The Tuesday Steal: This Todd Snyder Chambray Shirt is a Fall Style Classic

Japanese Sunfaded Chambray Button Down Shirt

How many fall style essentials is too many to have in your closet? Or rather, can you ever have enough certifiable seasonal classics like one of the best chambray shirts? My take on the matter is that no, no sir, you can never have enough fall menswear picks like the Todd Snyder Sunfaded Chambray Shirt. While it’s not as much of a steal, per se, as shopping the Todd Snyder Sale section in its own right, this classic chambray shirt is actually a great pick-up, particularly considering how much wear you can get out of this undeniably cool, rugged-yet-versatile men’s shirt. You could call it one of the best men’s shirts, period, or one of the best chambray shirts, but the point remains: Although it’ll set you back at a rather hefty $178 at Todd Snyder, this is a pick-up that remains a steal. In fact, that’s perhaps best epitomized by the fact that it’s been a hot seller online for the famed menswear designer, so do yourself a favor and stock up right now on a shirt that could become your new favorite shirt for fall (and well beyond that, naturally).

What makes this shirt such a steal even at that higher price tag? It all comes down to a quality design and an effortlessly cool build, starting with what you might call “the good stuff” — that’d be the Japanese cotton chambray fabric. It’s soft but not too soft, lived-in but not worn out, and made with great care in Portugal. If that’s not enough to convince you to invest in the best chambray shirt out there, well, there’s plenty more reasons to consider.

Japanese Sunfaded Chambray Button Down Shirt

The cut of the Todd Snyder Sunfaded Chambray Shirt is also such that you can wear it in a dressier manner (underneath a wool or navy cotton blazer, for example), but you can also rock it readily with laidback style staples, like slim blue jeans and a pair of rugged leather boots or even canvas high-top sneakers. The Todd Snyder Sunfaded Chambray Shirt also wears well with tan chinos and low-top leather sneakers, all the better for easygoing weekend or casual office style. You should certainly take the chance to wear this classic chambray shirt to the office or out to coffee, because again, it deserves to be worn as much as possible.

HELM Boots

The Todd Snyder Sunfaded Chambray Shirt features small details that make it quite cool to wear on its own, like the button chest pocket. When you’re done wearing your go-to seasonal shirt, use the locker loop to hang it for a wrinkle-free experience, as the retailer notes. However you choose to wear it, and however often you wear it (as much as possible, if you’ll recall!), the Todd Snyder Sunfaded Chambray Shirt isn’t going to let you down. That makes it the perfect Tuesday Steal. Happy shopping, folks.

Get the coolest chambray shirt for fall

Todd Snyder makes the perfect one for your closet

See Now, Buy Now: The Filson Chambray Buttondown Shirt is the Most Rugged Shirt for Summer

It’s really hard to go wrong with a brand like Filson, right? Even when it comes to making one of the best chambray shirts for men, yes? That second part might seem a little odd — after all, doesn’t Filson have a heritage and a knack for making some of the best outdoor gear for men? In that case, what do chambray shirts have to do with it? Well, actually, they’ve got more to do with it than you might think. Filson‘s reputation as a Pacific Northwest outfitter with more than 100 years of rock-solid production is quite admirable, and that’s led to some innovations, twists and turns along the way. Filson certainly makes some of the best men’s gear for summer, and some of the best lightweight short-sleeve shirts for seasonal adventures aplenty. And on top of that, they make reliable, durable and surprisingly stylish off-duty gear, like the Filson Chambray Buttondown Shirt. Unexpected? Sure. But no less well-made than any other piece of Filson menswear, right? That’s 100 percent correct, my friends.

When you want to go with something more rugged than refined, something with more guts and grits than wearing your favorite polo shirt, a chambray shirt is just the way to go. The textured weave of a chambray shirt makes it harder-wearing and better-suited for use in, say, a workshirt, which is exactly what sets this Filson long-sleeve shirt apart from the pack. And this certainly isn’t any old, flimsy shirt either (hey, not all chambray shirts are created equal).

SHOP: The Filson Chambray Buttondown Shirt

No sir, Filson makes “unfailing goods” (the brand’s famed tagline) for a reason. Now, the Light Indigo Chambray iteration of the Filson Chambray Buttondown Shirt has been a hot seller, but who says you always have to go with blue shades of chambray? Opt instead for the Oxford shirt-esque, yet extremely rugged, White Chambray version of the Filson Chambray Buttondown Shirt , then reap the rewards. The 5oz. cotton chambray is a nice mid-weight that should provide protection from the elements on your camping trip or in your garage, and it should also still prove easy to layer atop a classic Filson men’s T-shirt. The open chest pocket and button-down collar are also style moves that make the Filson Chambray Buttondown Shirt more akin to an Oxford than a workshirt. But since it’s Filson, you can wear your new favorite shirt any way you please this summer. That’s the Filson way, and the brand doesn’t offer up anything less than the best.

