#OOTD: How to Bundle Up for Chilly Winter Weather Right Now

It’s here, and we all know it: Winter’s onset calls for the right gear for blustery, snowy, cold weather — and if you’re not quite as prepared as you had hoped, or if you need one last critical piece of gear to complete your winter style essentials, today’s #OOTD can assuredly help. We’re starting things off with one of the best men’s parkas, then we’re only going forward from there with the best gear to help you fight off winter storms aplenty. If you happen to live in a warm climate, well, consider yourself lucky. If, on the other hand, you happen to live somewhere like me (a la the chilly confines of Brooklyn!), then you’re going to get a lot of mileage out of picks like the Taylor Stitch Yosemite Shirt and mobile, versatile gear picks like the positively outstanding Proof Rover Pants. The really critical thing here is the fact that impending or ongoing winter weather doesn’t mean style goes by the wayside — far from it, in fact. Add in the right winter parka and rugged leather boots for extra functionality, and then the rest of your style picks will follow from there — this ensemble is about as far from a technical pair of snow pants and an overly bulky parka as you can get, and that’s a very good thing indeed. The point is, when you need to shed the rugged parka shown below, you’re going to look just as great as with the parka on. For exploring on the weekends, traveling upstate or heading to a casual holiday party (don’t forget the craft beer!), these rugged men’s gear picks can do it all — truly. If you’ve got questions on how to dress up when it’s just too darn cold, turn toward this ensemble, and be sure to give me a follow on Twitter.

The right gear picks to warm up your winter with ease.

  • The Parka: Faherty Brand Polar Fjord Puffer, $498 — It’s not getting any warmer out there, so if you’re searching for one of the best men’s parkas, the key here lies in investing in the unexpected. Take this rugged puffer parka, done up in a functional-yet-stylish silhouette and a rich olive color — it’s also filled with thick insulation for extra warmth.
  • The Shirt: Taylor Stitch Yosemite Shirt, $135 — For the holiday season and winter weather in equal measure, there’s nothing quite like a rugged flannel shirt, especially if said flannel shirt happens to be the Taylor Stitch Yosemite Shirt in a covetable Burgundy colorway. As stylish a flannel shirt as can be.
  • The Base Layer: Topo Designs Waffle Tee, $79 — If you’re heading out to run errands or simply grab coffee (or refresh your beer selection), you’re going to need to bundle up. This classic waffle tee from Topo Designs features a flattering, easy-to-layer fit that’s so sharp, you can even wear it all on its own, sans Taylor Stitch Yosemite Shirt.
  • The Pants: Proof Rover Pants, $98 — The snow and wind are no joke, so you need stylish pants that can take a beating accordingly — and come out the other side looking great. The Proof Rover Pants, what with their durable fabric and hybrid work pant design, are those pants.
  • The Boots: Wolverine Journeyman Boots, $170 — When the going gets tough, you need to reach for equally tough, do-it-all boots — like this pair from Wolverine. Even better? Five percent of proceeds from sales through the end of the year go toward the American College of Building Arts — and these are true working boots, with triple-stitching at the seams for extra durability.
  • The Rugged Watch: Luminox ICE-SAR 1000, $445 — The challenging winter weather calls for one of the best casual watches assuredly, one that can stand up to beastly conditions — Luminox comes through in the clutch.
  • The Hat: Upstate Stock American Mohair Beanie, $32 — For extreme warmth and a dash of style, nothing but the best men’s beanie cap will do — my friends at Upstate Stock make this version in New York State, to boot.
  • The Grooming Essential: Taconic Shave Solid Cologne, $15.99 — Wild winter weather is no excuse to let your  grooming game slide — this handy, easy-to-use solid cologne from Taconic Shave offers a fitting winter scent.

