See Now, Buy Now: Mark Albert Classic Chelsea Boots Are Your New Fall Footwear Pick

Rugged, durable and uniquely stylish Chelsea boots that’ll help you get through fall in style.

If you don’t yet have a pair of stylish Chelsea boots in your early fall footwear rotation, it’s time to change that; in fact, today’s See Now, Buy Now entry is absolutely going to help you in that regard. Stylish leather Chelsea boots are widely accepted now in the menswear world for their combination of slick looks, classic style and easy wearability — it’s an on-trend style of footwear that manages to tie back decades. I certainly love breaking out a pair whenever I get the chance. And the Mark Albert Classic Chelsea Boot is the latest silhouette to join that lineage — and to join my wish list. In short, if you want a slick pair of men’s Chelsea boots that convey both rugged style and a bit of rock-ready edge, these are the boots to … well, see now AND buy now. Ya dig? The Mark Albert Classic Chelsea Boots  are unique in more ways than one — the Dakota Brown leather is certainly rich and visually interesting; throw in the fact that the Albert Chelsea Boot is built on a slim Western last, and you’ve got a pair of Chelsea boots that convey slim, sharp looks.

The rich brown leather and tough construction of these Chelsea boots makes them ready for the new season ahead — they’re about as rugged a pair of Chelsea boots as it gets. That means you can break them out in all sorts of situations — try them with slim black denim (yes, brown and black works!) with a rugged henley to grab a beer at your favorite brewery. Keep them at the ready for your work week, too — they’ll team stylishly with slim dark denim and a herringbone blazer if you happen to work in a slightly more casual office environment. And the rest of the time? The Mark Albert Classic Chelsea Boots fit right in with tailored wear — a navy worsted wool suit and light blue shirt are going to team up with these stylish Chelsea boots in very, very slick fashion. And as we always stress here on the blog, affordability and quality are paramount — and they should certainly go hand-in-hand when on you’re on the hunt for stylish Chelsea boots.Almost astonishingly, you can get a pair of the Mark Albert Classic Chelsea Boots for just $225 — and that includes the Pennsylvania-made construction. You’re saving quite a bit of money compared to more expensive Chelsea boots on the market — *cough Common Projects cough* — and you’re getting the rare Chelsea boot that looks better the more you wear it. Don’t worry about beating up these Mark Albert Classic Chelsea Boots this fall and winter — they can certainly handle all the style scenarios you can dream up.

Will you be picking up a pair of the Mark Albert Classic Chelsea Boots for fall and winter … and beyond? Let me know in the comments?

Style Pick of the Week: Astorflex Chelsea Boots

Editor’s note: Expect these posts weekly detailing one standout item coveted by yours truly. Sometimes, these fit within budgetary restrictions and other times, they’re expensive splurges worth saving for. For more Wish List items from Beau, head here, and to see other Style Picks, head here. Portions of this post use affiliate links, of which a small commission might be earned.

A sharp Chelsea boot made responsibly with premium materials? Sign me up.

A sharp Chelsea boot made responsibly with premium materials? Sign me up.

As hard as it can be to shelve your favorite summer sneakers, there’s something to be said for the durability and style of a great Chelsea boot in the chillier months. From a rock concert to the office and beyond, the stylish Chelsea boot is a super-sharp, upscale answer to a pair of rugged leather lace-up boots — and the good news is, there’s no wrong time to wear them. Particularly in the fall months, something like the Astorflex Chelsea Boot will have you set up for plenty of style situations ahead — particularly in a rich, versatile and yet neutral color like the Dark Khaki option pictured here. And well, that’s why it’s this week’s Style Pick of the Week. The Astorflex brand, sold by the Style Guide favorites at Huckberry, is a company that continually looks to update its offerings — they just introduced some low-cut sneakers, and the Astorflex Chelsea Boot  is just the latest in its rugged-refined set of products. Crucially, they’re handmade in northern Italy with premium European leather. And if you value exacting craftsmanship in your Chelsea boots — in addition to great style — these are the boots to get. The leather itself is aged for 30 days in a mixture of oak bark, water and powdered mimosa — how’s that for attention to detail? And the resulting finishing process is top-notch, as well. They’re made with 100 percent natural rubber soles and memory foam footbeds — talk about the perfect blend of form and function.