SHOP: The Filson Chambray Buttondown Shirt

Style Pick of the Week: Taylor Stitch California Chambray Shirt

Taylor Stitch California Chambray Shirt

One of two stylish chambray shirts from the Taylor Stitch Essentials Collection.

If you follow the blog regularly — and I sure hope you do — you’ll know that we’ve been talking this month about Taylor Stitch, and the Taylor Stitch Essentials Collection. More to the point, we’ve been talking about the kind of pieces from the standout San Francisco retailer that just work,¬†regardless of the season. That’s no more true than right now, with the Taylor Stitch California Chambray Shirt — as we move through August into September and beyond, you need one of the best chambray shirts in your rotation, and you need to be shopping the Taylor Stitch Essentials Collection.

Ladies and gentlemen, this rugged chambray shirt just so happens to be even better than you might expect, for one. It’s a workhorse daily shirt for day-to-night wear. Whether you pick it up in Blue Everyday Chambray or Charcoal Everyday Chambray, I think you’ll quickly find you’ll have plenty of ways to wear it right off the bat (yes, even during these socially distanced times). Bonfires, beach visits, day trips and to-go beer runs … this is the chambray shirt you need. We’ll get into more of that in a second, though — you don’t get one of the most versatile men’s shirts without first making it to exacting standards. That’s what the brand has done with the Taylor Stitch California Chambray Shirt, and a fine job they’ve done indeed.

SHOP: The Taylor Stitch California Chambray Shirt

Taylor Stitch California Chambray Shirt - Charcoal | Garmentory

You can’t go wrong with either Blue or Charcoal when it comes to this classic chambray shirt from Taylor Stitch.

This classic chambray shirt checks all the right boxes when it comes to durable construction and design, from the use of organic cotton chambray to the tailored fit and higher armhole. The higher armhole gives you a cleaner look while still allowing you to rock this chambray shirt on its own or layered up atop, say, a Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Tee. Double-needle construction and bar-tacked finishing at stress points both ensure this rugged shirt won’t give out on you, even as you traverse the great outdoors this fall.

If you haven’t yet tried a Taylor Stitch chambray shirt, or you’re familiar with brands like J. Crew and its lauded chambray shirt, this is one heck of a change of pace — it’s a step up in rugged quality and dependability, for starters. Better still? You can wear your new favorite shirt with slim Taylor Stitch chinos or the brand’s selvedge denim with ease. How great is that? If you end up giving the Taylor Stitch California Chambray Shirt a try, be sure to give me a shout on Twitter. Happy shopping out there, folks. Thanks for reading!


SHOP: The Taylor Stitch California Chambray Shirt


#OOTD: Get Ready for Early Fall with a Classic Chambray Shirt

Notice that as the calendar creeps ever closer to Labor Day, we’re just as focused as ever on men’s style essentials that can take you from August on into September and October with ease. So, whether you wear today’s #OOTD for some upcoming Labor Day travel, a casual weekend coffee run or even a lunch date or your last summer BBQ, I’d say you’re going to be in great shape. For instance: That blend of casual, versatile style gets all the easier when you start with the Taylor Sitch Everyday Chambray Shirt — definitely one of the best men’s chambray shirts¬†out there — and then build your outfit around it. From cool, unique slim brown denim to versatile high-top sneakers to some seriously stylish men’s sunglasses from Sunski, this ensemble is packed with essentials that simply nail the best of the best when it comes to affordable men’s style. Yes indeed, there’s nothing too fancy about this outfit, and that’s a great thing. As we’ve said time and again at The Style Guide, that means you can wear pieces like the Taylor Stitch Everyday Chambray Shirt to grab coffee or groceries, or a round of beers at your next rock concert. Who can argue with that? Good luck getting ready for the end of summer, and we’ll see you out there.

Casual, straightforward and without any extra bells or whistles in sight — that’s what we’ve got for you today.

  • The Classic Chambray Shirt:¬†Taylor Stitch California Shirt in Blue Everyday Chambray, $118 — With roots in workwear and a strong foundation in casual style, the rugged chambray shirt is the perfect pick-me-up to move you from late summer into early fall. Taylor Stitch scores again with the Everyday Chambray.
  • The Tee:¬†WP Standard Slub Tee, $28 — You’ve likely seen this shirt on my Instagram, perhaps? Soft fabric, an excellent fit and a cool curved hem¬† — perfect for layering under the¬†Everyday Chambray Shirt.
  • The Denim:¬†Bulletprufe Tobacco Brown Denim,¬†$98¬†— Wearing dark indigo denim can get a little monotonous at times, as much as we all love it. The uniquely colored Tobacco Brown Denim from Bulletprufe changes all of that.
  • The Sneakers:¬†TOMS TRVL LITE High Sneakers, $84.95 — Don’t think TOMS can pull off sneakers? Think again — the TRVL LITE Sneakers really are quite comfortable, now available in a fall-friendly High version.
  • The Socks: Anonymousim Anchor Jacquard Crew Socks, $20 — You know what can make all the difference when it comes to your ensemble? Comfortable, stylish socks like these ones from Anonymousism. Bingo.
  • The Belt & Money Clip:¬†Bespoke Post Worn Box, $55 — Might as well get two handy menswear essentials in one well-priced package with the Bespoke Post Worn Box, right? A sleek money clip and a stylish leather belt both belong on your person this season.
  • The Watch:¬†Hemel HFT20 Watch, $340¬†— For an outfit that features a hefty chambray shirt, you’re going to want a rugged leather watch that packs some punch — the Hemel HFT20 Watch is that watch.
  • The Sunglasses:¬†Sunski Yubas Sunglasses, $55 — Blending affordability and a stylish, eye-catching frame shape (pun intended), the Sunski Yubas Sunglasses strike the right balance between casual & classic.
  • The Hat:¬†WP Ebbets Field Cap, $45 — Go with a vintage-inspired ballcap from the stellar partnership between WP Standard and Ebbets Field Flannels to top this whole thing off — it’s just plain cool.