Winter weather calls for taking care of the essential details (such as scoping out the best men’s beanie cap) just as much as it calls for ensuring the larger must-haves are also accounted for accordingly (take, for instance, one of the best men’s parkas). And in the case of this #OOTD, every little thing is as it should be, blending style and functionality for snowy, blustery days and nights. The remarkable Taylor Stitch Yosemite Shirt takes care of both off-duty winter style and warm layering, and it’s a stylish-yet-rugged complement to a waffle tee from Topo Designs for when it’s exceptionally cold outside. And for matters of fashion and function in and out of the snow, you might not find a better pair of pants than the Proof Rover Pants — made to look as great as they perform. Lacing up rugged leather boots from Wolverine never fails, especially tough, triple-stitched work boots for classic style and dependability. On the grooming front, sharp solid cologne allows you to step up your grooming game in spite of the winter weather (hey, you might cozy up under the mistletoe with someone, am I right?). Even the watch shown here is about as good as it gets — this Luminox timepiece is ready for rough-and-tumble weather, yet also acts as one of the best casual watches when it comes to its design. Yes indeed, the details (big and small) are considered here. The next time snow starts to roll in, you know exactly what to wear — guaranteed.

#OOTD: Here’s How You Should Dress for the Polar Vortex This Year

You’ll know it when you see it — the arrival of this year’s polar vortex. Inevitably, and especially if you live in a place like NYC, it’ll catch you at the worst possible time. So, how to dress for the polar vortex this year? Stylishly and with functionality in mind, of course. That’s where today’s #OOTD takes us, so put on your rugged Danner boots and get ready. We’re kicking things off with a tough winter parka, and it only gets better from there (good news, the parka comes from Flint and Tinder). From there, it’s pretty critical that you throw on a rugged sweater for warmth, along with an office-ready flannel shirt from the good folks at Faherty Brand. But, today’s #OOTD is wearable for the office, you say? Of course — there’s work to be done, even during the polar vortex. That’s why we’re also recommending a rugged, casual watch and some surprisingly tailored chore pants. The point is, again, you need to dress for anything and everything, and I think this rugged-yet-reliable #OOTD is the way to go. What say you? Find out the rest of today’s gear picks for yourself below — stay warm!

Winter really doesn’t stand a chance — bundle up accordingly.

  • The Jacket: Flint and Tinder Waxed Ridge Parka, $398 — The good folks at Flint and Tinder never fail to come through with amazing men’s style essentials, like this tough winter parka. Your new favorite winter jacket? Possibly.
  • The Rugged Sweater: Peregrine Waffle Crew Neck Jumper, $140 — You know those mornings when it’s too cold to go outside or do much of anything? This insanely warm winter sweater changes all that.
  • The Classic Shirt: Faherty Brand Brushed Apline Flannel Shirt, $148 — And the proper shirt to pair with that winter sweater? A classic flannel shirt from Faherty Brand, of course.
  • The Boots: Danner Raptor Boots, $240 — I really do love the boots churned out by Danner season after season — personally, the Raptor Boots have proven exceedinly comfortable, and pretty darn tough on top of that. Perfect for the polar vortex.
  • The Pants: Flint and Tinder Mill Pants, $98 — The polar vortex demands that you dress accordingly — hence, these tough chore pants to stomp through snow.
  • The Must-Have Weekender: Buffalo Jackson Dakota Weekender, $294.98 — Heading somewhere in spite of the snow? Just trying to haul your gear to your cabin or to your next job? This rugged weekender bag is perhaps the best new bag to buy now.
  • The Socks: Anonymousism MOC Pile Crew Socks, $22.50 — We talked about the boots to buy for this #OOTD, now let’s talk about the stylish socks you need on your feet. Anonymousism makes each pair with form and function in mind.
  • The Watch: Huckberry x Lum-Tec Combat B-42 Watch, $499 — Although you’re dealing with a blizzard, that’s no time to let your accessories slip. This rugged, casual watch is an excellent option for winter.
  • The Tough Leather Gloves: Give’r 4-Season Waxed Gloves, $114 — Again, your accessories need to stay on point and carry you through the storm in style — these are an essential pair of winter gloves, no questions asked.
  • The Everyday Carry Essential: Taylor Stitch Drop Point Knife, $68 — In the spirit of getting the job done, you might find this Taylor Stitch Drop Point Knife handy if you’re tackling chores or projects outside.

