The Friday Read: London, The Best New Boots & The Billy Reid Final Sale

My friends, good morning and welcome to another Friday Read here at your favorite menswear blog. We’re kicking things off in a slightly different fashion today, as my locale at the moment is a bit different from the ordinary. As we speak, I’m in the iconic city of London for a long-awaited trip to the very festival you see at the top of the page: That’d be All Points East, headlined by my favorite band… The National. Over the years, perhaps you’ve read my musings on the importance of travel, music and of course, traveling in style to see music, and it all comes together now on a fine, hot London summer day.

I was just in London — staying in the exceptionally cool neighborhood of Shoreditch — to celebrate 100 years of Dickies workwear (check out that link for a full story on the brand!), and I’m so thrilled to be back. Seeing as I bought these tickets last November, it’s been a long time coming.

You can follow along on my Instagram to keep up with all the fun, but in the meantime, just know that I’m very excited to see such a stunning band in such a cool city — and that’s an understatement. Also in the meantime: Let’s get back to menswear and get the rest of your weekend started in style, shall we? Sounds great to me. Cheers!

Best on-sale menswear.
  • Here’s something I think you’re going to like quite a bit to start your weekend. Billy Reid, one of the country’s finest menswear designers and a personal favorite of your Brooklyn style writer, is giving stylish folks like yourself the chance to save an extra 25 percent on Final Sale items, now through September 5th. Go to it and refresh your wardrobe with the best men’s style essentials in time for Labor Day weekend and beyond.
Best new fall menswear for guys.
  • We’ll keep the fall style must-haves rolling right here with my next recommendation. The team at Free Fly Apparel, makers of surprisingly stylish performance menswear that can take you anywhere, just launched the Free Fly Apparel Fall Collection, and it’s packed with durable canvas pants, easy-to-layer quarter-zip sweaters, lightweight hoodies and much more. Be sure to shop the best new fall menswear in time for your first fall getaway.
  • Now here’s a fun, aspirational way to close out today’s Friday Read. Over the past year and change, I’ve become a fan of fine Scotch (acquired taste though it might be!), and that’s why it’s so cool to see the jaw-dropping new whisky prototype from The Macallan and Bentley (yes, the automaker Bentley). Head to Maxim to read about some of the coolest whisky on the market.

Frontier 30 728x90

So, that trio of reading and shopping picks is going to round out today’s Friday Read. I’ve got some London pints to enjoy — I especially loved Camden Town Brewery during my June trip, along with the speakeasy Bermondsey Arts Club, and I’m hopeful to get back to both this next time around, too! Again, you can (and should!) follow along on my Instagram to keep up with my travels across the pond. Cheers and thanks for reading!

The Friday Read: Filson Fall Menswear, The Best Everyday Carry Goods & New Whiskey From FEW Spirits

Best early fall menswear from Filson.

My friends, welcome to another Friday — a summer Friday, at that, but a great chance all the same to start thinking about the season ahead. Granted, we’ve not yet reached Labor Day, but is it ever too early to start shopping the best fall menswear from Filson? They’re but one of my favorite and recommended brands to get you ready for what you might call “beanie and waxed jacket” season, so consider checking out a whole host of Filson New Arrivals in the weeks to come. Think of it like an early, menswear insider tip to start your weekend in style.

As for the rest of your weekend (and my weekend!), I’ve got a full slate packed with both menswear writing and of course, a much-anticipated New York City concert. I’ll be trekking tonight to famed, historic Queens concert outpost Forest Hills Stadium to see a longtime favorite band, Michigan-born folk rockers Lord Huron! I’ve been a fan since my days back in college in Pure Michigan, so to see stylish frontman Ben Schneider take the stage in NYC is a true, long-awaited treat.

Naturally, I’ll be covering all the fun on my Instagram, and it’ll be a nice, tranquil way to slide on into a breezy summer weekend. In the meantime, consider checking out those Filson New Arrivals — and consider spinning the music of Lord Huron, too. Cheers and let’s get into the rest of the Friday Read!

  • Whiskey lovers, rejoice — actually, make that whiskey lovers AND lovers of high-voltage rock n’roll (guilty as charged). It was a pleasure to both uncork and write about an excellent new whiskey from FEW Spirits out of the Midwest (Evanston, Illinois). FEW Spirits worked with San Fran rockers Black Rebel Motorcycle Club on a standout new Motor Oil Whiskey, and it was so very cool to be able to write about that launch over at Maxim. Cheers, my friends. Best of all? The fact that you can get FEW Spirits delivered to your door with Drizly. Again, cheers!