So, is your head simply spinning with all the possibilities this stylish, versatile #OOTD brings to the table? From a backyard BBQ to Labor Day travel to an outdoor festival, I can think of plenty of places where an essential like the¬†Taylor Sitch Everyday Chambray Shirt¬†could take you. When you pair a¬†rugged chambray shirt¬†with a simple, yet visually interesting, slub tee, you’ve got the makings of an outfit that’s going to look at home at a brewery or your favorite coffee shop, easily. Add in¬†Tobacco Brown Denim from Bulletprufe in a nicely tailored fit, and this ensemble is just different enough from what you might wear on the daily (notice the lack of dark blue indigo denim!). High-top sneakers from TOMS in a neutral shade of grey nod nicely toward fall, while subtle accessories like¬†stylish socks¬†from Anonymousism¬†add a bit of flair to your bottom half (just a bit, though!). The standout¬†Hemel HFT20 Watch¬†is an absurdly beautiful everyday timepiece, as ready for travel as it is for your next backyard party — the same can be said about the cool vibes you get from the¬†Sunski Yubas Sunglasses¬†and the neat WP Ebbets Field Cap. If you haven’t picked up on it yet, this #OOTD can really go just about anywhere when it comes to casual early fall adventures.

So, where are you going to take this #OOTD? What might you change about it? Oh, and thanks for reading! 

#OOTD: Wear Your Chambray Shirt with Rugged Menswear Essentials This Season

Take it from me, folks — your next #OOTD should feature a classic chambray shirt this season. It’s a four-season menswear staple that we’ve long loved here at The Style Guide (just check out this 2014 piece), and it’s the perfect shirt to break out for fall and winter. Of course, a stylish chambray shirt is more than serviceable in the spring and summer, especially when teamed with classic leather sneakers, but the texture of cotton chambray just feels right when teamed with tough, rugged fall style essentials.¬† Rest assured, we’ve covered how to wear a chambray shirt before, but this one is amped up forr the season. And seeing as we got a late start to the fall this time around, now is as good a time as any to break out the Taylor Stitch Everyday Chambray Shirt that you see below. It’s a shirt that’s so simply made that every guy looks great wearing it. And I think you’ll find it teams up more than stylishly with accessories like classic dark denim¬†and a tough waxed canvas jacket. That’s not the only reason you’ll love wearing it for the fall and winter — the Everyday Chambray Shirt is a great deal that’ll up any outfit (yes, even a casual weekend ensemble). With all of that being said, I’ll let the rest of this #OOTD do the talking. Thanks for reading!

A finely crafted chambray shirt teamed with durable essentials for perfect layering.

The Chambray Shirt:¬†Taylor Stitch Everyday Chambray Shirt, $118¬†— Is this Taylor Stitch chambray shirt the best of the best? Maybe? It’s certainly a highly wearable, great-looking shirt for the colder months ahead.

The Jacket:¬†Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket in Field Tan Waxed Canvas — $188— There’s no better jacket to break out for stylish layering than the Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket — at least, that’s true when it comes to this particular combo.

The Pants:¬†BANKS Roll Bedford Cord Jean in Dirty Denim, $75 — Textured jeans in a rich, deep color are a nice way to offset the striking blue of the Taylor Stitch chambray shirt seen here — BANKS does it right with this pair of classic denim.

The Boots:¬†Sutro Footwear Alder Boots in Honey, $218 — Sutro Footwear builds its handsome boots with plenty of quality and just a bit of rugged edge — these rich leather captoe boots are a bit dressy and a bit casual, all at once.
The Belt:¬†Sturdy Brothers Everyday Belt in Natural, $80 — When it comes to underappreciated style details, a dependable belt sits near the top of the list. Sturdy Brothers makes one that’s perfect for fall and winter, what with its rich leather.

