The Friday Read: Labor Day Weekend, MAHI Leather and Faherty Brand

A rugged, richly crafted leather tote that you can customize as you’d like — read more below.

In today’s Friday Read, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover before we head into Labor Day weekend. I hope your week has been an enjoyable one, packed with the best in #menswear.  It’s been busy around these parts. This blog in the past few weeks has covered what to wear for Labor Day weekend, the chukka boots to buy for fall and plenty more. Let’s pivot, for a second, to how you’re going to haul your everyday carry this weekend and beyond. I think I’ve got a solution to share if you’ve been looking for the answer. That solution, folks, is MAHI Leather and the company’s essential, handcrafted line of durable, functional and great-looking leather goods. In particular, I’ve been hauling around the brand’s Classic Leather Tote in a handsome shade of brown leather courtesy of MAHI– it’s served me so well, I took it to Lollapalooza 2017, as you can see above. And if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen that this bag is plenty versatile and durable.

For your next weekend adventure and well beyond, I’d say you should consider making the brand a part of your travel gear — the leather is soft and supple, the quality is on-point and the chance to customize the Classic Leather Tote was quite neat. With that being said, I’m going to use that tote to haul around some craft beer and a few other menswear essentials in the days ahead. Speaking of #menswear essentials — we’ve got a few choice reads for you, plus details on an excellent Labor Day weekend sale, detailed in the rest of this post below. Let me know on Twitter how you’re spending the weekend — and reader feedback is always welcome in the comments! Without further ado … let’s close out the summer in style and look toward a heck of a season ahead.

A handsome washed buttondown from Faherty Brand is but one of my picks from the brand’s Labor Day weekend sale.

  • Doing some shopping to close out summer? You might be in luck when it comes to stellar #menswear — Faherty Brand, purveyors of breezy, casual style — are offering an extra 25 percent off all sale items to celebrate the holiday! And there are some excellent picks in that list, from striped tees to indigo buttondowns, including my personal favorite pick as seen above. Get to shopping, yeah?

  • Elsewhere on the men’s style front, lovers of classic men’s sneakers should rejoice. dives into the one sneaker that — unexpectedly — stokes the sneaker-loving fires of plenty of menswear fans: The J. Crew x Nike Killshot 2. If you’ve ever pined for these sneakers or tried (and failed) to get your hands on a pair, you’re not alone.
  • Let’s talk accessories really quickly — if you’re new to the blog, allow me to introduce you to our Saturday Style Pick of the Week series. This week’s stylish entry is coming tomorrow, but last week’s entry covers a rugged leather watch fit for all kinds of wear this upcoming fall. Certainly, you should add it to your everyday carry haul. The Halios Laguna Watch also comes with a stainless steel strap — two stylish men’s watches for the (investment-level) price of one. So, that’s just a taste of our weekly Style Pick series. Come through tomorrow for more!
  • And before we take off for the long weekend, let’s look again toward fall menswear essentials. As it were, my latest post for The Manual does just that — I take a dive into the brands making fall’s best leather jackets. Splurge or save, spend or wait it out a little bit; it’s a seasonal style staple that you surely need.

Ladies and gentlemen, thanks so much for reading — I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend! If you check back tomorrow, we’ll have a new Style Pick of the Week waiting. And if you check back on Sunday … we very well might just have a new See Now, Buy Now post for you. I can’t guarantee anything, but I know a guy  …

See you soon,


Online Shopping Picks: The Most Stylish Gear to Upgrade Your Everyday Carry

We always say here at The Style Guide that the little details count. And that’s no more true than when it comes to your everyday carry. We’re talking about all the little things you can’t leave the house without — from a slim wallet to a leather lanyard to versatile sunglasses and a small-yet-effective daypack. And in the summer season, that list likely grows a little bit longer. Between fighting the summer sun with a vintage ballcap and toting along a trusty, durable bottle opener to a tailgate or backyard BBQ, it pays to be prepared for every situation. And you’d be surprised at just how affordable it can be to upgrade your everyday carry — whether it’s easygoing essentials from Bespoke Post or a durable daypack, plenty of brands stock handy gear for travel and daily use at low prices. Hopefully, today’s rundown hits the sweet spot for you. We’re covering those unexpected — and unexpectedly useful — items that everyone seems to need. The next time you head to a backyard barbecue, hit the beach or even stroll to your post-work happy hour, you’ll be more than prepared with reliable ways to upgrade your everyday carry.


