See Now, Buy Now: The Astorflex Bitflex Chelsea Boots Are the Best Way to Step into Spring

Now available via Huckberry for a heck of a price, these sleek and simple Chelsea boots are primed for spring.

Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat: Yes, we really do love ourselves some Astorflex boots here at The Style Guide. They make a heck of a pair of classic chukka boots, for starters. What’s more, this sustainably made, stylish brand keeps churning out essential men’s footwear, season after season, from lace-up boots to sneakers to today’s offering — more than worthy of including ’em in our latest See Now, Buy Now feature (Editor’s note: Click through to read all about why I love Astorflex). And lest you think we’re repeating ourselves here, the Astorflex Bitflex Chelsea Boots on display today are an all-new pair, exclusive to our pals at Huckberry. Can you say “spring style essentials,” anyone? The Cuoio Bitflex Chelsea Boots blend a striking new color with a sleek and easily wearable silhouette, and they do so just in time for prime “Chelsea boots season.” Is there such a thing? Perhaps not … until now.

How do you get into this monumental (and all-new!) season the right way? Well, it’s relatively simple. Pick a pair of the best light wash denim for men, throw on the Astorflex Bitflex Chelsea Boots in a handsome shade of dark tan, then accessorize with simple staples like a rugged short-sleeve henley (when it’s warm out) or a classic crewneck sweater or waxed trucker jacket (when it’s still a little chilly this March). The natural rubber soles provide comfort from the ground up, while the leather on the Astorflex Bitflex Chelsea Boots is treated with all-natural ingredients for a purchase you can certainly feel good about. The easy-to-wear nature of the Cuoio Bitflex Chelsea Boots means you can match them up with other neutral style staples for early spring, including navy chinos and a charcoal Oxford — that’s a look that’ll work wonders for you at the office and at happy hour. You justt need to snag your pair, well … now.

Who’s going to be picking up the Cuoio Bitflex Chelsea Boots from Astorflex? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below! 


#OOTD: Shake Up Your Business Casual Style For the Office

There are solid, reliable go-to’s that we all have when it comes to dressing for the office — right? Pieces like slim dark denim, a classic navy blazer and the like. But what to do when you want to switch things up just ever so slightly? That’s where today’s #OOTD is taking us. Dressing for the office can be a challenge, sometimes — it seems like every office, from creative agencies on up to accounting firms, are getting more and more casual. At least, that’s been my experience (let me know if you agree over on The Style Guide Facebook page). With that being said, looking great still pays off, and it’s still important — no matter how casual everyone else around you might be dressed. So, back to today’s #menswear ensemble. We’ve still got a stylish navy blazer in the mix, but we’re going a  step further with a casual printed shirt and stylish leather Chelsea boots. Everyone wins with this look, because we’re even incorporating … *gasp* … a tie! Yep, we’ve got it all covered. Read up below and let me know what you think via Twitter — cheers!

Can’t go wrong with some texture and unique style for late winter.

The Blazer: Grayers Hutton Moleskin Sportcoat, $165.98 — A stylish moleskin sportcoat is a unique change of pace from your standard cotton-blend navy blazer — the Hutton Moleskin Sportcoat from Grayers is a nicely tailored option.

The Shirt: Life/After/Denim Art Deco Shirt, $158 — While something like a classic Oxford shirt also works here, a unique printed shirt from Life/After/Denim adds nice visual interest and cool, casual style.

The Tie: Pocket Square Clothing Castillo Necktie, $56 — Ahh, yes … the dreaded necktie. Don’t wear a tie too often? A tweed tie from Pocket Square Clothing nods to the chilly temps some us might still be facing, and it also adds nice texture to this look.

The Chinos: Taylor Stitch Democratic Chino in British Khaki, $98Classic chinos from our pals at Taylor Stitch are an excellent change of pace from dark denim (which would also work nicely here, mind you).

The Chelsea Boots: Hudson Shoes Wynford Chelsea Boots, $210 — Because we might still be dealing with slippery roads out there, stylish Chelsea boots provide traction and sleek, office-ready style.

