Style Pick of the Week: Criquet Slim-Fit Player’s Shirt

What’s better to wear on a breezy spring day than a slim, stylish polo? Truly, there’s not much. And that’s even moreso the case with the Criquet Slim-Fit Player’s Shirt, a piece that could quickly become your new favorite spring and summer polo.  It’s this week’s Style Pick of the Week for great reason — plenty of #menswear-centric design details set it apart from your average polo, and that means it’s to be applauded, praised …. and purchased. In fact, you might recognize the Criquet Slim-Fit Player’s Shirt from a recent #OOTD entry, and it’s back today thanks to its versatility and sharp style.  It’s available in a wide plethora of colors, including the crisp Heavy Metal colorway seen in these photos.  Other options include the Midnight Cowboy Slim-Fit Player’s Shirt and the Mr. White Slim-Fit Player’s Shirt, so you certainly can’t go wrong in that regard.

It’s a newer take on the brand’s classic Player’s Shirt, and it’s a welcome addition to the brand’s line. Now, just why is it so tough to misstep when picking up a slim polo (or other stylish gear) from Criquet Shirts? Let me tell you, my good man.  Criquet Shirts started with the simple idea that today’s polo shirts featured sloppy collars and poor construction — using the idea of their favorite prep-school shirts as well as classic polos worn by the guys in their family, Criquet Shirts set out to upgrade the polo. And after checking out the Criquet Slim-Fit Player’s Shirt (in multiple colorways) these past few weeks, I can definitely concur that it’s a style upgrade worth picking up for your closet this season. It’s comfortable enough to wear on a spring road trip, it’s stylish enough to layer under a lightweight navy blazer, and it’s well-made enough to work as hard as you do all day long — trust me.



A classic polo paired with crisp chinos and white sneakers — definitely the way to go. Renshaw Sneakers by Brooks Heritage. Standard Issue Utility Chinos by Brooks Heritage. Mod Watch by Timex x Todd Snyder. Notebook by Field Notes Brand. 810 Wallet by Brothers Leather Supply.

It features the sort of welcome design touches that other polo shirts lack — for starters, the sturdy collar sits nicely throughout the day, and doesn’t curl over (collar stays similar to your favorite dress shirt help out with that). And the 100 percent organic cotton jersey fabric is soft, comfortable and breathable — you’ll be comfortable in the heat with any color option of the  Criquet Slim-Fit Player’s Shirt. I’ve found mine to be handy and versatile enough to wear with everything from slim Apolis chinos and classic SeaVees sneakers to stylish light wash denim and a classic bomber jacket. And although some are firmly in the anti-logo camp, the small Criquet logo stitched on the left chest pocket is understated enough that the Criquet Slim-Fit Player’s Shirt works well on its own sans jacket. That’s great news if you’re in need of a polo — or several — to wear to work and then out to happy hour (without any of the bad connotations that bright polo shirts seem to conjure up). Feel free to wear it with tailored swim shorts and slip-on sneakers to the beach or boardwalk, too. And another thing — if you’ve found yourself wearing fewer and fewer polos over the years, it’s definitely time to start again. Make no mistake — the comfortable fabric, refined colors and tailored fit of the Criquet Slim-Fit Player’s Shirt are all features that could be enough to make you a believer in the power of the polo once again.

So, are you back on-board with a polo for spring and summer? What about the Criquet Slim-Fit Player’s Shirt?

Let me know in the comments — and we’ll see you out there!



#OOTD: What to Wear with Your Favorite Classic Sneakers

OK, so you’ve got a new pair of classic sneakers — wondering what to wear ’em with? That’s what today’s #OOTD is all about, and I think you’ll like the results. Much like wearing a classic henley or upgrading your casual shirt, the difference comes in the pieces you accessorize with alongside your sneakers; in this instance, that means a slim Criquet polo and classic Flint and Tinder chinos are the way to go.  Of course, it wouldn’t be possible without those classic, affordably priced and great-looking summer sneakers. So, the brand-new Abercrombie & Fitch x Tretorn collaboration — celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Tretorn Nylite Sneaker and the 125th anniversary of A&F — are the way to go. They’re sleek, they’re simple and they’re easy to buy right now — let’s show ya how to wear ’em, yes? For more daily #menswear inspiration, follow yours truly on Instagram.

Clean sneakers that are easy to wear with other essentials.

The Sneakers: Abercrombie & Fitch x Tretorn Nylite Sneakers, $70 — Designed in-house by Abercrombie & Fitch, this collaboration updates the classic Tretorn Nylite silhouette with a garment-dyed upper, easily wearable all summer long.

The Polo: Criquet Slim-Fit Player’s Shirt, $79  — Featuring the crisp collar and excellent fabric for which Criquet is known, the Slim-Fit Player’s Shirt is a great upgrade to your summer polo game.

Sutro Footwear

The Pants: Flint and Tinder 365 Pant in Light Khaki, $98 — The good folks of Flint and Tinder & Huckberry excel at making excellent gear for every season and nearly every occasion — the 365 Pant in Light Khaki is a prime example of that approach.

The Socks: Darn Tough No Show Ultra-Light Cushion Socks, $29.98 — When you slip on classic, high-quality sneakers, you need nice no-show socks to protect both your feet and the sneakers themselves. That’s where the Darn Tough no-show socks come into play.

The Belt: La Matera Corbina Belt, $145 — When is it worth it to spend $145 on a belt? When said belt is made by La Matera and adds a welcome shot of color and pattern into an outfit.

The Accessory: Tres Cuervos Flint Leather Bracelet (Available via Upstate Stock), $40 — Want to add some visual interest to your look? Reach for a well-made leather bracelet from the excellent menswear purveyors at Upstate Stock.
Oxfords under $50 CAD_728x90
The Watch: Orient USA Ray II Watch, $229.98 — In classic “McQueen” fashion, we’re pairing stellar sneakers with chinos, a polo and  a tough dive watch. In this instance, the Orient USA Ray II Watch is a stellar pick.
The Sunglasses: Raen Optics Wiley Sunglasses, $135 — Leave it to Huckberry to stock and sell an excellent mix of classic accessories — such as the handsome-looking Raen Optics Wiley Sunglasses. Done deal!
It’s a testament to the fun of changing seasons that it can be enjoyable to get dressed in the spring and summer without piling on a bunch of layers. And there might not be anything better than grabbing a classic pair of sneakers such as the  Abercrombie & Fitch x Tretorn pair seen here. When paired up with versatile essentials like the  Slim-Fit Player’s Shirt from Criquet, you’ve got a winning combination. And slim trousers like the 365 Pant in Light Khaki help get the job done, too. Lest we forget accessories, I’m confident you’ll be pleased with a neat-looking leather bracelet from Upstate Stock, plus the Raen Optics Wiley Sunglasses (a classic silhouette) and the tough Orient USA Ray II Watch. OK, folks — that’s all we’ve got today. Enjoy and stay stylish!