The Bag: Topo Designs Daypack, $168

With enough room for a 15-inch laptop, the Daypack is your essential summer bag.

If we’re talking your everyday carry, might as well start with a reliable bag — right? Whether you’re hitting the road for a hike or simply gearing up for a stroll to the farmer’s market, take the effective Topo Designs Daypack with you. Featuring a neat blue exterior accented with rich leather and touches of red, the  Topo Designs Daypack is a smart-looking, high-performing pack made with enough room for a 15-inch laptop. That makes it a winner in my book.

The Ballcap: Huckberry Explorer’s Cap, $39.98

Throw this Huckberry cap in your bag and throw it on whenever you might need extra sun protection.

A Style Guide favorite no matter the season, it’s always helpful to have an easy-to-wear, stylish and vintage-inspired ballcap in your bag for situations that pop up unexpectedly. Yes, a ballcap can — and should — serve a functional purpose. From shielding your eyes in outfield seats that got caught in an unexpected glare to keeping your face free from sunburn during an hours-long cookout, the Explorer’s Cap — available in a plethora of colors — is an everyday carry essential.

The Watch: Timex Weekender Chronograph, $77 OR Deep Blue NATO Diver 300 Automatic, $220

Two options that were made for rugged adventure — and then some.

Wherever your casual summer adventures take you, a durable, stylish watch is an absolute must. If you’re bringing along something like the Topo Designs Daypack, then let’s assume you’re going somewhere off the beaten path. In that case, the crisp, classic and well-designed Timex Weekender Chronograph can hang every step of the way — doubly so thanks to the summer-friendly NATO strap.  And if your adventures call for soaking up some rays and spending some time in the water, the handsome Deep Blue NATO Diver 300 Automatic is as up for anything as you are.

Save up to 25% each month by joining Style Plan at Frank + Oak! *Free Shipping & Returns. No code necessary. Monthly membership for men & women.

The Bottle Opener: Areaware Bottle Axe, $17.50

An effective — and effectively cool — way to open your favorite beer.

First seen in our new Style Guide series The List,  the Areaware Bottle Axe is quite the upgrade from your standard combo bottle opener. It’s sleek, well-designed and well-made, for one. It’s also a neat conversation piece of sorts — it’s inspired by Norse mythology and medieval history. A regular, cheap bottle opener doesn’t have that going for it. Grab the Bottle Axe, toss it in your beach bag and get ready for an afternoon enjoying laidback brews.


The Everyday Carry Essential: Swiss Advance Crono Camp Multi-Tool, $35

More tools than you can possibly believe — at an accessible price, too.

Perhaps the true definition of an everyday carry piece, the Swiss Advance Crono Camp Multi-Tool really can do it all. The brand says it’s designed to be ultra-slim and lightweight, and it seriously packs a ton of punch. It features, in short order, everything from a bottle opener to a wire stripper to a fork AND knife. And it does all of that for just $35. For your next beach bonfire or hiking trip, you need the Crono Camp Multi-Tool.

The Sunglasses: Knockaround Mile High Polarized Sunglasses, $24.98

A sharp, simple and very affordable silhouette for summer style.

Great sunglasses at an accessible price with quality construction? Nearly impossible to come by. Yet, Knockaround seems to consistently solve that conundrum, making the Mile High Polarized Sunglasses quite the reliable option to add to your everyday carry. For a price that low, you needn’t worry about beating them up too much — take them to the office and out on a long weekend of adventures thereafter (at least, that’s what I’d do if I were you).

The Headphones: JAYS u-JAYS On-Ear Headphones, $120

A sleek take on your average headphones, with excellent sound quality.

