The Tuesday Steal: Now is the Best Time to Buy a Waxed Jacket at Huckberry

The best waxed jackets for men.

If you’ve kicked off your search for one of the best men’s jackets for spring this week — and right on time as we roll into March — hopefully, you’ve scouted out the right resource. Sure, there are certainly many places you can go to find one of the best waxed jackets, but if you know what’s good for yourself and your wardrobe, you’d do well to save on your next waxed jacket at Huckberry. Of course, you hopefully already know the lauded San Francisco retailer for essentials like the Flint and Tinder Waxed Trucker Jacket, a Huckberry bestseller that also tends to show up on sale from time to time.

You need a new waxed jacket this spring

Head to Huckbery to get yours

But beyond that, it makes perfect sense that Huckberry would offer rugged waxed jackets from the likes of Barbour, Schott and naturally, Flint and Tinder. This is an assortment that includes durable waxed cotton field jackets, vests and shirt jackets, most of which are on sale right now as we move into a new season. And even if there aren’t a ton of deals to be had at this very moment, the best men’s waxed jackets at Huckberry aren’t a bad score in their own right, clocking in at under $300 for durable options from Flint and Tinder (that’d be the iconic waxed trucker jacket). A waxed cotton jacket, often lined with cotton flannel and made to be layered with other rugged early spring style staples, is going to help you move into a new season with ease. Don’t miss out on today’s offerings from Huckberry — I’ll leave you to it. Here’s to shopping and saving, my friends.

See Now, Buy Now: The Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket is the Best Early Spring Jacket for Men

The best early spring jacket for men.

It’s one heck of a time to be searching for one of the best men’s jackets for early spring, and that’s why we’re gathered here today. In fact, I’d wager you already recognize the brand in question making your new favorite jacket, and that’s the perfectly balanced, rugged-yet-refined style purveyors at San Francisco-based Taylor Stitch. Hopefully, you recognize the brand from the blog over the years, seeing as they’re one of my favorite brands — and seeing as they can do it all in the world of menswear, from one of the best winter blazers for men to the carefully crafted Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket, the durable and hard-wearing coat seen at the top of the page. You also likely know the brand from other layers, including one of the best shawl cardigans, but as we roll through March and you pore over Taylor Stitch reviews, it’s best to lighten things up just a bit.

It’s just about time you swapped out your sturdy winter parka for something lighter yet no less durable and substantial, and the Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket checks all the right boxes in that regard. It starts with the silhouette, modeled off old workwear jackets and yet streamlined for today’s modern man: It’s the right blend of a field jacket and a chore coat, with nicely sized hip pockets and one chest pocket for storing your everyday carry essentials on and off the job. It only gets better from there, of course, when it comes to the Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket.

The best workwear jacket for men.

The Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket, crucially, really is made to be worn and lived in this season, crafted from 100 percent organic cotton that’s also been washed for a soft feel right out of the box. The Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket is almost like the perfect hybrid between a blazer and chore coat, with sturdy front buttons that can be buttoned all the way up or worn more casually (with only two or three buttons done up, for instance), and that versatility also makes it one of the best jackets for men. The Washed Charcoal color is yet another marker of versatility and utility when you consider the rugged appeal of the Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket — you can wear this jacket with your favorite pair of blue jeans, with Taylor Stitch chinos and perhaps even with the Taylor Stitch Apres Pants for quick, casually polished weekend outings.

But when you really need a jacket that can get the job done — even if that job happens to involve everything from daily meetings to site visits — the Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket is the right way to go. Layer it up over an Oxford or chambray shirt to drive home its classic styling potential, or pair it with your favorite henley for a go-to laidback weekend look you can wear from day to night. The Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket should prove a hit in matters of style and functionality, and that’s about the best you can ask for from one of the best spring jackets for men.

Style Pick of the Week: Line of Trade Portland Rain Jacket

Line of Trade, Portland Rain Jacket

Simple on the surface, but highly functional and ready for spring elsewhere.

