See Now, Buy Now: This Todd Snyder Canvas Jacket is the Rugged Workwear Staple You Need Now

Best workwear jacket for men.

The best rugged menswear for the job comes in all shapes and sizes, and from some unlikely spots, too. Take Todd Snyder. The famed American menswear designer turned back the clock to his Midwest roots with the seriously cool, tough Todd Snyder Canvas Farmer’s Jacket, which has the potential to become one of the best workwear jackets in your arsenal.

Think of it like that trusty Carhartt jacket you wore decades ago, just made modern. Workwear style really is all the rage these days, no matter how much or how little time you spend out in the field. And to this Brooklyn style writer, it’s nice to have well-made, reliable style staples that exude casually rugged style — in fact, in today’s climate, I could see this cleaned-up workwear jacket fitting in well just about anywhere (aside from an overly formal office, that is). So, think the Todd Snyder Canvas Farmer’s Jacket is right for you? Let’s dive on in and see what might make this your new favorite workwear jacket.

The silhouette of the Todd Snyder Canvas Farmer’s Jacket is subtle and uncomplicated: A turndown corduroy collar and cuffs for warmth, subtle style and protection against the wind, complete with side-slant hip pockets. It’s not unlike your favorite Carhartt or Dickies jacket, yet the Todd Snyder Canvas Farmer’s Jacket has the stamp of approval of one of the country’s best menswear designers. The midweight cotton canvas is sturdy and abrasion-resistant, yet easier to move around in compared to a jacket that’s been waxed.

Best canvas jackets for men.

And helpfully, the Todd Snyder Canvas Farmer’s Jacket has a slimmed-down, modern fit: Consider this rugged workwear jacket as a replacement for a blazer with olive chinos and a white Oxford shirt, or go timeless and style the Todd Snyder Canvas Farmer’s Jacket with a chambray shirt and black jeans. Note that it’s unlined, so the ever-reliable Todd Snyder Canvas Farmer’s Jacket functions better on more temperate days (not during winter blizzards).

Either the clean Natural color or a rich shade of Tan are also versatile, pleasingly rugged style options — and of course, since it’s Todd Snyder we’re talking about here, the Todd Snyder Canvas Farmer’s Jacket is pricier at $398 (thanks to the Japanese cotton canvas fabric), but given that you can wear this jacket easily in three seasons, it’s one of the best workwear jackets for men. Shop accordingly right now, my friends.


The Thursday Buy: This Rugged Buck Mason Thermal Henley Is Your Go-To Casual Layer The Rest of Winter

Best thermal henley for men.

What’s more indispensable in a menswear wardrobe than something that’s functionally rugged, timeless and yes, stylish? Something like one of the best men’s henleys should fit the bill nicely, don’t you agree? That’s my estimation at least, and your Brooklyn style writer is wearing a classic thermal henley as this post is being penned. And if you’re looking for a way to amplify your own winter wardrobe in a way that’s warm and wearable day in and day out, the Buck Mason Vintage Thermal Henley is certainly your best bet.

Shop New Arrivals from Billy Reid

The excellent Buck Mason Vintage Thermal Henley is a departure from Buck Mason curved hem henleys in a few notable ways (note the straight hem in particular), so take note of those details if you’re a fan of that style. That being said, because it’s all-American retailer Buck Mason, with a distinct sense of throwback quality and dependability, the Buck Mason Vintage Thermal Henley should more than pass muster for your durable winter layering needs.

Of course, the Buck Mason Vintage Thermal Henley wouldn’t be a reliable winter layer without the right fabric, and it’s a sturdy double-knit ribbed cotton in a waffle weave that provides insulation and a nice weight. Ribbed cuffs provide a snug fit at your wrists (another underrated touch in terms of insulation from winter breezes), and for good measure, the Buck Mason Vintage Thermal Henley boasts corozo buttons. The three-button placket itself is also woven — note the contrast between the shirt and the placket itself — for a nice stylistic touch.