A seriously underrated part of your everyday carry? The headphones you’re wearing to listen to your favorite podcast (I’d recommend 99% Invisible) or your favorite tunes (I favor a healthy daily dose of The National).  And for unexpectedly sleek and stylish looks — at a great price — the JAYS u-JAYS On-Ear Headphones reliably offer excellent sound quality and a cool silhouette.

Save up to 25% each month by joining Style Plan at Frank + Oak! *Free Shipping & Returns. No code necessary. Monthly membership for men & women.

I say this to you, Style Guide readers: Leave no stone unturned in your pursuit of the best everyday carry gear. If you’re in need of a new grab-and-go bag, the Topo Designs Daypack is the one to buy, with plenty of functionality for your summer adventures. Everything from a  vintage-inspired ballcap to a durable summer watch should also be included in your everyday carry — these are seemingly small-yet-useful touches you shouldn’t leave the house without. And whether you’re heading to the beach or to a barbecue, I think you’d be surprised how handy the  Crono Camp Multi-Tool can be. Last but certainly not least: Don’t leave your house without an affordable pair of shades — the Mile High Polarized Sunglasses just might be your new favorite pair. That’s all the tips I’ve got when it comes to how to upgrade your everyday carry this summer. Have questions? Shoot me a note on Twitter.
Thanks for reading — stay stylish!

Style Guide Recommends: Here’s Why You Should Be Shopping Bespoke Post

Best everyday carry for guys

The LSTN Sound Co. Headphones are but one piece of stylish gear you get via monthly boxes from Bespoke Post.

Today’s new Style Guide Recommends entry is vitally important. How so? Well, if you want one convenient, accessible, affordable and stylish place to get all of your favorite new gear, I’ve got just the recommendation for you.  If you’re not familiar with the Style Guide Recommends series, know that it covers a little bit of everything under the sun — from the style blog you should be reading now to the perfect headphones to upgrade your listening experience. Today’s new entry hits on a similar note  — that is, a little bit of everything. In short, I’m telling you all about why you should be shopping Bespoke Post — the one-stop store for guys who love handsome, refined and functional menswear, stylish home goods and standout accessories.  It’s among the best subscription boxes for men, and if that sounds like something you can get on board with, stick around for the rest of today’s post.

Plenty of us are surely familiar with how Bespoke Post operates, but if not … you’re in for a big treat. The brand itself is a bit multi-layered — you have the option to sign up for and shop a series of themed boxes, with a new one dropping every month. They also offer up stylish menswear (and more!) via the brand’s store. Crucially, know that Bespoke Post boxes are jam-packed. The way Bespoke Post does it, you get plenty of affordability, value and great style within those boxes. Take my personal favorite, the Bespoke Post Vibes Box — as seen above.  It came packed with sharp headphones from LSTN Sound Co., plus a refreshing candle — it’s a deal that’s totally worth signing up for Bespoke Post. Not bad, right? And the thing is, Bespoke Post boxes run you just $45 — $45! — if you sign up for monthly shipments.

Frank And Oak

Bespoke Post Weekender Box

Available in a plethora of colors, the Weekender Box is likely the best value on the market when it comes to a durable, handsome and stylish weekender bag.

Plus, you get the chance to review that month’s Bespoke Post box online before it ships, with the option to switch or skip boxes if you so please. Oh, and the goodies in each box are worth well over what you pay — a value of at least $70. Whether we’re talking the beach-centric Bespoke Post Chill Box, the handsome and functional weekender bag contained in the Bespoke Post Weekender Box, or the gastronomically minded Bespoke Post Hecho Box (packed with ingredients for a gourmet Mexican meal), you’re getting stellar quality and value. If you can believe it, that’s not all that Bespoke Post offers! Hold onto your hats.

Bespoke Post

Just two of the supremely stylish pieces of your favorite menswear offered up by Bespoke Post.

In all seriousness, there’s more to Bespoke Post than just the brand’s monthly box subscription. The Bespoke Post Store is packed with all manner of outstanding third-party goods, from stylish menswear to essential men’s grooming gear to a selection of men’s watches and even home goods that really can’t be beat.  On the menswear front in particular, Bespoke Post knocks it out of the park — take the rugged, wearable and well-made Taylor Stitch Beach Jacket, or the Todd Snyder x P.F. Flyers Rambler Hi Sneakers in a  handsome shade of brown leather. The fact that you can shop for affordably priced subscription boxes and yet also walk away with some of the best men’s gear around is certainly applause-worthy — are you with me on that? I sure hope so.



