#OOTD: The Best Way to Wear a Field Jacket This Fall

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First of all, is this the absolute best way to wear a field jacket? Ehh, debatable. But we can sure as heck try. Last week on everyone’s favorite menswear blog — uhh, that would be this one — we talked about how to wear a bomber jacket for fall. It’s a classic style that’s undergone a high-fashion resurgence — rest assured, it’s still easily adaptable for us regular fellas. In a similar fashion, we’re talking today about how to wear a field jacket. It’s another style with roots in real-life military action that’s seen a resurgence. All kinds of designers have been looking to the past for rugged inspiration, functionality and all-around good looks — and that’s not a bad thing at all. You really can’t go wrong with a tough field jacket  — the silhouette is classic and hard-wearing. In today’s menswear world, it’s also a suitable blazer replacement, as it’s lightweight enough to wear indoors. That versatility is nearly unmatched in the outerwear realm. And the field jacket you’ll see below certainly incorporates quite a bit of functionality — plus, a silhouette that’s just a tad more modern than field jackets of days gone by. The pieces that complement it are similarly modern … yet also heritage-inspired. Trust me, this will all make sense when you see the #OOTD below. For a daily look at more unbelievable #menswear (wink, wink), head on through to Instagram or Twitter.

A modern take on the field jacket, finished off with classic, rugged style essentials like wingtip boots and a Western shirt.

A modern take on the field jacket, finished off with classic, rugged style essentials like wingtip boots and a Western shirt.

The Field Jacket: Banana Republic Military Field Jacket, $129.99 — While you could stick with a rugged cotton-canvas field jacket, this cotton-nylon blend should move better and look a bit more modern thanks to the absence of front flap pockets at the hips. It’s a field jacket built more for the city and less for the … well, field.

The Shirt: Buck Mason Tan Cowboy Pearl Snap Shirt, $145 — Lest you worry that we lost all rugged appeal by ditching a more traditional field jacket silhouette, rest assured that this Cowboy Pearl Snap Shirt packs masculine style in spades. It’s the type of shirt your grandpa would’ve been proud to wear –and that’s a very good thing.

The Denim: Baldwin Denim The Henley Slim Selvedge Jeans, $220 (Get more Baldwin denim via East Dane) — What better way to complement a tough Western shirt and a navy field jacket than with essential selvedge denim? It’s a tough combo to top, but we’ll try our best with the rest of this ensemble.

The Boots: Johnston & Murphy Greer Wingtip Boot, $198 — It’s very nearly boot season, and if you haven’t developed a fall wish list yet, get these boots on there. I’ve tested out this particular pair of Johnston & Murphy boots over the past few weeks, and they’re worth every penny — rugged, refined and comfortable as can be.

The Socks: American Trench Superfine Merino Herringbone Socks, $27.98 — Need a reason to splurge on socks? American Trench has you covered — read more on the brand here, while you’re at it.

The Watch: Jack Mason JM-F103-001 Field Automatic Watch, $515 — That price is bound to make your eyes pop a little bit — however, know that you’re getting in on the ground floor (relatively speaking) of a watch company that’s producing essential, rugged styles with a strong American design influence.

The Belt: Maximum Henry Slim Standard Belt, $100 (Get more Maximum Henry belts via East Dane) — Does $100 seem like a lot for a belt? Sure does. But know that you’re supporting a one-man operation — on my menswear honor, I’ve met Henry(of Maximum Henry fame, of course) and seen the work he does; it’s a sight to behold!
The Everyday Carry: Bull & Stash The Stash Notebook (5.5″x 9″), $55 — Bull & Stash popped up in our recent #OOTD on how to wear a bomber jacket, and they’re back here because everyone can use a durable notebook built to last a lifetime.
When you step back and look at this #OOTD, what at first might have seemed a bit too rugged is tempered by the fact that it’s made of well-fitting, timeless gear. From the sturdy-as-heck Western shirt to the selvedge denim, we’re looking at pieces that have masculine, classic edge — a combination that’s toned down by the technical fabric and modern cut of the navy field jacket. In terms of what’s on your feet, it’s tough not to love a durable pair of leather boots and comfortable, American-made socks. And while the watch featured in this outfit is pricey, it’s the kind of timepiece that you could certainly dress up with a slim fall blazer — once you hang up your field jacket, that is. Do you have suggestions on how to improve or change this outfit at all? Leave a comment on The Style Guide Facebook page (it needs some love).
In the meantime — up your field jacket game and stay stylish,

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Style Pick of the Week: AVI-8 Hawker Harrier II Watch

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Packed with a ton of military style inspiration and featuring a unique strap-and-dial combo, to boot.

Packed with a ton of military style inspiration and featuring a unique strap-and-dial combo, to boot.

Let’s say you’ve got your spring outerwear covered, and maybe even some nice, made-in-America sneakers to go with that. What other accessories might you need in that instance? Well, for starters, a durable, tough casual watch never hurt an outfit in terms of finishing it off right. If you don’t yet have a stylish watch in your arsenal — or if you just want to mix things up a bit — it wouldn’t hurt to reach for a timepiece that draws on heavy military inspiration and packs a lot into one beastly package. In this case, we’re talking about the AVI-8 Hawker Harrier II, a rough-and-tumble watch inspired by Harrier Jump Jets (those planes designed to be used in advanced theatres of war conflict). If there’s a more rugged piece of style inspiration out there, I’ve yet to find it. Heck, there’s even a small missile marker next to the date window. And it’s the perfect option when it comes to changing up your casual watch rotation — for a really solid price, considering what you’re getting. Let’s say you’ve got a classic stainless steel dive watch, a brown leather dress watch, maybe even a black leather dress watch — but are looking for something more suited to, well, not wearing a suit. The Hawker Harrier II has a textured black dial, white numerals that pop nicely against said dial and a beige leather strap complete with contrast stitching — all the makings of a watch that can complement shorts and a simple graphic tee quite nicely. Again, the price is commendable, too.

The full offering -- including a neat detail next to the date window, and a beefy 45mm case diameter.

The full offering — including a neat detail next to the date window, and a beefy 45mm case diameter.

The Japanese quartz movement is reliable and without frills (although some watch enthusiasts prefer a more complicated timepiece), and the 45mm case diameter is just what the doctor ordered as far as a casual watch goes. That larger case diameter means it can take a beating and still look good doing it, namely. It’s not nearly as laidback as a sporty rubber-strap watch, but that means it should look more natural next to a slim spring polo and lightwash jeans. This particular watch is only water resistant to 50mm, so it’s probably best not to go swimming with it — but for the rest of your spring and summertime activities, it’s the way to go. The brand also has a host of other military-inspired watches, including the Flyboy (complete with a NATO strap). There’s just something about the combo of a black dial and a beige strap that’s pretty pleasing when compared to other potential dial-and-strap combinations. And given that the brand has already drawn so heavily off timeless military style inspiration, it’s worth betting that other stylish, unique combinations like the Hawker Harrier II are on their way in the future.

Would you pick up this AVI-8 watch? How would you style it?