If you’re not familiar with the pleasingly rugged, classic outerwear, shirting and gear from Line of Trade at Bespoke Post, it’s high time indeed that you got very, very familiar. They consistently make, among other categories, some of the best jackets for men in any season, and that holds true with the Line of Trade Portland Rain Jacket. As ever, Bespoke Post assuredly knows what it’s doing with this in-house brand, and the result is one of the best spring rain jackets you’re going to layer up with for the weeks ahead — in short, don’t delay! But let’s get into what makes it so special, shall we? Allow me to tell you why this is one heck of a must-buy rain jacket for men. First off, you can get this jacket as a standalone style favorite, or you can pick up the Bespoke Post Downpour Box, one of the latest and greatest monthly subscription boxes from the NYC-based retailer (one of my favorite online retailers, I should add). So it’s got both affordability and ease of access going for it, and that’s not to be overlooked these days. Naturally, the Line of Trade Portland Rain Jacket also checks all the right boxes in terms of style and utility (more on both in a moment).

SHOP: The Line of Trade Portland Rain Jacket


Line of Trade Portland Rain Jacket reviews

Classic, crisp and functional — everything you could ask for in the best men’s spring rain jacket, right?

It’s got all the specs you could ever ask for in your new favorite rain jacket, including the fact that it’s lightweight and yet durable, so it’ll protect you from rain on the go without weighing you down. The Line of Trade Portland Rain Jacket features a cotton shell with a DWR, or durable water repellent, coating for maximum water resistance. The fact that it’s built with three layers of fabric and a 5K waterproof rating is also critical. In short, it packs in a lot of functionality (including taped seams to keep water out) into a subtle and stylish package. The storm flap front closure also manages to keep water out, and the duckbill hood is a very nice touch in the midst of the worst spring rains possible. When you want a jacket for a downright steal ($45 via the Bespoke Post Downpour Box or just $100 on its own), it’s very clear that you want the Line of Trade Portland Rain Jacket.

#OOTD: Here’s How to Wear a Field Jacket for Spring Weather

The right #OOTD for spring is all about how you style transitional gear picks into one cohesive look that’s ready for darn near anything. That’s why we’re here today, after all. It all starts off as you might expect when dealing with spring weather: With one of the best men’s jackets for spring. The Taylor Stitch Harris Jacket manages to be rugged yet modern, with a streamlined fit and some updates that take it above and beyond the ordinary field jacket of days gone by. Just look at the discreet chest zipper pockets, the strategically placed slanted hip pockets, the durable hardware and the organic cotton exterior, complete with a water-resistant finish.  Yes indeed, the Taylor Stitch Harris Jacket  can do it all. The look gets help along the way from some of the best new jeans from Mott and Bow, plus an Everlane Oxford shirt — two timeless picks that can work from day to night this spring. If you’re heading away on a weekend road trip or enjoying some outdoor beer garden brews or a  relaxing coffee — a few of the only pursuits we can take part in these days! — then this ensemble is going to do the hard work for you.

Some of the best spring rain boots also step up to the plate and provide functionality and style in equal measure. But if you really want to stand out subtly and stylishly this season, it’s one of the best men’s spring jackets you’re going to want to grab as you head out the door. Trust me on that one, folks. And to see how I’m dressing for spring, be sure to give me a follow on Instagram. Stay dry, stay stylish! Here’s the full #OOTD.

A sleek-yet-tough field jacket styled for on-the-go versatility this spring.