The Socks: American Trench Boot Socks in Light Denim, $29.50 — When is it worth it to spend nearly $30 on a pair of socks? When the socks in question are from American Trench & perfectly complement this outfit.
The Watch: BREDA Visser Watch, $90 — Leave the dive watch at home — this affordable, stylish leather watch from BREDA  is a perfect accessory for the office.
The Belt: Ezra Arthur No.1 Belt in Cognac, $100 — Even your belt should be sleek, minimal and dressy when it comes to biz casual style — the Ezra Arthur No.1 Belt hits the mark quite nicely.
 Did this #OOTD hit the mark in terms of shaking up how you’ll be dressing for the office? The building blocks — those crucial building blocks we always talk about — aren’t all that different from a typical office ensemble, yet the Hutton Moleskin Sportcoat from Grayers adds more texture and style that’s appropriate for the cold weather. A  cool, visually striking printed shirt from Life/After/Denim also switches things up from a typical office shirt. And in terms of your trousers, can you top classic chinos from Taylor Stitch? Nope, not quite. A cool tweed tie from  Pocket Square Clothing is a nice menswear move that ups the ante in terms of your ensemble, while the beautifully crafted (and affordable) Wynford Chelsea Boots from Hudson Shoes add sleek style on the footwear front. To keep it all in line, the Ezra Arthur No.1 Belt is an essential finishing touch, as is the BREDA Visser Watch. Last but not least, I can’t vouch enough for socks from American Trench — what more do you need to get ready for the office? Not a heck of a lot, truly. Let me know in the comments if this #OOTD does it for you!
Thanks for reading, as always.


Online Shopping Picks: Upgrade Your Living Space with the Best Men’s Home Goods

It’s been some time since we’ve taken the leap into a set of Online Shopping Picks outside the realm of menswear — in the case of today’s post at ye olde Style Guide, that means we’re talking the best men’s home goods to upgrade your space. Call it getting a jump on spring cleaning, call it wanting to stick to your menswear resolution of designing a better home or apartment, or call it a little … retail therapy. Either way, the right picks for your space can say as much about you as your choice of a classic Oxford shirt or a pair of American-made denim. Think of home goods as a bit of an extension of your personality and sense of style; that can make finding new pieces a fun journey. For instance: I frequently outfit my space with vintage-style pennants from Oxford Pennant, which you might have come across if you follow me on Instagram — it’s a cool venture to find a pennant that I like, one that might fit with my space. But that’s just one small component of adding a bit of character and cool style to your space. Hopefully, the below picks are more than enough to get you thinking about how to upgrade your space in style. Like what you see? Let me know on Twitter!

The Wall Art: Huckberry One Full Circle Print — $50

A limited-edition print available for a surprisingly agreeable price — a great first foray into wall art.

Inexpensive, neatly designed and eyecatching, the Huckberry One Full Circle Print is a worthwhile piece of wall art to brighten up a wall that’s, well, plain white or grey. It’s a heck of a steal from a retailer that you likely already shop anyways, and it’s one of only 50 available. Start small with this piece, then add other accents around it — at least, that’s what I’d do if I were you.

The Plant: Norden 5-Inch Planter — $50

Start small with this cool planter, and you might be surprised where your green thumb leads you.

In addition to starting with a crisp, colorful print, a small planter is but one way to liven up your desk, windowsill or den. Now, the plant itself isn’t included when it comes to the Norden 5-Inch Planter, but the cool Black Speckle color is a good enough base for a succulent or something lively and low-maintenance. Plus, a welcome shot of green is enough to liven up enough the most seemingly plain spaces this spring.

The Centerpiece: (del)Hutson Designs Reclaimed Wood Serving Tray — $45
A serving tray that looks stylish as heck and works as a cool coffee table centerpiece.
When is a serving tray more than just a simple serving tray? When it’s handsomely made and well-designed by (del)Hutson, with the sort of aesthetic that stands out nicely on a coffee table or in the kitchen. You can certainly use the Reclaimed Wood Serving Tray to serve, y’know, tasty cocktails or appetizers, but it can also function as a display for magazines, a candle, some reclaimed wood coasters — all of which add just a bit of character to your space.

The Home Accent: Yamazaki Tower Leaning Ladder Hanger — $46

Add a bit of flair and function to your space with this useful leaning ladder.

This next recommended pickup can be just a bit tricky if you’re pressed for space (as I am in my Brooklyn apartment). But on the other hand … it can also provide you with a bit more space and a bit more bang for your buck. Use the Yamazaki Tower Leaning Ladder Hanger to display your favorite shirts, use it as a handy space to hang cool blankets, or toss a pair of pants over it in an artful way — it’s the little things that speak volumes about your space.
 The Valet Tray: Tanner Goods Valet Tray — $75
A small-yet-worthy home goods upgrade, and a terrific way to store your everyday carry.