Of course, there are plenty of other reasons to kill a little bit of time hanging around on the Bespoke Post site. The brand’s grooming essentials section in particular is packed with brands both recognizable and upstart, all worthy of a spot in your medicine cabinet. From Ursa Major grooming items to Style Guide favorites Baxter of California, the shop has something for everyone. You also get a reliable helping of affordable men’s home goods, everything from everyday carry tools to masculine-yet-accessible home décor. There’s plenty to shop, and plenty that you’re going to want. In short, you can expect to see quite a few pieces of gear from Bespoke Post in upcoming features on this site.


So, to recap. If you sign up for Bespoke Post, you get access to a selection of thoughtfully curated, well-designed and affordable monthly subscription boxes. Lest we forget, it’s also worth it to shop one of the more well-done Web stores around, packed with rugged and refined Taylor Stitch menswear and plenty more. In all seriousness, what’s not to love about Bespoke Post? The positives surely outweigh the negatives — in my mind, that makes the site more than worthy of your time and your hard-earned dollars. I’d love to hear: What do you love about Bespoke Post? Will you be shopping the site more now? And what’s your favorite Bespoke Post box?

As always — thanks for reading, and happy shopping!


(Editor’s note: The above post uses affiliate links, off which a small commission might be earned. Thanks for supporting brands that support The Style Guide!).

The Friday Read: Abercrombie & Fitch x Tretorn, Oars + Alps and LCD Soundsystem

Is it tough to believe we’re kicking off another edition of The Friday Read here at The Style Guide? If your answer is “Yes,” then we’re in the same boat. We’ve had a lot going on here in Brooklyn, from exploring the borough in style to getting you prepped to dress for your next Sunday brunch (we really do love our brunch here, tell ya what), plus busy times at my day job in fashion PR. It’s all fun and games though, and the fun is set to continue this weekend — I’ll be dressed in spring road trip style to head to Indiana to visit my best friend from college, Mr. Stephen Brook. Check out his work covering Notre Dame football and area sports, if you’re a fan of the Fighting Irish. And if you want to keep up with all the action, follow yours truly on Instagram or check in with The Style Guide on Facebook. Know that in other #menswear matters, I just finished a rather extensive — and I mean, extensive — feature for GearMoose covering the best men’s backpacks; keep your eyes peeled for that one.  For now though, let’s start the weekend nice and early with a few choice men’s style (and music!) reads. Enjoy!

  • Upgrade your grooming game in a big way with Oars + Alps and the brand’s handy, easy-to-use and nearly essential Athlete’s Grooming Kit. I’ve had the chance to test it out over these past few weeks, and I’ve been quite pleased with the results — check out my recent feature on the Oars + Alps Athlete’s Grooming Kit for yourself!
  • We love talking all about spring style essentials here at The Style Guide — and when it comes to your new favorite sneakers for spring and summer, Abercrombie and Fitch x Tretorn might just take the cake. It was excellent to learn about the new collaboration’s updated take on the classic Tretorn Nylite Sneakers for The Manual, and I’d urge you to pick up a pair while they’re around.
  • If you haven’t gotten around to listening to two (two!) new LCD Soundsystem songs, please take this chance to do so. The eclectic NYC indie rockers helped define a new era in the resurgent NYC rock scene thoughout the 2000s, and they’ve returned to the fold with festival appearances in recent years, plus an April residency at new venue Brooklyn Steel to boot! So, it’s nice that new music is here — with more to come, if our luck holds up!

One last thing before you go:

  • In need of a new favorite everyday carry piece? Namely, an essential and slim wallet? The TGT Army All Over Deluxe Wallet could be just the wallet to buy for you — and it’s with that durability and versatility in mind that I wrote about it for GearMoose. Enjoy, and let me know in the comments if you end up picking it up!

