See Now, Buy Now: The Flint and Tinder Supima Air Knit Polo Is A Game-Changer

A well-cut polo in breathable fabric — just what you need to change up your shirting situation for spring and summer.

My dear friends, we’re here today to tackle that age-old style conundrum, one that’s particularly vexing in warm weather: How on Earth can I find a stylish polo for spring and summer? One that’s made out of quality fabric in a modern fit, and logo-free to boot? One that works on casual Friday and for a weekend round of drinks in equal measure? The answer to all of the above questions is, quite simply, the Flint and Tinder Supima Air Knit Polo. We’ve got everyday brands like Todd Snyder and Bonobos to thank for modern iterations of the polo, focused on a better fit and better fabric, but for your money’s worth, the Flint and Tinder Supima Air Knit Polo just might cross the finish line first. It starts with the basics — the quality Supima cotton (as the name would imply) blends both durability and breathability, unlike more traidtional pique cotton polos. Flint and Tinder — a Style Guide favorite season after season — also uses a special knitting technique to make the Supima Air Knit Polo soft and easy to wear, no matter the color you pick. Are you sold on the polo yet?

If not, think of the humble polo like a more crisp, upgraded take on your favorite T-shirt, and feel free to style it accordingly. That’s because the logo-free, tailored fit of the Flint and Tinder Supima Air Knit Polo works well with spring style essentials you surely already own. I’m a fan of the Navy Supima Air Knit Polo in particular — wear it with slim stone chinos and Oxblood loafers for a slightly modified take on a preppy look. Heck, wear this polo under a badass moto jacket and black denim for a seriously cool Friday night bar-hopping look. Lastly, I’d style the Navy Supima Air Knit Polo under a rugged denim jacket with olive chinos and classic suede boots for a bit more edge. It’s really as easy as that. And the Navy Supima Air Knit Polo has a bit of modern style pedigree, too — a navy polo is a favorite of James Bond. OK, you’ve got to be sold on it now … right?

Planning on buying — and styling — the Flint and Tinder Supima Air Knit Polo? Let’s keep the conversation going on Twitter. 


#OOTD: Here’s What to Wear to Your First Spring Party

Is there such a thing as “opening weekend” when it comes to spring or summer parties? Not quite, right? But when it’s in the air, you’ll feel it. When it’s time to head a friend’s balcony or backyard patio — or a rooftop bar — for a group get-together that involves, well, partying … you’ll know it. And that, my friends, is where you’re going to want to wear today’s #OOTD. For breezy spring style with a touch of polish and more than a bit of style, I’d say you can’t go wrong with updated staples like a classic indigo shirt, throwback-inspired chinos and, as ever, timeless leather sneakers. The key is looking for pieces that you might normally wear — like chinos and a short-sleeve shirt — and amping them up with cooler fits and better fabrics. These are pieces that are going to look stylish and crisp, yet decidedly cool (physically and metaphorically — no overheating here). Add in an investment-worthy leather watch from an enviable brand like Shinola, and you’ve got a look that pairs nicely with any weekend night — and maybe with your 9-to-5 grind, if you work in a more laidback environment. The point is, whether you wear this to your first spring party this weekend or to a Memorial Day shindig in a few weeks’ time, it’s just going to … well, work. For stylish partying, that is. Cheers!