We’ve covered some handy storage solutions for larger items in your home or apartment — how about picks that make it easier to store your everyday carry essentials? Enter the Tanner Goods Valet Tray, which can readily serve as a home decor upgrade as much as it can work as a storage upgrade. The use of Meridian English bridle leather sets apart this surprisingly rugged valet tray from the rest of the pack.

So, that’s hopefully a good start when it comes to the best men’s home goods. Just like building or updating your wardrobe, the process of upgrading and refreshing your space definitely takes time, a bit of know-how and a proper budget. Starting small — with the Tanner Goods Valet Tray, for instance — is but one move that can make a difference in the way you store your everyday carry. Going slightly bigger, with the Reclaimed Wood Serving Tray from (del)Hutson, can offer versatility and functionality for hosting parties or displaying your favorite reads (see, it’s the small things!). And other handy storage options, including the Yamazaki Tower Leaning Ladder Hanger, add some character and functionality to your space. Not to be forgotten, the Huckberry One Full Circle Print is a reliably stylish and easy wall art upgrade, while the Norden 5-Inch Planter provides the perfect vessel for a small-yet-lively plant. That’s about the best possible home goods “starter kit” you could ask for, right?

How are you planning to upgrade your space as we move into spring? Let me know in the comments!

Style Pick of the Week: Baro The Dean Jacket

A bomber jacket that’s stylish enough for the bar and tough enough to take on spring rain — thanks, Baro.

When a brand calls its jacket “The Dean,” you’d expect it to stand out with authority, sharp style and durability. Well, my friends — the Dean Jacket from Baro does just that, at least on paper. As we draw ever closer to the spring season — and inevitable spring showers — you’re going to need a jacket like the Baro Dean Jacket, that much is true. And a little secret: While it might still be cold and blustery most places, the time is now to get ahead of the game and snag the Baro Dean Jacket before you’re caught in a downpour. You’re also going to want something that performs as great as it looks. In that regard, a clean bomber silhouette is always an easy starting point in terms of standout style, so the Dean Jacket gets it right. Quality construction isn’t a matter to be trifled with, either — tally up a few more points for the Dean Jacket, because it’s made from a DWR-treated blend of cotton and nylon. Oh, and the versatility? Take your pick of either a crisp Loden color or a sleek and simple Black — again, chalk up another win for your next spring rain jacket.

And the great thing about a hard-wearing piece of spring outerwear like the Baro Dean Jacket is that you can easily pair it up with pieces you already happen to be wearing this spring, from a charcoal Oxford to suede chukkas and slim light wash denim. It’s a versatile outerwear upgrade that just so happens to harness of-the-moment style — take a look around this spring and count the bomber jackets you might see. You’re also getting a piece that’s not overly technical or logo-heavy — that’s to be applauded when it comes to spring rain wear. That classic bomber silhouette is mighty handy in that regard. Yet, the Baro Dean Jacket has a little something else going on, too. The snap button front provides a touch of visual interest, setting it apart from other bomber jackets on the market. The slightly longer cut also makes more sense in the rain, as does the moisture-wicking liner and seam-sealed construction. Phew! That’s a heck of a lot of prime specs in one jacket. In all, that makes the Baro Dean Jacket sound pretty stylish to this writer, at least.

Is the Baro Dean Jacket on your spring shopping list? Let me know on Twitter!


The Friday Read: Koio x Ben Medansky, Ao Skincare and NYC Beer Week

OK, Friday’s arrived once again — who’s amped?? It’s been a busy five-day work week here, not to mention a week packed with a heck of a lot of blog content. From my piece on the best weekender bag for spring travel (or, one of the best) to yet another look at casual winter layering via our #OOTD series, there’s been a lot of content to sink into these past few days. Closing out the week has me all the more excited for this weekend — in addition to prepping for a pretty big international (yep, international!) jaunt late next week, I’m pretty thrilled to be able to hit up a few choice spots for the much-lauded, much-loved NYC Beer Week. It’s a celebration of great craft beer, breweries and brewpubs around the city — think local, drink local, as it were. That means I’ll be checking out Marshall Stack in NYC’s Lower East Side tonight for a tap takeover by Gun Hill Brewing, a Bronx establishment that brews tasty concoctions like the solid Gun Hill IPA and the excellent Void of Light, a foreign stout. In short, what’s better than checking out a potential new favorite spot while enjoying a few much-loved beers? Not much — that’s the spirit of NYC Beer Week in a nutshell! It’s also, of course, the Big Ten Men’s Basketball Tournament here in New York City; with any luck, I’ll be at Madison Square Garden watching my beloved Spartans play for the Big Ten Tournament title on Sunday, too. Fingers crossed until then. Be sure to follow along on Instagram for all the action, and good luck wrapping up your week!