  • The Jacket: Taylor Stitch Harris Jacket in Forest Dry Wax, $238 — The durable water-resistant exterior and the sleek fit (plus the zippered hood) make this a jacket that readily blends form and function. One of the best field jackets around, easily.
  • The Shirt: Everlane Standard Fit Oxford, $62 — Is there any shirt more wearable for spring than a classic Oxford shirt from a radically transparent brand like Everlane? No sir, there’s not. And it pairs up perfectly with the Taylor Stitch Harris Jacket. Plus, you can get 10 percent off your first order now. 
  • The Spring Denim: Mott and Bow Slim Mercer Jeans in Clay, $118 — While a pair of classic blue jeans won’t let you down, it’s sometimes nice to switch things up a bit. These slim jeans from Mott and Bow are a nice change of pace.
  • The Rugged Boots: Rhodes Footwear Dolomite Boots, $248 — These tough hiking boots just so happen to have a slim profile to go along with city or adventure-ready performance touches, making ’em some of the best leather boots for men now.
  • The Socks: Proof 72-Hour Merino Crew Socks, $32 (Two-Pack) — That’s right: For long days on the, you need some of the best merino wool socks for men, and this two-pack delivers.
  • The Watch: Timex Marlin Automatic Leather Watch, $249 — Timex men’s watches are renowned for their durability and affordability — it doesn’t hurt that the Timex Marlin Leather Watch is retro-inspired, sharp and stylish, too (plus, Timex is offering free ground shipping on all orders).
  • The Grooming Essentials: Huron Big Three Kit, $38 — Get a trio of the best men’s grooming essentials out there, including face wash and face lotion. Talk about a spring refresh.
  • The Everyday Cary: DISCOMMON Watch Wallet 2, $210 — Although this everyday carry essential is listed as a watch wallet, it’s actually versatile enough to haul your journal and cash plus cards, in addition to safely storing a timepiece as needed. That makes it one of the best EDC gear picks you can have on your person this spring, I’d wager.

For as much as the devil is in the details, you might say, it’s just as important to get the big-ticket items properly secured to get around in style this season. That’s where one of the best field jackets enters your life and your wardrobe — the Taylor Stitch Harris Jacket is sleek and well-fitting, yet easy to layer. And even more crucially, it’s designed to stand up to spring rain and wind.

That makes it the best men’s spring jacket to wear atop your other versatile seasonal style picks here, including a classic Oxford shirt from the good folks at Everlane (just add a rugged crewneck sweatshirt if you get chilly). A pair of slim jeans from Mott and Bow in an eye-catching shade of blue switch things up from your typical blue jeans, and the entire combination sits stylishly atop the dependable Rhodes Footwear Dolomite Boots. Your ensemble can only go as far as your accessories, so some of the best merino wool socks for men are a wise bet for comfort and performance. Meanwhile, your Timex Marlin Leather Watch can take a bit of a pounding and look great in the process.  A trio of the best men’s grooming essentials helps keep your mug in fine form this season, and the innovative DISCOMMON Watch Wallet 2 protects your everyday carry without missing a beat. Feeling great about this ensemble? I know I am — see you out there this season.

Style Pick of the Week: Capalbio Canvas Shirt Jacket

The rough-and-tumble shirt jacket that’s going to change your spring wardrobe.

If you’ve been feeling like you still need to stock up on spring style essentials to really get the season going, then fear not — you’ve got plenty of time. In that case, it would beoove you to pick up the Capalbio Canvas Shirt Jacket, perhaps one of the best spring jackets that you’re apt to find right now. It’s certainly one of the more unique offerings on the market, blending old-school appeal with rugged versatility and functionality. To me, that makes it quite possibly the perfect spring jacket, as apt to wear with your favorite T-shirt as it is with a classic chambray shirt — but we’ll get to that in a second. Why is the Capalbio Canvas Shirt Jacket right for you? Plenty of reasons. It’s got quite the spirited story to it, with roots that date back to northern Italy — that’s heritage you can’t find in any old store. The Capalbio Canvas Shirt Jacket is a modern update of the type of shirt jacket worn by ranchers, so you know it’s got the chops in terms of toughness and utility.

SHOP: The Capalbio Canvas Shirt Jacket 

Made from 100 percent cotton and featuring a plethora of pockets for your everyday carry essentials, the Capalbio Canvas Shirt Jacket simply doesn’t mess around. It’s that old-school functionality that should come in handy these days, even if you’re only wearing it to grab coffee versus doing real-life work on the ranch.

The surprisingly versatile shirt jacket you need for spring.