An indigo shirt, historically inspired chinos and leather sneakers … perfect for knocking a few back, ehh?
    • The Shirt: Corridor NYC Raindrop Stripe Shirt, $185 — Cool stripes, a dressy-yet-casual indigo color and reliably tailored short-sleeve fit make this Corridor NYC shirt a big-time upgrade over a plain tee.
    • The Chinos: Abercrombie & Fitch Archive Collection Chino Pants, $98 — Modeled after chinos worn by JFK himself, these are the epitome of classic cool — and they happen to be perfect for breezy spring style in 2018.
    • The  Sneakers: Rancourt & Co. Carson Low Sneakers in Natural Chromexcel, $300 — You could also wear classic white sneakers or leather loafers, but the Rancourt & Co. Carson Low are more equipped to a bit o’ partying, what with their casual look and durable construction.
    • The Socks: Arvin Goods No-show Socks, $8 — Let’s stick with stylish and well-made no-show socks from Arvin Goods here, shall we? Easy choice.
    • The Belt: Line of Trade Veg-Tanned Leather Belt in Saddle, $55 — You need something to hold up your chinos, right? Might as well make it a stylish leather belt from Line of Trade.
    • The Watch: Shinola Guardian Watch, $675 — To which brand should you turn when you want to invest in a long-lasting, stylish timepiece? That answer is easy: Shinola.
    • The Essentials: CIVIC Merino Boxers in Black, $55 — Never skimp on the essentials — the CIVIC Merino Boxers are an essential investment in a quality basic.
    • The Sunglasses: Raen Optics Remmy 52 Sunglasses, $134.98 — Whether your plans call for a rooftop round or a backyard BBQ, the exceedingly stylish Raen Optics Remmy 52 Sunglasses belong on your face.

Have you opened up your tab at the bar yet? Or grabbed a six-pack to head to that party? Before the fun begins, you assuredly can’t go wrong with throwing on a Corridor NYC shirt, complemented by chinos in a breezy, classically cool fit. The rest of the pieces in our partygoing ensemble, from the durable Rancourt & Co. Carson Low sneakers to the nearly indispensable Shinola Guardian Watch, are going to put you a cut above the rest compared to your fellow partygoers (while fun, I’d say they’re not as stylish as you … unless they read this  blog). A stylish leather belt from Line of Trade is but one essential accessory to keep handy — whether the sun is high in the sky or just setting, the Raen Optics Remmy 52 Sunglasses  are an affordable and downright cool accessory choice. Throw in no-show socks (made sustainably by Arvin Goods), plus the exceedingly comfortable CIVIC Merino Boxers, and you’ve got yourself a full look that’s guaranteed to turn heads (for the better) at your next spring or summer party. Be sure to get me a beer when you head to the bar, OK? Deal.

That’s all for today’s #OOTD. Thanks for reading!


See Now, Buy Now: The CIVIC Lloyd Shorts Are the New Pair of Shorts You Need this Summer

Not just any old pair of shorts … a stylish and sustainable pair.

For some guys, wearing shorts actually feels like … a chore. Yes, yes it’s true. Shorts are less polished than classic chinos or stylish light wash jeans, and if you grew up (as I did) wearing cargo shorts from mall brands, it can be tough to leave those associations behind. Seriously, quite tough. Thankfully, the CIVIC Llloyd Shorts are here to change your perception when it comes to stylish shorts to wear this summer. And the even better news? They’ve arrived not a moment too soon. We’re on the verge of Memorial Day weekend, we’re on the verge of summer festival season, and I’d wager you’re going to want to be wearing shorts like the CIVIC Llloyd Shorts on the regular for many a weekend ahead. But why this particular pair? Helpfully, the CIVIC Llloyd Shorts come from the partner brand of Taylor Stitch, a perennial Style Guide favorite. CIVIC focuses on sustainable, classic clothing that blends versatile wearability with durable, eco-friendly fabric. It’s a wholesome, stylish mission — one that includes the Lloyd Shorts, at that.

Available in both Navy and Olive options for maximum versatility, the CIVIC Llloyd Shorts feature the brand’s Merino 4S fabric, all the better when it comes to mobility, comfort and durability. They also score when it comes to style points, too. You’ve surely got a pair of khaki or light khaki shorts in your wardrobe, so the deep navy color of the CIVIC Llloyd Shorts lends this pair a bit more of a dressy feel (ever so slightly). That means the CIVIC Llloyd Shorts work with classic leather loafers and a crisp white polo for preppy style on the weekend, and they also team up reliably with a crisp white henley and timeless leather sneakers for a round (or two) of your favorite craft beer. To me, it sounds like the CIVIC Llloyd Shorts are going to offer easygoing summer style for days on end — even if you’re not normally a “shorts guy.”

What say you about the CIVIC Llloyd Shorts? Let me know in the comments below! 


