Online Shopping Picks: The Best Men’s Swimsuits to Buy This Summer

It’s definitely, definitely in the air: Summer, followed closely by the promise of sunny days in the water, stylish beach gear and yes, stylish swimsuits. If you need an upgrade in that department, we’ll get you sorted out in no time today. And if you start by taking a look at your swimwear, you’ll¬†be set when it comes to¬†what to wear to the beach this summer. Specifically, you’re going to want to reach for a pair of swim trunks¬†that fit more like your favorite pair of chino shorts. Look for a clean, not baggy, fit¬†— one that hits above the knee, namely. Although there are many iterations — from thigh-baring numbers to longer board shorts — we’re focusing on picks that generally hit the sweet spot today. Crucially, feel free to inject a bit of color and pattern into your ensemble. Reach for a stylish summer¬†shirt that can go from beach to boardwalk — like the Criquet Slim-Fit Player’s Shirt — and perhaps slip on a pair of SeaVees sneakers¬†to top it all off. It’s all in a day’s work, and I’m confident you’re going to like the picks we’ve sorted out for ya below. After all, the right swimsuit can be worn with just about any casual gear you can dream up. To see how I’m hitting the beach, follow me on Instagram. Don’t like the below picks? Just drop a comment below, or ‘Like’ us on Facebook.

#1. Finisterre Talland Beach Short — $84.98


Retro-leaning stripes, a clean fit and sharp style — perfect for summer.

Yes indeed, the brand that makes your favorite pair of chinos can make a heck of a pair of swim trunks, as well. Finisterre focuses on functionality merged with just a bit of fashion-forward edge — that’s what makes the colorful,¬†striped Talland Beach Shorts a worthy (and premium) pick-up. You get retro style without veering into full-on lifeguard territory and you get the added benefits of quick-drying, UV-resistant functionality. Snap up the Talland Beach Shorts¬†before your next beach trip, will ya?

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#2. Bather Trunk Co. Surf Trunk¬†— $69.98

Bather Trunk Co.

An eye-popping print and unique, quick-drying fabric are but two positive design features on these trunks.

Let’s keep the color and pattern going here with the Bather Trunk Co. Surf Trunk¬†¬†an ideal addition to your summer swimwear rotation. For quite the solid price, you get a pair of swim trunks that are anything but ordinary. With a 6.5-inch inseam — a length nearly mimics the cut of most chino shorts — you’re looking at easygoing style that’ll stand out on a beach full of black, knee-length¬†swimsuits. The waxed cotton drawstring and quick-drying polyester shell are also upgrades over your standard pair of swim trunks — not too shabby.

#3. United By Blue Stillwater Boardshorts —¬†$68¬†

United By Blue

A different-than-expected pattern and cool, easygoing four-way stretch.

If you want swim trunks with a longer cut and yet a tailored fit and eye-catching style, United By Blue is the place to go — and the Stillwater Boardshorts are the trunks to buy. Particularly useful if you’re catching some waves or doing a bit of waterfall hiking (or poolside beer-sipping), the pattern is one-of-a-kind and the material is injected with four-way stretch for easy wear. Plus, every purchase of the Stillwater Boardshorts¬†helps remove one pound of trash from oceans and waterways — what gets better than that?


#4. Birdwell Beach Britches for Todd Snyder 311 Boardshorts — $138

A recent collab from a great American menswear designer and a great American menswear brand.

Leave it to Mr. Todd Snyder to knock it out of the park when it comes to everything from suits to stylish pocket tees to … well, swimwear. The designer’s recent collaboration with heritage California surf brand Birdwell Beach Britches takes a classic, hand-stitched silhouette and updates with New York-centric colorways. That means they’ll work at every pool or beach this summer — you can even wear them to your next summer BBQ. Trust me — I took mine on a Memorial Day weekend trip to Florida, and loved ’em.

#5. Mack Weldon Board Shorts — $98

Mack Weldon

With stretchy fabric, quality materials and the brand’s attention to fit and quality, these new board shorts are a must-buy.