The Socks:¬†CHUP Vivienda Socks, $35 — You know that we’re fans of stylish socks here on the blog, right? The CHUP Vividena Socks are eye-catching and essential in terms of adding a bit of color to this #menswear ensemble.

The Watch:¬†AVI-8 Flyboy Leather Watch,¬†$269.95¬†— Need a stylish leather watch that adds a bit of understated style to this classic fall look? The AVI-8 Flyboy is the casual watch to buy now.

The Everyday Carry Essential:¬†Makr Phone/Card Sleeve,¬†$59.98¬†— Listen, we’ve all been there — right? If you’re like me, prone to dropping your phone, keeping your phone protected with a durable phone case is essential.

There are certainly plenty of ways to wear your new favorite chambray shirt, but this look is a personal favorite for your Style Guide author. Sharp, simple and filled with rugged fall layers, including the tough Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket as seen above. And that combo looks all the better when it stands out against classic Bedford Cord pants
and tan leather boots from Sutro Footwear. Of course, stylish men’s socks are needed to add a bit (or a lot) of visual interest, while the Sturdy Brothers Everyday Belt¬†is a more-than-able accessory. On the watch front, the¬†AVI-8 Flyboy¬†plays off military inspiration in a way that’s subtle and stylish, potentially making it your favorite casual watch. Oh, and if you’re prone to dropping your phone *raises hand* the Makr Phone/Card Sleeve is the everyday carry essential you didn’t know you needed. All set to step out in perfectly casual-yet-sharp style? It’s really as easy as starting with the¬†Taylor Stitch Everyday Chambray Shirt¬†and going from there.
Let me know in the comments how it all works out — thanks for reading!

#OOTD: How to Style a Chambray Shirt This Season

Editor’s note: You’ve surely seen this hashtag lots of different places, including on Instagram. But how does that carry over to real life? The #OOTD series will take one great item and put together a versatile, stylish outfit around it. Look for past features here.

Ahh, yes. The hallowed, essential chambray shirt. With its textured cotton fabric, workwear roots and both short-sleeve and long-sleeve iterations, it’s a Style Guide favorite through and through.¬†Now, you might be thinking “Another chambray shirt, Beau? Really?” … really. While we’ve talked about how to style a chambray shirt for spring¬†and we’ve reviewed a great Todd Shelton chambray shirt, it’s high time to circle back around to¬†a style essential that works in all four seasons —¬†especially fall.¬†Those much-welcomed fall breezes certainly have taken their time showing up in NYC, but if the season is finally changing where you are, there’s no better time to style a chambray shirt. And the one we’re talking about today just might be the best out there. Folks, it’s the Taylor Stitch Everyday Chambray Shirt — a piece you might recognize from our Style Pick of the Week series — and it’s made with top-notch Japanese chambray fabric and sturdy double-needle construction. There’s no getting around it, the Everyday Chambray Shirt is the one to buy this season (well, not the only one … but perhaps the best). How exactly to style this thing? With rugged-refined #menswear essentials, of course. Read on for more.

The perfect chambray shirt, worn just the right way for a perfect season in menswear.

The perfect chambray shirt, worn just the right way for a perfect season in menswear.

The Shirt:Taylor Stitch Everyday Chambray Shirt, $118 — Well, you’ve already got a bit of the rundown, but Taylor Stitch made this site’s Approved Brands page for a reason, and this shirt is a¬†huge part of that.¬†With a pleasing blue color, visually interesting front-button chest¬†pockets and the ability to be worn casually or a bit more dressed up, you don’t want to mess with the Everyday Chambray Shirt.

The Henley: Flint & Tinder Marled Long-Sleeve Henley, $62 — If you caught this site’s piece on how to style a henley for fall, you know exactly why it’s here. The mid-weight marled jersey fabric is of excellent quality, the fit is modern and the color is versatile.

The Denim: Dickies X-Series Slim-Fit 5-Pocket Denim Jean, $29.99 — Since when did Dickies start making slim denim? You’d best pay attention, and snag a pair or two for a great deal and nice comfort.
The Boots: Thursday Boots President Boot in Cognac Suede, $199 — The team at Thursday Boots hits another home run with the Cognac suede being used on a few varieties of boots this season, and the sleek President is the perfect boot pick for a rugged ensemble.
The Socks: CHUP Missouri Socks, $38 — Colder weather calls for heartier textures and a shot of seasonal pattern – the Missouri Sock is your answer.

The Watch: Timex x Red Wing Waterbury Chronograph, $158 — There’s no question that something as tough as a Taylor Stitch chambray shirt needs a watch that stands out in rugged fashion — the Timex¬†x Red Wing line is your best best.

