The Only Thing You’ll Like About Working From Home Are These Birddogs Pants

How I probably looked trying to translate my office life into a WFH wardrobe.

I’ll be honest: My work-from-home wardrobe in the early stages of quarantine was a bit all over the place. I needed some direction — OK, a lot of direction. I only wish I’d known about Birddogs sooner, but now that I’ve had the chance to test out the brand, I’m all-in — keep reading, because I know you’ll feel the same way.

[Editor’s note: This post is presented by Birddogs. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting brands that support The Style Guide!]

Settling into your new routine of Zoom conference calls, frozen pizza for lunch, and an ever-dwindling reserve of streaming television … on and on, and on? Great! It’s best to just lean into the work from home vibe (I know I have). One great way to do that? Streamlining getting dressed in these Birddogs pants with built-in underwear.

They’re super comfortable pants that look like legit professional chinos. 

Your new favorite work from home pants.

What’s the Deal with Built-In Underwear?

You’ve probably logged more than a few hours this week already with your butt in a dining room chair, or some other less-than-ergonomic sitting position (guilty as charged from my perspective as I work from home in Brooklyn). Your backside might be aching and inner thighs sticky. But with Birddogs pants, it’s like getting a gentle spandex hug, while your mid-section remains as cool and dry as when you sat down in the morning.  

You can chalk this mind-bending comfort up to the pants’ built-in underwear.

Built-in underwear is exactly what it sounds like – underwear sewn inside your pants.  It’s super simple…and very comfortable. Everything stays perfectly in place, no wedging, no nudging, no nothing.  Wearing pants feels better because of it. 

Get Birddogs pants to upgrade your WFH life in style.

Where Did Birddogs Come From? 

I first heard about Birddogs gym shorts with built-in underwear from friends who raved about them. The revelation that they also made stretch chino pants? That came later.

After logging an embarrassing amount of time on Facebook over the past couple of weeks and months, it became very apparent that your humble Brooklyn menswear editor spends way too much time online searching for the best men’s clothes. Up popped Birddogs ads aplenty! 

Wear Birddogs … anywhere.

Some might make you laugh, like this “couple” shopping at a farmer’s market, but don’t be fooled. The quality backs up the product.

This isn’t just an Instagram or Facebook pop-up brand — Birddogs are here to stay, and once you try them, you’ll know why.

The pants fabric itself not only feels incredible but looks like legit professional chinos.  Not that looking professional matters anymore, but it’s good to know for some indeterminate “later” time.

When things get back to normal, maybe you’ll delete Zoom from your computer and give up frozen pizza, but I bet Birddogs pants with built-in underwear will be part of your work wardrobe for good.



You’re Invited! Casio G-Shock Master of G Collection Event

Editor’s note: Thank you to Men’s Health and Casio G-SHOCK for sponsoring this post.  All opinions are my own.  Thanks for reading, and thanks for supporting the brands that support The Style Guide!

I would say one of the best — and certainly most fun — parts about being part of the menswear community in New York City revolves around connecting with standout brands, fellow writers and bloggers, and great causes. It makes for a busy schedule, but a heck of a fun time. And judging by the fact that you read this blog, we’re all along for this neat ride together. That’s why I’m excited to attend the Casio G-SHOCK Master of G Collection Event later this week in New York City. The event is brought to you by Men’s Health, it features the (very shoppable) Tourneau-exclusive Master of G Collection and perhaps most importantly …. you’re invited! If you’re a Style Guide reader in NYC, you’ll get to attend this neat event — all you need to do is send me an email! What exactly is on tap? Plenty, including free food and drinks!

Set to take place at the elegant Tourneau TimeMachine space (at 57th Street and Madison Avenue in Manhattan) this coming Thursday, December 1st from 6 to 8 p.m., you’ll get the chance to both shop and view up-close some truly sturdy, durable, rugged and well-designed watches via Casio’s G-SHOCK line. These are the type of watches that can brave the cold of winter, the depths of ocean dives and global travel — and your daily commute. Plus, you can hang with the excellent folks from the Men’s Health Style team and members of the G-SHOCK first responders team — real guys in the field who love and wear Casio watches in their line of work (hey, being a Navy SEAL calls for a pretty tough watch).

Lastly, a portion of the proceeds from watch sales at the event will go to the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation, named in honor of firefighter Stephen Siller, who made the ultimate sacrifice on September 11. The foundation continues to support our first responders while honoring Stephen’s legacy — it’s crucially important work. Oh, and the winner of this year’s Ultimate Men’s Health Guy contest, Jed Ballard, will be there to share details of his journey. Jed’s story is a neat, inspiring one — you can read more of it via Men’s Health. So, does that sound good to you? Maybe? Hopefully? If you’ll be around and you’re down to attend, drop me a note via, or DM me on Twitter @BoKnowsClothes! Sound good? Get it, got it, good? Alright!

Style Pick of the Week: US Authentic Baron Leather Jacket

Editor’s note: Thank you to US Authentic for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own. To see other Style Picks, head here.

Set for the season with my U.S. Authentic Baron Jacket. Denim Shirt by JackThreads. Slim selvedge denim by Raleigh Denim Workshop. Greer Wingtip Boots by Johnston & Murphy. Sunglasses and timepiece by MVMT Watches.

Set for the season with my U.S. Authentic Baron Jacket. Denim Shirt by JackThreads. Slim selvedge denim by Raleigh Denim Workshop. Greer Wingtip Boots by Johnston & Murphy. Sunglasses and timepiece by MVMT Watches.