First, Mack Weldon conquered your underwear drawer. Then, they started producing stylish, slim merino T-shirts and other great basics. After that, it was the Mack Weldon Vesper Polo. And now, they’ve just introduced functional, well-fitting and well-made swimwear into their rotation. Made with a quick-drying fabric and available in neat, versatile colors (I’d recommend the Total Eclipse Blue), they should provide tailored beach style for months to come.

If I were you, I’d make sure I got my summer swimwear game sorted out ASAP — and I hope the picks on this list do prove helpful in that regard. From the retro striped pattern and bold color of the Talland Beach Shorts¬†to the eye-catching sensibility of the Stillwater Boardshorts¬†and the cool, versatile pattern on the Bather Trunk Co. Surf Trunk¬†, I’d¬† bet you’ll be the best-dressed guy on the beach (particularly if throw on something as wearable as a slim chambray shirt with your trunks. Picks from Todd Snyder and Mack Weldon are also nothing to sneeze at — with neutral colorways and reliable fits, those are two premium swimsuits worth buying. What are your must-haves for the beach this year? And which pair of the above stylish swim trunks will you be picking up?

Let me know over on Twitter. Until then — thanks for reading!


Online Shopping Picks: The Best Men’s Swimsuits to Buy Now

Editor’s note: For even more seasonal online shopping picks, head this way.

Here to help you pick out your ideal pair of summer swimwear. Setter Swim Trunks by Orlebar Brown. Organic cotton pocket tee by United By Blue. Eco-friendly watch by Sprout. Snowdon Sunglasses by Tom Ford.

Here to help you pick out your ideal pair of summer swimwear. Setter Swim Trunks by Orlebar Brown. Organic cotton pocket tee by United By Blue. Eco-friendly watch by Sprout. Snowdon Sunglasses by Tom Ford.

From time to time, nailing the right seasonal style can feel a bit overwhelming. After all, searching for and building off style upgrades isn’t easy. That extends to the little details (as your humble writer so often mentions), and that includes even times when you might feel a bit off-duty. In the case of hot summer weather, that means your swimsuit. Like a slim T-shirt¬†or a nice pair of shorts, it’s a place that you shouldn’t slack off. Luckily, swimwear has come under the spotlight a lot in recent years, thanks to stylish guys like James Bond himself rocking designer swim trunks (007 body not included). However, my fellow #menswear fan, you don’t have to go that fancy — or that expensive — to get yourself set with essential beach gear. There are swim trunks that strike the right vibe between casual and classy, and a lot of them look more like tailored shorts than in years past. For days when you might hop on a boat and then hop off for a round (or two, or three) at the dockside bar, that’s critical. Pick up a top men’s swimsuit below, and chime in over at The Style Guide’s Facebook page if you’ve got other picks I missed. Surf’s up!

#1. JackThreads The Swim Trunk — $39

A solid offering from a consistently great brand, at a great price.

A solid offering from a consistently great brand, at a great price.

If quality, affordability and style are what you seek, JackThreads has you covered. From its innovative new TryOuts program¬†to the fact that it stocks a plethora of style essentials — from a spring field coat to the stylish swim trunks seen here, they consistently get a lot of things right. These are cut slimmer than normal and should¬†hit about mid-thigh for most of us fellas, which provides a nice, tailored look. The Dress Blues color is versatile enough that these look more like shorts than anything else — see the intro paragraph for how versatile that makes ’em.

#2. Bonobos Surfside Board Short in Blue Chambray — $88

A longer inseam for us taller guys, plus a sharp blue chambray color.

A longer inseam for us taller guys, plus a sharp blue chambray color.

Our second pick here is quite the bump up in price, but definitely worth the investment. In fact, investing in a¬†pair of swim trunks cut in a tailored fit is about the best thing you can do if you want to push yourself to upgrade the rest of your outfit. That is to say, good-bye ratty tank top, hello crisp white polo (as seen in this style suggestion). The nice thing about these trunks is that they’re cut with a 9-inch inseam; while that might be too long for some of us, that’ll hit the spot for others. Bonobos also stocks a wide range of other swimwear options, from board shorts to trunks in a range of lengths, so there’s something for everyone.

