#OOTD: What to Wear On New Year’s Eve This Year

It’s the last #menswear hurdle of the year, on the last day of the year — New Year’s Eve, and all the trappings that come with it. So, we’re coming at you with a special Wednesday #OOTD. As we all know, that tricky search as to what to wear on New Year’s Eve can be, well … tricky. It depends, of course, on where you’re going and who you’ll be with. Although some traditions fall by the wayside, I’d say this: People still LOVE to get dressed up on New Year’s Eve. If that’s what you’ll be doing this year, you’re going to like this suitably tailored winter style suggestion. Keeping it more casual or staying in? I hope you got a few items from your holiday style wish list to make it classy and comfortable all the same. Oh, and for rolling out of bed the next for football and some much-needed brunch, reach for casual weekend style. But before that … we’ve got the main event, New Year’s Eve. So, read the rest of this #OOTD, add some gear to your shopping cart and get ready to raise a glass … in style, naturally. Let me know what you think of this #menswear look in the comments or via The Style Guide Facebook page. Cheers!

A classic suit in winter-friendly fabric, plus slick Chelsea boots and all the right accessories.

The Jacket: Taylor Stitch Telegraph Jacket in Navy Donegal, $278Taylor Stitch, the brand that makes your favorite rugged menswear, also makes a workhorse suit. The Telegraph Jacket is the perfect way to set the tone on NYE.

The Shirt: Taylor Stitch The Hyde Shirt in Sky Brushed Melange, $125 — The best way to complement something as sharp as the Telegraph Jacket? The equally sharp Taylor Stitch Hyde Shirt, done up in unique fabric.

The Trousers: Taylor Stitch Telegraph Trousers in Navy Donegal, $178 — At this point, we’re nearly obligated to break out the Taylor Stitch Telegraph Trousers. This classic suit is cool, sharp and just a bit less dressed-up than formal black tie — the perfect way to go at a classy (but not too classy) New Year’s Eve party.

The Tie: Pocket Square Clothing Castillo Necktie in Grey Tweed, $56 — This Pocket Square Clothing tie features winter-friendly fabric and a neutral color, balancing the navy suit and the light blue shirt. Cheers!

The Pocket Square: Neck & Tie Co. Aster Floral Pocket Square, $26 — The right accessories — subtle and refined, yet visually interesting — make all the difference, and this Neck & Tie Co. pocket square gets it done.

The Boots: Hudson Shoes Wynford Chelsea Boots in Black, $230 — Get to and from your party without slipping and sliding on slick winter streets — the Wynford Chelsea Boots from Hudson Shoes provide traction & sharp style.
The Socks: Wigwam Merino Silk Socks, $23 — As we always say, stylish socks should never be an afterthought. The Wigwam Merino Silk Socks are durable and comfortable, geared to keep your feet warm in the winter.
The Watch: Tsovet JPT CC-38 Watch, $375 — Last but most certainly not least, a stylish dress watch can make or break an outfit. Luckily, the TSOVET JPT CC-38 Watch is crisp, tailored and refined, ideal for the evening.

Holiday 2017

Are you counting down to midnight yet? Dressing in style is all about dressing to suit the occasion, and if it’s refined, classic style you’re going, you could do worse than to start your outfit off with the Telegraph Jacket and the Telegraph Trousers from Taylor Stitch. Made with premium fabric in a fit that’s tailored but not too tight, the outfit exudes sharp style, as should the accompanying Taylor Stitch Hyde Shirt. When you accessorize with pieces that strike the balance between refined and visually interesting — we’re talking the Neck & Tie Co. Aster Floral Pocket Square and the grey tweed Pocket Square Clothing tie — you’re going to stand out quietly and stylishly. Functional, stylish Chelsea boots from Hudson Shoes are but one way you could finish off this outfit, and you’re going to be ready for hours on your feet with comfortable Wigwam Merino Silk Socks. Certainly, you didn’t think we’d forget a classic dress watch, did you? The TSOVET JPT CC-38 Watch is striking, stylish and well-made — exactly what the refined man (that’s you!) needs to wear on New Year’s Eve. Let me know what your plans are for the evening via Twitter or the comments — let’s close out this year the right way!