The Hat: Carhartt WIP Key Ribbed Beanie, $35 (Available via East Dane) — If it’s getting chillier out, you need a hat to fight the chill. Carhartt — and even its fashion-oriented WIP line — knows a thing or two about that.
The Weekend Essential: United by Blue Trail Weekender in Olive, $97.98 — Sometimes, you need a functional, durable bag that just gets the job done; that’s where the Trail Weekender comes in.
And in a nutshell folks, there you have it. A rugged piece like the Taylor Stitch Everyday Chambray Shirt¬†is just the kind of ideal finishing touch for fall — it’s got hearty texture, workwear-inspired roots and sturdy construction. All those keys lend it to pairing with like-minded pieces, like a durable henley. The look is grounded with slim grey denim and sleek suede boots, and tough accessories are always a great way to go — particularly when you need to stand up to the chilly weather. The excellent thing about the Taylor Stitch Everyday Chambray Shirt¬†is that it can be kept in your rotation year-round, as we always preach at The Style Guide. For a bit over $100, that’ll make it an essential part of many a fall #OOTD — and plenty beyond.
Snag the Everyday Chambray Shirt while it’s still around at Huckberry.

Buck Mason - Timeless Design. Made in America.

#OOTD: How to Wear a Bomber Jacket This Season

Editor’s note: You’ve surely seen this hashtag lots of different places, including on Instagram. But how does that carry over to real life? The #OOTD will take one great item and put together a versatile, stylish outfit around it. Look for past features here.

Ahh, yes. The classic bomber jacket. A men’s style staple that’s experienced a huge resurgence in recent years, in part thanks to certain, ahem, celebrities (Mr. Kanye West among them). But how do you take a style that’s seen on the runways and boil it down to an essential, easily wearable outfit? A solid menswear #OOTD, if you will? That’s why we’re here today at The Style Guide, and after you read the below, your questions will all be answered (hopefully). The key with looking at a major trend sometimes isn’t too follow it exactly — that is to say, you can buy that Alpha Industries bomber jacket, but maybe (no, definitely) switch it up from how Yeezy wears it. In this case, we’re working with a different bomber jacket entirely, and classic style staples like a slim chambray shirt and … well, we’ll leave that to the imagination for now. Have thoughts or suggestions on how you would style your bomber jacket? Leave a comment below or join the (very fun!) conversation on Twitter.

Slick, sharp and casual -- just the right way to wear a bomber this fall.

Slick, sharp and casual — just the right way to wear a bomber this fall.

The Bomber Jacket: Bridge & Burn Northrup Olive Jacket, $218 — See, I said we were using a different bomber jacket entirely — right? The olive color is neutral and yet still a change of pace from navy or that military green typically seen on bomber jackets, and the front snap hip pockets and stand-up collar are neat design touches, too.

The Chambray Shirt: JackThreads Chambray Workshirt, $49 — The great thing about starting an outfit with a neutral bomber jacket is that any classic chambray shirt in your arsenal would work — yet this neat patterned workshirt offers a heftier weight for fall, plus a pattern that’s just different enough.

The Denim: Mott & Bow Slim Morton Denim, $128 — You (probably) should recognize the Mott & Bow Slim Morton as¬†a recent Style Pick of the Week entry, and it’s a good pick here because of the super-comfortable four-way stretch and dark black color in a no-fade rinse.

The Sneakers: UGG Kramer Sneakers, $120 — Your humble author discovered the comfort and style of UGG men’s sneakers during a summer trip to Michigan, and the Kramer falls right in line with those same qualities. Surprised? Don’t be — these are a reliable, stylish high-top sneaker pick for the season ahead.

The Socks: ICNY Half-Calf Gradient Socks, $13.98 — Sometimes, you just need simple, straightforward socks that offer neutral color, comfort and performance. You get all that with this pair for a pretty decent price, and the fact that the fine folks at Huckberry sell ’em is a positive.

The Watch: MVMT Watches The 40 in Rose Gold/Natural Leather, $120 — Since when can you get a crisp, versatile watch fit for both casual and dress situation? At a low price, to boot? Since MVMT Watches started making ’em, that’s when. The case diameter is just right, and the look is crisp and clean for just over $100.

The Belt: Tanner Goods Classic Belt in Hickory, $99.98 — Looking for an investment-worthy belt that’ll break in beautifully and offer a rich accent to dressy and casual outfits? Here it is.

The Everyday Carry: Bull & Stash The Stash Notebook (5.5″ x 9″), $50 — $50? For a notebook? Bear with me. Bull & Stash Notebooks support American-made production and top-notch quality, and they’re refillable — just swap out the paper when you’re done (save those memories though).

Buck Mason - Timeless Design. Made in America.

If the below #OOTD feels a bit too casual for you with those sneakers, swap them out for a pair of stylish men’s dress shoes (casual wingtips are a nice way to go), or heck, keep the sneakers and add a navy knit tie to wear this to the office. This sort of casual yet put-together look might be best for a¬† weekend coffee run or, dare I say it … Sunday brunch. And since it’s a midweight approach to wearing a bomber jacket¬†— note the lack of a heavy hoodie, a la¬†Kanye — it should work in the early¬†fall or spring in the right conditions. For a bomber jacket that’s certainly an investment, it’s a positive that it can be worn multiple ways. For a look at how yours truly styles spring and fall outerwear for similar situations, head over to Instagram — maybe? Please?