Now, the polar vortex might seem tricky in matters of both style and survival — but it’s all about outfitting yourself accordingly. In my mind, that starts with new favorite winter jacket from Flint and Tinder. I’d say it’s one of the best men’s winter jackets out there, and it only gets better when you layer it over a classic flannel shirt from Faherty Brand, along with that insanely warm winter sweater we discussed earlier. The rest of your gear is truly on-point, too. Take those tough chore pants and the Danner Raptor Boots — there’s nearly no stopping you now. But wait, there’s more! Throw in a rugged, casual watch, grab an essential pair of winter gloves, then top it off by packing up a rugged weekender bag for whatever the day throws your way. Lest we forget, the Taylor Stitch Drop Point Knife is a handy everyday carry essential, and stylish socks are always a must-have. Now all you need is a roaring fire and a glass of whiskey — right? Right. Good luck out there, stay warm & stay stylish!

#OOTD: Here’s The Best Way to Dress in Tough Winter Style

My friends, I can barely believe it … but it’s time for the first #OOTD of 2018 here on The Style Guide! That’s pretty monumental, if you ask me. And you can rest assured that we’ve got more of the same great content on the way this year as in years past — particularly if you want to dress in weather-ready style. It’s time to bundle up and fight the chill, without sacrificing any comfort or good looks. Think of it like dressing for the polar vortex … but without the doomsday aspect of extreme winter weather. Rather, the below #OOTD is designed to get you from point A to point B without any fuss, from weekend errands to a weekend dinner with friends. Start out with a tough winter jacket from Iron & Resin, keep things going with a stylish pair of brown leather boots, add your new favorite henley … and get ready to take on the winter weather. The below #OOTD has everything you need … at least, I think so.  Let me know what you think of this look on Twitter or in the comments. Stay warm, stay stylish!

From a classic winter jacket to a tremendous pair of leather boots, this is the gear to get you through winter reliably … and stylishly.

The Jacket: Iron and Resin Barracks Jacket, $342.98 — With a silhouette that echoes a classic field jacket, plus a weather-ready Melton wool exterior, the Barracks Jacket from Iron and Resin is versatile and rugged.

The Henley: Flint and Tinder Heavyweight Henley, $62 — What’s better for braving the cold than a rugged henley? Especially one from Flint and Tinder, a favorite of this blog? Feel free to add a stylish flannel shirt over this Flint and Tinder henley if you need more warmth.

The Denim: Flint and Tinder Dark Indigo Jeans, $118 — We’re going again with more Flint and Tinder gear, this time a dependable pair of classic blue denim featuring the brand’s new dark indigo wash. Durable, rugged and USA-made.

The Boots: Oak Street Bootmakers Brown Dainite Sole Trench Boots, $462 — It’s always tough to narrow down your pick of boots for the winter weather, but these fantastic Horween leather Dainite Sole Trench Boots from Oak Street Bootmakers are a pretty darn easy choice. Stomp through snow all ya want.
The Belt: Filson Leather Belt, $85 — The right belt for tackling winter weather isn’t a braided cotton belt that you’d wear during the summer … it’s a rugged, well-made Filson Leather Belt. No bones about it!

The Watch: Military Watch Co. MIL-TECH MKIV Military Pilot’s Chronograph, $330 — Just as you can’t skimp on your rugged winter boots, you can’t skimp when it comes to your watch game — although the name is a mouthful, this Pilot’s Chronograph should serve you well in the snow.

The Socks: CHUP Dia Socks, $28Stylish patterned socks should be a go-to in any season — the fact that the CHUP Dia Socks just happen to be cozy and comfortable is a big bonus.