Style Pick of the Week: Proof Performance Oxford

A streamlined take on the Oxford shirt, made with stain-resistant fabric and a tailored fit.

Right off the bat, the Proof Performance Oxford is head and shoulders above other ordinary shirts on the market. A bold statement, to be sure, but I ask that you bear with me today. There’s plenty that’s made the Proof Performance Oxford worthy of being this week’s Style Pick, from the innovative construction to the stain-resistant fabric to the fact that every guy, no matter who you are, needs a stylish Oxford shirt that can quite literally go anywhere. The Performance Oxford is that shirt. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with a classic cotton Oxford, there are instance where a thicker, heavier Oxford might not work.

Take, for example, the dead of summer or an abnormally humid spring day — you’re going to want to stay cool, dry and stylish, and that’s where the Proof Performance Oxford comes into play. The midweight, cotton-poly blend that makes up the innards of the Proof Performance Oxford combines what you love about cotton (the most versatile fabric on the planet, perhaps?) with the “performance” aspects of nylon — as the shirt’s name would imply! In short, the Proof Performance Oxford is the spring and summer shirt that you didn’t know you needed … yet. The brand calls the Performance Oxford the “21st-century take” on the traditional Oxford, and your Style Guide editor is inclined to agree with ’em.

Stain-resistant fabric, again, is what makes this shirt stand out from the pack. Assuredly.

It’s got all the hallmarks of a classic Oxford, including a pleasingly modern fit, a buttondown collar and versatile color options — I’m a fan of the mid-range Navy Oxford, personally. Add in the fact that the Performance Oxford features coveted and exceedingly rare stain-resistant fabrication, and you’ve got a surefire winner when it comes to the next shirt you’ll splurge on this season. It’s also quite versatile — this isn’t a longer-cut dress shirt by any means. The Performance Oxford works with tailored navy shorts or slim tan chinos in equal measure. The footwear choice is yours, although anything from oxblood leather loafers to tan suede chukkas are going to work more than handsomely with any color of the Performance Oxford. It’s the type of versatile shirt that’s going to pair nicely with the full range of pants in your wardrobe in the months ahead, from faded American-made jeans to dark blue denim to olive chinos and beyond. Again, the list of positives for the Proof Performance Oxford goes on and on, without a doubt. That’s true in both matters of style and substance. Leave your old Oxford behind — the Proof Performance Oxford means business.

Who’s buying the Proof Performance Oxford? How are you styling it? 

Thanks for reading!



The Friday Read: The National Homecoming, Spring Style Essentials and Slim Light Wash Denim

Sipping an iced coffee and reflecting pensively on a great long weekend in Cincinnati. Wearing a cotton flannel shirt from Todd Snyder and a navy T-shirt from Mott and Bow. Photo by Laura Henschke.

Gather ’round the proverbial Style Guide fire for another weekly edition of The Friday Read. It’s been a whirlwind couple of days, as I roadtripped back from Cincinnati on Monday following a long weekend trip with my amazing girlfriend, Laura (you can view her photo work at the top of the page, as well on her site and on my Instagram, naturally!). What took us to Ohio? Well, if you caught last week’s Friday Read, you know that the extraordinary first edition of The National Homecoming festival was more than enough reason to visit the seriously cool city of Cincy (This terrific piece by The Ringer sums up the weekend nicely!). Headlined by, yep, The National and featuring sets from luminaries like Future Islands, Lord Huron, Julien Baker and Alvvays, we had a great time sipping on cold beverages from Rhinegheist (check us out on their Instagram!) while enjoying lovely (if somewhat chilly) spring weather. If ever you get to Cincy, I know Laura and I both loved the gourmet Mexican food and margaritas at Bakersfield OTR, plus the excellent brunch deal at Nation. We also enjoyed hearty cold brews from Coffee Emporium and checked out a National-themed photography exhibit at the city’s Contemporary Arts Center! Top it off with two stellar, unique sets from The National, and you’ve got the makings of an extraordinary weekend! To say the very least. In other happenings, well, we’re about to kick off another weekend, and this one will also find me traveling back to Michigan — and Grand Rapids — for Cinco de Mayo celebrations with Laura and close high school friends. Follow along with all the fun on Instagram, and be sure to get your weekend going with a few more-than-engaging reads below. Cheers!