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And like seemingly everything sold by the standout team at Buck Mason, the Buck Mason Vintage Thermal Henley comes in a range of cool, pleasingly faded, classic colors meant to match up with mostly anything (but especially faded Buck Mason jeans or Buck Mason chinos). Pair the Black or Anchor colorways of the Buck Mason Vintage Thermal Henley with tan, olive or black jeans or chinos, and look to do much the same with the faded Venice Wash editions of your new favorite henley.

Best thermal henley for men.

Wear it at home on its own, layer the Buck Mason Vintage Thermal Henley beneath the best shawl cardigan, or take it on the road with a waxed trucker jacket. When you need a cozy layer to keep you going this season, the Buck Mason Vintage Thermal Henley is your next rugged style move.

Style Pick of the Week: Billy Reid Mo Shirt Jacket – Save 20% for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Best shirt jacket for men.

When the opportunity comes up to shop and save on some of the best menswear on the market, there’s no time to waste — strike while the iron is hot to get the best deals on your favorite menswear brands, yes? And when one of those brands is a refined retailer that doesn’t often discount its top styles — a brand like Billy Reid, for instance — it’s all the more important. So, let’s dive into today’s Style Pick of the Week.

Menswear deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday abound, but the discount up for grabs at Billy Reid is worth your time and hard-earned cash. You can get 20 percent off orders of $400 or more, 30 percent off orders of $800 or more, and yes, 40 percent off orders of more than $1,200. Sure, that’s quite a hefty chunk of change to drop, but allow me to present one of the best men’s shirt jackets for consideration all the same.

Fully fashioned crewneck sweater to keep you warm against the harshest winter climates.

The Billy Reid Mo Shirt Jacket, normally $498, is a rare weekly style pick in the pages of this blog that’s actually on sale, and on sale only for a very limited time. Like I said, pay close attention to plentiful deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the menswear space, and you’ll be rewarded handsomely. In fact, the Billy Reid Mo Shirt Jacket is worthy of buying at full price — it’s the perfect go-between in place of a blazer, given its luxe design — but that 20% discount is too good to pass up.

Crucially, the Billy Reid Mo Shirt Jacket is made from an exceedingly handsome, warm wool blend in a rich color that wears well with a pair of the best men’s blue jeans or else, with burgundy corduroys and some of the best wingtip boots (to name but one outfit idea).

The Billy Reid Mo Shirt Jacket also has plenty of other stylish design details in the mix, including the use of embossed leather under the collar, plus a leather locker loop. And for good measure, yes, your new favorite shirt jacket is now 20 percent off at Billy Reid. Do yourself a favor, shop some of the best men’s style deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and then thank me later. Cheers and thanks for reading!

The Tuesday Steal: Filson’s Waffle Knit Crewneck is the Most Rugged Shirt Under $100 Right Now

Most rugged fall shirt for men.

There are times when a menswear essential — like one of the best thermal shirts, for instance — is so well-made, it actually ends up being a heck of a deal even when not on sale. What exactly do I mean by that? Well, take the gear produced by legendary heritage outfitter Filson — they’re a favorite of the blog, and known for making everything from one of the best lightweight shirts to the most durable weekender bag on the market.

That list now includes the Filson Waffle Knit Thermal, which very well might be one of the best shirts for men under $100 to shop right now. It’s part of Filson’s Fall Standouts Collection, an offering of the most rugged menswear on the market that just so happens to arrive right as early fall menswear starts to ramp up in earnest.

When it comes down to it, the Filson Waffle Knit Thermal really is quite the steal when you consider its dependable specs and hard-working style points. It’s the kind of base layer you can wear with a trusty Filson waxed jacket or your favorite denim jacket, and you can also treat it as an essential layer beneath, say, a Filson flannel shirt. It’s also a prime time to shop the Filson Waffle Knit Thermal — by the time cool weather rolls around in earnest, you’ll be ready to layer up with ease.

