#OOTD: How to Wear a Leather Jacket for Fall — Anywhere

It’s here: Your finest hour, the best season of the year in menswear, and as great a time as any to dive into how to wear your leather jacket this season. The jacket in question, as you’ll see, is as recognizable a menswear classic as any: The Schott NYC Cafe Racer Jacket, which should prove incredibly easy to wear just about, well, anywhere this fall season. Heck, when you invest in one of the best leather jackets for men, you’ve got no excuse when it comes to making it work for you in plenty of style situations, as different as the world out there might still be. I’m thinking you can wear this rugged Schott leather jacket on a socially distanced road trip, on a day getaway to a  quiet lakefront, coastal or country town, or just zipping around back home stocking up on coffee, beer and the best whiskey for fall — in style, naturally.

When it comes to rugged-yet-classic style, you’ll find an  ever-versatile supporting cast, from one of the best denim shirts for men to one of the coolest men’s T-shirts, all helped along by some tough adventure boots and naturally, useful accessories like stylish Bluetooth headphones. Now, if that doesn’t get you in the spirit of fall style and fall layering, I’m not sure what will. To see how I’m dressing this fall, be sure to give me a follow on Instagram

How to wear a leather jacket

A classic black leather jacket, paired up with the coolest style essentials around.

See, didn’t I tell you this look was going to be great — and perfectly suited for fall? Kicking off an #OOTD with something as iconic as the Schott NYC Cafe Racer Jacket is a bold move that’ll actually pay dividends (especially when you can wear this cool black leather jacket to events in the future, like a real, live rock concert when the time comes). I’m certainly all for layering up this Schott leather jacket with the kind of useful picks that’ll bring you a lot of mileage this season, from your favorite denim shirt to a retro graphic tee and a pair of slim black denim for versatility in fall style and adventures aplenty.

Speaking of adventures, your Blundstone boots are a reliable and dependable style move this season, and they work in expert fashion alongside underrated accessories — take a  rugged field watch and one of the best leather belts for men, for starters. If you ask me, the most stylish way to stay warm in the fall chill is with a new Huckberry Beanie, and for road trips and park strolls aplenty, you should snag some of the best Bluetooth headphones for listening to your favorite music in style. What’s the ultimate pièce de résistance, though? Why, none other than Woodford Reserve Bourbon for rich fall cocktails and pleasingly refined fall sipping, folks (A reminder that Drizly can deliver it right to your door). A perfect fall #OOTD should work in harmony at each and every level, and that’s what this look does — all thanks to the Schott NYC Cafe Racer Jacket. Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter if you end up picking up this look.

#OOTD: Here’s How to Wear a Leather Jacket This Fall

Quick, what’s the most classic piece of outerwear you can think of? If it doesn’t come to mind right away, perhaps a Schott NYC leather jacket isn’t very far down your list — and it’s the rugged jacket that’ll serve as the centerpiece of today’s #OOTD, to boot. The right leather jacket can serve as more than a thin outer layer — it can add some serious durability, toughness and sleek style to any fall-centric look or occasion (especially if that occasion involves a rock concert or a weekend whiskey bar outing). So, we’ll kick things off with one of the best leather jackets you can possibly buy, and we’ll layer it up with all the right fall style essentials you can possibly shake a stick at. As you’ll see, a rugged flannel shirt adds a bit of grunge-inspired style (sorry, had to go there!), while an organic cotton henley adds even more warmth and fall-ready durability. Naturally, if you’re going for edgy and rock-inspired style, you could do worse than stepping out in some black Chelsea boots. The key thing to keep in mind is that you’re going to get a ton of use out of this investment-worthy leather jacket, and that makes it a reliable option even on a work day aside from this #OOTD (yes, paired with a white Oxford shirt and slim back chinos). With all of that being said, I’ll leave you to check out the rest of this fall-ready ensemble.

A sleek and classic leather jacket, matched up with the right fall style essentials.