‘Til the next #OOTD,


Style Suggestion: How to Dress for Fall Weather

Editor’s note: For a full set of style suggestions for fall, click here.

We’re slowly (but surely) creeping toward fall — it seems like that’s been the case for a couple of weeks here at The Style Guide, but it’s certainly no more true than right now. Dressing for football season has started, there’s a bunch of great new music out — that signals tons of fall tours¬†and rock concert style¬†— and it’s high time to, well, get with the times. So, grab your fall style wish list and get hip to the scene.¬†Even if it takes a while to get chilly, you’ll still want to have the proper gear on hand when it does. I know temperatures have been high here in NYC, but I’m definitely anxiously awaiting fall. For all of you loyal Style Guide readers (I know you’re out there), it signifies a really fun time of year in terms of menswear. If you’re one who tends to get sick of the oppressive heat — and even tires of heading to the beach — it can be a welcome change of pace to throw on heavier layers and¬†incorporate durable texture into your #menswear ensemble again. And¬†being able to play around¬†with deep fall colors and textures¬†— as some of the picks do below — is another¬†reliable signifier that the season is changing. Everywhere you look, it’s about that time. Wthout further ado, here’s a look at how to dress for fall. Catch more style tips daily on the ‘Gram or Twitter, and leave any thoughts on this look in the comments.

The Jacket: Old Navy Canvas Coat — $69.94

Not as heavy as a winter parka, not as lightweight as a spring jacket -- hence, a great fall coat.

Not as heavy as a winter parka, not as lightweight as a spring jacket — hence, a great fall coat.

You feel a crisp breeze in the air, but a lightweight spring jacket won’t cut — and it’s not heavy winter topcoat time, either. What’s your reliable go-between? A cotton canvas coat in a rich shade that’s perfectly primed for fall. Although the interior of this jacket is lined with a neat striped cotton, it should prove reliable and not too heavy for layering. Details like the front patch pockets call to mind workwear of days past, and the rich Bandolier Brown color is going to handsomely offset the blues in the rest of this ensemble (although we don’t want to give too much away yet).

The Shirt: Taylor Stitch Everyday Chambray Shirt — $104.98

Beautifully made, able to withstand anything and certainly able to make that transition to fall.

Beautifully made, able to withstand anything and certainly able to make that transition to fall.

Were you expecting something other than a stellar Taylor Stitch chambray shirt here? I hope not, because¬†I’d bet you’re disappointed right about now. The brand takes the same attention to detail that’s made its Standard Issue Chinos¬†beloved by The Style Guide, and applies that process to a heck of a chambray shirt. Featuring sturdy double-needle construction, a midweight 7oz. chambray fabric and a fit that’s modern yet mobile, it’s the ideal contrast to that handsome brown jacket. Plus, it’s got the type of classic looks and styling potential that’ll work the rest of the year, too.

The Denim: Flint & Tinder All-American Slim Tapered Jeans — $98

New denim from a menswear line that gets essential fall basics right.

New denim from a menswear line that gets essential fall basics right.

The brand that produces your favorite set of American-made boxer briefs and other stellar fall menswear delivers again with new denim that’s part of its deepest product offering to date. For fans of versatile, timeless style, that’s very much a positive. These jeans are every bit an essential pair of fall denim, made from 12oz. Cone Mills¬†fabric and featuring¬†one percent of stretch¬† — that touch will¬†make it easier to wear ’em on fall hikes or walks in the park. The slim fit is a must-have these days, although the brand’s waist sizing does go up to 40. Grab one pair of these, wear the heck out of them and watch them tell the story of a great fall season.

The Boots: JackThreads Kimbo Chelsea Boot in Brown Calf Leather — $110

Part of a new set of footwear offered from the excellent E-commerce retailer.

Part of a new set of footwear offered from the excellent E-commerce retailer.

Since when does JackThreads make footwear? Since this season, that’s when. It’s part of the brand’s mission to expand on its stellar menswear line and take up some serious real estate in your closet. When they’re able to churn out crisp pieces like these refined Chelsea boots for just a shade over $100, that’s very agreeable. A stylish Chelsea boot works nearly any time of year, yet they seem particularly fitting for fall. They’re not nearly as clunky as some thick winter boots, and they feel especially sleek¬†alongside slim denim and a chambray shirt (some stylish leather chukka boots could also work here, though).

The Socks: Mack Weldon Everyday Striped Socks — $14.50

Easygoing socks for daily wear -- in a color that plays along nicely with the rest of this outfit.

Easygoing socks for daily wear — in a color that plays along nicely with the rest of this outfit.