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Holiday 2017

Style Suggestion: What to Wear on New Year’s Eve

As 2016 draws to a (thankful?) close, it seems that a slew of important days fall one right after the other this time of year — from Christmas Day to today’s important style suggestion — what to wear on New Year’s Eve. Of course, days like these are important for the chance to spend time with family and friends, but a night like New Year’s Eve is also important in terms of how you present yourself heading into the coming year. Too philosophical? Maybe. However, if you’ve been working on your men’s style resolutions, the night before 2017 is a good time to kick things off a bit early. And besides, who doesn’t relish the chance to get dressed up a bit and perhaps channel your inner James Bond? No one, that’s who. So today’s style suggestion covers a crisp and rather formal situation — we’re not going full-on black tie, to be sure, but if you’re a guy who doesn’t suit up all that often, don’t worry; there’s something for everyone in this style suggestion. From a classic dress watch to a well-made suit jacket, consider your New Year’s Eve style all set. To weigh in on these picks, head to the friendly Style Guide Facebook page, and let’s connect on Twitter.
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The Topcoat and Scarf: JackThreads Tieman Topcoat — $149 AND J. Crew Cashmere Scarf — $98
Refined and relatively affordable accessories for a chilly yet dressy night.

Refined and relatively affordable accessories for a chilly yet dressy night.

You might recognize the above JackThreads topcoat from our holiday party style suggestion, and given the mixture of quality and affordability, it’s the right outerwear pick for a refined occasion like New Year’s Eve. The camel color and double-breasted cut are unique and on-trend yet still classic, and the topcoat will slip easily over the rest of your ensemble. The J. Crew cashmere scarf  is quite pricey for an accessory, but it’s a classic, versatile piece that you can use season after season — plus, it looks a little cleaner and sharper than a patterned scarf. Need black leather gloves to finish off the look? Might I suggest these black leather sheepskin Hestra gloves? Give ’em a try.

A versatile, tailored jacket that'll spiff up your New Year's Eve ensemble.

A versatile, tailored jacket that’ll spiff up your New Year’s Eve ensemble.

Yet again, we’re going with another pick from our holiday party style suggestion — a classic, rich wool jacket like the Taylor Stitch Telegraph Jacket  is sharp and versatile enough that you can certainly wear it multiple times in the same season, with or without the matching Telegraph Trousers. It’s a slim-fitting, well-made piece that’s appropriate for a dressy New Year’s Eve — it’s not a shawl collar tuxedo by any means, but when matched with a crisp white shirt and a textured tie (more in a second), it’ll outshine any ill-fitting black suits that might be in the crowd. And no one wants to be the guy in the poorly tailored suit, right?

The Shirt: J. Crew Factory Thompson Dress Shirt in White — $34.50

A crisp, clean white dress shirt for a great price.

A crisp, clean white dress shirt for a great price.

When you’re putting some money into your outerwear, accessories and jacket, you don’t have to necessarily overdo it on the shirting front. In this instance, that means you can snag a heck of a versatile white dress shirt at a heck of a bargain. J. Crew Factory offers up nearly the same quality as J. Crew, and they’ve become a favorite for style on a budget for that very reason. This is a workweek workhorse and a shirt that can more than pull its weight in a formal ensemble given the slim fit and crisp construction.

The Accessories: Ties.com Burgundy Brussels Plaid Tie — $20 AND Ties.com Blue Hunter Paisley Pocket Square — $10

Two accessories that mix seasonal textures and colors.

Two accessories that mix seasonal textures and colors.

As mentioned above, this isn’t a traditional black tie look. So, slightly unique accessories fit the bill nicely here while adding a touch of refinement and seasonal texture to the sharp Taylor Stitch Telegraph Jacket . The burgundy wool tie changes things up from a standard black or navy knit tie (although either would work well here). It’s slim, to match the width of those lapels, and it’ll complement the paisley blue pocket square thanks to the red-and-brown color combo. A more standard white pocket square would also work in this case, but the paisley pattern adds some nice visual interest.

A reliable alternative to plain charcoal trousers, made with a hint of stretch fabric.

A reliable alternative to plain charcoal trousers, made with a hint of stretch fabric.

Skeptical about spending more than $120 on a pair of pants? Bear with me. JACHS NY mixes a nice blend of heritage and modern sportswear with sharp tailoring, resulting in a pair of tailored herringbone pants that call to mind vintage style. These trousers mix cotton herringbone with a hint of stretch and a seriously sharp windowpane pattern — they’ll handsomely accent the smaller-scale plaid pattern on the tie. And the navy color will play nicely off the grey wool Telegraph Jacket — think of this as the smart-casual alternative to a full tuxedo. Oh, and those suspender buttons are handy if you own a pair –but those belt loops will come in handy … just stick around until the end of the style suggestion, ehh?

The Shoes: Johnston & Murphy Waverly Wingtip — $175

An ultra-crisp pair of classic dress shoes -- just what you need for New Year's Eve.

