Style Suggestion: How to Wear Your New Favorite Polo

We try to keep things moving forward when it comes to our Style Suggestion series on the blog. That is, mixing up situations — including things like how to dress for winter travel — and certain occasions, like dressing for the polar vortex. Now that we’ve reached the start of March (pretty wild in and of itself), it’s time to turn our eyes toward spring style. We’re not necessarily all the way out of chilly weather yet, and rain likely beckons ahead in the forecast. But when you want to lighten things up, how do you do so in a way that’s crisp and yet easily wearable through the season? Easy. A long-sleeve polo. It’s got some “geezer style” connotations, but the long-sleeve polo is also a classic menswear piece worn with casual cool (and James Bond in “Casino Royale” even dons a navy long-sleeve rugby shirt). Luckily for us, we’re taking a great long-sleeve polo from Paul Fredrick and styling it accordingly today for spring weather. Read on, shop away and join us on Instagram and Twitter for plenty o’ daily #menswear inspiration.

The Long-Sleeve Polo: Paul Fredrick Silk, Cotton and Cashmere Polo Pullover — $79.50 [Get 20 percent off and free shipping on any order with code ‘IMSCBH’].

A refined layering option made from luxurious fabric.

A refined layering option made from luxurious fabric.

Part polo, part pullover and made with quite the luxurious blend of silk, cotton and cashmere, this Paul Fredrick long-sleeve polo is the way to go if you want breathability, comfort and style fit for spring weather. The navy colorway calls to mind what Bond himself wore, and it’s the right pick here in that it’s not too bright or loud — perfect for all types of style scenarios, including dressing for Sunday brunch. Plus, you can pick up it up for 20 percent off using the code above.

The Jacket: Abercrombie & Fitch Box Quilted Jacket — $130

A neat new addition to your spring outerwear rotation.

A neat new addition to your spring outerwear rotation.

Just as critical as your base or mid-layer — perhaps moreso — is a stylish spring jacket. As with its fall and winter offerings (like the rugged, essential Abercrombie & Fitch Chamois Shirt), the brand continues to build on its reputation as an essential company for today’s well-dressed guy. With unique takes on outerwear like the Box Quilted Jacket
you get a different look combined with comfort (the fleece lining helps with that). What’s more, the neat olive color is a nice way to transition from the darker hues of winter into the lighter shades of spring and summer.

Nothing fancy or overpriced about a comfortable undershirt.

Nothing fancy or overpriced about a comfortable undershirt.

While you could use the pullover in a fashion similar to a V-neck sweater and layer up with a classic chambray shirt, it’s visually interesting enough on its own to merit the use of a simple (yet well-made) Mack Weldon undershirt. Call your Style Guide author crazy, but from the brand’s merino long-sleeve tees to the neat Mack Weldon Vesper Polo, these guys are a brand to know — and wear any time you need a comfortable base layer.
Yet another item to pick up from a brand that's getting better and better.

Yet another item to pick up from a brand that’s getting better and better.

 If you’re more likely to think of baggy cargo shorts — or pants — when you think of A&F than slim chinos, think again. The brand’s revamped focus centers around all manner of menswear staples, including what could be your new favorite pair of chinos (seriously — you just haven’t bought ’em yet). They feature what looks to be a straight, yet relatively tailored, cut. And the use of cotton and elastane should give them some comfortable stretch. Yes indeed, grab a stylish leather weekender bag and wear these bad boys when you hit the road this spring.
The Boots: Astorflex Bitflex Chelsea Boots — $180
An ethically made, great-looking Chelsea boot for a casual style situation.

An ethically made, great-looking Chelsea boot for a casual style situation.

If these boots ring any bells, that’s great — crucially, they were the footwear pick of choice in a feature on how to layer up in style this winter. Casual leather chukka boots would also be a fine style move here — particularly if it’s rainy and you want to keep that suede safe — but these  Bitflex Chelsea Boots offer up both spring-appropriate texture and a bit of rich color. Don’t forget that Chelsea boots add a decidedly modern vibe to the more classic parts of this outfit (including khaki chinos and a long-sleeve polo).

The Watch:Tanner Goods Martenero Ace Automatic Watch — $549.98

A revamp of the pilot's watch, with a tough leather strap for good measure.

A revamp of the pilot’s watch, with a tough leather strap for good measure.

What do you get when the heritage leather goods makers at Tanner Goods decide to update a stunning pilot’s watch? Well, you get the Martenero Ace Automatic Watch, another recent #OOTD accessory pick. It’s definitely got a lot going for it — and for that investment-worthy price, you can be darn sure I’m recommending you wear it as much as you can. Featuring a natural shell Cordovan strap that’ll age wonderfully each time you wear it, the Desert Tan face on the Ace Automatic Watch is also bold and unique. In short, the perfect timepiece for this outfit.

The Socks: CHUP Prairie Socks — $35 [Check out the full run of CHUP socks while we’re here].

Not your everyday socks -- and not your everyday price for a pair, either.

Not your everyday socks — and not your everyday price for a pair, either.