Plus, it’s just plain great to have options in your outerwear rotation, and the Capalbio Canvas Shirt Jacket is innovative enough to take up a spot in your closet. It can be used as a stand-in for your spring blazer when worn with light wash jeans and white Oxford shirt — just add in some brown leather brogues — and it can also function as a more rugged top layer when teamed with olive chinos, and a short-sleeve henley. Either way, you should be able to layer the Capalbio Canvas Shirt Jacket with ease — it’s the lightweight cotton construction that keeps it breathable and dependable for all-day wear. Heck, our friends at Huckberry even call the Capalbio Canvas Shirt Jacket the “Italian cowboy blazer.” How cool is that? You even get your pick of colors (I prefer the Terra Canvas iteration of this stylish shirt jacket) — not to mention a removable floral print liner. In summary, folks: There’s no more versatile jacket for spring than the Capalbio Canvas Shirt Jacket — that’s all there is to it.

SHOP: The Capalbio Canvas Shirt Jacket 

Style Pick of the Week: Todd Snyder Nylon Deck Jacket

Todd Snyder

Potentially your new favorite spring jacket? Oh, yes.

OK, everyone — now that we’re past tax season and you’ve just locked in that refund, why not turn around and spend it on the Todd Snyder Nylon Deck Jacket? Who’s with me? Even if you  go the responsible route and sock that money away, a stylish spring jacket is absolutely something you need in your closet — to say the least. And what better place to go for one than an excellent, lauded American menswear designer like Todd Snyder? He’s a designer who does so many things well — at least in the eyes of your Style Guide writer — and excellent, functional and plain great-looking outerwear like the Nylon Deck Jacket fits the bill quite nicely. It’s the sort of piece that feels at once vintage and current — it’s the ideal blend of clean looks (no logo, a neutral navy color) and heritage style that the designer nails perfectly in other pieces like the Todd Snyder x Champion Pocket Sweatshirt.  And if you’re in the market for a functional, well-designed and versatile spring jacket, the Nylon Deck Jacket is exactly what you should look for. It starts with the double-faced nylon, which adds durability while keeping the silhouette lightweight. Add in the fact that it’s got a quilted wool shell liner — also  removable — and it’s really two layering pieces within one. Given its naval inspiration, it’s even fitting that the front buttons are made from melanine — the strongest type of material for buttons used by the military. Not bad, ehh? So, the Nylon Deck Jacket has the specs to stand up to spring rain and look great in the process — but how exactly should you style this piece, you ask? Simple, my friends.

With a versatile, clean silhouette, the Nylon Deck Jacket is wearable with just about anything in your rotation — particularly a rugged chambray shirt and slim khaki chinos (both everyday essentials that work for a business casual office or a weekend coffee date. And the great thing is that you can also layer it over even more laidback pieces — try a slim  Todd Snyder pocket tee and slim light wash denim, to start. But the essential nature of the Nylon Deck Jacket doesn’t stop with its clean, simple looks. Handy design touches like an interior cell phone pocket help your essential everyday carry pieces stay dry in the rain, too. The fit should also be slim and reliable — perfect for layering up with the Todd Snyder x Champion Pocket Sweatshirt and hitting up your favorite bar or grabbing Sunday brunch. That versatility — combined with its stylish silhouette — is crucial. As we always say here at The Style Guide, it’s an investment worth making — preferably as soon as you can. And don’t forget other ways you can wear it — say, with a marled long-sleeve henley and chino shorts for a grab-and-go outfit after hitting up the beach. Of course, it’s the type of functional jacket that also works as you dress for spring break — again, grab and go. Alright, ready to spend that refund? Of course you are (wink, wink). If you want more spring style inspiration, follow yours truly on Instagram or Twitter.

See you out there, and stay stylish!


Online Shopping Picks: The Best Spring Jackets to Buy This Season

Now that we’re flying through March and closing quickly on April, it’s high time to talk about the best spring jackets to buy this season — are ya with me? It’s always a relevant topic as all of us battle showers and blustery winds, plus the occasional spring road trip. So, what type of jacket to buy for those various pursuits? Well, the good news is there are plenty of excellent styles to pick up for all of us #menswear lovers — from a stylish denim jacket to an investment-worthy moto jacket, we’ve got ’em all covered. The key here is looking for a piece that exudes casual-but-crisp and versatile style — so, it’s kind of like shopping for a stylish, slim topcoat. After all, the best spring jackets can be layered up with everything from a marled henley to a slim Oxford, a knit tie and your favorite chinos. I’d wager you’re going to want to pick up more than a few of the below jackets — with that in mind, we’ve looked for a combination of affordability, quality and great looks. So, check out the latest Online Shopping Picks entry, fill up your shopping cart and join me on Twitter to keep the discussion going.