An ultra-crisp pair of classic dress shoes — just what you need for New Year’s Eve.

Now, we certainly love our rugged brown leather boots here at The Style Guide — but every man needs a pair of classic dress shoes that work for formal situations. In this instance, that’s the gap in your footwear wardrobe that the Waverly Wingtip fills. The razor-sharp combination of a wingtip and black leather speaks to tailored style, yet it’s not as formal as a pair of black patent leather shoes. You could always reach for a pair of classic black captoe shoes, but again, the wingtip’s heftier look plays well with the wool jacket and textured windowpane trousers.

The Watch: Orient Bambino 2nd Generation Watch — $199.98

A well-made, well-designed and timeless dress watch for under $200.

A well-made, well-designed and timeless dress watch for under $200.

If we’re going with classic men’s dress shoes in sharp black leather, you need an equally sharp black leather dress watch. So, what better timepiece to pick up than the well-made, crisp and timeless Orient Bambino 2nd Generation Watch? And the even better news? It’s a relative steal for under $200. Plus, it features a new-and-improved in-house movement and a sturdy stainless steel case that’s offset nicely by the formal black leather strap. In short, it’s a heck of a watch that’ll work in occasions both formal *cough, New Year’s Eve, cough* and casual (try it with a slim pocket tee and light wash denim in the spring — seriously).
Just as every man needs a pair of classic leather dress shoes and a classic dress watch, so too does every man need a slim black leather dress belt. Like the cashmere scarf pictured at the top of this post, the black leather dress belt in question is quite pricey compared to a budget option. Yet, this is a dress belt that’s going to see a ton of use if you happen to suit up a lot. And in this case, it’s refined and not ostentatious — just what you need in a dress belt.
USA-made socks that offset the rest of this formal ensemble quite nicely.

USA-made socks that offset the rest of this formal ensemble quite nicely.

The American Trench brand tends to be the go-to sock of choice around these parts, and if you’re not familiar with the brand, I’d encourage you to stock up just as soon as you can.  Because no detail is too small in matters of men’s style, American-made socks are a bit of a luxury upgrade to typical, thinner dress socks sold in a four-pack — right? The Random Plait Sock in Smoke brings some nice, winter-friendly texture to your bottom half, and the color plays nicely off both the navy herringbone trousers and the sharp black wingtips.

Frank & Oak

So, we’ve got you covered right down to your socks for New Year’s Eve. Stick with classic-yet-modern pieces — like a beautiful cashmere scarf and a double-breasted topcoat, and you’ll be set on the accessories front. Accent those touches with the ever-versatile Taylor Stitch Telegraph Jacket , and throw in complementary trousers and a seasonally appropriate wool tie, and consider your top half set. Keep in mind that slim navy trousers will offset the grey wool jacket nicely, and know that you can never go wrong with crisp black wingtips and an heirloom-quality watch like the Orient Bambino 2nd Generation Watch. Of course, socks from American Trench are a great way to complement any look. Is this similar to what you’ll be wearing for New Year’s Eve? Leave any feedback in the comments below — oh, and enjoy your own New  Year’s Eve! You can look for our regularly scheduled Friday Read later this week, too; in the meantime, stay stylish and bring on 2017!

Style Suggestion: What to Wear on New Year’s Eve

Editor’s note: For more Style Suggestions covering situations formal to casual, head here.

"How much do you know about fear?" Bond: "All there is." Now THAT is style worth emulating for New Year's Eve.

“How much do you know about fear?” Bond: “All there is.” Now THAT is style worth emulating for New Year’s Eve.

While most of us can only hope to be as sharply dressed as Mr. Bond up there (and headed somewhere as debonair as a floating casino), it can still pay off to dress to impress on New Year’s Eve — even if you aren’t swilling martinis or fighting henchmen. The outfit below plays off the tailored-but-tieless look that’s still popping up lots of different places, so it’s more dressed-down than Bond but definitely geared toward the formal end of the spectrum even without the tie. But if your night shakes out more casually (or formally, for that matter), know that the same basic pieces — tailored trousers, a crisp shirt and slick boots — can work just about anywhere. With that in mind, let’s get set to close out the year in style and look forward to a sharp 2016.

The Suit: Combatant Gentleman Deep Blue Slim Fit Suit — $220 OR Combatant Gentleman Blue Slim Fit Suit — $160

One brand, two options for sharp style -- and two great prices.

One brand, two options for sharp style — and two great prices.