Between the 12oz. thermal-knit cotton — for warmth that won’t cause you to overheat — to details like ribbed knit cuffs for a solid fit — the Filson Waffle Knit Thermal is certainly the best menswear deal to shop if you value rugged, dependable cold-weather layering. It’s never too early to prepare properly for fall, and for under $100, the Filson Waffle Knit Thermal can help you do just that.

#OOTD: Wear This Rugged Gear to Get Ready for Early Fall

Just as quickly as we were recommending how to wear your favorite summer T-shirt, we’re now recommending the men’s style essentials to get you ready for early fall. Today’s #OOTD takes a decidedly casual turn, focused on versatile pieces that can tackle fall weekend travel, an outdoor farmer’s market, a beer festival … you name it, I’m sure the below menswear essentials are going to work for you in some way, shape or form. From a classic grey crewneck sweatshirt¬†to an equally classic men’s denim shirt, the building blocks shown here are perfect if you want to up your game ever so slightly without veering too far into formal territory. And if you’re just looking for something relatively easy to throw on the morning after a few too many IPAs, fear not — we’ve got you covered with stretch blue denim and rugged leather boots from Red Wing Heritage.¬† Throw on a stylish field watch (and more choice accessories as seen below), and I’d say you’re pretty much set for early fall. Whaddya say now? Ready to welcome the new season? Let’s step into it in style — cheers.

Rugged-yet-classic shirting, a grey crewneck sweater and more #menswear favorites for your early fall pursuits.

  • The Shirt:¬†Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt in Sun Bleached Denim,¬†$98¬†— There’s something about a classic denim shirt like the Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt that allows it to work season after season — that’s certainly the case here.
  • The Sweatshirt:¬†Myles Apparel Elements Crew,¬†$78¬†¬†— Made with performance fabric, the Myles Apparel Elements Crew manages to nail the tricky balance between comfort and style — a classic men’s sweatshirt for early fall.
  • The Denim:¬†Roark Revival 12.5oz. Stretch Travel Denim,¬†$67.98¬†— Whether you wear the Stretch Travel Denim from Roark Revival for actuall fall travel or a lazy early fall weekend, you’ll look just great doing it.
  • The Stylish Leather Boots:¬†Red Wing Iron Ranger Boots in Hawthorne,¬†$315¬†— As durable and investment-ready a pair of timeless boots as you’re apt to find, the Red Wing Iron Ranger Boots are perhaps the perfect men’s boots for fall. It’s that simple.
  • The Belt:¬†Levi’s Contrast Stitch Belt,¬†$26.99¬†— Never, ever sleep on your accessories — take it from me! The Levi’s Contrast Stitch Belt fits in with the rugged vibe of this ensemble.
  • The Durable Field Watch:¬†Hemel Tracker Watch,¬†$340¬†— A outfit with some hearty, hard-wearing pieces deserves a stylish casual watch — with its blend of bold style and durability, the Hemel Tracker Watch works.
  • The Wallet:¬†Wingback London Cash Wallet,¬†$59¬†— Whether you’re opening up a tab at your favorite brewery or grabbing a casual dinner with your partner, you need a wallet that’s as stylish as you are — seriously.
  • The Stylish Socks:¬†CHUP Niyol Socks,¬†$35¬†— Add some pop — and comfort, and warmth — to your early fall outfit with the subtly stylish CHUP Niyol Socks.
  • The Weekened Essential:¬†GrowlerWerks uPint,¬†$28 — Hey, we said this outfit could work nearly anywhere — particularly if you’re sipping on a pint of your favorite craft beer. This pint glass looks great and keeps your beer cold.
  • The Grooming Essential: House99 Truly Brighter Eye Balm,¬†$30¬†— Particularly if you enjoyed a pint or two too many, refreshing your tired eyes is critical — and it’s never been easier than with this essential eye balm from Mr. David Beckham’s new line.