The folks at Mack Weldon are¬†consistently churning out everyday basics that’ll have you covered from the ground up, from its Vesper Polo¬†to pieces like its Merino Long-Sleeve Tee, and if you read this blog as much as I think you should, you’re well-acquainted with those pieces (wink, wink). So, it only makes sense that you should round out your wardrobe with some striped Mack Weldon socks that add a nice bit of¬†color contrast to the deep blues and browns of this outfit. Ya feel me?

The Watch: MVMT Watches The 40 in Rose Gold/Brown Leather¬†— $120

A stunner of a watch for a stunningly low price.

A stunner of a watch for a stunningly low price.

Are you familiar with MVMT Watches? If not, you¬†definitely should be. That is, if you’re a fan of stylish, affordable eye-catching watches — and who isn’t?¬†There are some watches that are so refined in their design, you can wear them more casually — that’s certainly the case with this MVMT Watches¬†timepiece, crafted from a rich brown leather-brown dial-rose gold case combo that’s a heck of a looker. It’s a way to offset some of the more rugged pieces¬†in this outfit, like the canvas coat and chambray shirt. More importantly, it’s dressy enough to wear later on this season with, dare I say, the Taylor Stitch Telegraph Suit?

The Belt: J. Crew Suede Belt —¬†$55

Texture in the form of a refined belt for the season.

Texture in the form of a refined belt for the season.

This suede belt first made an appearance in this site’s suggestion on how to dress for a football game, and it’s back here and adding a change of pace to this outfit in the process. The¬†look is already quite heavy on rugged style, to be sure, so it’s fitting that a suede belt comes into play. Fall is the perfect time to try out texture where you might not do so normally, and for more than $50, you better get a lot of wear out of this belt to justify the initial price (although this particular pick is suede,¬†a handsome leather belt like the Tanner Goods Classic Belt would work, too).

The Sunglasses: MVMT Watches Runaway Sunglasses — $75

Equal parts retro cool and affordable style from a watch maker who knows how that stuff works.

Equal parts retro cool and affordable style from a watch maker who knows how that stuff works.

Wait a second — MVMT Watches does sunglasses? Yes, they sure do. And why do we have sunglasses in this post? Well, as this is transitional style and all, it’s still going to be a bit sunny out there most days, whether you’re taking a hike through a park,¬†heading to a bar crawl¬†or taking in that football game. These sunglasses aren’t too precious to take a beating,¬†and more importantly,¬†they’ve got a distinct air of retro cool about them. Just like the watch, they’re perfect to pair with everything from that Taylor Stitch chambray shirt to … wait for it… the decidedly modern¬†Taylor Stitch Telegraph Suit.

And there you have it, folks — pick up one, all (or heck, none?) of the above items and prep for fall in style. As we always aim for at this #menswear blog, reaching for pieces that are going to have your back the rest of the year is a solid bet no matter the season. And if given the chance to wear a durable chambray shirt with a crisp canvas coat, take it. The combo is just the right amount of rugged with venturing too far off the beaten path, and pieces like slim, dark denim and brown leather Chelsea boots keep things modern. A refined watch and cool-as-heck sunglasses are items every guy needs, yet not every guy has — except you. And you can never go wrong with accessories from staple players like Mack Weldon and J. Crew. Head-to-toe, there might not be a better time to be a style fan — and that’s what makes fall menswear so¬†great.

What’s your take on this ensemble? Have you picked up any of these pieces?

Style Pick of the Week: Buck Mason Short-Sleeve Chambray Shirt

Editor’s note: Expect these posts weekly detailing one standout item coveted by yours truly. Sometimes, these fit within budgetary restrictions and other times, they’re expensive splurges worth saving for. For more Wish List items from Beau, head here, and to see other Style Picks, head here.

Savor the last weeks of summer with a chambray shirt that can tackle anything. Flowing locks and well-kept beard not included.

Savor the last weeks of summer with a chambray shirt that can tackle anything. Flowing locks and well-kept beard not included. Photo courtesy of Buck Mason

So you’ve got your slim chinos¬†and your classic white sneakers, but you don’t quite have a shirt to wear with ’em — or do you? The Buck Mason Short-Sleeve Chambray Shirt, my friends, is that shirt — and if that’s not the one,¬†I’d suggest the Buck Mason Oxford. But as to the Short-Sleeve Chambray Shirt: It fits in quite well with the brand’s line of durable, essential basics, which run the course from crisp blue denim to perfectly washed slub tees. And it fits in very well with the sort of menswear you should be looking to rock to finish out summer. We’re talking pieces that can handle a beach walk or a day by the pool, and then drinks out on the¬†town. And we’re talking just as much about pieces that can be fun to wear. If¬†you’re¬†on the hunt¬†for a unique alternative to a classic summer polo or a slim pocket T-shirt, the short-sleeve chambray shirt is the way to¬†go — as¬† a matter of fact, you can rock the style at least five different ways (wink, wink). The light wash is casual, the workwear-inspired front pockets are a nice visual touch, and the styling potential is certainly tough to beat.¬†Yes indeed, the Buck Mason Short-Sleeve Chambray Shirt¬†can be worn with everything from a pair of stylish swim trunks and¬†slip-on sneakers on Saturday¬†to linen trousers on a casual Friday — no jacket required.¬†And with Buck Mason, you’re getting every bit you pay for — and then some.