  • Let’s get right down to it — if you missed this week’s post about spring style essentials to shop in the latest edition of The List, you need to catch up. We’ve got stylish spring sneakers, we’ve got everyday carry essentials, we’ve got a stylish weekender bag … and it’s all yours for perusing now.
  • If you haven’t yet heard, J. Crew Factory is running an extraordinary summer sale, and has all the picks you need to shop now, right this very instant. Get to it and stock up on summer style essentials just a bit early.
  • Speaking of music festivals, Pitchfork put together quite an interesting and insightful analysis of the gender balance — or rather, inbalance — at festivals via some revealing data-crunching and colorful graphs. The biggest takeaway? More representation is needed at festivals across the board! That’s all there is to it.
  • Lastly, I’ll leave you with one more #menswear essential to buy now — these slim light wash jeans from Raleigh Denim, as featured on the blog last week, could feasibly see a ton of use in the weeks and months ahead. Get to shopping!

That’s all I’ve got in today’s Friday Read, my friends. Cheers!


See Now, Buy Now: Here’s Why You Need the Outerknown Journey Jacket For Your Next Trip

Available in two colors, the Outerknown Journey Jacket is a winner when it comes to versatile, travel-friendly style.

Wait, hold on a second — don’t hang up or put away your collection of stylish men’s outerwear just because we’re rolling through May right now. No no, there’s still plenty of reason to keep a versatile transitional jacket handy — especially if you’re planing a spring or summer trip (or five). Chilly nights, cold plane A/C, unexpected rain … it all demands a jacket that can do it all. As luck would have it, the exceedingly versatile, casual-but-not-too-casual Outerknown Journey Jacket is the one you need for your next trip. In the evermore laidback times we live in, a transitional jacket like the Outerknown Journey Jacket is going to be your best friend when it comes to freeing up space in your bag. Think of this classic jacket, inspired by the old military M-65 coat, as a sort of blazer replacement, a do-it-all jacket that offers added storage space, lightweight protection from the elements, and sharp, sleek style. The Navy Outerknown Journey Jacket is the top pick here according to your neighborhood Style Guide editor, but you really can’t go wrong with either option. It’s also somewhat similar to the equally versatile and durable Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket — both are handy and nearly required for cool spring and summer nights.

The 4oz. twill fabric used to craft the durable Outerknown Journey Jacket is made from organic cotton and hemp, a bonus if you’re into responsible sourcing and production (which you certainly should be). A handy hood even packs into a collar zipper, offering crucial protection from the elements — again, an underrated design feature that’ll prove quite useful if your next trek takes you somewhere particularly rainy.  The Outerknown Journey Jacket really nails that essential blend of functionality and style — the snap closure hip pockets offer space for everyday carry essentials, like a streamlined wallet or a stylish leather passport holder. And the overall aesthetic is one that just screams 2018. A stylish field jacket  is the functional, dressed-down blazer replacement you’ve been looking for. The Outerknown Journey Jacket works with a crisp white tee, faded blue denim and classic suede boots as well as it does with olive chinos, a white Oxford and leather brogue dress shoes. Taken all together, the Outerknown Journey Jacket belongs on your packing list for your next trip, certainly.

Who’s going to go right out and buy the Outerknown Journey Jacket? Let me know via The Style Guide Facebook page. 

The List: Kick Off May in Style with These Essential Men’s Gear Picks

The best way to ring in a new month is with a little essential #menswear shopping, right? The sort of shopping that checks a whole lot of gear off your list of spring style essentials, right? Yep, that’s exactly it. That’s what we’re here to do in today’s edition of The List, which I think you’ll be pleased to find features everything from an essential long-sleeve T-shirt to  quite possibly your new favorite pair of sneakers. Check out the full rundown below.

SeaVees Huntington Middie in Elmwood — $108
The cut of a chukka and the comfort of a sneaker.