Building an #OOTD for a casual situation can actually be surprisingly tricky — that’s why it’s best to start from the ground up with timeless, seasonally friendly picks that can go the distance, like¬†rugged leather boots from Red Wing Heritage. Add in other easy-to-wear pieces — staples like the Taylor Stitch Jack Shirt¬†and the¬†Myles Apparel Elements Crew¬†— and you’re looking at the makings of an outfit that fits in at Saturday night happy hour or Sunday brunch easily. Comfortable early fall menswear moves such as the¬†Stretch Travel Denim from Roark Revival¬†make it easy to move around and get where you’re going (even if that happens to be your local coffee shop).

I’m also a huge proponent of wearing durable accessories that you can readily mix and match, like the¬†Hemel Tracker Watch¬†and the tough¬†Levi’s Contrast Stitch Belt¬†— both everyday carry essentials that can be used with a host of other fall style ensembles. Focusing on comfort merged with style is also going to yield you some favorable returns, hence the use of the striking¬†CHUP Niyol Socks¬†here. For raising a glass in style (or offering a neat gift to a weekend host), something like the GrowlerWerks uPint is also going to make a lasting impression.¬† Top off your look with a handy grooming essential from House99, and you’re set to take on the new season in style — to say the very least!

That’s all I’ve got for ya today. Thanks for reading!


See Now, Buy Now: The Rugged Flint and Tinder Western Shirt Is A Transitional Essential

An unexpected summer layer to take you into fall.

Now, when you think of summer style essentials, I’d bet that a rugged Western shirt isn’t exactly at the top of your list, right? Too stuffy, too stiff and too hot? Not so fast.¬† I’d implore you to reconsider that notion, my friends — especially when it comes to the Flint and Tinder Bone Button Western Shirt, and particularly as we move through August toward September (gasp). What makes the Bone Button Western Shirt a unique option for summer styling as August drags on? And what makes this Flint and Tinder shirt the right choice to wear into fall? Allow me. Made with 8oz. cotton denim for a nice balance between being overly heavy and too lightweight, the Flint and Tinder Western Shirt has all the marks of a classic menswear essential from the lauded in-house brand at Huckberry.

That means quality construction, unique touches like silver-gray stitching, and yes, the burnt cow bone buttons that truly set the Flint and Tinder Western Shirt apart. If I were you, I’d treat this stylish Western shirt exactly like you might wear your classic Oxford shirt or rugged chambray shirt — for starters, it’s easy to style with your favorite chino shorts and white canvas sneakers.

That’s really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the essential utility and style of the¬†Flint and Tinder Western Shirt¬† — it’s really an excellent piece to buy now, wear now and then keep handy come fall. Treat it like your favorite flannel shirt, just slightly lighter. Layer it under a grey crewneck sweater or throw it on over a classic thermal shirt come fall, for starters. The unique Stonewash Denim finish of this here classic denim shirt¬†also stands out alongside everything from rich dark indigo jeans¬†(a study in contrast!) to grey five-pocket pants to classic khaki chinos. And the Western-style construction of the Flint and Tinder Bone Button Shirt checks plenty of boxes in terms of timeless-yet-edgy style, too. The point stitching across the back and the pockets lends this piece a classic air, yet the¬†¬†Flint and Tinder Western Shirt¬†isn’t going to look out of place when worn to a rock concert or to your favorite dive bar (preferably paired with slim black jeans and classic suede chukka boots).

What say you? Are you going to take the Flint and Tinder Western Shirt for a spin soon?

Style Pick of the Week: Snow Peak Military Jacket

Snow Peak

A streamlined silhouette and a durable exterior merge seamlessly with a classic military silhouette.