Frontier 30 320x50

  • Consider this one more style tip to get your weekend rolling before I leave you to the rest of your Friday. The good folks at Huckberry have done it once again — and by “it,” I mean teaming up with Alabama-based Billy Reid on the Billy Reid x Huckberry Dover Hoodie, and what a piece it is. My latest blog post covers everything you need to know about this supremely stylish hooded sweatshirt. Get to it, folks.

Soap and Scrubber Bundle 300x250

That’ll bring us to the end of another Friday Read — are you feeling a bit more ready for the weekend? I know I sure am, but first, I’ve got my aforementioned trek up to Queens to see Lord Huron this evening. Be sure to follow along with all the fun on my Instagram, and as always, thanks for reading! 

Style Pick of the Week: Filson Lightweight Alaska Guide Shirt – The Best Shirt for Men for Early Fall

Best early fall shirt for men.

The theme of the week here on your favorite Brooklyn style blog has been how to dress in style for early fall, and with good reason — soon enough, breezy weather will be upon us, and it always pays off to gear up early with the most rugged menswear on the market. You’re in luck, because legendary heritage outfitter Filson is welcoming a crop of the best new menswear that gets better each and every day, and that’s especially true when it comes to crafting one of the most classic, best shirts for men.

If you’re searching for the sort of men’s style essentials you can shop now — in the depths of August — and then wear come September and October (and beyond!), the Filson Lightweight Alaska Guide Shirt is your best bet, to say the very least. It’s a Filson icon for a reason, and like, say, Filson’s Waffle Thermal Crew, it’s an early fall style pick you won’t want to leave home without.

Crucially, the Filson Lightweight Alaska Guide Shirt helps you bridge the gap between summer and fall, and it all comes down to construction and quality. It’s been described by Filson as an “all-season workhorse,” and a lightweight 5oz. cotton that’s still durable and yet breathable speaks to that claim quite nicely.

The Filson Lightweight Alaska Guide Shirt is also made with pleated shoulders for ease of movement — and layering, when weather starts to turn colder on you. For now, you should keep an eye on the Filson Lightweight Alaska Guide Shirt — a number of classic colors are up for grabs, with vibrant, classic patterns on the way later this fall. It’s never too soon to stock up on the best men’s style essentials, and my friends at Filson have you covered.

The Tuesday Steal: Filson’s Waffle Knit Crewneck is the Most Rugged Shirt Under $100 Right Now

Most rugged fall shirt for men.

There are times when a menswear essential — like one of the best thermal shirts, for instance — is so well-made, it actually ends up being a heck of a deal even when not on sale. What exactly do I mean by that? Well, take the gear produced by legendary heritage outfitter Filson — they’re a favorite of the blog, and known for making everything from one of the best lightweight shirts to the most durable weekender bag on the market.

That list now includes the Filson Waffle Knit Thermal, which very well might be one of the best shirts for men under $100 to shop right now. It’s part of Filson’s Fall Standouts Collection, an offering of the most rugged menswear on the market that just so happens to arrive right as early fall menswear starts to ramp up in earnest.

When it comes down to it, the Filson Waffle Knit Thermal really is quite the steal when you consider its dependable specs and hard-working style points. It’s the kind of base layer you can wear with a trusty Filson waxed jacket or your favorite denim jacket, and you can also treat it as an essential layer beneath, say, a Filson flannel shirt. It’s also a prime time to shop the Filson Waffle Knit Thermal — by the time cool weather rolls around in earnest, you’ll be ready to layer up with ease.

Between the 12oz. thermal-knit cotton — for warmth that won’t cause you to overheat — to details like ribbed knit cuffs for a solid fit — the Filson Waffle Knit Thermal is certainly the best menswear deal to shop if you value rugged, dependable cold-weather layering. It’s never too early to prepare properly for fall, and for under $100, the Filson Waffle Knit Thermal can help you do just that.

The Thursday Buy: The Filson Oil Finish Excursion Bag Is Your Next Weekend Getaway Bag

Best weekender bag for men.

As you plan out the rest of your fast-moving summer, I’m sure you’re aware of one thing: For any adventure off the grid (or on the grid!), the right gear is critical — and hopefully, you don’t need me to tell you that Filson delivers that proper gear. The revered Pacific Northwest heritage outfitter is currently running the Filson Semi-Annual Sale, to be sure, but there’s a full-priced pick I’m offering up today: It’s the rugged, impossibly cool Filson Oil Finish Excursion Bag, one of the best weekender bags on the market right now.