We’re all finished up for this week, folks. Time for the weekend! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week, and check back on Monday for more #menswear.

Online Shopping Picks: The Best Men’s Messenger Bags to Buy Now

As we always say at The Style Guide, it pays to do your homework when it comes to style upgrades — especially if that homework involves sifting through our Online Shopping Picks series.  From stylish dress shoes to the best men’s grooming products, we’ve covered a lot of ground on the blog — yet, today’s entry will be the first-ever attempt at chronicling the best men’s messenger bags. Yes indeed, we’re in this together today. A messenger bag is a sort of secret style weapon for the guy who prefers casual style yet still wants to look sharp. Although brands are indeed making stylish leather backpacks — the Jack + Mulligan Welles Backpack comes to mind — there’s still something that’s a bit too youthful about a backpack. However, a luxurious briefcase, no matter how nice, also might not work — it could be too dressy or hard to lug around (only pesky handles to hold). So, where do you go? I give you … the humble messenger bag. Still a favorite of actual bike messengers here in New York City, there are some durable, handsome and casually stylish options out there — and we’ll show you just the ones to buy today.  Pack it up and bring your favorite messenger bag on a spring road trip or fill it with everyday carry essentials on the go. Join in on the fun, shop away and leave any comments for me below or on Twitter, where I tweet about as much #menswear as I can. Enjoy!

#1. Joshu + Vela Zip Briefcase — $234.98

Joshu + Vela

A durable, rugged and gear-friendly zip briefcase — a messenger bag, in my book.

OK, so is the Joshu + Vela Zip Briefcase a briefcase, or a messenger bag? Traditional convention might dictate that a messenger bag fold over the top but hey … we’re not too picky over here. Either way, the durable, handsome and rugged Zip Briefcase is definitely an upgrade over your current backpack situation. Thick canvas and a beautiful bridle leather strap are made to age well and stand up to adventures aplenty, and this particular bag can house a 15-inch MacBook — pretty versatile and durable, ehh?

Sutro Shoes Inc.

An easy-to-carry, easy-to-use leather messenger bag from a great Michigan company.

The makers of the 810 Wallet also do a heck of a nice messenger bag. A personal favorite of yours truly, the Roma Messenger has accompanied me on adventures around Brooklyn and a winter trip back to Michigan, handling each trip with grace and great looks. It’s a surprisingly lightweight, unlined leather messenger bag — designed in the state of Michigan itself, my bag has aged quite well and held up more than alright through a long commute and a frigid New York winter. If you value quality and crisp style, the Roma Messenger is your bag.


Peak Design

The most popular camera bag in the history of Kickstarter — and a heck of a worthy messenger bag purchase.

If you value functional design that considers every detail, consider making the Peak Design Everyday Messenger your next messenger bag purchase. It really does have so much going for it — from the lifetime warranty to the whopping $4.7 million it raised on its initial Kickstarter funding run, the Peak Design Everyday Messenger is unlike any bag you’ve ever bought — from the waterproof waxed shell and seatbelt-style straps to the removable dividers and space for a full-frame DSLR, it’s got the goods to carry, well, your goods. Again, you might want to look into the Peak Design Everyday Messenger.
Filson Original Briefcase

One of the more recognizable everyday bags on the market — and a heck of an option for you to buy right now.

Yet another briefcase that’s not quite your traditional briefcase by any means, the Filson Original Briefcase  is an instantly recognizable heritage classic known and used the world over. It’s a favorite of a lot of guys here in New York City (and elsewhere) for its water-repellent exterior, handy two-way zipper and a  plethora of interior and exterior pockets. The USA-made construction is legendary — you’ll have this briefcase for years to come, seriously.
Owen and Fred

Yet another terrific upgrade to your daily carry.