The Style Guide is all about classic, rugged menswear — if you read the blog at all, you know that. But what if you prefer your fall gear with a bit more of a technical focus? Yet just as much versatility? That tricky-to-find middle ground is where the Snow Peak Military Jacket comes into play, and this unquestionably stylish fall jacket has something for everyone.¬†Snow Peak pulls out all the stops when crafting menswear that’s technical enough for the trail, yet sleek enough to move around the city in style — add the¬†Snow Peak Military Jacket¬†to your fall style wish list ASAP. Military-inspired style never loses its edge or classic appeal, and that’s what makes the Snow Peak Military Jacket¬† a fall style essential.

Made from nylon coated with a DWR (durable water-repellent) finish for, yep, durability, the¬†Snow Peak Military Jacket¬†plays off real-life military functionality. With both oversized chest and hip pockets, it’s got ample room for your everyday carry, minus the bulk. Even better? The packable hood adds needed protection from the elements should you encounter nasty fall weather — it’s as if¬†Snow Peak¬†thought of everything, and then some. Worried that this jacket doesn’t fit the bill in terms of standout style? Fear not:¬†Snow Peak¬†took care of that quite nicely.

Design details like a packable hood and chest & hip pockets are much-needed for all your fall adventures.

The great thing about a jacket that blends both fashion and function is the versatility it gives you in terms of fall style ensembles. For example: With a military-inspired silhouette, the¬†Snow Peak Military Jacket¬†is going to look right at home layered over a striped henley. Add a pair of trusty black denim and finish the look with tough black combat boots that can take you to a bar crawl, a bonfire or a rock concert — all without worry when it comes to battling the elements. The durable¬†Snow Peak Military Jacket¬†is also simple and sleek enough to pair with slim tan herringbone trousers, durable brown leather boots and, believe it or not, a classic Oxford shirt at the office. Roll up those sleeves and get to work, yes? And when it comes to matters of fall exploration, from a day hike to a camping trip, the¬†Snow Peak Military Jacket¬†should come through in the clutch, too. Layer it over a rugged overshirt and add classic hiking boots — that’s a combination built for toughness, outdoor exploration and a dash of style. What do you think of the¬†Snow Peak Military Jacket? Will it be making its way into your closet this fall?

Be sure to check back tomorrow for another See Now, Buy Now entry focused on standout fall style!

See Now, Buy Now: Layer Up For Fall with the Rugged Taylor Stitch Utility Shirt

Taylor Stitch Utility Shirt

Just what rugged fall style calls for — great fabric, serious functionality and strong Taylor Stitch construction.

Let’s get one thing straight off the bat — the Taylor Stitch Utility Shirt¬†could be the new fall menswear essential you need now. Are we still slowly but surely transitioning into the chilly depths of fall? We sure are. But the beauty of #menswear lies in being able to plan ahead — and the Taylor Stitch Utility Shirt¬†is a great place to start.¬†San Francisco-based Taylor Stitch consistently brings great gear to the table, season after season and month after month. Whether we’re talking winter style picks like the ridiculously rugged ¬†Rover Jacket or pieces that are fit for year-round wear, like the Taylor Stitch Everyday Chambray Shirt, you know that you’re getting durability, quality and classic style.

Certainly, the¬†Taylor Stitch Utility Shirt¬†checks each of those boxes — and that’s why it’s worth considering for early fall layering and beyond. It’s the kind of shirt you could team up with a rugged henley and American-made denim on a chilly fall night, and you could also layer it reliably under a slim topcoat as the depths of winter descend upon us. Heck, you could even pack it in your bag for one last trip to the beach — should it get chilly during an evening bonfire, you’re all set. The Utility Shirt‘s versatility and rugged good looks start, as always, with excellent Taylor Stitch fabrication.

Rugged details, tough fabric and a classic Taylor Stitch fit make the Utility Shirt essential fall shopping.