It’s less of a casual weekend travel bag and more a dependable bag you should take with you off the grid on camping, fishing or hiking trips, but the water-repellent exterior design of the Filson Oil Finish Excursion Bag will come in handy just about any time you need it. The waxed canvas is durable and dependable, but made to get better over time, while the legendary brand has also included an interior pocket designed to hold hard-wearing outdoor gear.

Crucially, the Filson Oil Finish Excursion Bag features a top-entry U-shaped zipper to provide easy access to your most critical gear off the grid. Accents like bridle leather and the webbing shoulder strap finish off the Filson Oil Finish Excursion Bag in hard-wearing fashion, too. The best part about the adventure-minded Filson Oil Finish Excursion Bag might be the fact that it’s priced fairly — for the quality and build, that is — at just under $400. The next time you need to load up a tough weekender bag to hit the road, make the proper pick with the Filson Oil Finish Excursion Bag.

The Tuesday Steal: Shop Filson’s Semi-Annual Sale for 40 Percent off the Best Outdoor Gear

My friends, I’m going to let you in on a little secret, something that’s a key part of how we do things here at The Style Guide: When some of the best men’s outdoor gear goes on sale, it’s crucial you hop on those deals as soon as possible. I suppose that’s not the biggest secret of them all, but it’s especially relevant in today’s Tuesday Steal: The Filson Semi-Annual Sale is rolling along right now, offering 40 percent off some of the best outdoor gear for men, with picks aplenty for this season and each season thereafter.

If you read the blog on the regular, you’re well aware that the legendary heritage outfitter can upgrade your gear in the blink of an eye with picks like one of the best lightweight summer shirts, and there’s plenty more where that came from in the Filson Semi-Annual Sale.

Within the sale itself, you’ll find just about rugged gear pick you could ask for, from work pants to work shirting, durable jackets and breezy T-shirts — to name but a few categories in which Filson excels. I’m going to keep things brief today, because the Filson Semi-Annual Sale won’t be around for very long. Shop these deals ASAP, folks.

Style Pick of the Week: Filson Washed Feather Cloth Shirt – The Best Men’s Shirt for Summer

Best men's shirt for summer.

When you get down to it, your summer wardrobe needs options that both fight the heat and keep you sharp in style while doing so. After all, for as much as a guy needs casual summer style essentials like one of the best men’s T-shirts, he also needs slightly more polished (yet no less rugged and useful) style moves close at hand, too. Enter Filson’s Summer Shop, a standout offering filled to the brim with the best menswear for summer — including the Filson Washed Feather Cloth Shirt. The legendary Pacific Northwest heritage outfitter knows a thing or two about how to outfit you for every season, and that includes when the mercury rises, too.

Stock up on summer gear at Filson

Your new favorite style picks are here

The Filson Washed Feather Cloth Shirt is a must-buy for plenty of reasons, chief among them the fact that it’s an ideal option when you want to quite literally look buttoned-up without the stuffy nature of wearing, say, a more thick Oxford shirt in the heat. The Filson Washed Feather Cloth Shirt uses lightweight 100 percent cotton, the kind that’s been washed for softness — and washed plenty of times, at that. Even the dusty, breezy color options in which you can snag the Filson Washed Feather Cloth Shirt are a nice complement to, say, your favorite pair of light wash jeans or even chino shorts and canvas sneakers.

It helps that this shirt also features handy front-button chest pockets, all the better to store your everyday carry essentials. If it seems like the Filson Washed Feather Cloth Shirt really can do just about anything, that’s because, well, for the summer months, it certainly gets the job done in style.

The Friday Read: Filson’s Sem-Annual Sale, The Best Summer Colognes & A New Huckberry Watch

Folks, welcome back to another edition of the week-closing Friday Read here at The Style Guide, where we’ve got a lot of ground to cover. Let’s start with the fact that yes, as the headline would imply, the Filson Semi-Annual Sale just kicked off, and it’s got a ton of the best summer style essentials up for grabs. It’s rare that a retailer like the famed Pacific Northwest heritage outfitter offers up the best in-season gear (and gear for the seasons ahead!) at a discount, so you’d do very well indeed to check out the Filson Semi-Annual Sale.

The rest of the way forward this weekend, well, I’d recommend you keep things rolling along with a few choice style reads below, of course. As for me? I have stories to write up for as well as Effortless Gent, and in the midst of it all — including recovering from my standout trip to London last week! — I’ll be prepping for yet another trip.

The jaunt in question? A return to Michigan for the wedding of a longtime college friend (Go Green!), plus some Fourth of July celebrations. What’s on the docket for you? Besides, of course, checking out my recommended menswear shopping and reading picks? Without further ado, let’s get into it below. Cheers, my friends.