The SeaVees Huntington Middie is an indispensable spring and summer sneaker, packed with the sort of grab-and-go style you’re going to need weekend after weekend.

Fisher Space Pen Astronaut Pen — $34.98

An easy-to-carry, easy-to-use essential for all your daily writing needs — pick up a pen the next time you brainstorm.

Should a pen be included in a list of menswear essentials? The answer to that question is yes, yes it should be. A neat, well-made pen is practically an everyday carry essential, and the Fisher Space Pen Astronaut Pen is among the best.

Taylor Stitch Triblend Long-Sleeve Shirt — $68

Taylor Stitch can make one heck of a long-sleeve tee, that much is true.

The great team at Taylor Stitch continues to focus on plenty of new and essential menswear by the month — this stylish long-sleeve tee features cool, different-than-average stripes and handsome raglan construction.

Little River Sock Mill Textured Herringbone Crew Socks — $20

Don’t think herringbone can work in the spring? Think again.

Peeking out from some classic high-top sneakers beneath a pair of rolled light wash denim, these Little River Sock Mill socks are cool and spring-friendly.

WP Standard The Weekender Bag — $350
A beautiful weekender bag that embodies the craftsmanship behind this standout brand.
I love the gear put out by WP Standard, which you know if you follow me on Instagram. In that case, the new WP Standard Weekender Bag is the latest release that’s on my wish list.
Danner Tramline 917 Boots — $200
A hiking boot that’s more streamlined than throwback options.
What do you get when you put a Horween leather upper atop a sporty Vibram outsole, then add in a dash of classic craftsmanship? You get the spring-ready Danner 917 Tramline Boots, perfect for seasonal adventures.
WP Standard The Dopp Kit — $85
The perfect companion to your WP Standard Weekender, folks.
What else do you need in your life besides the WP Standard Weekender Bag? Why, the equally well-made and just-as-durable WP Standard Dopp Kit.
Howler Brothers H Bar B Snapshirt — $69
A uniquely bright and warm weather-ready short-sleeve shirt.
Looking for a shirt to wear to your first spring or summer barbeque? Something that toes the line between too loud and too quiet? The cool Howler Brothers H Bar B Snapshirt is the one to buy right now.
Ready to start shopping? What’s your favorite pick on the latest edition of The List? Chime in via The Style Guide Facebook page for more men’s style insights on the daily. 


#OOTD: The Best Way to Wear Your New Favorite Shorts for Warm Weather

Is there a topic more fitting to discuss right now on The Style Guide than how to wear shorts this spring? I’d wager that no, there’s not. Now that we’re flipping our calendars into May, it’s time to think about how exactly you’re going to dress for warm weather — and we’re going all in. By that, I mean considering how you’re going to swap out your denim or chinos — at least on occasion. And that’s where today’s #OOTD comes into play. We’re giving you the scoop on the best way to wear your new favorite shorts for warm weather. You know, the kind of warm weather that calls for park strolls, rooftop beers and long days doing … well, nothing at all. It’s tough to misstep with a classic pair of shorts and complementary essentials, from a vintage-inspired short-sleeve shirt to a durable jacket for breezy spring (and summer) nights. Hopefully, you won’t have to break out said jacket that often, though. Before we give you the rest of the basics, remember this: In an ideal world, your stylish shorts are cut above the knee and ditch the cargo pockets in favor of a slim, streamlined fit. With that in mind, today’s #OOTD has darn near everything you need to rule spring and summer. Music festivals, barbeques, bar crawls … they’re all no match for your new favorite shorts.