The Beanie: Finisterre Fisherman Beanie, $40 — Again, we’re not just going with any beanie cap here … we’re going with a dependable-as-heck Finisterre Fisherman Beanie. Good enough for the water, good enough for you.
 If a winter storm catches you by surprise, or a bunch of snow gets dumped on you unexpectedly, it’s best to have the right gear in your closet to get you through. To me, that means the Barracks Jacket is one to reach for when things get dicey, yet you still want to look put together. Dependable footwear also goes a long — the Dainite Sole Trench Boots from Oak Street Bootmakers are positively stunning and well-crafted, ready for winter snow. Supporting accessories, from that tough Pilot’s Chronograph to warm CHUP Dia Socks, are equally underrated yet essential. For the rest of the winter season, I wouldn’t leave home without the  Finisterre Fisherman Beanie or a dependable mid-layer like the Flint and Tinder Heavyweight Henley. And although they’ll work reliably throughout the rest of the year, the Flint and Tinder Dark Indigo Jeans are a great go-to when it comes to stylish blue denim for winter. Are there any picks you particularly agree with? Disagree with? Chime in via the comments below — thanks for reading!


Style Suggestion: What to Wear for the Polar Vortex

So, if you’ve checked your calendar — or the weather forecast as of late — you might have realized we’re likely getting closer to what some might call the dreaded “polar vortex.” I’m no meteorologist, but we’ve been through some pretty chilly cycles already — and January is a prime month for huge snowstorms slamming the country. With that in mind, we’re tackling a functional men’s style suggestion — a past entry in this site’s #OOTD series covered how to dress for the first snowfall, but a polar vortex or blizzard is a different beast entirely. It’s different than casually layering up for winter or dressing for a weekend coffee date, that’s for sure. For one, it’s colder, windier and sometimes, just plain uncomfortable to navitage. That’s why the gear below is harder-wearing, tougher and not quite office-friendly if you need to suit up frequently. But, what guy can’t use a durable parka or rugged winter accessories? Exactly. So prep to take on winter right this very second with the latest Style Guide suggestion — and weigh in over on Facecbook if you’ve got other #menswear situations you’d like to see covered.

The Parka: Outerknown Nomadic Parka — $195

Unique, functional and modern in design -- just what you want from a parka.

Unique, functional and modern in design — just what you want from a parka.

Outerknown is a bit of, well, an outlier in its approach to blending technical specs with modern takes on classic silhouettes — yes, it’s a pretty advanced approach. Pieces like the Nomadic Parka embody that blend perfectly — the mobile, ergonomic design and cool, not overly bulky M-65 silhouette are big bonuses compared to typically puffy parkas. The Indigo color of the Nomadic Parka  is sharp, simple and versatile — plus, the jacket’s silhouette provides ample layering room.

The Shirt: Flint and Tinder Texas Moleskin Shirt — $68

A cozy base layer that's a bit dressier than a plain thermal shirt.

A cozy base layer that’s a bit dressier than a plain thermal shirt.

We’ll start with a warm, reliable and stylish base layer in the Flint and Tinder Texas Moleskin Shirt. Granted, it’s not a cozy thermal by any means, but we’re going for a mix of form and function here — so, moleskin it is. The fit on this shirt is modern and crisp, and it’s got the same quality construction one would expect from the makers of pieces like the Flannel-Lined Waxed Trucker Jacket and a heck of a pair of blue selvedge denim. This is a shirt that works for weekends or casual workdays alike.

The Sweatshirt: Flint and Tinder Reversible French Terry Sweatshirt — $68

A slim, crisp sweater that's really two for the price of one.

A slim, crisp sweater that’s really two for the price of one.

Told you we’d be layering up, right? Again, Flint and Tinder is the easy pick here for a standout blend of quality, style and affordability. The Reversible French Terry Sweatshirt is all of those things, and then some. In fact, you’re getting two sweatshirts for the price of one, really — one side is a classic sweatshirt design, and the other side is a textured loopback fabric for a look that’s a bit more casual. Either way, the crewneck collar and raglan sleeves frame your face and shoulders while layering nicely under the indigo parka. That’s a win-win … win.

The Denim: Abercrombie & Fitch Slim-Straight Winter Jeans — $39

Slim-straight denim with a brushed-back interior for comfort and warmth.

Slim-straight denim with a brushed-back interior for comfort and warmth.

