Style Pick of the Week: Outerknown Chroma Blanket Shirt – Spring’s Best Men’s Overshirt for Rugged Layering

Best shirt jacket for men.

As I often say here on the blog, building a stylish wardrobe of menswear essentials is a bit like looking into the future: You need to be ready for just about anything, and that’s particularly true during the blustery days of spring. That means, to me, that if you leave the house on a sunny day wearing one of your favorite pocket T-shirts, you very well might need to layer up as the afternoon goes on and the day gets a bit more blustery.

What’s a guy to do? That’s easy, at least in my book. Shop one of the best men’s shirt jackets early and often, and do it from a brand you can trust: A brand like Outerknown, of course.

The company, founded by surfing legend Kelly Slater, has plenty going for it, including eco-friendly production through every step of the process. That goes for sustainable menswear essentials like one of the best crewneck sweatshirts, and it carries onward into today’s featured Style Pick, the Outerknown Chroma Blanket Shirt. It’s notably part of the Outerknown New Arrivals section, which is always worth a look if you want rugged, durable and versatile gear with a sustainable touch.

Most rugged shirt jacket for men.

What makes the Outerknown Chroma Blanket Shirt such a winner in my book? There’s plenty, of course, starting with the fabric itself. It’s made from an organic cotton twill for a soft yet durable feel, the kind that wears easily as a shirt jacket atop a super-soft Outerknown T-shirt. It’s also not too far off from the much-loved Outerknown Blanket Shirt, which is one of my favorite shirts on the market. But of course, the Outerknown Chroma Blanket Shirt has plenty of character all its own, including eye-catching buttons made from nuts, plus a fit that’s easy to layer.

Notably, the Outerknown Chroma Blanket Shirt also comes in nine versatile, dusty colors, each of which have a pleasingly vintage look to them. This is the kind of rugged, durable shirt jacket you can toss on over your favorite henley for a day hike or a casual afternoon at your favorite brewery, and yet the Outerknown Chroma Blanket Shirt is well-suited for everything from camping trips to cool evenings around the bonfire.

The chest pockets also turn the Outerknown Chroma Blanket Shirt into a highly useful workshirt, and with its wrinkle-fighting design, the brand notes that it’s one of the best travel shirts for men, too. When you want eco-friendly design and plenty of durability to go along with it, opt for the essential Outerknown Chroma Blanket Shirt


The Friday Read: Danner x Huckberry & Martin Scorsese’s New Movie

Best summer shoes for men.

My friends, step on out into the wilderness of this upcoming spring weekend the right way: First, watch the trailer for “Killers of the Flower Moon,” by the remarkable Martin Scorsese (not something I’ve shouted out on this blog very often!). Then, and only then, quite literally step out wearing a pair of the very new Huckberry x Danner sandals, the kind of rugged, durable pair of stylish men’s footwear that doesn’t quite come around all that often.

Best summer sandals for men.

Slide on into them and then get ready to tackle your next adventure, because Lord knows, the Huckberry crew has you ready for whatever lies ahead. As for me, I’ll be staying busy with my many freelance writing pursuits, chief among them a feature at the always-reliable Atwood Magazine covering a solo LP from one of my favorite drummers. For now, log in via my Instagram, and as always: Stay stylish!

The Thursday Buy: This Filson Short-Sleeve Shirt is a True Summer Style Essential

Best men's short-sleeve shirt for summer

Even in the heat of summer, cutting corners is no way to go about building your menswear wardrobe. What does that mean for you? Well, it means that there’s a way to look polished yet casually cool, even when the mercury rises, and you can do that by opting into brands you can trust. Head towards a brand like Filson, which just launched the Filson Warm-Weather Shop, featuring an entire lineup of rugged-yet-breezy, heirloom-worthy summer men’s style essentials.

Whether you find yourself on the trail or back in town, visiting a log cabin or touring a brewery, staying cool in style is the name of the game: The Filson Short-Sleeve Lightweight Alaskan Guide Shirt is firing on all cylinders, and it’s time you picked one up. This stylish short-sleeve shirt boasts a super-lightweight 4oz. cotton twill construction, but better still is the fact that it’s garment-washed for plenty of additional softness out of the box.

Of course, it’ll only get better the more you wear it, and you’re going to want to wear the Filson Short-Sleeve Lightweight Alaskan Guide Shirt a whole lot this season. The two large front button chest pockets provide EDC storage space, but the sharp plaid pattern makes it ideal to wear more casually alongside your favorite chino shorts or a trusty pair of light wash denim.

When the time comes to stay cool in style this season, the Filson Short-Sleeve Lightweight Alaskan Guide Shirt is your new go-to menswear move.

