The Thursday Buy: The Newest Huckberry All-Weather Duckboots Are the Best Men’s Winter Boots to Buy Now

Best men's winter boots

If recent weather around the country is any indication, you’re going to need a pair of the best men’s winter boots close at hand, and quickly. We’ve only just now Thanksgiving (thanks for reading on this day, my friends!), but it’s perhaps more critical than ever that you lace up a pair of the best boots for men. That goes doubly so for a pair of the best new winter boots from Huckberry. Or rather, well, these boots aren’t exactly brand-new, but they’re a fan favorite design you’d do well to add to your winter wardrobe.

A new year calls for new adventures...check the national parks off your list as you go!

I’m talking, naturally, about the All-Weather Duckboots, once again restocked alongside a full rotation of the best boots for men, just in time for inclement weather. We’ve talked about Huckberry duckboots in the past on the blog, but it’s always worth a reminder — particularly when the pair in question comes in a cool new Tan and Brown color scheme. Think of them like just a small part of the best Black Friday 2022 style deals, but a critical one all the same.

Best winter boots for men.

The well-made, extremely cool All-Weather Duckboots hit all the right design notes, from the hybrid sneaker-meets-boot build to the tough rubberized rand that protects your feet from slushy inclement weather all day long (and yes, in all types of weather). The All-Weather Duckboots also use waterproof nubuck and full-grain leather for the perfect blend of style and utility, while the Vibram outsole is super-grippy and dependable.

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Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the All-Weather Duckboots are pretty stylish as far as the best winter boots for men are concerned, what with that rugged Tan and Brown color scheme up for grabs. Plus, the All-Weather Duckboots sit atop an EVA midsole for springy comfort on slick, rocky terrain.

If you’re searching for a pair of the best adventure boots, or just a set of the best men’s winter boots for your commute and adventures in the field, don’t pass up the All-Weather Duckboots. Thanks for reading and thanks for trusting The Style Guide with your wardrobe selections — Happy Thanksgiving!

See Now, Buy Now: The Shinola Scout Detrola Is the Best New Watch for the Watch Enthusiast This Season

Most stylish men's watch

If you’re starting to feel like you’re behind in the game a bit when it comes to shopping for the best holiday gifts for men — especially as something as tricky as the best gift for the watch enthusiast — allow me to offer up a helpful suggestion from your new favorite watch brand. Or rather, not a new watch brand, but the classic watch purveyors at Detroit-based Shinola, one of the coolest horology brands out there. Of course, Shinola is also a highly reliable spot for all manner of cool gifts for guys, including home goods, desk accessories and everyday carry essentials, but it’s the Shinola Scout Detrola that’s of particular interest today.

The Shinola brand simply doesn’t seem to slow down, whether it’s churning out road-ready timepieces like the Shinola Traveler Watch or delivering on the promise of a subtle, stylish yet surprisingly rugged timepiece (that’d be the Shinola Scout Detrola). Now, is it quite a lot to ask to buy a new watch for someone on your list?

Yes indeed, perhaps — but if you’re looking for the one and only, the best gift for the watch enthusiast, and one that’s way less expensive than a flagship timepiece like *gulp* a Rolex Submariner, for instance, well, the Shinola Scout Detrola is a sub-$400 winner and one of the best new watches for men.

Best men's Shinola watch.

Of course, the Shinola Scout Detrola is a terrific purchase aside from just price, although the $395 price tag makes the Shinola Scout Detrola a downright steal in the eyes of this Brooklyn style writer. It’s a more casual option than stylish Shinola leather watches, hence that lower price tag, with the rugged specs to match. To wit: The Shinola Scout Detrola boasts a lightweight, nicely sized 43mm TR90 resin case, the kind that’s durable enough for everyday adventures and outdoor wear.

Beyond that, the case itself is a neat yellow-gold color for some added style points, while the Shinola Scout Detrola also uses old-school red and yellow details for a crisp, retro effect on its black dial. For good measure, the flexible silicone strap is durable, hard-wearing and comfortable.

It’s also perfectly casual, whether you wear the Shinola Scout Detrola with the best men’s blue jeans, your favorite boots and a shawl cardigan or with tailored joggers and the best men’s henley. Options abound with the Shinola Scout Detrola, and any watch lover on your gift list this year would be honored to receive such a cool timepiece — at least, that’s my take. Happy shopping!

The Tuesday Steal: Save 20% On One of the Best Sustainable Watches On the Market From TRIWA Today

Most sustainable watch for men.

What with Black Friday watch deals and Cyber Monday shopping quickly approaching, now seems like as good a time as any to shop and save on a bit of everything, including one of the best watches for men — at least, that’s what your neighborhood style writer thinks. Today’s deal is certainly the right way to upgrade your everyday carry via one of the most sustainable watches on the market, and it’s yet another offering from Swedish watchmaker TRIWA. They’re a minimal, stylish watchmaker and a new blog favorite, and you’re going to enjoy saving 20 percent on one of the best men’s watches on the market (hint: It’s shown at the top of the page!).

The TRIWA Ocean Plastic Watch has plenty going for it, starting with the fact that it’s developed using material made from recycled ocean plastic. The effect is a watch that’s lightweight, durable and eco-conscious (and of note, this watch is marked down to $135 from $169). How’s that for one of the best affordable watches, ehh?

Most eco-friendly watch for men.

