Style Pick of the Week: Public Rec Apparel All Day Every Day Pants

Public Rec: All Day Every Day Pant

You’ve probably noticed by now as we roll into February, but you’re still spending a lot of time at home, and you’re still wearing those old sweatpants. Not any more, though: The Public Rec Apparel All Day Every Day Pants are some of the best pants for men at the moment, and they’ve got everything you need to give your sweatpants the boot. It’s with this in mind that I’m recommending today’s Style Pick of the Week. Think of these men’s performance pants as a hybrid pair and a highly versatile pair of men’s pants, at that. You can wear them literally any time at all, whether you feel like leaving the house for a (safe) stroll or if you’re firing up the coffee pot once more.


What makes them so special? I sure am glad you asked. Of course, the brand rightfully says they’re more comfortable than jeans and more stylish than sweatpants, and that’s just what we’re looking for in these quarantine days. In fact, versatility and comfort is something of a specialty of Public Rec Apparel, as you might remember from past blog posts on pieces like the Public Rec Crosstown Bomber. And if you haven’t given the Public Rec Apparel All Day Every Day Pants a shot yet, now’s your chance to get some of your new favorite pants onto your legs and into your closet.

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As with any great menswear essential, it all comes down to the quality and the specs when you consider the Public Rec Apparel All Day Every Day Pants. We said previously that they’re different than sweatpants, and the nylon-spandex blend provides more polish and durability right off the bat. The clean, tailored look of these performance pants for men gives them the classic silhouette of chinos, but with a big secret. Look closely and you’ll spot the elastic waistband, complete with a drawstring. For days in your home office or even a quick day trip, you just can’t beat the comfort of the Public Rec Apparel All Day Every Day Pants.

Introducing: At Home for the Holidays

They also feature zipper pockets for small valuables, plus a traditional fly (of the faux variety) — no one will be any the wiser, because they look as stylish as classic chinos. Waist sizes go as high as 44 based on inventory, and you’ve also got nine versatile and crisp colors to shop. That kind of versatility makes these a worthy style option alongside an Oxford shirt for work-from-home days, yet they’ll pull double-duty on the weekend as a pairing with your Public Rec Go-To Tee. Without a doubt, the kicker is the agreeable price tag ($98 at Public Rec Apparel). Check off all the proper boxes and pick up a pair of the Public Rec Apparel All Day Every Day Pants as soon as possible.

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Style Pick of the Week: Public Rec Crosstown Bomber

Editor’s note: Expect these posts weekly detailing one standout item coveted by yours truly. Sometimes, these fit within budgetary restrictions and other times, they’re expensive splurges worth saving for. For more Wish List items from Beau, head here, and to see other Style Picks, head here.

Public Rec Crosstown Bomber

Potentially a new fall style favorite? That’s your call.

Live from Brooklyn, it’s yet another edition of the Style Pick of the Week series here at The Style Guide.  So far this fall season, we’ve covered off on a lot of essential fall pieces, from a durable waxed trucker jacket to a stylish crewneck sweater. While pieces like the aforementioned are fantastic a lot of the time, some situations call for something a bit comfortable but just as functional. From fall travel to a weekend coffee run, you’re going to want ease of movement, a slim fit and the type of look that’s put-together but not overly dressy. Enter the fantastic Public Rec Crosstown Bomber. Available via the Public Rec Web site or through Huckberry , the Crosstown Bomber is the casual fall jacket you didn’t know you needed. Released earlier this fall, it joins the Public Rec arsenal of essential, well-built and comfortable basics that are sure to become everyday staples. From the brand’s tailored-yet-laidback All Day Every Day Pant to the Go-To Tee — tested out by yours truly on a summer trip to Las Vegas — there’s no question that the Crosstown Bomber fills a tough-to-find niche of well-made basics that aren’t … too basic. Especially when it comes to filling out your Fall Style Wish List, those are the type of items you should search for — and then buy.

It’s easy to get the type of easily wearable style you need, too. Crucially, the Crosstown Bomber is available in reliably versatile shades of Black and Heather Charcoal. However, your author is partial to the pleasing shade of Heather Navy. Why’s that? Well, that particular shade of blue will go with absolutely everything — including black denim and grey denim. There’s plenty of upside to the Heather Navy version of this jacket — the blend of nylon and spandex is ridiculously comfortable and breathable, for one. And the sleek yet subtle silhouette of the Crosstown Bomber is another positive. With a zipper chest pocket featuring room for your phone and headphones to slide right in, it’s the ideal mix of stylish and functional. It could even become a new seasonal staple — layer it over a rugged henley with your favorite pair of faded denim on the weekends, and throw in some retro-inspired high-top sneakers while you’re at it.  Then, take that same jacket on through to the work week with a slim white Oxford, polished-yet-casual garment-dyed chinos and worn-in leather chukka boots. Oh, and off-the-wall style suggestion? Layer the Crosstown Bomber over a refined turtleneck for a bit of sleek, alpine-inspired style.  With a jacket this comfortable and easy to wear, it’s a safe bet refined turtleneck that you’ll want to wear it as much as you can, in any and every way possible.

Get the Crosstown Bomber now via Huckberry or Public Rec Apparel.