See Now, Buy Now: Throw On this Classic Sea Culture Henley for Laidback Summer Style

Best short-sleeve henley for men.

At least in my neck of the woods, I’m a big proponent of menswear essentials that switch things up slightly from the norm: For instance, opting for a pocket tee in place of a crewneck T-shirt, or reaching for one of the best men’s henleys to give a look some added texture and visual interest. And that, my friends, is where one of my new favorite menswear brands enters the equation.

If you keep up with the blog, you’re familiar with upstate New York-based Sea Culture, known for making everything from one of the best men’s shirt jackets to a new lineup of stylish terry polos and of course, the rugged-yet-comfortable Sea Culture Tobacco Bay Henley you see on your screen today. The short-sleeve henley as a stylish menswear pick for summer is about as cool as it gets.

There’s just something about a henley that makes every guy look good, be it the rakish vibe of the button placket, a fit that flatters your chest and arms, or the authentic background of the henley’s sporting roots. Luckily, the Sea Culture Tobacco Bay Henley carries forward all of those same attributes in a major way.

Best men's short-sleeve henley to buy now.

Let’s start with the basics when it comes to the Sea Culture Tobacco Bay Henley — the 100 percent slub cotton should prove soft and breathable in the summer heat, making this a henley you can wear all on its own, or perhaps underneath a lightweight, light wash denim jacket. The four-button placket on this rugged men’s henley also gives it plenty of visual interest beyond what you might get from even the coolest of crewneck T-shirts (although you still need more than a few of those in your rotation of summer style essentials, too).

Plus, the Sea Culture Tobacco Bay Henley comes in a breezy Seafoam color, a nice departure from the norm that pairs well with everything from classic men’s blue jeans to tan chinos and navy stretch chino shorts. The standard fit should prove comfortable without being too tight — I’ve tried Sea Culture T-shirts and found their sizing is spot-on.

And for all of the quality and dependable style you’re getting here, the Sea Culture Tobacco Bay Henley is also priced nicely at $70. Wear it beneath a trucker jacket, wear it on its own, or switch things up and style it underneath a lightweight summer blazer. The short-sleeve henley can bring plenty to your seasonal wardrobe, so act accordingly and stock up now.

The Tuesday Steal: Save 30 Percent on these Stylish Men’s Leather Sneakers from FRYE

Best men's leather sneakers for summer.

As we roll right into the summer months, maybe you’ve come to a certain realization as you ponder your shoe closet: It could perhaps use a new pair of stylish men’s sneakers, the kind that are versatile enough to tackle just about anything in these increasingly laidback times. The key word there: Stylish. Another key word? Versatile. And that’s where one of the brands making your favorite leather boots can help you out in a pleasingly different way.

Visit Todd Snyder New York

Northeast-based FRYE, best known for making some of the best spring Chelsea boots and plenty of rugged leather lace-up boots, applies that same sense of quality and craftsmanship to its leather sneakers, and things just get better from there. How so? Well, for starters, the FRYE Astor Low Lace Sneakers are 30 percent off right now at the FRYE Summer Sale, a deal that’s not to be missed (and a perfect option for today’s Tuesday Steal). That drops them below $140, from nearly $200 — not bad, right?

Best brown leather sneakers for men.

Accordingly, the FRYE Astor Low Lace Sneakers are a pair of high-quality, heritage-minded, classic men’s sneakers that touch on the same hallmarks as the century-old FRYE legacy, all the way bringing a distinctive change of pace from more typical summer kicks (like white leather or canvas lace-ups). The key here in terms of a stylistic change of pace is the full-grain brush-off antiqued black leather, which boasts a handsome burnished quality — not unlike some of the best men’s leather boots from FRYE, right?

The padded tongue and collar inject deliver all-day comfort, which is key if you want versatile, all-day sneakers. To wit: The handsome leather of the FRYE Astor Low Lace Sneakers makes them a pair of subtly refined kicks you can wear to the office with plenty of business casual looks, like dark blue jeans, a white Oxford shirt and a lightweight navy blazer.

Naturally, you can also rock the FRYE Astor Low Lace Sneakers with something more casually edgy, like olive chinos and your favorite short-sleeve henley. And springy PORON footbeds give the FRYE Astor Low Lace Sneakers a ton of comfort for that critical sunrise-to-sunset wearability we all need these days. I’ll remind you once more: These high-quality men’s leather sneakers are 30 percent off right now, and that’s a deal worth shopping early and often.

See Now, Buy Now: Shinola Is Now Making Some of the Best Men’s Aviator Sunglasses for Summer

Best aviator sunglasses for men.