  • The Leather Jacket: Schott NYC Lightweight Motorcycle Jacket, $750 — Fall is a  surprisingly great time to wear one of the best leather jackets on the planet — go figure! This Schott NYC leather jacket is an investment-worthy icon.
  • The Flannel Shirt: Knowledge Cotton Checked Flannel Shirt, $145 — Pairing up a rugged flannel shirt with a classic leather jacket is a timeless style move for fall — get this perfect flannel shirt to get started.
  • The Henley: Flint and Tinder Organic Slub Henley, $62 — Keep things simple, subtly stylish and rugged with this organic cotton henley from Flint and Tinder — ideal for a fall night out.
  • The Denim: Flint and Tinder Defender Denim (Slim Fit), $138 Slim dark blue jeans are a highly effective, classic pairing with one of the best leather jackets for early fall — no questions asked. And this pair of raw denim only gets better with age.
  • The Watch: Lum-Tec M82 Automatic Watch, $875 — A tough leather watch is the only way to go with the rest of this outfit’s gear picks. Lum-Tec comes through in the clutch, no doubt about it.
  • The Boots: Red Wing Heritage Weekender Chelsea Boots, $240 — Is it a no-brainer to wear tough black Chelsea boots from Red Wing Heritage with a rugged flannel shirt and a classic leather jacket? Yes, perhaps. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.
  • The Socks: Burlix Moving Mid-Calf Socks, $15 — Your search for the best men’s socks might just be over. I’ve had the pleasure of testing Burlix socks over these past few weeks, and they provide plenty of comfort & shock absorption with rugged boots.
  • The Grooming Essentials: Living KOA Full Grooming Set, $79 — If you’re investing in the best when it comes to your classic leather jacket and slim denim, you might as well invest in your skincare on all fronts. The Full Grooming Set shown here makes it very easy to do that.

As one would expect, the difference here is in the details — and namely, the difference comes right at the start of this rugged fall ensemble, led off by one of the best leather jackets in the world. Yes, the world! It’s the perfect foil to perhaps the perfect flannel shirt, blending edgy and classic style seamlessly. From the brewery to a rock concert to the dive bar, this look has you covered. Heck, when you pair things up with an organic cotton henley from Flint and Tinder, you’ve got prime fall style on lock — and we haven’t even talked about the inky blue, raw denim you’re going to be wearing to complement this look. And to that end, you’d do well to step out in equally fitting black Chelsea boots from Red Wing Heritage— together, this combination has roots in the past and yet, remains perfectly modern at the same time. All of this is to say, you’ve unlocked unbeatable weekend style now. And while you might not think of a tough leather watch as being essential to this outfit, rest assured that it is (the difference lies in the details, after all). And on that front, Lum-Tec has you covered. Of course, a great fall #OOTD is nothing without grooming essentials to keep your skin sharp — and the best men’s socks on the market offer plenty of comfort when worn with tough Red Wing Heritage boots. It all comes together quite nicely, wouldn’t you say? No doubt about it. Good luck out there, folks — cheers!

Style Pick of the Week: Schott NYC Vintage Fitted Motorcycle Jacket

An iconic jacket you need to add to your cart — or your wish list.

Ladies and gentleman, today’s Style Pick of the Week is instantly covetable, highly classic and vying for the top spot on your list of fall style essentials, all at once. It’s the Schott NYC Vintage Fitted Motorcycle Jacket (also known as the Schott Perfecto), and it’s the best leather jacket your money can buy. The even better news? It’s now being sold by your favorite online retailer, Huckberry (they are your favorite, right?). But more on all that in a moment. The Schott Perfecto is a timeless style staple with a reputation that precedes itself, one that dates back decades. You’ve seen this jacket immortalized onscreen by Marlon Brandon and James Dean, and you’ve perhaps seen the classic Schott Perfecto in more recent years on The Killers’ Brandon Flowers (where I first spotted it years ago). In short, it’s an unimpeachable jacket you’ll be very glad you bought heading into fall. And if you’ve been thinking about dipping your toes into the waters of the coveted, badass leather moto jacket, there’s no better purchase to pick up right now (for a price, mind you) than this Schott Vintage Motorcycle Jacket. What sets this iconic jacket apart from the pack? The list is long and varied, my friends.

SHOP: The Schott Perfecto Jacket

The difference comes down to the details — and the details of the Schott Perfecto are simply legendary.

For one, the iconic Schott Perfecto is so named because of the rich, tough-as-nails cowhide Perfecto leather, the kind of leather that’ll adhere to your movements and wearing patterns over time — exactly as the legends who wore this jacket knew so well. It’s all done up in a truly badass and road-ready biker jacket silhouette, with the sort of pedigree and construction that allows one to actually wear it when riding a motorcycle. And if that’s not your thing, the Schott Perfecto adds some seriously cool style to your ensembe, no matter where you take it.  At a rock concert with a classic chambray shirt and slim black denim? This leather moto jacket is your best friend. Heading out for a fall Old Fashioned on a chilly night? Wear this thing over a thermal henley for easygoing-yet-cool style — the 100 percent cotton flannel lining (in a fitting red plaid) adds some warmth for the season. The nickel-plated brass hardware and custom “SCHOTT” snaps are all one-of-a-kind, too. This jacket is built to last for years to come, so it’s absolutely worth the investment. Fear not, because if there’s one thing I can guarantee, it’s that you’re going to wear the heck of out the Schott NYC Vintage Fitted Motorcycle Jacket — year after year after year.

SHOP: The Schott Perfecto Jacket

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