Each of the above two options strikes a slightly different tone — the heightened color of the Deep Blue Slim Fit Suit is a vibe that’s all movie star-red carpet, a la Ryan Gosling.  Think of it as a positive style swerve if you have the basics covered. But if you’re not willing to spring for a suit in that shade or feel like saving some money (more for champagne, amirite??), a navy blue suit never fails — whether you go with the reliable Combatant Gentleman option here or with one you already own. If the jacket is too formal, the trousers could even be worn on their own with a great leather jacket or a sharp overcoat and V-neck sweater.

The Shirt: Standard Shirt White Dress Shirt — $59

Your pick of collar choices for classic style.

Your pick of collar choices for classic style.

The Standard Shirt has been profiled on this blog before and also featured prominently in a Holiday Party Style Suggestion, and for good reason. It’s lightweight, breathable and quite crisp for the price. Plus, a white shirt is a great style play in this case because it can either ground that electric blue suit impressively, or keep more in line with the classic style of a crisp navy suit — particularly sans tie. And the Standard Shirt features a tailored cut that would look more than fine when worn without a traditional suit jacket, if needed. On the other hand, a slim knit tie in a simple color — black, a la everyone’s favorite secret agent — would more than up the formality of the look.

The Pocket Square: J. Crew Factory Linen Pocket Square — $12

Nothing fancy -- but nothing too trendy -- about a timeless white pocket square.

Nothing fancy — but nothing too trendy — about a timeless white pocket square.

When you go with crisp style essentials like a classic white shirt and a blue suit, sometimes there’s no need to go wild with a pocket square. J. Crew Factory’s linen pocket square gets the job done more than suitably for the price. Beyond New Year’s Eve as well, a white pocket square (even in linen) is going to add a nice finishing touch to many a tailored ensemble — so grab one now before it’s too late!

The Boots: Thursday Boot Company Black Duke Chelsea Boot — $199

Channeling some 60s style with a tailored suit and Chelsea boots.

Channeling some 60s style with a tailored suit and Chelsea boots.

While Bond himself mainly favors crisp black captoes or dress boots as of late, we’ll forgo the laces with these Chelsea boots in keeping with the slick and sharp vibe of the outfit. Thursday Boot Company makes solid suede chukkas and dependable captoe boots, so it follows that the Duke Chelsea Boot  should be pretty comfortable for the price — plus, the studded rubber outsole should add nice traction on slick streets. Note that if needed in a pinch, H&M also offers a very budget-friendly Chelsea boot option.

The Belt: Will Leather Goods Marlow Belt — $75

Trim and refined -- just like the tailored ensemble.

Trim and refined — just like the tailored ensemble.

While it might seem ludicrous at first to pay more for a belt than for a shirt, it’s a pickup that can pay big, big dividends. The Marlow Belt is a refined dress belt that keeps things super sleek thanks to the dark buckle and slim width, plus the dark black suede. For those who say black and blue can’t be worn together … well, we all know who’s bucked that theory time and again. It’s a combo that’s going to look  super crisp in this instance, especially as it grounds the heightened blue suit or fits in nicely with a navy suit. You could also go with a cheaper black leather dress belt from EXPRESS if needed.

The Watch: Daniel Wellington 40mm Classic Sheffield in Rose Gold — $229

The rose gold case and markings set this watch off nicely.

The rose gold case and markings set this watch off nicely.

The importance of timeless accessories — like a great belt or solid shoes — is no more important than when you’re going with an outfit that’s more minimal. The top-to-bottom look is pretty sleek in this case sans tie and traditional lace-up dress shoes, so a refined watch from Daniel Wellington will look right at home. While  the typical play might be to reach for a watch with a silver case here, the rose gold case color should pop nicely against the blue suit and black belt + shoes — or even dark denim and a simple cashmere sweater.

The Socks: American Trench Dress Rib Socks in Cloud Grey – $14.50

These simple grey dress socks are back again.

These simple grey dress socks are back again.

Last but not least, the ever-important finishing touch. Recognize these dress socks from American Trench? They’ve appeared in this blog as part of a Holiday Party Style Suggestion (among others), and that underscores their wearability and quality. Heck, you might not think about them too much once they’re on, but the dialed-in grey color and sleek  look (no crazy patterns) makes a difference when taken in context with the rest of this outfit. That’s more than worth their price upfront.

As we’ve talked about before, maybe things won’t get overly fancy for you on New Year’s Eve. However, it pays to be prepared and to get some style inspiration heading into a big night, and the new year. And if wanting to look sharper in everyday situations is a style goal for yourself, as it is for yours truly, there’s no better time to start than the present. Because, simply put, we can’t all live twice.
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