Team your shorts with a camp collar shirt, classic spring sneakers and a durable jacket … that’s about how it goes.
  • The Shorts: Katin Cove Shorts, $53 — Featuring a rich Light Walnut color and an agreeable cut, these Katin Cove Shorts are indispensable if you want sleek-yet-casual style.
  • The Shirt: Penfield Mahoney Shirt, $69.98 — A stylish camp collar shirt, with its throwback design roots and easygoing style, belongs in your wardrobe this spring. The Penfield Mahoney Shirt is the one to buy.
  • The Jacket: Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket, $188 — Will you absolutely need the Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket? If the weather holds, then … no. But if it turns breezy or rain, you’ll be glad you’re wearing this stylish spring jacket.
  • The Sneakers: SeaVees Hermosa Plimsoll Sneakers, $62.98Classic white canvas sneakers like the SeaVees Hermosa Plimsoll are going to go with many a warm-weather outfit … including this one.
  • The Watch: About Vintage 1815 Chronograph, $349 — Although this outfit leans casual, a timeless leather watch with a slightly dressy design is going to add a crisp finishing touch to this ensemble.
  • The Belt:  Beltology Radius Woven Belt, $60 — A textured navy belt from Beltology lends some laidback, off-duty appeal to this outfit.
  • The Cap: Corridor NYC Washed Canvas Cap, $55 —  You can throw on this stylish, well-made Corridor NYC Washed Canvas Cap as you head out the door … or just leave it at home. Your call. It’ll look great, though — trust me.
  • The Sunglasses: Sunski Yubas Sunglasses, $55 — More unique than aviators and with a dash of bohemian style thrown in, the Sunski Yubas Sunglasses are bound to be a spring & summer go-to.


When you’re searching for the perfect pair of shorts to wear for spring and summer, the Katin Cove Shorts should likely top your list. With a tailored cut, a unique color and easily breathable fabric, the Katin Cove Shorts are an ideal match when teamed up with a few new favorites, like the casually cool Sunski Yubas Sunglasses and the barbeque-ready Penfield Mahoney Shirt. When you add in a timeless leather watch from About Vintage to the mix, you’re set for situations that lean more laidback or more formal. And accessories like the extremely well-made Corridor NYC Washed Canvas Cap lend some “classic spring and summer weekend” appeal to this ensemble, too. It also goes without saying that the SeaVees Hermosa Plimsoll are a great bet on the sneaker front, what with their crisp-yet-casual design. Top it off with the Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket for unbeatable style that works on breezy nights or warm days quite easily. Wearing shorts doesn’t have to be a chore, and it doesn’t have to look silly — are you on board now? Start with the Katin Cove Shorts and you’re more than primed for shorts-wearing season.

Thanks for reading!



See Now, Buy Now: The Ridgemont Outfitters Heritage Boot Is Perfect for Versatile Spring Style

A durable pair of boots that channel both classic hikers and high-top sneakers.

Even as we reach the end of April, there’s still a pair of shoes every guy — including you — needs in his wardrobe (and on his feet). And in the case of today’s See Now, Buy Now series entry, that pair of shoes happens to be a dependable-as-heck pair of hybrid sneaker-boots … specifically, the Ridgemont Outfitters Heritage Boot. The ideal shoe for fighting through spring rain and eventually transitioning toward sunny days, outdoor drinking and music festivals aplenty, the Ridgemont Outfitters Heritage Boots are a dependable and stylish pair of spring boots that are worth a second look if you want to switch up your footwear rotation this spring. Your humble Style Guide author always advocates for sticking to tried-and-true classics in the footwear department, from classic high-top sneakers to a timeless pair of chukka boots, but there’s something to be said for giving the more unique Ridgemont Outfitters Heritage Boots a try. That process starts from the ground up with a waterproof lining, so you know the guts of these boots are on point. But they come in mighty handy in matters of style, too.

That is to say, if you want to swap out your white canvas sneakers or suede chukka boots for a hearty park walk or a long, grueling day checking out multiple breweries (a tough job!), the Ridgemont Outfitters Heritage Boots are the ones to wear. They’ve got the comfort and cut of a pair of high-tops, with the durable touches of a rich leather pair of boots. Features like speed lacing and four cool color options (I like the Java color the best) make the Heritage Boots a reliable standby with casual outfits — like a classic chambray shirt and dark denim, or a slub pocket tee and faded light wash jeans. The price point on the Ridgemont Outfitters Heritage Boots is almost too agreeable, as well — currently under $130. That’s a must-buy at any time of year, but especially right now.

Can you dig the affordable style and versatility of the Ridgemont Outfitters Heritage Boots? Let me know on Twitter. 

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