Along with those top-of-the-line materials and environmentally friendly construction process, they’ve got top-of-the-line styling potential. The silhouette is such that they’re able to be worn to a rock concert (seriously!) alongside dark blue or black denim, topped off with a durable henley. And the rest of the week, you can team them with wool trousers and a V-neck sweater (maybe atop an essential chambray shirt?) for days at the office. The rubber sole on the Astorflex Chelsea Boot  should be sturdy and durable, while the premium suede should hang in there through the fall months with a little care. When the spring hits, they’d also be a unique complement to light wash denim and your favorite pocket T-shirt. With the Astorflex Chelsea Boot , the design and materials are so on-point that there’s no wrong way to wear them. Not sold on a Chelsea boot yet? Give these a try for an agreeable price ($180 ain’t too bad), and rock them as much as you can.

Grab the Astorflex Chelsea Boot  via Huckberry  now.

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#OOTD: How to Dress for A Rock Concert

Editor’s note: You’ve surely seen this hashtag lots of different places, including on Instagram. But how does that carry over to real life? The #OOTD will take one great item and put together a versatile, stylish outfit around it. Look for past features here.

Chances are, we’ve all got certain style scenarios throughout the week we have to tackle — be it dressing for a laidback office or a laidback summer weekend, there’s a multitude of conundrums (and opportunities!) to navigate in any given week. If you enjoy live music — as I very much do — you might also find yourself attending a show or two … or three. Heck, from the 2016 Panorama music festival to Governors Ball to an upstate trip to see Lucius, I love it all, and I get out and about to shows quite a bit. If you read this blog, you certainly know that; maybe you’ve even tackled a similar scenario, such as how to dress for a summer music festival. However, non-festival settings are a different animal entirely. We’re usually talking an indoor venue, a more compact crowd, and possibly time spent waiting in line outside. So, what are you going to wear? And namely, what’s a combination that might hold up alright at the office and then heading to the show itself? This is one of the essential questions in life (wink, wink) and it’s the one we’re going to answer below. As yours truly likes to drive home, looking for ways to improve — and maintain — your style comes down to always seizing the chance to do a little bit extra when it comes to getting dressed. That’s where style upgrades come into play, even off the clock. The below outfit certainly has a few of those. If you want to keep up with what I’m wearing at my next show (obviously), head to Instagram. To check out my thoughts on music & other musings, check out my non-menswear Twitter — it exists! — right here.

Ready for the front row -- a chambray shirt, slim black denim and Chelsea boots are about as concert-ready as it gets.

Ready for the front row — a chambray shirt, slim black denim and Chelsea boots are about as concert-ready as it gets.

The Jacket: Abercrombie & Fitch M-65 Military Jacket, $150 –The (somewhat) new and very improved Abercrombie & Fitch is keeping that roll going into the fall season with pieces like this timeless, sharp and versatile field jacket. It works just as well over a knit tie with a blue Oxford as it does with this outfit’s other pieces.

The Shirt: Buck Mason Short-Sleeve Chambray Shirt, $108 — If you’ve kept your eyes peeled, you’ve seen this Buck Mason short-sleeve chambray shirt as part of this site’s Style Pick of the Week series. It’s an essential done the right way, and the short sleeves will keep you cooler even underneath the jacket.

The Denim: Levi’s 505C Slim-Fit Jeans in DeeDee Wash, $98 — Is it cliché to wear black jeans to a rock concert? Not when that pair of denim is inspired by an actual archival style worn by rockers like the Ramones. (Read more by yours truly at The Manual).

