The Friday Read: 2016’s Best Watches, Last-Minute Gifts and Holiday Travel Style

Check your watch, check your calendar, check this blog — we’re just two (TWO) days away from Christmas! It’s been a hectic week between my winter trip to Baltimore and some travel to sunny Florida, but I hope you’re en route to your holiday destination — and traveling in style, of course.  If you’ve slacked (big-time) on your gift buying, check out our women’s holiday gift guide and the requisite men’s holiday gift guide one final, last time. And right after we turn from Christmas, New Year’s Eve is upon us — to that end, we’ll cover what to wear on New Year’s Eve in the next few days. And we’ll be going through men’s style resolutions for 2017, too. If your resolutions include upgrading your workout gear, you’d do well to enter this site’s latest menswear giveaway. But back to business. It’s been great to reflect on a stellar year in NYC over the last few days; that includes the chance to build on my career in fashion PR, write this blog and pursue my passion through other great menswear sites like The Manual and GearMoose. We’re not done with the style content on this blog for 2016 yet — far from it. For now, I’ll leave you today with the best in men’s style — I hope you take care of your last-minute shopping, and more importantly, I hope you’ll join us for tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week.  Now, get to it!

  • Whenever you talk about a  stylish, durable watch, it’s advisable to turn to the folks at GQ. Yes, they do make some questionable styling choices and hop on and off quite a few trends, but hey, rounded up 2016’s best watches — and the list includes some stone-cold stunners, like the rugged Tudor Black Bay Bronze.
  • Let’s stay on the topic of GQ, shall we? The publication’s digital arm rounded up 16 holiday travel style favorites. Some of these picks are mighty premium — take the $840 AMI overcoat, for starters — but the premise is admirable. 16 items, a full set of outfits and some solid suggestions (denim-on-denim among them).
  • And on the topic of last-second shopping, if you’ve got someone on your list who values a touch of irreverent style and a bit of high-fashion — like an embroidered Levi’s denim jacket  — use the code ‘MERRY30’ to get 30!percent off almost everything online and in-store at Brooklyn’s own Kinfolk. Note that the deal excludes footwear, collaboration apparel & N. Hoollywood gear, but hey, there are plenty of picks from which to shop.

One last item to read …

  • Did you catch the launch of the slick new Taylor Stitch Minimalist Collection? It includes a bifold wallet and a slim cardholder, among other goods. They’re reasonably priced for investment-worthy leather pieces and feature the classic design that’s made Taylor Stitch so coveted among lovers of great menswear. Get the scoop via my latest GearMoose post.

Did that help you fill the time between holiday shopping sessions? Once more, check out the women’s style gift guide and shop our men’s style gift guide as quickly as you can.

Finally: Have a great day, and a great weekend!

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Women’s Style Holiday Gift Guide — For Guys!

Santa's on his way.... wait — SANTA?? I KNOW HIM!

Santa’s on his way…. wait — SANTA?? I KNOW HIM!

Even though the calendar’s drawing closer and closer to Christmas, there’s still plenty of time for the savvy shopper (that would be you, my stylish male friend!) to snag some great gifts for the women in your life — be it your girlfriend or wife, mom, sister or another relative. And if you read the Men’s Style section of this site, chances are you enjoy shopping for yourself — and others, too! Shopping for a great woman in your life doesn’t have to be intimidating or expensive though — a lot of it comes down to your knowledge of that person (thus, these are only humble suggestions). Even better, it can be done online at the click of the button, allowing you to narrow your selections and find that perfect gift. Read on for some (hopefully) great picks below!

For Your Girlfriend or Wife: Kate Spade Tied Up Pave Studs — $48

A pair of earrings that offers lots of styling potential — all at a nice price.

A pair of earrings that offers lots of styling potential — all at a nice price.

Kate Spade has built its reputation as a chic, stylish and nicely priced brand that lots seem to like — and depending on what sort of earring collection your partner has, this pair would hopefully be a worthy addition to their lineup. If your partner doesn’t have her ears pierced or doesn’t wear earrings that often, a simple bangle bracelet could be a good alternative. The price is just right on these earrings (not too high or low) and the styling offers the opportunity to wear them with dressier pieces or a casual outfit — just like a great men’s style item! Now, not all are into jewelry or similar items — in that case, something fun for the two of you, like a class that interests both of you or a fun weekend trip, could be much better.

For Your Mom: Trinket Box Candle ($22) and a Handwritten Card

For a colorful, festive addition to the home, this candle lights the way (pun intended).

For a colorful, festive addition to the home, this candle lights the way (pun intended).

Anthropologie is another excellent source for gifts that won’t break the bank and also offer chic style. The store has a more bohemian vibe than Kate Spade, but that offers all the more opportunity to find unique gifts. While a candle isn’t by nature the flashiest gift, these have a neat, colorful design that should go with most types of decor while standing out in the right way. A few of them would work nicely as a set, too. And when you pair a gift like that with a colorful, handwritten card on some nice cardstock paper, your mom should be more than happy. If you feel that’s not enough, add a nice framed photo of yourself (see below).

For Your Sister: Urban Outfitters Lounge Colorblock Eternity Scarf — $34 

Two trends combined into one warm, stylish piece.

Two trends combined into one warm, stylish piece.

If your sister is into style or simply likes to look good (and stay warm), a thick scarf that combines two trends — the eternity loop and colorblocking — knocks both out of the park. Also available in black and lavender, each combo offers lots of possibilities for pairing with like colors. This is also another gift that won’t break the bank in terms of price, making it a worthy buy that should last for seasons to come.

For Your Grandma: Anthropologie Pressed Glass Photo Frame (with a photo of yourself!) — $18 — $22

Giving the gift of a cherished memory.

Giving the gift of a cherished memory.

Now with these particular photo frames, two of the options aren’t available until righttt before Christmas (December 23, to be exact) — so if you have the opportunity to snag one of the options in store, that would be much more ideal than rushing a delivery last-minute. A photo of yourself is a surprisingly thoughtful gift that most of your older relatives would presumably love to have around — it allows them to see you every day, after all! And if the photo features you and said relative, even better!

If you have other people on your list who are more specific or more difficult to buy for, this excellent list from Dappered offers plenty of terrific additional suggestions. Check it out for more ideas!

What are you buying for your significant other and the great women in your life? Any places to check out or specific gifts worth buying? Let us know!