See Now, Buy Now: Add to Your Everyday Carry With This Stylish Leather Brief from WP Standard

Best leather briefcase for men.

If you’ve gotten a bit too used to working from home and now, all of a sudden, need to start dressing for the office again, well, start with the basics: Get your wardrobe in line with office-ready essentials, yes, but first…address your everyday carry. Yes, it’s truly best to start with the building blocks, like a stylish leather briefcase you’re going to use every single day (and then some).

The best place to start your search for your new favorite EDC gear? Let’s go with WP Standard, the Texas-based leather goods brand with a knack for making heritage-quality picks fit to use, well, every single day.

We talked recently on the blog about how WP Standard makes one of the best leather duffle bags, but when you need something a bit more streamlined, that’s where the WP Standard Woodward Brief enters the equation. As the brand itself says, this handsome, full-grain leather bag is a “perfect companion for your daily commute,” and I’d venture to say that it’s also one of the best travel bags.

Satchel and Page

Solid brass hardware provides a handsome touch, and the padded laptop compartment on the WP Standard Woodward Brief makes it an ideal way to transport your valuables. Plus, handy external pockets deliver another degree of utility to the WP Standard Woodward Brief. Plus, as with other variations on the best leather bags, the WP Standard Woodward Brief will only get better with age, developing a patina unique to your personal style. What’s not to love about that? The journey to getting back out there and upgrading your EDC starts… now.


See Now, Buy Now: WP Standard Is Making One of the Best Leather Duffel Bags for Men

Best leather duffel bag for men.

As a new season dawns, perhaps you’ve got one thing on your mind: Planning your next (or your first!) spring getaway, and doing so by packing up plenty of your favorite travel style essentials into, well, one of the best duffel bags for men. The right gear is nothing without the proper means to transport it, and if you can do so in rugged, heritage-minded style, that’s certainly all the better.

From the pages of this blog, you’re likely well-acquainted with other brands making the best leather jacket and the best leather goods, like my friends at Satchel & Page. Let me introduce you now to a brand that’s going to make a serious run for your money, too: That brand would be WP Standard, an upstart brand with an intense dedication to quality and craftsmanship (and yes, that includes the best leather goods for men across the board).

The Texas-based brand began humbly enough, when founder Ryan Barr set out in 2009 to craft guitar straps out of finely crafted leather. A trip to a Mexican tannery and years working in his basement workshop set the brand on the path it walks today: The WP Standard lineup of leather goods is extensive, handsomely crafted and expertly curated, from leather house shoes to stylish leather wallets and of course, one of the best duffel bags for men on the market. In fact, if you’re searching for a high-quality duffle bag for under $500, the WP Standard PanAm Duffle Bag is an excellent, meticulously crafted option.

Best men's duffle bag for travel.

These days, WP Standard uses a team of artisans to turn its finished leather into remarkably cool, built-to-last products like the WP Standard PanAm Duffle Bag. The difference is in the details, and at a glance, the good folks at WP Standard have really knocked this one out of the park. 100 percent full-grain leather makes up the heritage-quality WP Standard PanAm Duffle Bag, further bolstered by brass hardware for a suitably antique-looking finish.

WP Standard leather goods.

Fittingly, it comes complete with a leather luggage tag to help you keep a watchful eye on your bag as you zig-zag across the country and the globe. An interior pocket provides space for other valuable leather goods and EDC essentials — for instance, the brand makes a refined leather toiletry kit — while the entire design of the WP Standard PanAm Duffle Bag is carry-on friendly.

Satchel and Page

If you ask me, this is one stylish leather duffle that’s about ready to go on as many adventures as you are, and naturally, the WP Standard PanAm Duffle Bag will develop a rugged patina over time. And again, it’s worth remembering that the WP Standard PanAm Duffle Bag retails for under $500 — talk about a steal for your new favorite travel bag.

#OOTD: Your New Favorite Way to Dress for a Breezy Spring Day

You might have a picture-perfect idea of the type of day for which today’s #OOTD might fit. It’s a little bit brisk, but not too much so … it’s sunny … but it might rain later … and you’re looking forward to indulging in some early spring sunshine and perhaps, a classic spring beer. So, what are you wearing?¬† Well, let’s start things out with a stylish rain jacket that just so happens to be weather-ready, then let’s add a slim cashmere sweater, a classic Taylor Stitch shirt, and travel-friendly pants. How does that sound? Not bad, right? The key with dressing for a breezy spring day involves recognizing that you’ll need to be prepared for anything — brunch could lead to a farmer’s market trip, which could lead to patio beers. Or, heck, you might just be wondering what to wear to the office this spring. At any rate, I feel confident the below gear picks will suffice. That goes for the durable waterproof boots we’re recommending, along with the classic field watch on your wrist. I think you’ll be that much more ready for the season when you read all about the rest of today’s men’s style essentials below. Now, who’s ready for a Founders Solid Gold?

What do you get when you blend a lightweight, durable jacket with spring style essentials? This #OOTD, of course.