We never let stylish socks slide here at the blog — especially if they’re a pricey, yet well-made, pair like these CHUP Prairie Socks. The design offers a shot of unique color and pattern, and you get handmade quality via a wearable cotton blend. As always, your socks shouldn’t be an area you overlook.

 The Sunglasses: Sunski Dipseas Sunglasses — $44.98
Different than your everyday aviators, but just as necessary in your rotation.

Different than your everyday aviators, but just as necessary in your rotation.

Hey, recognize that accessory? Stylish men’s sunglasses?  Sure you do. We certainly haven’t hit full-on beach weather as of yet, but we’ll get there soon (hopefully). And you know what else is great? Well, the Dipseas Sunglasses from our friends at Sunski are unique, effective and affordably priced. They’re just the type of piece to offset a more casual look in a cool fashion — and that’s how every outfit should be finished off, right?
Frank & Oak
If you’re now amped and fully ready to step out in classic spring style, you’re not alone. From a sharp, revamped piece of spring outerwear to your new favorite long-sleeve polo and classic Mack Weldon basics, this outfit has something for everyone. Essential chinos provide classic contrast alongside the more modern Bitflex Chelsea Boots, and before you know it, you’ll be breaking out a neat pair of Dipseas Sunglasses (trust me on that). And as I said before, a durable and tough watch like the Martenero Ace Automatic Watch ties everything together very nicely indeed. Good luck getting ready for spring, and let me know what you think of today’s outfit in the comments.
See you around and stay stylish,

#OOTD: How to Wear a Polo This Spring

Editor’s note: You’ve surely seen this hashtag lots of different places, including on Instagram. But how does that carry over to real life? The #OOTD series will take one great item and put together a versatile, stylish outfit around it. Look for past features here.

With the recent rise to prominence of athleisure in the #menswear world — that is, wearing athletic-style clothes outside the gym — the lines have blurred in terms of what items work together in certain outfits. Take a great pair of black sneakers, for instance. Once confined to being worn at the gym or only very casually, they now work in a variety of situations — even with garment-dyed jeans and a polo (spoiler alert!). The key is to approach the rest of your outfit in the same way — so, keeping the principles of style and proper fit in mind, and looking toward colors that work together. Of course, looking for a sport-inspired polo to finish off your outfit doesn’t hurt, either. And a crisp black stainless watch works very nearly everywhere regardless of the situation. Got that all down? On to the #OOTD below!

Mixing great outerwear with a retro polo and sneakers.

Mixing great outerwear with a retro polo and sneakers.

The Jacket: Bridge and Burn Harden Herringbone Jacket, $128 — A herringbone jacket in the spring? When it’s made from a poly/cotton blend in a  versatile color, it definitely works. It’s a step away from a more traditional spring jacket, and definitely would be handy to have when the weather turns south.

The Polo: BOAST USA Striped Pocket Polo, $72 — While you could certainly grab one from this site’s list of the best polos for spring, there’s something refreshing about reaching for a sporty offering from an unexpected brand.

The Denim: JackThreads Natural Garment-Dyed Slim Denim, $59 — Again, any of the options in The Style Guide’s list of the best lightwash denim would also work, but the Natural color is a nice change of pace — and it’s a tremendous price, too. Plus, these can be ordered as part of the brand’s free #JTTryouts program.

The Sneakers: Brooks Heritage Chariot Sneakers, $51.99 — These sneakers combine retro styling and modern performance in a silhouette that’s just sporty enough without looking like a traditional running sneaker.

The Belt: Perry Ellis Webbed Leather Trim Belt, $22.99 — Sometimes, less is better. That is, this belt combines some nice texture and a casual look with a low profile (unlike some of the belts in this feature).

The Socks: Pair of Thieves No-Show Spelurking Socks, $10 — Finding a pair of no-show socks that can be worn reliably through the spring and summer should be on your to-do list — they’ll keep your feet comfortable and help your shoes last much longer, too.

The Watch: Larsson and Jennings Chain-Metal Watch in Silver, $380 — Unlike other stylish casual watches featured on this here site, this timepiece definitely gets up there in price — but, you get reliable performance and minimal style in one package.

The Trunks: Mack Weldon 18-Hour Jersey Trunks, $22 — These trunks are remarkably comfortable and well-made, definitely worthy of the higher price tag.

The Hat: Ebbets Field Flannels Sacramento Solons Ballcap, $45 — When looking for areas in which to make style upgrades, a ballcap sans an athletic brand logo is a great place to start. Plus, it finishes off the ensemble with even more sporty, retro style inspiration.

Sometimes, great style can center around taking a few key pieces in the same theme — say, sport-inspired classics — and making them work together. A striped polo and jeans is nothing new, but when paired up with comfortable, retro sneakers and a vintage ballcap, you’ve got the makings of a solid casual outfit.  A stylish spring jacket from a brand that knows how to make ’em is always a reliable bet, too. And a versatile watch with some interesting visual details (like a chain-metal strap) works well with the rest of the ensemble. Have an idea for a look you want to see in the #OOTD series? Let me know on Facebook!

Thanks for reading and stay stylish,


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