The Boots: Soul36 Fairmont Chelsea Boots in Taupe, $249 — Because no trip to a concert is complete with rock-ready footwear, suede Chelsea boots that can handle a bit of a beating are the exact way to go.

The Socks: Pair of Thieves Okapi Socks, $10  — When your outfit relies on lots of shades of blue (plus some black and tan), a vibrant shot of red is never a bad thing. The price on these Pair of Thieves socks simply can’t be beat.

The Belt: Tanner Goods Classic Belt in Hickory, $99.98 — An average belt just won’t do here — no, your belt should be one that works at the office and at a show, and a refined-yet-rugged Tanner Goods belt is neither too dressy or dressed-down.
Frank & Oak
The Watch: AVI-8 Hawker Hunter Watch, $270 — Seeing as we’re pushing for an outfit that’s equal parts rugged, tough and office-ready, this aviation-inspired timepiece — featuring a beefy 45mm case diameter and smart dial design — is ideal.

The Wallet: Andar Wallets Scout Wallet, $22 — Before we get into what makes this wallet so great, know that you can get 10 percent off your purchase with the code ‘STYLEGUIDE’ — now, why should do that? This wallet is slim enough to fit into the front pocket of that denim, functional enough to hold a small amount of cash and a few essential cards, and memorable enough in design that you won’t leave it behind at the bar.

As you can see in the #OOTD above, the small style details matter, from the cut of your shirt to the color of your socks — and they can be merged into one functional outfit that’s fit for something as unique as a rock concert. Those suede Chelsea boots that you might pair with a business-casual look will fit right in as you jockey for a front-row spot (or a spot at the bar). Pieces like a navy military jacket and a chambray shirt are multi-season essentials that work particularly well for transitioning from location to location — indoors or outdoors. The military jacket is rugged yet sharp when paired up with that crisp blue short-sleeve chambray shirt. And while black denim might feel a touch rebellious, a clean wash in a dark color is certainly as concert-ready  as durable pair of inky blue denim. Lastly, that durable watch and slim wallet are nice additions to your daily haul any day of the week. If you have suggestions or thoughts on what you’re wearing to your next show, write me a note on Twitter (my #menswear one, if you prefer).

Stay stylish and snap a concert video for me,


Style Suggestion: What to Wear on New Year’s Eve

Editor’s note: For more Style Suggestions covering situations formal to casual, head here.

"How much do you know about fear?" Bond: "All there is." Now THAT is style worth emulating for New Year's Eve.

“How much do you know about fear?” Bond: “All there is.” Now THAT is style worth emulating for New Year’s Eve.

While most of us can only hope to be as sharply dressed as Mr. Bond up there (and headed somewhere as debonair as a floating casino), it can still pay off to dress to impress on New Year’s Eve — even if you aren’t swilling martinis or fighting henchmen. The outfit below plays off the tailored-but-tieless look that’s still popping up lots of different places, so it’s more dressed-down than Bond but definitely geared toward the formal end of the spectrum even without the tie. But if your night shakes out more casually (or formally, for that matter), know that the same basic pieces — tailored trousers, a crisp shirt and slick boots — can work just about anywhere. With that in mind, let’s get set to close out the year in style and look forward to a sharp 2016.

The Suit: Combatant Gentleman Deep Blue Slim Fit Suit — $220 OR Combatant Gentleman Blue Slim Fit Suit — $160

One brand, two options for sharp style -- and two great prices.

One brand, two options for sharp style — and two great prices.

Each of the above two options strikes a slightly different tone — the heightened color of the Deep Blue Slim Fit Suit is a vibe that’s all movie star-red carpet, a la Ryan Gosling.  Think of it as a positive style swerve if you have the basics covered. But if you’re not willing to spring for a suit in that shade or feel like saving some money (more for champagne, amirite??), a navy blue suit never fails — whether you go with the reliable Combatant Gentleman option here or with one you already own. If the jacket is too formal, the trousers could even be worn on their own with a great leather jacket or a sharp overcoat and V-neck sweater.