#3. Sunspel Swim Short in Navy — $210

Recreated based off the swim shorts worn by Sean Connery as James Bond, and as sharp as you would expect.

Recreated based off the swim shorts worn by Sean Connery as James Bond, and as sharp as you would expect.

Ahh, yes. Here we are — a premium swim short that gives you a¬†crisp, tailored look, yet doesn’t break the bank (compared to the Orlebar Brown trunks sported by Daniel Craig’s Bond). It’s fitting, then, that¬†Sunspel was commissioned in 2011 to do up their own recreation of Sean Connery’s swim trunks as James Bond. The result is a sharp, lean and tailored pair of swim shorts with a nifty front button pocket and a super-clean waist (not a drawstring in sight — not that drawstrings are bad). The cost of these Sunspel Swim Shorts will set you back as much as the Bonobos pair above, so why not dive in?

#4. Grayers Batik Print Swim Trunk — $88

Vintage print inspiration makes these fun and functional.

Vintage print inspiration makes these fun and functional.

Man, $88 sure is a popular price when it comes to swim trunks, right? For those of us who prefer a little more color and pattern in our trunks (yet won’t compromise on fit), here comes the Grayers Batik Print Swim Trunk, playing off a cool, vintage-inspired print that wouldn’t look out of place alongside a vintage ballcap. The 7-inch inseam is a solid length that again lends them a tailored look. Everything from a slim navy polo to a short-sleeve Oxford is going to look just right when matched with these swim trunks — nautical gear should be a bit fun, after all. Just don’t forget stylish sunglasses to top it all off.

#5. Zachary Prell St. Giorgio Swim Trunk — $138¬†

Designer style meets swimwear with these Zachary Prell swim trunks.

Designer style meets swimwear with these Zachary Prell swim trunks.

If you prefer a more premium, minimal take on swimwear, the Zachary Prell St. Giorgio Swim Trunk is the pair for you. Italian fabric means these trunks cost more, but look all the better for it. They’ll again hit above the knee, giving you a bit more coverage if you’re taller. The teal blue color is totally spring and summer-appropriate, and makes them a bit more eye-catching and continental than other swim trunks out there. With a just-right length and versatile color (rock ’em with a white polo to start), they’ll be a reliable workhorse for plenty of trips to the beach.

While it can seem daunting at first to carry over great style principles from on land to in the water, it can definitely be done if you know where to start and you know what you’re looking for. Keep in mind classic, reliable brands like J. Crew for solid swimwear, and make sure you know your fit; not too long, not too short (ideally). If you follow the adage that great style is an investment, take your time picking out the right pair, and then wear them again and again with versatile style staples. Let me know what you pick out over on Twitter or catch my summer beach game over on Instagram.

Thanks for reading, and stay stylish!



Online Shopping Picks: Best Men’s Swimsuits for Summer


007. Nice swim trunks, right?

007. Nice swim trunks, right?

First of all: We should all aspire (I think) to get to a¬† 007-level type of fitness — and of course, to own clothing options like the Orlebar Brown swim trunks pictured above (but more on those later). Even if you don’t have the bank account of everyone’s favorite secret agent (or the physique), upping your swimwear game should be top of mind for the warmer months. Baggy boardshorts are the norm a lot of places where the water hits the sand (or even the sides of your local pool), but streamlining your swim trunks is a nice style move that’s an extension of dressing better everyday. And if you’ve already got that down and are just looking for a new pair of trunks, look no further than the picks assembled by your humble #menswear writer below.

#1. J. Crew Factory 7″ Tab Swim Short in Anchor — $39.50

The styling touches of shorts combined with the functionality of swim trunks.

The styling touches of shorts combined with the functionality of swim trunks.