When the calendar turns — ever so slowly — from the heat of summer to the crisp breeze of fall, I start to get excited. If you’ve been reading The Style Guide, you know that fall is an essential time for fans of rugged menswear — it’s the perfect time to break out those trusty leather boots, slip into some sturdy selvedge denim and relish the chance to tie it all together with great outerwear — like a classic leather jacket. That’s certainly the case with today’s Style Pick of the Week, and it’s fitting that I’ve teamed up with US Authentic to showcase how I get ready for fall. Not familiar with the brand? Start learning — these jackets are perfect for the months to come. The season is a time of transitions that calls for classic style and added layers to fight the cold, plus a dash of durable appeal. In that regard, US Authentic leather jackets incorporate everything you could want and then some. They’re packed with heritage inspiration, high-quality materials and a rugged-refined feel. That’s absolutely true of the Baron, an A-1 jacket that manages to capture vintage vibes and modern style all at once. The brand takes a similar approach with other silhouettes, including an A-2 flight jacket and a bomber jacket, but the Baron was my pick — and for good reason.

The Baron is built to authentic specs, just like the old days — that means vintage goatskin leather, a 100 percent cotton lining and sturdy 100 percent wool rib knitting at the collar, cuffs and waistband. The jacket’s materials are true to the World War II era, and you can definitely feel it — the Baron is sturdy, durable and yet slim-fitting and timeless. The rich brown leather color and dark brown wool cuffs fit right in with the deeper tones of fall. too. This is certainly a jacket you’re going to get a lot of use out of in the season ahead (and well beyond). I’d suggest styling it much as I did — with a rough-and-tumble denim shirt, sturdy selvedge and your favorite pair of wingtip boots — and then heading out to explore a park or grab a coffee. Of course, a classic jacket like the Baron can be complemented nicely with flight-inspired accessories like stylish Aviator sunglasses. The rest of the time, I’d suggest you stick with similarly retro-inspired style — pair the Baron with a durable long-sleeve henley, sharp chukka boots and slim denim (and if I were you, I’d look out for a very similar #OOTD next week). Seriously, the timeless style of the Baron  really can’t be topped — you’re getting a piece of outerwear modeled on a classic silhouette, with the specs to back it up. Heck, you could wear this jacket every day for months on end. That’s investment-worthy style at its finest. Are you ready for fall yet? I sure am.

Pick up the Baron here, and follow US Authentic on Instagram.

#OOTD: How to Style Twill Pants with Savane

Editor’s note: The following post is brought to you by Savane. The Style Guide only works with and/or promotes brands and products used and enjoyed by its author.

Stepping out on a busy day with the Premium Flex Twill Pant from Savane. Trucker Jacket by JackThreads. Slim chambray shirt by Old Navy. Brown Scout Chukka Boots by Thursday Boots. Waterbury Chrono from the Timex x Red Wing Heritage collab.

Stepping out on a busy day with the Premium Flex Twill Pant from Savane. Trucker Jacket by JackThreads. Slim chambray shirt by Old Navy. Brown Scout Chukka Boots by Thursday Boots. Waterbury Chrono from the Timex x Red Wing Heritage collab.

Today’s #OOTD post is switching things up from the norm — and in this case, that’s a very good thing. Perhaps in your daily life, you find yourself on the go a lot — be it work, play or travel. That’s the case for myself as well, as  I’ve been traveling quite a bit this summer between busy days in NYC (we’re talking days at the office followed by trips around the country, including a Memorial Day weekend upstate ). So when Savane approached me as part of my writing for the Men’s Health MVP Network , I knew the brand’s twill pants were worth checking out as part of my active, everyday life . If you’re unfamiliar with Savane, they offer up everything from suit separates to dress shirts to the twill pants you see here (and you can find them everywhere from Amazon to JCPenney ). It’s around-the-clock wear that works particularly well to hit the office, have lunch in the park and head out to a networking event thereafter.

Take twill chinos from Savane, add American Trench striped socks, leather chukka boots from Thursday Boots, and a tough leather watch from the Timex x Red Wing collab.

Grab a sharp brown leather messenger bag then take twill chinos from Savane, add American Trench striped socks, leather chukka boots from Thursday Boots, and a tough leather watch from the Timex x Red Wing collab — you’re set for work &  play.

Given the need to dress in versatile style to transition from setting to setting, I rocked the brand’s Premium Flex Twill Pant in Ermine. They’re a reliably classic pair of pants that paired up nicely with my classic Old Navy blue chambray shirt and other personal favorites, like my durable Thursday Boots Brown Scout Chukka Boots and some stylish and continental Sunday Somewhere sunglasses. To finish the look off, I grabbed my durable leather watch from the Timex x Red Wing collab — all of the above are pieces that work seamlessly together for work or play. Of course, complementing those pieces with other sharp accessories, like a striped webbed J. Crew Factory belt, was essential, too.  However, the anchor of the whole outfit were the  comfortable and sharp Premium Flex Twill Pants. They’re tailored in a straight-tapered cut but offer room to move around in, a great thing for all you active fellas out there. And they worked seamlessly to take me from the office to a networking event later that night. They could even be styled in a manner similar to this #OOTD (that is, with a chambray blazer and sneakers). During both hot and cold days to come around NYC, I’m sure they’ll work just as well. For more on Savane, head here, and swing on through The Style Guide tomorrow for a look at the best men’s dive watches to buy right now.
Until then — stay stylish,

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