Who said you had to throw on bulky snow pants to combat a blizzard? Certainly, if you’re stepping through feet of snow, you might want to reach for something a bit more weather-ready — but slim denim can work in a pinch. In fact, this pair of Abercrcombie & Fitch winter denim is quite unique — the interior of this pair of jeans is constructed of soft, brushed-back fabric for added comfort and a surprising amount of mobility (Santa brought me a pair for Christmas, as it were). Plus, the  slim-straight cut slides over your winter boots with ease.

The Boots: Woolrich Footwear Squatch Boots — $148.98


A tough Goodyear welt and moc toe, plus a lugged rubber outsole — as good as it gets.

OK, so this is perhaps the most crucial part when it comes to tackling a winter blizzard — right? These Woolrich Footwear Squatch Boots are the definition of toughness and durability, and they don’t look half-bad either. The Goodyear welt and comfort sock liner are big positives in terms of construction, and the durable moc toe and lugged rubber outsole are also critical when it comes to stepping through the snow.  Plus, to snag the Squatch Boots — which really can do just about anything in terms of winter adventures — for under $150 is a heck of a deal.

The Socks: Wigwam Merino Lite Hiker Socks — $12.98

Well-made, comfortable and warm winter socks.

Well-made, comfortable and warm winter socks.

Next up in keeping you warm and comfortable during a snowstorm? A great pair of socks, of course.  And the Merino Lite Hiker Socks are just what the doctor ordered — starting with the merino wool and nylon blend and carrying through to extra-helpful design touches like the no-stretch and no-itch capabilities. Plus, the navy colorway is clean and simple and you’re getting a nice price for American-made construction.
NOV CAMPAIGN: Photo of tan boots with logo (no border)
The Gloves and Hat: Hestra Granvik Gloves — $180 AND Columbiaknit Watch Cap — $17

Handsome, essential and warm winter accessories -- crucial, right?

Handsome, essential and warm winter accessories — crucial, right?

Just as crucial as a thick pair of socks? A great pair of tough winter gloves and a stylish and warm winter cap. So, that’s what the good folks at Huckberry are giving us today. Hestra’s gloves are premium, well-made and yes … quite pricey. But, their gloves are still made in their own factories, and in this case, the blend of vegetable-tanned elk leather and wool terry lining is just about everything you need in terms of form and function (that phrase keeps coming up ‘cuz it’s so darn important!). And there’s nothing overly fancy or expensive about the Columbiaknit Watch Cap — it’s the right color and quality to keep you warm this winter.

The Watch and Belt: Huckberry Lum-Tec Combat B33 GMT — $498.98 AND Arcade Belt Co. Guide Belt — $26.98

A handsome-as-heck watch and a tough belt -- the best you can do during a blizzard.

A handsome-as-heck watch and a tough belt — the best you can do during a blizzard.

If you think we forgot about tough, essential finishing touches for this cold weather-ready look, you’re mistaken. Because we’re dealing with cold, chilly and blustery weather, you need a watch that can take a beating. The Huckberry Lum-Tec Combat B33 GMT  is that very watch, featuring a hard-wearing but not overly large 43mm stainless steel case, gunmetal titanium coating and Super Luminova materials on the dial for maximum visibility. So yeah, it’s up to the challenge. And when you need to navigate slippery terrain in comfort, a stretch belt made with comfort-fit elastic is the one way to go — so the Arcade Belt Co. Guide Belt is a reliable, easy-to-wear and durable choice.

Are you ready for that blizzard yet? In looks if not mentally, I hope this piece is useful to you — and if you find you need to stock up quickly, you best start shopping away! When you build your ensemble around comfortable, easy-to-layer pieces like the Flint and Tinder Texas Moleskin Shirt  and top that base layer off with a reliable, easy-to-wear and American-made crewneck sweatshirt, you’re going to be primed for comfort and style. Plus, a sturdy winter parka  is as dependable a piece of winter outerwear as it gets — and durable moc toe boots are yet another item that’s going to get you through that polar vortex. Of course, you shouldn’t skimp on a versatile field watch like the Lum-Tec Combat B33 GMT — no matter the weather.

OK, ready for winter now? Maybe a bit more? Good luck out there, stay warm and look for a new #OOTD post tomorrow.

Stay stylish!