The first noticeable thing about this pair of swim shorts is that they … don’t really look like typical swim trunks in terms of styling. The lack of a drawstring waistband and the more tailored appearance are both¬†definitely good things, though. The slant pockets and tab front are also touches you would find on¬†a pair of shorts, and doing away with the stylistic trappings of a baggy pair of swim trunks is certainly a great upgrade. The print is fun and¬†nautical, too — the company’s seersucker version is slightly toned down but still warm-weather friendly, on the other hand. Best of all? That price, which helps you keep more cash on-hand for that beer you need to bring to the beach.

#2. H&M Striped Swimshort — $17.50

A low, low price point that's hopefully not indicative of overall quality.

A low, low price point that’s hopefully not indicative of overall quality.

For those looking for something slightly more basic than the above pair (yet still want some color and pattern), H&M has you covered with these swimshorts. The price is typical of H&M, but hopefully this isn’t the type of swimsuit that’ll go to pieces as soon as you wear it. The touches here are more traditional —¬†the drawstring waistband is back, as is a Velcro back pocket. However, even this pair is better than a baggier set of trunks that hang below your knees. And you could even pick up a back-up set in one of nearly a dozen colors or patterns.

#3. J. Crew 7″ Boardshort with Contrast Pocket — $75

A classic offering from a classic brand.

A classic offering from a classic brand.

The more traditional counterpart to the JCF trunks listed above (yet still a style upgrade). J. Crew’s swimwear options, like the rest of its apparel offerings, hit things straight down the middle of the fairway as far as style goes — the 7″ length of these J. Crew swim¬†shorts should work with those at a range of different heights, as they eliminate the fabric of the typical baggy boardshort and keeps things slimmer overall. The light blue color and contrasting white waistband and back pocket are old-school, athletic-inspired touches.¬†While not¬†fully¬†the type of swim trunk you could wear straight¬†out to a casual dockside dinner afterward, the styling is ideal and the price is pretty agreeable.

#4. Bonobos Amalfi Boardshort — $150

A vibrant print and tailored touches make this pair stand out nicely.

A vibrant print and tailored touches make this pair stand out nicely.

Option number four on this list comes to us courtesy of Bonobos — the brand is also taking a more tailored approach to its swimwear, much like several of its menswear counterparts. These Amalfi Boardshorts also offer the crisp, classic design touches of the J. Crew Factory boardshorts seen above, but at a much higher price point; the Italian-sourced fabric and Italian-designed prints definitely see to that.¬† They feature the brand’s famous curved waistband, which should offer comfort not normally found in swim trunks. While the print is louder, this is one pair that gives off a very continental vibe.

#5. Orlebar Brown Setter Swim Trunks in Sky — $230


As luxe a swimsuit as it gets right now.

As luxe a swimsuit as it gets right now.

Gulp. That price tag. But still — worthy of an inclusion as the official swim trunk of James Bond himself. These are perhaps the most luxe pair of swim trunks on the market right now; they do feature a substantially shorter inseam than other pairs on this list (roughly 4.3″) but they still wear like a pair of (very) tailored shorts thanks to the side tabs and front metal slide (or “popper”) closure. They’re available in a range of colors, but the Sky version seen here is the one 007 wore to get in his laps in Skyfall. If you’re particularly ambitious and like hunting and waiting for a good sale, a fairly wide selection of Orlebar Brown swim trunks are actually available through Nordstrom. Let me know how the search goes and good luck on your latest mission, 007.

Of course, any online roundup that narrows things down to five picks is bound to slot some pieces into the ‘Honorable Mention’ spot — if you fancy a larger selection of trunks, STAG Provisions offers up an array of potential¬†picks from both classic retailers like Birdwell and more fashion-forward brands like Saturdays Surf NYC.¬† Of course, price, fit and versatility are key to keep in mind when picking up a pair of trunks — hopefully, each of these five will carry you far (or at least to the water) this summer.

What’s your favorite of these selections? Which pair are you planning on picking up — or have you already done so? Shoot me a note or leave it all in the comments!

Ernest Alexander