#1. Levi’s Trucker Jacket — $70

It’s tough to find a spring jacket more classic — and perhaps iconic — than this one.

We’re kicking off this men’s style roundup with a look at perhaps the most essential piece of outerwear in your closet this spring – the trusty denim jacket. Particularly when made by an iconic brand like Levi’s, the denim jacket combines casual cool with functionality. Layer it up over your favorite cotton plaid shirt with slim chinos in place of a blazer, use it as a casual jacket for weekend road trips, and give it a shot over a printed shirt and olive cargo pants. Don’t be afraid to try a lighter-to-medium wash like the one shown – team that bad boy with slim grey denim for rock-inspired style, too.

#2. Taylor Stitch Moto Jacket — $1,075

Taylor Stitch Moto Jacket

Quite possibly the best leather jacket on the market right now — hands-down.

Jacket No. 2 comes to us via the fine folks at Taylor Stitch … boy, it is something else. Now, before you send me a bewildered email calling out the investment-level price tag, bear with me. There might not be a better, more versatile or more durable leather jacket on the market. Based off a classic café racer design, you might recognize the same silhouette (the Taylor Stitch Whiskey Moto Jacket) from a past entry on this site – however, we’re sticking with the slick Black Moto Jacket for spring style that’s at once sharp and effective. The weight and construction mean you can wear it with everything from a crewneck tee to a short-sleeve chambray shirt and even an Oxford and knit tie. Pick up the Black Moto Jacket ASAP and let me know what you think.

NOV CAMPAIGN: Photo of black boots with logo (no border)

#3. Bridge and Burn Northfork Woodland Jacket — $198

A combination of utilitarian function, toughness and great looks.

While a stylish leather jacket or a rugged denim jacket are always effective #menswear moves, there’s something to be said for reaching for a spring jacket with functionality top of mind. That’s what you get with the Northfork Woodland Jacket in a classic shade of olive green. The lightweight cotton makes it ideal for layering on chilly spring nights, and the plethora of pockets — say that five times fast — gives you plenty of space for your everyday carry on spring weekend adventures. Match this guy up with suede Chelsea boots and perhaps a pair of the best light wash denim for spring the next time you head to your local watering hole – trust me.

#4. Abercrombie & Fitch Bonded Mac Jacket — $99

A versatile overcoat that’s at once functional and stylish.

As we’ve written about often here at The Style Guide, Abercrombie & Fitch consistently continues to up it men’s style game. From surprisingly hard-wearing outerwear like this Bonded Mac Jacket to vintage-inspired layering pieces like the Abercrombie & Fitch Wool Shirt, each piece is injected with DNA from the brand’s illustrious past – yet it all feels very modern. This waterproof jacket gives you both a tailored, slim silhouette – ideal for wearing over a navy suit on weekdays – and go-anywhere versatility (equally perfect for matching up with slim sweatpants and sharp leather sneakers on weekend coffee runs).

#5. Iron and Resin Academy Bomber — $149.98

Iron & Resin

A sturdy bomber jacket — just the style you need this season.

If there’s one silhouette that’s stuck around the menswear world with no signs of stopping, it’s the bomber jacket. And if there’s one brand this spring that’s taking a rather unique approach to the style staple, it’s Iron and Resin. Known for its road-ready moto gear, the brand is offering the crisply designed Academy Bomber in a versatile colorway just in time for spring – bingo. Rock this one with navy chinos and brown leather loafers atop a classic chambray shirt for a mix of high-low style, and match it up with a marled short-sleeve henley and rugged dark blue denim for a little bit o’ Saturday night cool.