The Shirt: Standard Shirt White Dress Shirt — $59

Your pick of collar choices for classic style.

Your pick of collar choices for classic style.

The Standard Shirt has been profiled on this blog before and also featured prominently in a Holiday Party Style Suggestion, and for good reason. It’s lightweight, breathable and quite crisp for the price. Plus, a white shirt is a great style play in this case because it can either ground that electric blue suit impressively, or keep more in line with the classic style of a crisp navy suit — particularly sans tie. And the Standard Shirt features a tailored cut that would look more than fine when worn without a traditional suit jacket, if needed. On the other hand, a slim knit tie in a simple color — black, a la everyone’s favorite secret agent — would more than up the formality of the look.

The Pocket Square: J. Crew Factory Linen Pocket Square — $12

Nothing fancy -- but nothing too trendy -- about a timeless white pocket square.

Nothing fancy — but nothing too trendy — about a timeless white pocket square.

When you go with crisp style essentials like a classic white shirt and a blue suit, sometimes there’s no need to go wild with a pocket square. J. Crew Factory’s linen pocket square gets the job done more than suitably for the price. Beyond New Year’s Eve as well, a white pocket square (even in linen) is going to add a nice finishing touch to many a tailored ensemble — so grab one now before it’s too late!

The Boots: Thursday Boot Company Black Duke Chelsea Boot — $199

Channeling some 60s style with a tailored suit and Chelsea boots.

Channeling some 60s style with a tailored suit and Chelsea boots.

While Bond himself mainly favors crisp black captoes or dress boots as of late, we’ll forgo the laces with these Chelsea boots in keeping with the slick and sharp vibe of the outfit. Thursday Boot Company makes solid suede chukkas and dependable captoe boots, so it follows that the Duke Chelsea Boot  should be pretty comfortable for the price — plus, the studded rubber outsole should add nice traction on slick streets. Note that if needed in a pinch, H&M also offers a very budget-friendly Chelsea boot option.

The Belt: Will Leather Goods Marlow Belt — $75

Trim and refined -- just like the tailored ensemble.

Trim and refined — just like the tailored ensemble.

While it might seem ludicrous at first to pay more for a belt than for a shirt, it’s a pickup that can pay big, big dividends. The Marlow Belt is a refined dress belt that keeps things super sleek thanks to the dark buckle and slim width, plus the dark black suede. For those who say black and blue can’t be worn together … well, we all know who’s bucked that theory time and again. It’s a combo that’s going to look  super crisp in this instance, especially as it grounds the heightened blue suit or fits in nicely with a navy suit. You could also go with a cheaper black leather dress belt from EXPRESS if needed.

The Watch: Daniel Wellington 40mm Classic Sheffield in Rose Gold — $229

The rose gold case and markings set this watch off nicely.

The rose gold case and markings set this watch off nicely.

The importance of timeless accessories — like a great belt or solid shoes — is no more important than when you’re going with an outfit that’s more minimal. The top-to-bottom look is pretty sleek in this case sans tie and traditional lace-up dress shoes, so a refined watch from Daniel Wellington will look right at home. While  the typical play might be to reach for a watch with a silver case here, the rose gold case color should pop nicely against the blue suit and black belt + shoes — or even dark denim and a simple cashmere sweater.

The Socks: American Trench Dress Rib Socks in Cloud Grey – $14.50

These simple grey dress socks are back again.

These simple grey dress socks are back again.

Last but not least, the ever-important finishing touch. Recognize these dress socks from American Trench? They’ve appeared in this blog as part of a Holiday Party Style Suggestion (among others), and that underscores their wearability and quality. Heck, you might not think about them too much once they’re on, but the dialed-in grey color and sleek  look (no crazy patterns) makes a difference when taken in context with the rest of this outfit. That’s more than worth their price upfront.