Subtle details like front-button chest pockets switch things up from the standard navy polo.

Subtle details like front-button chest pockets and fish eye buttons switch things up from the standard navy polo.

The brand’s story began with a conscious decision to¬†return to American manufacturing, and that commitment to quality and effortless style shines through here. While “heritage style” can sometimes have negative connotations (as seemed to be the case after the trend blew up in the mid-2000s), there’s nothing overly costume-y or dated about a very well-fitting, very well-made short-sleeve chambray shirt. Critically, this shirt¬†is made with a lightweight indigo-dyed chambray — that means it’s breathable and moves easier than heavier shirts cut for fall or winter. Another big benefit? It’s made in America, so it’s right in your wheelhouse if you like to know where your #menswear comes from. And although this particular Buck Mason chambray shirt has short sleeves, know that you can still¬†team it up with, say, a lightweight cotton sweater¬†after a day on the water —¬†it’s even better for layering in that regard.¬†But the benefits don’t stop there — it’s got a bit of an edge to it, to the point where it wouldn’t look out of place worn with¬†an iconic jean like¬†the Levi’s 505C at a rock concert.¬†The tricky part is going to be keeping¬†this shirt¬†in your closet once fall and winter really hit — so if you’re blessed enough to live near Buck Mason’s Los Angeles home base, do us all a favor and continue to rock it year-round.

Click here to get the Buck Mason Short-Sleeve Chambray Shirt.

Do you own any Buck Mason gear? How would you style this chambray shirt? Weigh in at The Style Guide!

The Friday Read: Lollapalooza, Summer Travel and the Best-Dressed Men of the Week

Editor‚Äôs note: Expect these posts once a week on Fridays ‚ÄĒ consider this a jumpstart on reading for your weekend downtime. Expect a mix of style and non-style content. For more entries, click here.¬†¬†

As we kick off another Friday, I’m once again looking back on this week and heading to my home state of Michigan, as I was earlier this month for a summer wedding — that’s a lot of quality time (much-needed) back in the Mitten. And it caps off a busy week, particularly when I look back at the stellar time I had rocking out — and rocking some great menswear at NYC’s Panorama festival. On that note, is anyone heading to Lollapalooza this weekend? Or already there? Jealous! Either way, I hope you’ve been getting all your summer tunes and travel in¬† — and dressing to travel in style, too.¬† The summer’s definitely flying by, but it seems as good a time as any to look back. It’s taken me upstate to see Lucius, it’s taken me on a stylish Memorial Day trip,¬† and it’s taken me around New York City for some excellent product launches and blogger events in between — all while striking that tricky balance between versatile style and ease of movement, not¬†an easy task in the heat of NYC. That busy schedule also leaves a lot of menswear news¬†to catch up on¬†— and I’ve picked out a few favorite pieces from this week below. After you’re done reading, follow along with my adventures back in Michigan via Instagram or Twitter, and check back here tomorrow for our Style Pick of the Week — rest assured, a full trip recap is coming along Monday.

  • Who dressed well this week? What lessons should you take from ’em? Those are precisely the questions Esquire answered as part of its summer-friendly Best-Dressed Men of the Week feature.
  • Lest you think that fashion is only for us average Joes, Starbucks is setting new dress code regulations for employees — that includes neutral colors, denim that’s not overly dressed and a recommendation toward small, subtle patterns in shirts ….¬†those sound¬†like some decent #menswear missives to follow, right?
  • Here’s one for all you spirits fans out there — I had the pleasure of attending a delicious celebration of this past Sunday courtesy of¬†the fine folks at Patron, who dubbed it International Tequila Day.¬†Since it is Friday and all, if you fancy stirring up¬†some delicious drinks for yourself, check out some delicious tequila recipes from my buddy Sam over at The Manual.
  • And on the menswear front, you can never have enough stylish, durable socks — right? The team at American Trench knows this very well (and if you read The Style Guide, so do you!). It’s fitting that the brand just launched the latest addition to its line of well-made socks — the Mil-Spec Sport Sock¬†is made with anti-microbial silver filament yarn in the heel, toe and sole. In layman’s terms, that means these socks kill bacteria and help keep your feet dry while feeling super-comfortable (and looking super-stylish). Look for more on those socks this fall on The Style Guide (wink, wink).

Want one more story to read? Here are two.

  • Yours truly appreciates a lot more than just fine menswear and craft beer — I also love me a great steak or burger, so I pulled together¬†your top summer grilling essentials over at The Manual.
  • Just as I dig a great craft beer or some awesome live tunes, I also dig a well-made chambray shirt (and often combine all three at the same time). My latest GearMoose post covers the best chambray shirts for men — and you should buy one, or several, ASAP.