It’s not every day you get to put together an ensemble full of men’s style essentials to take you through plenty of different style situations — just like the picks shown above. It all comes together thanks to the functional rain jacket from Proof, perfect for taking on spring showers or simply serving as another layer when the temperature dips unexpectedly. From there, it only gets better: A slim cashmere crewneck is a lightweight, comfortable layer atop the Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt, and if it gets too hot out? Simply ditch the sweater. The Proof Rover Pants are also a winning essential, made to move with you no matter where your day takes you. The same can certainly be said for the dependable, rugged leather boots from Tricker’s shown here — pair them up with a set of Topo Designs socks for all-day comfort. When it comes to your everyday carry, you can never go wrong with a tough field watch — ideal for the office or your favorite brewpub. And what to bring along to keep all your gear safe? That’s easy. Simply reach for what could be the the perfect spring travel bag from WP Standard. There we go! What’s your take on this early spring #menswear ensemble? Let me know via Twitter. Cheers!

Style Pick of the Week: WP Standard Weekender

Your next standout summer bag — it can go anywhere this season (and well beyond!).

We talked just last month about the ridiculously well-made and exceptionally stylish WP Standard Vintage Messenger, so it should come as no surprise that we’re all on board in terms of this week’s Style Pick — the WP Standard Weekender. That’s right: One brand. Two exceptionally stylish bags worthy of dropping some hard-earned cash on. Both available via Huckberry, helpfully. But for now, let’s turn our attention to this standout leather weekender bag, seeing as it’s high time you packed up for your next summer road trip. The¬†WP Standard Weekender¬†truly is one-of-a-kind, particularly if you’re a guy who values style that’s casual and effortless.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m a big fan of WP Standard’s shirting and outerwear — this is one brand that certainly nails the casual, effortless and pleasingly rugged style that so many of us love. And you know what? That’s what makes the¬†WP Standard Weekender¬†such a central component of your next road trip packing list. This bag is built to go anywhere you do this summer, but it’ll work best for weekend trips upstate and even a nice staycation or two. Made with full-grain vegetable-tanned leather, the¬†WP Standard Weekender¬†is built to last; hand-hammered copper rivets and a heavy-duty zipper also omplement the handsome design of this stylish leather weekender.

Durably built and featuring some stellar style details — like a heavy-duty zipper.

End pockets and an interior pocket also give you some much-needed space to store your everyday carry essentials — from must-have grooming pieces to a classic short-sleeve shirt, I’d say the¬†WP Standard Weekender¬†can take care of it all.¬† Did I mention that it’s guaranteed for life? That’s right — the brand is backing up what looks to be phenomenal construction and quality. If. like me, you’ve been traveling a fair amount, you know that the right bag is key. And to find one like the¬†WP Standard Weekender, made from stylish leather and featuring timeless design? Well, that’s just icing on the cake.

The even better part about the¬†WP Standard Weekender? It’s going to age as you use it, whether you tote it around town for that “stay-cation” or lug it across the country on a road trip. It’s the type of essential bag for summer travel that also complements plenty of casual outfits. That is to say, unlike a black nylon backpack or an athletic logo gym bag, the¬†WP Standard Weekender¬†is going to look every bit as great as your outfit (especially if you happen to be wearing a WP Standard chambray shirt or the brand’s rugged denim jacket). Now, who wouldn’t want a bag like that?

Are you going to be carrying the WP Standard Weekender with you on  your next summer trip? Let me know via Twitter! 

Style Pick of the Week: WP Standard Vintage Messenger

A ridiculously high-quality bag that’s going to break in very nicely over time.

Looking for a new everyday bag? One made with serious heritage quality and timeless style in mind? One that’s going to seriously amp up your everyday carry essentials? My friends, the WP Standard Vintage Messenger is that very bag, on all fronts. It’s, simply put,a beautiful leather bag that’ll age well and show character — it’s a fine complement to the rest of the WP Standard line, which features my favorite chambray shirt and my favorite rugged denim jacket (as seen on my Instagram), plus¬†my favorite leather belt. Seriously, folks … WP Standard gear like the Vintage Messenger is absolutely no joke when it comes to style and substance. It’s a tricky balance in the ever-shifting world of fashion, which emphasizes disposable goods and the latest trends now more than ever. Yet, the¬†WP Standard Vintage Messenger¬†eschews all those entirely in favor of, well, just plain standout construction and superb quality.¬†The¬†Vintage Messenger¬†is inspired by antique postal bags, so it’s certainly well-suited for everything from a weekend trip upstate to a cross-country trip to Portland to your daily grind. The handsome, durably crafted¬†WP Standard Vintage Messenger¬†really can do it all in matters of style and functionality, and the vegetable-tanned leather is going to take on a life of its own over time — that’s a very good thing indeed.¬†

It’s always impressive when a brand can build out a full set of products that truly complement each other — in this instance, the remarkable¬†WP Standard Vintage Messenger¬†fits right in with the brand’s handsomely crafted T-shirts, chambray shirting and outerwear. It’s also a surefire fit with your other summer style essentials, which means that you should take every opportunity to take it with you on summer adventures aplenty. External pockets and an interior laptop pocket give you plenty of space for everything you might need to bring with you, whether you head into the office or get dressed to work remotely. Again, the style and substance of the¬†WP Standard Vintage Messenger¬†tells a story all its own, especially when you bring this bag with you to a business casual day at the office or a weekend afternoon coffee run. That’s really what the best men’s accessories should do, right? Tell stories and speak for themselves in terms of style. In short, that’s why you need the¬†WP Standard Vintage Messenger¬†in your life, my friends.

Will the WP Standard Vintage Messenger be part of your next summer trip or your work commute? Tell me why at The Style Guide Facebook page.