Frank & Oak

Honorable Mention: K-Way Claude Laminated Solid Jacket — $59.98

Nothing too fancy — just a basic, functional and subtly stylish windbreaker.

For all this talk of the benefits of owning a stylish moto jacket or a versatile bomber jacket, there are just some times when you need to stay dry in the rain and get from point A to point B. That’s where the K-Way Claude Laminated Solid Jacket enters the equation. It plays off the brand’s original mission – outfitting Frenchmen in the rain – and it does so at a great price. The Claude Jacket is effective and head-turning in its own way – it’s perfect for tossing on for a bike ride or an outdoor hike, then packing into, say, a heritage-quality leather weekender on spring road trips.

Now, am I encouraging you to go out and buy each and every one of these jackets? Maybe. Budget permitting. But in all seriousness, finding the right spring jacket boils down to your lifestyle – if you suit up frequently and need to fight the rain, a bonded mac jacket is going to be the way to go. If casual, crisp style is your thing, snag the Iron and Resin Academy Bomber. If you move quickly from place to place and want something simple and stylish, pick up the K-Way Claude Laminated Solid Jacket. And if you want a piece of outerwear that really can do it all, I’d highly recommend grabbing the Levi’s Trucker Jacket or the Taylor Stitch Moto Jacket – especially the Moto Jacket. I guarantee you certainly won’t be disappointed once you get past the price. Let’s not forget the benefits of owning a stylish utility jacket such as the one shown from our friends at Bridge and Burn. With all that being said, I hope you’re as excited to dress for spring in style as I am – let’s get out there and get to it!

Thanks for reading and stay stylish,


Style Pick of the Week: Grayers Exmouth Nylon Blazer

Editor’s note: Expect these posts weekly detailing one standout item coveted by yours truly. Sometimes, these fit within budgetary restrictions and other times, they’re expensive splurges worth saving for. For more Wish List items from Beau, head here, and to see other Style Picks, head here.

A blazer that's built with the quality and construction of a rain jacket.

A blazer that’s built with the quality and construction of a rain jacket.

So, are you just about set with your spring style wish list? Yes? No? Maybe? The great thing about keeping a diligent eye on the #menswear community is that it’s always neat to see how brands are taking more traditional silhouettes and pieces — like that of the classic navy blazer — and turning them on their head from time to time. Take the Grayers Exmouth Nylon Blazer, part of a solid line of spring outerwear from the brand. It’s the ideal example of the ways in which brands are introducing products that meet the active lifestyles of lots of customers — and this piece looks a heck of a lot better than some other active, athleisure-inspired looks. That’s because it retains the traditional features of the blazer, right down to the flap patch pockets, three-button front and space for your pocket square, and yet, it’s crafted from lightweight nylon. It’s part rain jacket, part blazer and would stylishly complement just any outfit you can think of — including some of the picks on this Spring Style Essentials list. In fact, it’s got something else on other, more classic blazers. It’s practically built for a commute, especially if you need to hop on your bike (and seeing as May 20 was National Bike to Work Day, that just makes sense).

It's got all the touches of the traditional blazer, including the casual flap patch pockets and room for a trusty pocket square.

It’s got all the touches of the traditional blazer, including the casual flap patch pockets and room for a trusty pocket square.

And should it happen to rain or get breezy this spring, you’re more than covered there. Have I mentioned that it can be packed into its own drawstring pouch? Because it can do that, too. It’s especially suited for travel, be it by train, plane or automobile (sorry, had to). The lightweight nylon should prove comfortable for moving inside and outside, and it would smartly finish off even something as simple as a natural pocket tee and slim khaki chinos. Plus, throw in some sharp suede derbys and you’ve got a look that’s both office and commute-ready. And it would look particularly sharp with a classic white Oxford, yet again, it’s got the functionality of a rain jacket. The price is pretty agreeable considering you get two jackets for the price of one, and it’s just the right piece of outerwear to rock through spring, into summer and even into early fall when layered right. That’s not bad for just one jacket, right?

What do you think of the Exmouth Blazer? How would you style it?


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