#OOTD: How to Dress for a Weekend Coffee Date

Editor’s note: You’ve surely seen this hashtag lots of different places, including on Instagram. But how does that carry over to real life? The #OOTD will take one great item and put together a versatile, stylish outfit around it. Look for past features here.

The more you get into menswear and the art of dressing well, the more you realize how many situations it can help you through — that’s something I’m still learning everyday. That is to say, everything from your morning coffee run to what to wear to the gym are chances to extend and improve your personal sense of style (says the guy who wears old college tees to work out sometimes). The smallest situations and style details really do help set you apart, and that’s the approach we’re taking in today’s #OOTD. It’s a pretty specific situation — perhaps date isn’t the right word, but know that even when dashing out to grab coffee, it’s still a chance to look put-together. That goes for whether you’re meeting a friend, a date, your dog, your cat … you get the picture. And, it gives you an excuse to work more excellent #menswear into your rotation — that’s what we do at The Style Guide, folks. Plus, assuming it’s well and truly fall weather, it’s a nice chance to break out a few extra casual layers (or, you could just stick with that Taylor Stitch chambray shirt in the heat) and a great watch. There’s plenty more in store — read on below, and get more daily style inspiration via Instagram.

ootd-weekend-coffeeThe Overshirt: Bridge and Burn Flint Overshirt, $182 — It’s a shirt! It’s a jacket! It’s a shirt-jacket, and with a neat cotton flannel lining and a rich indigo dye, it’s just the right weight to throw during a crisp Saturday or Sunday morning.

The Sweatshirt: Todd Snyder x Champion Pocket Sweatshirt (Available via East Dane), $98 — This sweatshirt is a stone-cold classic — add it into the essential menswear lexicon for the well-dressed guy. It’s clean, classic and again, a perfect layering weight for fall. Snag it here.

The Shirt: Taylor Stitch Everyday Chambray Shirt, $118 — Whether you go with white or classic blue, the Taylor Stitch Everyday Chambray Shirt is another absolute essential.

The Chinos: Levi’s Made & Crafted Slim Fit Chinos (Available via East Dane), $178 — These Levi’s Made & Crafted chinos are indeed pricey, but well-made, easily wearable for casual situations and a nice weekend upgrade from denim (although that works here, too).

The Sneakers: SeaVees Huckberry Chukka, $98 — Since you’re wearing a classic chambray shirt and chinos, it’s OK to go a bit more casual with these durable sneakers — the perfect weight, color and cut for fall.

The Socks: Anonymous-ism 5-Color Crew Mix Socks (Available via East Dane), $25 Anonymous-ism socks are some of the best money can buy — your feet will thank you for this style splurge.

The Watch: KOMONO Walther Cognac, $179.95  — The Walther is the latest release from a new line being done by KOMONO — the brand’s Crafted Collection features a higher price point and premium materials, plus excellent design. Read a full KOMONO product review here.

The Belt: Anderson’s Stretch Woven Grey Belt, $116.98 — As with other Anderson’s belts, this one is going to cost you — but you get a belt that’s durable, comfortable and on-point stylistically (the texture fits right in with the colder climes of fall).

There are certain style moves that just work when it comes down to it — grabbing a stylish chambray shirt will serve you well, as will layering up with a Todd Snyder x Champion crewneck sweater. The slim-fit chinos and SeaVees sneakers blend sporty and tailored style, and premium finishing touches like those Anonymous-ism socks truly make a world of difference — and a heck of an impression, while we’re at it. The situation is surely different than dressing for a first date, but it’s no less important to look your best — even if you’re just relaxing over coffee with your dog, or your cat, or a book. Got questions, suggestions, additions or deletions? Drop me a line on Twitter.

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The Product Review: KOMONO Winston Herringbone Watch

Editor’s note: For more excellent product reviews, click here.

For a watch that combines high-low style with fall texture, look no further than KOMONO. Slim chinos by Taylor Stitch. Crewneck sweater by J. Crew. Chambray shirt by GAP. Glasses by Warby Parker. White sneakers by GREATS Brand.

For a watch that combines high-low style with fall texture, look no further than KOMONO. Slim chinos by Taylor Stitch. Crewneck sweater by J. Crew. Chambray shirt by GAP. Glasses by Warby Parker. White sneakers by GREATS Brand.

So this blog has talked more and more in recent months about small style upgrades — the little changes you can make to your daily ensemble (and accessories) that make a big difference. This is no more true when it comes to something like the watch you choose to wear every day. While watches aren’t for everybody, they can certainly provide a measure of calm and order in a world increasingly ruled by iPhones and the like.  I myself am a big fan of watches, and I’m always keen to examine timepieces that strike a certain balance between nice looks and reliable performance. KOMONO is an accessories brand that sometimes gets lost in the wash — while they also make sunglasses, they produce timepieces that aren’t as affordable as a Timex, and yet aren’t sold through a mass-market third-party retailer like Amazon. Consider the fact that its watches are sold digitally next to a Euro symbol and you have enough to leave many regrettably confused. That’s their loss, however.