  • If you happen to read the blog on the regular, consider this one a bit of a refresher — there’s a standout new, perfectly rugged, highly stylish watch up for grabs right now at Huckberry, and the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Pro Diver Titanium is well worth the investment. The timepiece, as I wrote about here on the blog, celebrates the Swiss watchmaker’s 140th anniversary, and it does so with both excellent looks and high-performing capabilities in mind. Check it out for yourself ASAP.
  • Summer is high time to refresh plenty of things all around — be it your wardrobe or your travel plans, or your summer scent. Think light and airy, and of course, head on over to Maxim to read about my latest guide to the best summer colognes.
  • I’ll leave you with one more recommended style pick from my neck of the woods. The best shorts for summer are a must-have in these casual, increasingly hot times, so you’d do very well to keep it locked here on the blog and check out the Mack Weldon Maverick Tech Chino Shorts, as written about by yours truly. They’re as good as it gets for summer, my friends.

That’s going to wrap things up for my latest Friday dispatch, my friends — here’s to a great start to the holiday weekend, and here’s to stepping out in style this summer. As always: Thanks for reading! 

The Sunday Sale: Filson’s Ranger Tee Is a Steal for Under $40

When the time comes to hit the road, hike a trail or head to the beach this summer, you should already have a solid idea of what you’re wearing: Make it some of the most rugged menswear on the market from the heritage outfitters at Filson. Better still, make it gear you can truly keep wearing — and wearing, and wearing — for a downright steal, which is why we’re here in today’s Sunday Sale. Specifically, let’s talk about a basic you won’t be able to go anywhere without as the mercury rises.

To wit: There are going to be certain style essentials you pick up time and time again this season, like one of the best men’s T-shirts, and it’s all the better if you can combine affordability and a rugged appeal. Meet the Filson Ranger Tee, one of the most well-made, best T-shirts for men — done in only a way Filson can, no less.

Best graphic T-shirt for men.

The Filson Ranger Tee is seemingly simple on the surface, but delivers some serious bang for your buck for under $40 — not unlike the quality-meets-value equation you find when you pick up one of the best men’s short-sleeve shirts for summer from the very same brand. The real key here is the use of 3.5 oz. jersey cotton for durability and a substantial-yet-breathable feel. That makes it a tee you can wear with stretch active shorts on a day hike or park stroll, or with breezy chino shorts and white canvas sneakers for weekend beers.

Best of all? That sub-$40 price tag, which turns it into a downright steal. Make sure the Filson Ranger Tee ends up in your wardrobe ASAP — what’s Sunday shopping for, after all? Here’s to summer, my friends.

Style Pick of the Week: Filson Dry Falls Shorts – The Best Active Shorts To Wear This Summer

Best active shorts for men.

For as much as certain brands are known for doing one thing well (extremely well, at that), it’s refreshing to see a heritage brand like the good folks at Filson step outside of its comfort zone to produce lightweight, summer-friendly gear. Specifically, it’s cooler now than ever before to see a Pacific Northwest heritage outfitter like Filson step right up and deliver some of the best men’s shorts for summer.

You already know all about the fact that a brand like Filson makes one of the best men’s chambray shirts, not to mention equally rugged gear like the toughest winter workshirt, but thanks to the launch of the Filson Dry Falls Shorts, you can get some of the best shorts for men from your favorite rugged outfitter.

Lest this seem too good to be true, consider the rugged appeal of picking up some shorts from Filson: Especially for outdoor adventures, the brand is famed for using tough-yet-pliable fabrics, the kind that get better with age — they’ve certainly done the same thing with the Filson Dry Fall Shorts (more on that in just a second).

Most versatile shorts for men this summer.

The key with the Filson Dry Fall Shorts starts, of course, with that famed Filson fabric and attention to detail. In this case, it’s a durable and tightly woven cotton with a hint of stretch for ease of movement. The 7-inch inseam on the Filson Dry Fall Shorts should hit above the knee for most guys, another crucial design detail if it’s easygoing movement from the trail to the watering hole that you seek.

They’re also incredibly lightweight, and Filson bills the drawcord waistband on the Filson Dry Fall Shorts as another helpful touch that helps you eliminate a belt that might slow you down (they’re absolutely correct, too!).

The Filson Dry Fall Shorts feature reinforced pockets and front stitching, another crucial touch in terms of durability, while the rear pockets are even made with Velcro flaps to ensure your everyday carry stays in place on the go. They also work for more casual pursuits — backyard beers and brewery visits come to mind — while the range of colors offers up something for every palette (my personal favorite? The eye-catching Dark Moss). Make the Filson Dry Fall Shorts your new favorite everyday summer shorts: You won’t regret it.