  • Let’s kick things off by reimagining your sneaker closet. Premium sneaker brand KOIO — masters of crisp, easy-to-wear Italian-made sneakers — are back with a neat collab with ceramic artist Ben Medansky. The just-dropped Koio x Ben Medansky collab set of kicks draws inspiration from Medansky’s seriously cool ceramics work (right down to a piece of pottery threaded through the laces). These low-top sneakers also feature a striking blue sole and patterned leather based speckled ceramic pottery. They’re like a work of art for your feet, and a welcome change of pace from plain white leather sneakers (which Koio also happens to do very well). They’re extremely limited in terms of quantities — only 50 pairs were made — so act fast!
  • Speaking of sneakers … surely you know GREATS, right? The Brooklyn purveyors of classic, very affordably priced sneakers are continuing to make waves in the footwear industry — and if you’re based out West, you’ll now be able to make the brand your own! That’s right, GREATS just opened its first store in California, great news for sneakerheads out in Cali. The shop is located at 1505 Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice, and it opened back in February. As the brand says, it “marks a unique pivot in the digitally-native brand’s growth.” What does all of that mean for you? It means that if you live in Venice or LA, your sneaker game just got a BIG upgrade.
  • In the way of non-footwear upgrades, let’s talk winter skincare. If your skin could use a refresh right about now, I think we’re in the same boat. Ao Skincare, out of New Zealand, could be just the brand to reach for the next time you want to amp up your grooming routine. They combine nature and science, using unique cold-processed formulas that result in some seriously excellent product (I’ve been testing out the brand these past few months). Let me know in the comments if you’re going to give ’em a shot yourself?

Alright, folks — that’s all for today’s Friday Read. Catch you for the Style Pick of the Week tomorrow!

Thanks for reading,


See Now, Buy Now: Pack Up for Your Next Trip with the Blue Claw Co. Leather Weekender Duffel

A handsome full-grain leather bag made to be taken on your next winter trip … and the next one. And the next one.

In need of a stylish everyday bag? Of course you are, my friend. And that’s why we’re gathered here today — to find you a handsome leather weekender bag that’s just as stunning as the #OOTD you’re wearing right now. But on a serious note, the difference really is all in the details when it comes to head-to-toe looks, and your accessories are as crucial a part of that as any. If you find yourself on the road a lot, as I tend to be, the right bag for travel is going to work wonders when it comes to packing, and it might even make travel a bit more fun. Well, folks — that bag is the Blue Claw Co. Bronson Leather Weekender Duffel, a standout bag that packs in durability, heritage-quality style and plenty of functionality in one package. Add it to your list of travel style essentials, and do so in a hurry. The Blue Claw Co. Leather Weekender Duffel is exclusive to our friends at Bespoke Post, so you know it delivers the goods (and that’s probably putting it lightly.

The BronsonLeather Weekender Duffel features full-grain chestnut leather, all the better to break in over time. The cotton ripstop liner is equally durable and sturdy, more than ready to keep everything on your packing list in fine condition. And the hardware? Why, it’s solid brass, my friends. Did I mention that it’s only one of 25? Yes, just 25. Seriously, what could make the Blue Claw Co. Bronson Leather Weekender Duffel any better? There’s truly not much. Ahh, but wait … it’s carry-on approved! Yes indeed, that’s it. So, to recap: The Bronson Leather Weekender Duffel is stylish, designed to break in over time, built to carry everything you need, and more than worthy of your cold hard cash. Sound good? Sounds good.

Are you picking up the Leather Weekender Duffel from Blue Claw Co. before you hit the road next time around? 

#OOTD: A New Way to Take on Casual Winter Layering

We always love talking new and fun — well, hopefully fun — ways to wear your favorite men’s style essentials here on The Style Guide. In the case of today’s #OOTD,  that means taking pieces you’ve got in your wardrobe and mashing them up in a way that’s laidback, rugged and nearly ready for anything. We’ve talked consistently about pairing up pieces that you love with, well, other pieces that you love — it can make even the most seemingly basic outfits that much more fun to wear. As ever, using basic building blocks together in just one ensemble results in an outfit that’s weekend-friendly or ready to take on a casual final day of the week at the office — that’s exactly the direction you need to go when stuck in the winter style doldrums. We’re pushing through and nearly into March, so relief is in sight … and ideally, you won’t have to reinvent new ways to wear your favorite flannel shirt so often. At any rate, I think you’re going to like what’s on tap here, from a rugged slub henley to perfectly faded denim and tough leather chukka boots. Feel free to weigh in on the below #OOTD in the comments or via Twitter. To check out what I’m wearing, you can also head to my Instagram. For now, thanks for reading!