From time to time, one of my favorite things in my never-ending search for the best menswear essentials revolves around finding something completely unexpected from a brand you know very well for doing one thing particularly well. For instance: What if I told you that one of your favorite lifestyle brands, a brand making some of the best watches for men, was also capable of making… wait for it… some of the best aviator sunglasses out there? Pretty great, right?

Yes, it’s great indeed. That brand in question is a long-running personal favorite of mine: Shinola, the Detroit-based lifestyle brand that makes your favorite leather watch — and unexpected picks like luxurious home goods. Add another eye-catching standout to that list, in this case quite literally: The famed Michigan brand is now making an entire lineup of stylish men’s eyewear, including the essential, classic-meets-modern Shinola Runwell Aviator.

Best sunglasses for men this summer.

Think of it like a surprise twist, but it makes sense that the brand would eventually branch into eyewear — after all, quality craftsmanship, precision and versatile style is at the heart of what Shinola does. That lends itself quite handsomely to rugged-meets-refined picks like the Shinola Runwell Aviator.

Coolest men's aviator sunglasses.

Take heed: Just because you can no longer get them at a discount (the brand just wrapped its 10-Year Appreciation Event) doesn’t mean you should forego adding this pair to your rotation ASAP. The Shinola Runwell Aviator boast frames made from hard-wearing Flexon metal, complete with durable nylon lenses and Flexon temples.

Beyond that, your new favorite sunglasses feature nicely sized 56mm frames (a slightly oversized touch that falls in line with the classic aviator design). The Shinola Runwell Aviator also comes with a characteristic touch of Shinola orange inside the back of the temple tips, and that’s not the only notable style option you’ve got with these classic men’s sunglasses.

They’re available in two varieties, a rich Amber lens-meets-Satin Gunmetal design, plus a visually striking Bottle Green lens combination. And even at full price ($299), the Shinola Runwell Aviators are worth it: They’re dependable, well-designed, versatile enough to wear with an everyday #OOTD or a more formal look, and made by a brand you can trust. Go ahead and secure your next must-wear pair of men’s sunglasses for sunny days ahead.

The Sunday Sale: These Rugged Huckberry Boots Are 60 Percent Off Right Now

Best work boots for men.

If you keep a weather eye on the pages of this blog, especially as of late, you know I’m all about seizing a deal when the time comes — especially if that deal happens to revolve around a pair of the best work boots for men. Or rather, heck, just a pair of the best men’s boots, period. And if you’ve been on the hunt for a pair of boots to wear with your favorite workshirt (for example), you’re in luck.

Those boots in question today are rolling in from Huckberry, and more specifically, from Huckberry’s Rhodes Footwear. The in-house brand from the famed retailer delivers the right mix of rugged-meets-refined, especially as seen in the Rhodes Footwear Logan Boots. And the even better news? They’re a whopping 60 percent off right now in the always-excellent, always-worth-a-look Huckberry Sale section.

Incredibly, that price knows the Rhodes Footwear Logan Boots down to just $100, with plenty of sizes available. But why are they worth spending and saving big? For one, the Rhodes Footwear Logan Boots should prove highly durable, stylish and versatile for the price. They boast a five-inch boot shaft height, which is functional enough to be worn properly as an actual work boot, yet stylish enough to wear with your favorite pair of blue jeans.

Best lace-up boots for men to buy now.

The Rhodes Footwear Logan Boots also boast a stacked heel and a Vibram outsole for plenty of traction, plus a rubber midsole for a little spring in your step (and these are indeed some of the best boots for men to buy this spring, especially at that price). Beyond that, your new favorite pair of boots are available in a nicely textured, richly crafted Mojave Suede, which should wear well with plenty of different shades of, say, Huckberry’s Flint and Tinder 365 Pants.

And once more, it bears repeating that you’re getting all of this — with a weight and build that won’t slow you down this spring — for a mere $100 in the Huckberry Sale section. Act accordingly and get ’em delivered to your door ASAP.

Style Pick of the Week: Faherty Brand Tried And True Shirt – An All-Time Style Classic

Best men's denim shirt for summer.

If you’re anything like me, perhaps you appreciate menswear styles that stand the test of time, that tend to look good from season to season and year to year, and even era to era. Take one of the best denim shirts for men — or in this case, one of the best indigo shirts for men, made from an innovative, modern fabric blend.

The shirt in question today is the Faherty Tried and True Shirt, released to celebrate the easygoing, coastal style-meets-rugged-classics appeal of the New York City brand’s 10th anniversary. And if you ask me, this shirt (a new favorite and possibly one of the best men’s shirts for summer) lives up to its name, and then some.