Are you sick of reading about bags that are not quite technically messenger bags? Well, fear not — we’re almost done here. Owen and Fred really lives up to the brand’s motto — “men’s goods made great” — and from its Voyager Waxed Weekender to smaller pieces like the brand’s essential brass bottle opener, you need to get Owen and Fred on your radar. The brand’s Flight Brief, made out of stylish midnight waxed canvas and finished with handsome leather accents, is a terrific bag for work or play.
Hopefully, you’ve now filled up your shopping cart with a new everyday bag — ehh? While a piece like the Joshu + Vela Zip Briefcase defies the traditional conventions of a messenger bag, it’s a handsome, durable and reliably stylish upgrade to your everyday carry. And the sleek silhouette and clean lines of the Owen and Fred Flight Brief also make it a worthy addition to this list. In terms of classic, rugged appeal, it’s very tough to top the Filson Original Briefcase  — and you’d do well to pick that one up, of course. For the more functionally minded guy, the Peak Design Everyday Messenger fits the bill more than nicely. Last but not least, the Michigan-designed Brothers Leather Supply Roma Messenger could be your new favorite everyday bag. With that being said — are you ready for your next commute or road trip? See you out there.

Style Pick of the Week: Brothers Leather Supply 810 Wallet

Editor’s note: Expect these posts weekly detailing one standout item coveted by yours truly. Sometimes, these fit within budgetary restrictions and other times, they’re expensive splurges worth saving for. For more Wish List items from Beau, head here, and to see other Style Picks, head here.


A durable, well-made wallet from the Michigan-based team at Brothers Leather Supply. Get 15 percent off all Brothers Leather goods with the code ‘BrotherBeau15’ until January 6th!

First of all, we’re wishing everyone a lovely Christmas Eve. Now, onto to business, shall we? The concept of small, daily style upgrades that make your life better is one that’s pretty big here at The Style Guide. Be it something more noticeable like the cut of your crewneck sweatshirt or the quality of your favorite waxed trucker jacket, looking to buy the best and use the best menswear out there is a fun — if taxing — pursuit. And that pursuit extends to your everyday carry — after all, building great style is a process that touches every aspect of your life (repeat that again, will ya?) I’m always looking for ways to improve my own style, and that’s why finding brands that make the search easier can be so fulfilling. Take Brothers Leather Supply — this brand first caught my eye during a summer trip back to Grand Rapids, when I had the chance to check out the Michigan company’s well-appointed storefront, as seen below.

My Grand Rapids trip this summer introduced me firsthand to a great leather goods brand.

My Grand Rapids trip this summer introduced me firsthand to the great leather goods brand that is Brothers Leather Supply.

And if you’ve been following me on Instagram, perhaps you’ve seen some of the stunning goods I’ve been testing out — including today’s Style Pick, the slim, useful and effective 810 Wallet.  We’ve talked in the past about upgrading your wallet, and if you’ve yet to do that, the 810 Wallet is an easy and effective way to check that off your list of men’s style resolutions before the new year even starts.  Whether you browse online or have the chance to visit the Brothers Leather Supply shop in Grand Rapids, I’d urge you to get up to speed on a brand that could steadily upgrade your accessories — in fact, you can use the code ‘BrotherBeau15’ to get 15 percent off any item, now through January 6th! Why should you do that? Read on, my fellow #menswear aficionados.

The 810 Wallet is made with full-grain Vechetta leather in a lovely medium tan-brown color — it’s supple, smooth leather that’ll age nicely over time. And for $75, you definitely get your money’s worth — although hey, that 15 percent discount looks pretty good, yes? The brand does you one better by offering your pick of personalized branding and leather conditioner, too. The striped, canvas-lined large back pocket is a neat design touch that’s complemented smartly by three easy-to-access slots on the left side, plus a larger slip pocket on the right side (complete with its own striped tab). Yes my friends, the 810 Wallet  ios a masculine, smart-looking wallet that slides easily in and out of slim dark denim or a trim wool overcoat — a bulky George Costanza wallet, this is not. And it should slide easily into your front suit jacket pocket the next time you suit up on a dressy day at the office. So, what’s not to love about (potentially) your go-to everyday wallet? I’d pick one up as quickly as possible, and I’d wager you’ll be surprised at how much lighter — and more stylish — your everyday carry can be.

Get 15 percent off the 810 Wallet — or any other Brothers Leather Supply good using the code ‘BrotherBeau15’ now through January 6th. Stay stylish!