely stylish pieces of your favorite menswear offered up by Bespoke Post.

In all seriousness, there’s more to Bespoke Post than just the brand’s monthly box subscription. The Bespoke Post Store is packed with all manner of outstanding third-party goods, from stylish menswear to essential men’s grooming gear to a selection of men’s watches and even home goods that really can’t be beat.  On the menswear front in particular, Bespoke Post knocks it out of the park — take the rugged, wearable and well-made Taylor Stitch Beach Jacket, or the Todd Snyder x P.F. Flyers Rambler Hi Sneakers in a  handsome shade of brown leather. The fact that you can shop for affordably priced subscription boxes and yet also walk away with some of the best men’s gear around is certainly applause-worthy — are you with me on that? I sure hope so.



Of course, there are plenty of other reasons to kill a little bit of time hanging around on the Bespoke Post site. The brand’s grooming essentials section in particular is packed with brands both recognizable and upstart, all worthy of a spot in your medicine cabinet. From Ursa Major grooming items to Style Guide favorites Baxter of California, the shop has something for everyone. You also get a reliable helping of affordable men’s home goods, everything from everyday carry tools to masculine-yet-accessible home décor. There’s plenty to shop, and plenty that you’re going to want. In short, you can expect to see quite a few pieces of gear from Bespoke Post in upcoming features on this site.


So, to recap. If you sign up for Bespoke Post, you get access to a selection of thoughtfully curated, well-designed and affordable monthly subscription boxes. Lest we forget, it’s also worth it to shop one of the more well-done Web stores around, packed with rugged and refined Taylor Stitch menswear and plenty more. In all seriousness, what’s not to love about Bespoke Post? The positives surely outweigh the negatives — in my mind, that makes the site more than worthy of your time and your hard-earned dollars. I’d love to hear: What do you love about Bespoke Post? Will you be shopping the site more now? And what’s your favorite Bespoke Post box?

As always — thanks for reading, and happy shopping!


(Editor’s note: The above post uses affiliate links, off which a small commission might be earned. Thanks for supporting brands that support The Style Guide!).