The perfect combo of tough and transitional layers.

The Jacket: Bridge and Burn Fraser Waxed Canvas Jacket, $215 –Take a weather-ready canvas jacket out for a spin to kick this outfit off — we sure do love the Fraser Waxed Canvas Jacket here on the blog.

The Shirt: Taylor Stitch Crater Flannel Shirt in Navy Plaid, $128 — Here’s your new favorite flannel shirt, as we mentioned before — the Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt combines a cool pattern and tough fabrication.

The Henley: Grayers Todd Slub Henley in Navy Heather, $65Grayers has a penchant for using excellent fabrics to make men’s style staples, like the Todd Slub Henley.

The Denim: Flint and Tinder One-Year Wash Jeans in Slim, $128 — When you reaching for laidback, rugged pieces like a stylish flannel shirt and a waxed canvas jacket, expertly faded jeans from Flint and Tinder are entirely acceptable (and recommended).

The Chukka Boots: Red Wing Heritage Weekender Chukka, $230 — Casual leather chukka boots are a perfect complement to this outfit — grab the Red Wing Heritage Weekender Chukka and go.

The Socks: American Trench Slub Crew Socks in Charcoal, $19.50 — With rugged leather chukka boots in the mix, stylish slub crew socks — especially American-made socks — are a worthy style move.

The Watch: Nezumi Studios Bailene Watch, $500Nezumi Studios is a new addition to the Huckberry roster, and a worthwhile purchase at that. The Bailene Watch is just the right balance between rugged and casual.

The Beanie: American Trench Ribbed Beanie in Charcoal, $110 — You’re going to need to top off your outfit the right way — with a durable beanie cap to help you fight winter’s chill.

That’s it, there’s your newest winter #OOTD! It comes down to using rugged-yet-casual and versatile pieces, like the Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt, paired up with similarly laidback essentials. Layering with the Todd Slub Henley adds both visual interest and warmth, while the Red Wing Heritage Weekender Chukka offers durability and plenty of tough style points on the footwear front. You’re getting similarly rugged layering potential on the outerwear front with the Fraser Waxed Canvas Jacket, while the American Trench Ribbed Beanie will also keep you warm during a chilly winter day.  And you’re going to need to step out with a stylish watch on your wrist, whether you’re heading to the coffee shop or your favorite brewpub — the Bailene Watch blends throwback style with tough durability. Plus, American-made socks are the new accessory move you didn’t know you needed (or perhaps you did?). Last but not least, we sure do love the Flint and Tinder denim on tap here. I’d love to see if you’d style these pieces together, or break ’em up and wear ’em separately — let me know in the comments below! As always, thanks for reading!


The List: Look Toward Spring with these Top Men’s Gear Picks

Does it feel like the end of February snuck up on us? Just me? At any rate, the odd calendar set-up of this particular month means we’re starting to close out February with our third entry this month of The List, a full rundown of the best men’s gear picks for the season ahead. We’re starting to look toward spring just a bit, so the spring style essentials on tap reflect transitional, weather-ready style with just a dash of rugged appeal. Are you ready? Let’s do it.

Bridge & Burn Fraser Waxed Canvas Jacket — $215
Your next spring outerwear purchase has arrived via Bridge & Burn.
Told you we’d focus on pieces that are tough enough for March weather, right? The Bridge and Burn Fraser Waxed Canvas Jacket gets the job done in that regard.
CIVIC The Oscar Sweater — $148
A unique fabric blend makes this sweater one to layer up with this coming spring.
CIVIC, an offshot of Taylor Stitch, takes an approach that’s just a bit more technical and minimal than its partner brand, but the well-made Oscar Sweater is the right layer to take you into March.
American Trench Slub Crew Socks in Charcoal — $19.50
Comfortable socks packed with rugged style, to boot.
Socks are just an afterthought, right? Not so with American Trench — the rugged-leaning Slub Crew Socks add warmth and comfort to any footwear combo.
Red Wing Heritage Weekender Chukka — $230
The durable construction you’d expect from Red Wing, along with the casual style you need for early spring.
Shoes that blend the functionality of a pair of Red Wing boots with the casual stylings of a classic pair of chukkas? That’s the Red Wing Heritage Weekender Chukka for ya.
Nezumi Studios Bailene Watch — $500
A classically designed watch with plenty of modern style.
Nezumi Studios has outdone themselves with this tough vintage dive watch, the kind you’d find in many a cool, old-school style ensemble. The Bailene Watch might be my favorite of this crop.
American Trench Ribbed Beanie in Charcoal — $110
A well-made beanie cap to top off some of your favorite winter style essentials.