Faherty seems to rise to the occasion in multiple seasons, be it making a breezy knit shirt as one of the best men’s shirts for spring, or else going a touch more rugged with waxed outerwear, or a touch more versatile with stylish stretch chinos. And quite literally true to its name, the Faherty Tried and True Shirt is another fine addition to the brand’s stable of casual, laidback yet crisp shirts, shorts and chinos.

It starts with the light blue Vintage Indigo color, but the aforementioned modern fabric — a blend of Tencel and linen for stretch and breathability — helps things along quite nicely.

Best denim shirt for men.

Four-hole urea buttons add a touch of contrast to the Faherty Tried and True Shirt, but it’s that soft wash that’s going to make all the difference this summer. It should prove comfortable enough to wear on its own, sleeves rolled up alongside your favorite pair of chinos at the office, but the Faherty Tried and True Shirt really excels in more easygoing yet classic situations.

Take the Faherty Tried and True Shirt for a spin with classic dark blue jeans for a timeless combo on cooler spring and summer nights, or wear this handsome indigo shirt atop a classic graphic tee or pocket T-shirt for days on the water. The thing is, with a comfortable and casually cool shirt like the Faherty Tried and True Shirt, you can do just about anything — as long as you add it to your wardrobe starting this weekend.

If you end up picking up this shirt, let me know in the comments — stay stylish, and thanks for reading!

The Friday Read: Shinola’s 10-Year Anniversary Event & A Brooklyn Family Weekend

Best Shinola watches for men.

Folks, it’s *time* to roll into the weekend with our eyes on another deal on the best men’s watches, plus some handy spring style tips — as per tradition, right? Yes indeed, and the best way to start a Brooklyn weekend might just be by shopping a deal that’ll be gone in the blink of an eye.

Shinola, one of my favorite watch brands (and perhaps one of yours, as well) is running the Shinola 10-Year Appreciation Event, a celebration of a decade in business that’s seen the Detroit watchmaker go from a brand making classic leather watches to a company now making everything from stylish home furniture to audio accessories and much more.

And the scoop, if you haven’t been keeping up with the blog, is that the Shinola 10-Year Appreciation Event only runs now through Sunday, May 14th — yes, this Sunday, and it’ll be here before you know it! Shop and save early and often.

As for me, well, I know my own weekend should fly by in the blink of an eye (but hopefully, not too quickly), as I’ll be hosting my family in Brooklyn this weekend — the first time a full family NYC trip has happened since 2019! In store: A Broadway show, plenty of Brooklyn imbibing in terms of the borough’s best beer and wine, and a few stops at key sights and sounds in the borough (DUMBO very much included).

You can keep up with the fun on my Instagram, and in the meantime, let me know in the comments below if you end up shopping the Shinola 10-Year Appreciation Event. Cheers to a spring weekend, and thanks for reading!

The Thursday Buy: Save 25 Percent On the Classic Shinola Runwell, Now Through May 14th

Best classic leather watch for men.

There are parts of building out your menswear wardrobe that are wildly fun, like developing your personal style wish list, and then there’s the actual execution of the process: If you’ve got your eye on, say, a stylish leather watch or an investment-level everyday carry essential, then those pieces aren’t always easy to pick up on the fly. There’s price, for one, and there’s availability, for another, but what if I told you your favorite watch brand was on a (temporary) mission to change all of that?

The watch brand in question, which I hope you’re familiar with if you read the blog frequently, is Detroit-based Shinola, which actually does so much more than just craft stylish men’s watches nowadays. There are also daily essentials like the Shinola Canfield Messenger Bag, but what we’re here to talk about today belongs on your wrist.

Shinola Runwell watch review.

Naturally, that watch is the Shinola Runwell — actually, the Shinola Runwell 41mm — one of the best men’s watches in terms of versatility and now, value. That’s because the Shinola 10-Year Appreciation Event runs now through May 14th, giving you the rare chance to take 25 percent off sitewide on everything. Yes, everything from the famed watchmaker and fan favorite is up for grabs, but only for a few more days.

Let’s go back briefly to the Shinola Runwell 41mm, the brand’s flagship style. It blends a sort of retro, Art Deco-type quality with the rugged-yet-refined appeal of a contrasting leather strap, and the 41mm case diameter makes it a touch more casual than some of the best men’s dress watches. The Shinola Runwell 41mm comes in a wide array of dial and strap colors (and you can also purchase Shinola watch straps to give your collection even more versatility).

But the best of the bunch, especially if you’ve got a large rotation of brown leather shoes and boots (like me!), might be a tan leather Shinola Runwell with a crisp white or black dial. It already retails for under $600 full price, but the Shinola 10-Year Appreciation Event drops that deal even lower. There’s no time to waste — pun intended. Save 25 percent now through Sunday.