The brand’s use of Merino wool featuring a newly developed Serona fiber offers everything from durability to a hint of stretch to stain resistance — that makes the¬†Utility Shirt¬†sound too good to be true, right? Well, just know that it’s available for a decent price (under $150!) — that’s yet another classic¬†Taylor Stitch¬†move to be applauded. And in the way of other design details,¬†Taylor Stitch¬†also gets it right, from the button chest pocket to the powder-coated aluminum buttons. Take the fall-friendly Moss Herringbone, too. It gives the¬†Utility Shirt¬† an earthy tone that teams well with everything from slim black denim and classic suede chukkas to tan chinos and brown leather boots for a play on the same color family. And with the brand’s essential, tailored cut — able to be worn tucked or untucked — plus double-stitch buttons and buttonholes, you’re getting a shirt with every detail considered. Would you expect anything less from¬†Taylor Stitch? Surely not. ¬†Snag the¬†Taylor Stitch Utility Shirt¬†now while it’s around, and you’re one step closer to essential fall style.

Thanks for reading — stay stylish!


See Now, Buy Now: Mark Albert Classic Chelsea Boots Are Your New Fall Footwear Pick

Rugged, durable and uniquely stylish Chelsea boots that’ll help you get through fall in style.

If you don‚Äôt yet have a pair of¬†stylish Chelsea boots¬†in your early fall footwear rotation, it‚Äôs time to change that; in fact, today‚Äôs See Now, Buy Now entry is absolutely going to help you in that regard. Stylish leather Chelsea boots are widely accepted now in the menswear world for their combination of slick looks, classic style and easy wearability — it‚Äôs an on-trend style of footwear that manages to tie back decades. I certainly love breaking out a pair whenever I get the chance. And the Mark Albert Classic Chelsea Boot is the latest silhouette to join that lineage — and to join my wish list. In short, if you want a slick pair of men‚Äôs Chelsea boots that convey both rugged style and a bit of rock-ready edge, these are the boots to ‚Ķ well, see now AND buy now. Ya dig? The Mark Albert Classic Chelsea Boots ¬†are unique in more ways than one — the Dakota Brown leather is certainly rich and visually interesting; throw in the fact that the Albert Chelsea Boot is built on a slim Western last, and you‚Äôve got a pair of Chelsea boots that convey slim, sharp looks.

The rich brown leather and tough construction of these Chelsea boots makes them ready for the new season ahead — they‚Äôre about as rugged a pair of Chelsea boots as it gets. That means you can break them out in all sorts of situations — try them with slim black denim (yes, brown and black works!) with a rugged henley to grab a beer at your favorite brewery. Keep them at the ready for your work week, too — they‚Äôll team stylishly with slim dark denim and a herringbone blazer if you happen to work in a slightly more casual office environment. And the rest of the time? The Mark Albert Classic Chelsea Boots¬†fit right in with tailored wear — a navy worsted wool suit and light blue shirt are going to team up with these stylish Chelsea boots¬†in very, very slick fashion. And as we always stress here on the blog, affordability and quality are paramount — and they should certainly go hand-in-hand when on you‚Äôre on the hunt for stylish Chelsea boots.Almost astonishingly, you can get a pair of the Mark Albert Classic Chelsea Boots for just $225 — and that includes the Pennsylvania-made construction. You‚Äôre saving quite a bit of money compared to more expensive Chelsea boots on the market — *cough Common Projects cough* — and you‚Äôre getting the rare Chelsea boot that looks better the more you wear it. Don‚Äôt worry about beating up these¬†Mark Albert Classic Chelsea Boots¬†this fall and winter — they can certainly handle all the style scenarios you can dream up.

Will you be picking up a pair of the Mark Albert Classic Chelsea Boots for fall and winter … and beyond? Let me know in the comments?