We’re sticking with more American Trench gear to cap off all of your winter style ensembles — this cashmere beanie is a welcome splurge. Go for it.

Blunt Umbrellas Metro Umbrella — $48.98

You need a new umbrella — trust me, you do. And this number from Blunt Umbrellas just might be the one.

Hey, those snow flurries are going to turn to rain showers at some point — you best be prepared when they do, and Blunt Umbrellas is going to have you ready in a way that’s stylish and effective.

Oxford Pennant “NYC” Banner — $44

A neat addition to your home, den or office — agreed?

Just like the great Interpol song “NYC,” maybe there’s just something about living here that makes me want this banner. Maybe you feel the same way, inside or outside of New York? Either way, Oxford Pennant stands for excellent quality.

Breda Zapf Watch — $80

A smart, sleek watch available at a heck of a price.

In contrast to the Nezumi Studios Baleine Watch outlined above, the Breda Zapf Watch is decidedly more affordable — that affordability could be up your alley, yes?

Taylor Stitch Moto Shirt — $148

A go-anywhere shirt that acts as a stylish outer layer, too.

The hits just keep coming for Taylor Stitch — they’ve yet again done an outstanding job with the rugged and tough-as-nails Moto Shirt, your do-everything spring layer.

OK, my friends — which of the above picks did you like the most? My money’s on the Bailene Watch from Nezumi Studios. That’ll wrap up today’s post!

Thanks for reading,


Style Pick of the Week: SeaVees Bayside Moc

A sneaker that’s going to prove a nice change of pace from winter boots? Sign me up.

Are you getting sick of your winter boots yet? No matter how much you might love to break out a pair of stylish men’s boots for these chilly times, it can get old after a few months. So, what’s a guy to do? Well, that guy — you — should reach for a pair of durable, winter-ready men’s sneakers like the SeaVees Bayside Moc. Yep, that’s right; you certainly can break out sneakers in winter, provided the conditions on the ground are right (shelve them during the polar vortex or when navigating snowdrifts on a blustery day). But most of the rest of the time, especially as we transition to spring, the SeaVees Bayside Moc is going to get the job done in rugged, casual fashion — the perfect respite from wearing boots day after day … after day.  It’s no secret that here at The Style Guide, we sure do love SeaVees; the brand draws on decades of California heritage to make sneakers that are classic and yet versatile enough to wear with your favorite style essentials. And yessir, that goes for winter style essentials as well — all thanks to the SeaVees Bayside Moc. This is a pair of grab-and-wear-anywhere sneakers, complete with classic chukka construction. They work especially well when paired up with navy chinos and a cable crewneck sweater to head to Sunday brunch or weekend coffee, in this writer’s opinion. That’s not all they have going for ’em, though.

A casually rugged profile, thanks to the classic moc toe stitching.

The specs on the SeaVees Bayside Moc are just what you’d expect from SeaVees, from the suede upper to the handsewn moccasin construction. Yet, there’s quite a bit of comfort built right into the Bayside Moc, starting with a comfort memory foam footbed designed to allow air flow and provide nice cushioning. It’s a pair of sneakers with comfort that’s going to pay off in the long run — after all, you can wear the SeaVees Bayside Moc quite a few places even in the winter. I’m talking a trip to your favorite brewery or a spontaneous vintage store shopping run (try it with a date sometime, perhaps?). At any rate, the Bayside Moc looks great with more casual style staples like slim dark denim and a rugged henley — as nearly all kicks from SeaVees just so happen to do. Again, it can take some work getting used to wearing sneakers in the winter, especially if you’re dedicated to your boot game. Give the SeaVees Bayside Moc a try sometime, though — they might just replace a pair of your boots the rest of this season.

Are the SeaVees Bayside Moc going to enter your footwear rotation soon? Let me know in the comments!