The Winston Herringbone from KOMONO stands up to dark denim and black boots with ease.

The Winston Herringbone from KOMONO brings unique texture while standing up to dark denim & boots with ease. Selvedge denim and black moc toe boots by Timberland.

I had the chance to check out the KOMONO Winston Herringbone Watch over the past few weeks (as featured on this site’s Style Pick of the Week series last month), and I’ve been nothing but pleased with the combination of value for the price. As I’ve said in the past, I’m no watch geek by any means — I leave that to the experts. I do know what I look for in a reliable timepiece though — durability, function and nice looks. And the Winston Herringbone from KOMONO definitely provides that.

It’s a rather unique watch in that the cotton herringbone strap makes it the sort of timepiece that stands up to the chillier temps of fall and winter. In the same way that a sturdy NATO strap can inject color, pattern and function into a regular warm-weather watch, a timepiece with a thicker strap like this actually does better as it gets colder. Herringbone is a legendary cold-weather fabric when applied to blazers, so to dial it down into a watch is a pretty neat move. This also means it’s not an everyday watch that can pair with multiple outfits.

Crucially too, this watch isn’t the first one you should buy if you’re just starting out — something like a silver dive watch would work across all four seasons and in any situation imaginable, while a nice brown leather watch might also strike a good balance if you dress both casually and dressy on a frequent basis. However, if you seek the definition of a fall and winter watch, this is it. And for what you might call a ‘seasonal’ watch, its price tag (barely over $90 USD) isn’t bad at all.

An appropriately-fitting patterned case accompanies KOMONO's Winston Herringbone Watch.

An appropriately-fitting patterned case and a clean dial make this KOMONO piece stand out.

The Winston Herringbone features the remarkably crisp and clean dial for which KOMONO is known, ands adds numerals at the hour markings — something that some of its other timepieces don’t use on occasion. The black face and red seconds marker provide a similar contrast to the Timex Weekender — yet this watch looks decidedly more modern. Some might not like the ‘KOMONO’ placement as opposed to the number ‘4’ at that marker, yet it still manages to complement the overall look (in my opinion). Its 41mm dial is heftier than a Weekender (and many other minimal watches), and the case is also thicker.

The thicker case is actually to its advantage, as it’s not the type of watch that might get overwhelmed in a fall or winter outfit filled with more texture. That means that it’s likely confined to use during those months, however — unless you live somewhere cold year-round (Brr!). It runs and winds quite smoothly — there’s no ‘tick-tick’ sound as you might encounter with other, less expensive watches (I.e. the Weekender). But don’t call it a full-blown dress watch as of yet. The thicker case and those numerals around the edge of the dial make it much more casual — and that’s all the better to wear with fall outfits. While it probably won’t work with a tuxedo or even a four-season suit, it’s the ideal type of watch to wear with a navy flannel suit — the strap complements the heavier texture perfectly.

The perfect type of outfit for the KOMONO Winston Herringbone Watch. Slim denim by Mott & Bow. White henley by Pistol Lake. Boots by Thursday Boots. Socks by American Trench.

The perfect type of outfit for the KOMONO Winston Herringbone Watch. Slim denim by Mott & Bow. White henley by Pistol Lake. Boots by Thursday Boots. Socks by American Trench.

A with most fall gear, this watch will be at its best paired with like-minded seasonal staples — like a suede bomber jacket, some roughout leather boots and dark denim. Taking the chance to pair with something like a shawl cardigan works, too. And although it’s a black herringbone pattern, that texture on the strap makes it more like a black rubber-strap watch — as long as you wear it casually, it can be paired fairly freely with black and brown leather boots alike. That goes particularly for leather high-top sneakers and the like. It also seems to add a slight jolt to more monochromatic outfits — wearing navy trousers and a navy sweater doesn’t seem all that much when you mix up a watch strap with some texture. Of course, it’s just different enough to set itself apart from other watches out there — it’ll draw more attention than a regular ol’ NATO strap out and about.
Ernest Alexander
That being said, it’s not the kind of watch that could likely take a substantial beating. So if you’re looking for a watch to do some fall chores, it’s best to leave it inside. But the rest of the time, it’ll do more than fine. That’s about the most you can ask for from a seasonal watch that retails for under $100. And while the rest of its selections are worth checking out, KOMONO seems to do a nice job with timepieces that strike a decided niche — like this green-dial number. The Winston Herringbone certainly falls among that class, and it’s worth your time (pun intended) if you need a watch to fill the gap between dressy and casual, cold weather and warm weather.

Have you heard of KOMONO watches? Would you pick up the Winston Herringbone Watch?