#OOTD: How to Layer Up for A Breezy Summer Night

Ready for today’s #OOTD? I hope you are — I sure am. Although we’re (sadly) getting down to the last few weeks of summer here, I assure you that today’s post is jammed with summer style essentials that still function well into the early fall.¬† Growing up in Michigan, I loved going to bonfires with family and friends, or spending nights on a river or lake enjoying a S’more and taking in the simpler things in life — it’s tough to find time to do that in NYC. Yet, if youre’ lucky enough to have another bonfire or backyard BBQ coming up, there’s a chance that once the sun sets, things will get a bit chilly. Not “polar vortex” cold, but breezier nonetheless. And when that time comes, you want #menswear that works with you — not against you. Men’s style staples that are crisp-yet-casual, easy to wear and easy to layer are going to be critical. You certainly want to dress for the occasion — think of it like dressing for a summer BBQ, where you’re there for a great time and ready for anything (don’t forget the beer). Keep these essentials around, and you’ll be glad you prepared accordingly — among my favorite picks from this #OOTD, I sure do love the Life/After/Denim Awash Hoodie, and I think you’ll find it’s a perfect casual menswear essential. What about the rest of these picks? Read on, shop away and catch up with me on Instagram to see how I’m spending these last few weeks of summer.


men's style essentials

Light, easygoing menswear staples for a breezy summer evening around a bonfire or at the beach.

The Hoodie: Life/After/Denim Awash Hoodie, $80 —¬† The breezy, casual Awash Hoodie features an absolutely perfect blend of laidback style and premium quality. It doesn’t look half-bad if your date needs to borrow it, either.

The Tee: Flint and Tinder Slub Tee in White, $38¬†— What’s more American and summer-friendly than a classic white T-shirt? Not a lot. Flint and Tinder makes its Slub Tee with just the right amount of comfort and rugged appeal.

The Denim: Nudie Jeans Grim Tim, $140.98¬†— While you could easily reach for a pair of classic summer shorts, the light wash of the Nudie Jeans Grim Tim¬†plays nicely off the dark blue Life/After/Denim sweater. Ya dig?

The Belt: Sturdy Brothers Everyday Belt in Natural, $80¬†— That perfect, rugged yet wearable everyday belt (pun intended here) can be quite tough to find. This handsome Sturdy Brothers belt should certainly do the trick, yeah?


The Sneakers: SeaVees Maslon Desert Boot, $82.98¬†— What better classic sneakers to slip into than a pair of well-made, affordably priced and easygoing SeaVees sneakers?

The Socks: CHUP Labdien Socks, $16¬†— Cool, casual style calls for rolled light wash denim, classic white sneakers and stylish men’s socks with enough personality to speak for themselves after you’ve ditched your sneakers.


The Watch: Komrade Urban Diver Watch, $429¬†— There’s no better way to cap off an outfit filled with breezy, casual staples than by throwing on a tough-yet casual, rugged dive watch — right? Yes indeed — and Komrade¬†surely makes an investment-worthy timepiece.

Save up to 25% each month by joining Style Plan at Frank + Oak! *Free Shipping & Returns. No code necessary. Monthly membership for men & women.

The Essential: Orange Vessel Co. Stoneware Growler, $68.99¬† — Craft beer delivered in a stylish, durable growler¬†— definitely an essential for your next bonfire.¬†This one from Orange Vessel Co. is pleasing, well-made and easy to transport.

When we talk layers and essential, casual men’s style, I’d say a piece like the Life/After/Denim Awash Hoodie¬†makes perfect sense for a breezy summer night around a campfire or at a cabin on a lake.¬† It’s a reliable, easygoing piece to slip on over a well-made, classic white T-shirt¬†¬†from Flint and Tinder¬† — you’ll get a lot of mileage out of that combo as long as you step into versatile, slim light wash jeans. And on the accessories front, don’t skimp when it comes time to put on a rugged dive watch¬†or load up a durable growler¬†full of your favorite beer. Sneaker-wise, I’d say that classic SeaVees sneakers are always in play — particularly for kicking back on a patio with good friends and family. What’s on your #menswear list when it comes time to dress for a shindig in late summer? Let me know on Twitter or in the comments below — thanks for reading!