As we’ve talked about before, maybe things won’t get overly fancy for you on New Year’s Eve. However, it pays to be prepared and to get some style inspiration heading into a big night, and the new year. And if wanting to look sharper in everyday situations is a style goal for yourself, as it is for yours truly, there’s no better time to start than the present. Because, simply put, we can’t all live twice.
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Style Suggestion: Suede Chelsea Boots

While there’s nothing wrong with a great pair of lace-up boots, there’s something inherently sleek and stylish about the Chelsea boot. It’s a silhouette that’s garnered a lot of attention across the past year or so in the men’s style arena, and it’s also unique in the fact that it’s a classic style, too. First pioneered in the mainstream style arena by, among others, The Beatles and now worn by current British rockers, they’re an on-trend, continental style with staying power.

Suede Chelsea boots on display in SoHo. Overcoat: Kenneth Cole. Scarf: J. Crew Factory. Gloves: Target Merona. Jeans: Bonobos. Boots: ASOS. Photo credit: Liz Todd

Suede Chelsea boots on display in SoHo. Overcoat: Kenneth Cole. Scarf: J. Crew Factory. Gloves: Target Merona. Jeans: Bonobos. Boots: ASOS. Photo credit: Liz Todd

While Chelsea boots can be incorporated into all kinds of outfits across the seasons (including suggestion #3 in this outfit post), perhaps the best time to wear them is the fall and winter, when temperatures dip. Take a page out of David Beckham’s book and rock them in all different kinds of situations — even at a fashion collaboration launch party. The boot’s higher cut pairs well with sturdier, thicker pants fabrics — think slim flannel, corduroy or garment-dyed jeans. That’s not to say they wouldn’t also look right with a simple pair of dark denim (see the photos here). This particular pair of Chelsea boots was a Christmas gift from Santa, and a great one at that — especially given that sizes are now nearly cleared out through ASOS. However, the same site offers plenty of alternative options in both leather and suede, and H&M makes a particularly noteworthy Chelsea boot, as does Frank & Oak.

For the ultimate in dressy appeal, Frank & Oak's black leather version is sleek.

For the ultimate in dressy appeal, Frank & Oak’s black leather version is sleek.

These ASOS boots check all the boxes of an excellent pair — they have a higher cut, making them ideal for fall and winter treks, and they tie in another cold-weather element, too: the use of suede. The rich tan suede color is extremely versatile, as it contrasts nicely with everything from dark blue denim to navy or olive chinos or charcoal trousers (note that any of those pants would be a terrific purchase even without a pair of Chelsea boots in your closet). And the dark tan color fits in with the equally dark colors of fall and winter (in colder regions of the country, at least), while also standing out in the right way — as you can (hopefully!) see in some of these photos. It’s also worth noting that dark tan suede pairs just as easily with brown or black accessories in terms of your belt color or watch strap — that’s two for the price of one!

Noting the time on an Invicta Pro Diver watch. Not pictured in this casual outfit — Navy crewneck sweater (J. Crew), Pocket T-shirt (American Apparel).

Noting the time on an Invicta Pro Diver watch. Not pictured in this casual outfit — Navy crewneck sweater (J. Crew), Pocket T-shirt (American Apparel).

In this instance, I kept the outfit relatively simple — slim blue denim, a charcoal overcoat (now out of stock but a tremendous value on-sale) and a navy crewneck sweater over a charcoal pocket T-shirt. Of course, winter accessories were also key to have on-hand (while that scarf is out of stock, a similar option can be found here, while those Target gloves were a steal on-sale). And the great thing is that although this is a casual outfit, these Chelsea boots would look just as sharp with some heavier, winter-weight suiting or even the charcoal trousers as linked above, along with a V-neck sweater and chambray shirt.

Have you considered picking up a pair of Chelsea boots? What brand would you recommend? Let me know!