The surprisingly rugged TRIWA Ocean Plastic Watch is also designed in partnership with ocean conservation organization Sea Shepherd, perhaps even more important than its utilitarian look and feel. That means that 15 percent of profits from the sale of the TRIWA Ocean Plastic Watch go towards Sea Shepherd’s efforts, as worthy a cause as any.

Sherpa Blanket & Drink Coozie. Hibernate with the brand new Peaceful Bear Sherpa Puffy Blanket & Beverage Coozies. Proceeds support the ongoing conservation projects in the parks.

For good measure, the dependable TRIWA Ocean Plastic Watch boasts a handsome blue ocean plastic woven strap, a striking dial design featuring the Sea Shepherd logo, and a whopping 330 feet of water resistance. Oh, and one final time: Shop now and look forward to saving 20 percent on one of the best men’s watches (and one of the most eco-friendly watches out there, to boot). It’s just that easy today, folks. Do good and look great in the process.

See Now, Buy Now: These Beckett Simonon Brogue Boots are the Best Pair of Men’s Boots to Shop Now

Best wingtip boots for men.

It seems hardly a day goes by here on The Style Guide where we’re not talking about the best winter style essentials, including some of the best boots for men — right? Yes indeed, right you are, but that’s not a bad thing in my book. In fact, if you ask me, every style rotation needs plentiful pairs of the best men’s boots, especially from a worthwhile and well-made (extremely well-made!) brand like Beckett Simonon.

The direct-to-consumer men’s footwear brand has been a favorite of mine for years (check out this 2017 Beckett Simonon review), and that shows no signs of slowing down — I’d wager you’ll feel the same way after you learn about what makes the Beckett Simonon Nolan Brogue Boots some of the best men’s leather boots.

Yes, the Beckett Simonon Nolan Brogue Boots are certainly sleek and impressive in matters of style points if you want a pair of the best wingtip boots (the kind you can wear stylishly with everything from tailored men’s chinos to the best blue jeans). But it’s the specs and the standout pricing — try under $240 for some of the best leather boots for men — that really make the Beckett Simonon Nolan Brogue Boots so covetable.

These handsome brogue boots hit on all the right notes when it comes to quality construction and design, including refined full-grain leather and precise brogue detailing. The Blake stitching is resoleable and should prove plenty durable, while a sturdy rubber outsole gives the Beckett Simonon Nolan Brogue Boots some traction on slippery city streets (particularly when styled with one of the best men’s peacoats and wool trousers for holiday parties aplenty).

For the price, you might not find a more stylish, versatile, effortlessly cool pair of boots than the Beckett Simonon Nolan Brogue Boots, and that makes them a worthy holiday and winter style move right now.

The Sunday Sale: Get 50% Off the Best Men’s Sneakers & More at GREATS

Best affordable sneakers for men.

Let’s talk sneakers on this fine Sunday, shall we? In fact, let’s do more than that: Let’s dive into how to shop one of the best early Black Friday deals from GREATS right now, one of the best sneaker brands for men and a company that’s been making waves in Brooklyn with stylish men’s sneakers for about a decade now. Hopefully, you recognize the fan-favorite brand for its ability to sell the best affordable high-top sneakers and other winter-friendly kicks, like the most rugged men’s boots, but let’s talk about the savings available right now at GREATS on essentials like the stylish GREATS Royale Sneakers.

Of course, those classic men’s leather sneakers are just one of the pairs you can get seriously discounted right now: In fact, you can save 50 percent off select styles at GREATS for a limited time. That includes everything from the best men’s sneakers to functional sneakerboots and even cozy winter slippers in select sizes and colors. Sounds too good to be true, right? You better believe it, though.

Best leather sneakers for men.

As incredible as it might seem, these savings on the best sneakers for men from GREATS are the real deal, and that goes for extremely popular models like the GREATS Royale Sneakers, too. The GREATS Royale Sneakers are a fan favorite for a plethora of reasons, from the use of fine leather and to the fact that they’re made in Italy, yet served up at an extremely agreeable price. And yes, here’s another reminder that picks like the handsome GREATS Royale Sneakers are now 50 percent off for a limited time at GREATS. In my humble opinion, that makes them a worthy addition to your sneaker collection right now.

Style Pick of the Week: Season Three Ultralight Hiking Boots – The Most Comfortable Boots for Fall and Winter

Most comfortable boots for men this fall.

Folks, step right up and step into the most comfortable boots for fall and winter in today’s prime Style Pick of the Week. It’s a late November weekend, after all, and if you still need to upgrade your fall and winter footwear rotation with a selection of the best men’s boots, you could do worse than picking up a pair of the Season Three Ultralight Hiking Boots.

The NYC-based upstart footwear brand focuses on keeping things subtly stylish, retro-minded and supremely comfortable with its selection of the best hiking boots for men (and women), and they’re a personal favorite of your Brooklyn style writer. And in any style situation this fall and winter, comfort and style are the name of the game — Season Three boots deliver both in spades.

Most affordable hiking boots for men.

The even better news is, these stylish men’s boots are now 40 percent off ($237 vs. $395 full-price). In fact, some pairs of the Season Three Ultralight Hiking Boots are as much as 60 percent off. 60 percent off! So, et’s keep this rolling, shall we?

The best boots for fall and winter, stylish as they might be, are no good if they’re not easy to wear, and luckily for all parties involved, the Season Three Ultralight Hiking Boots deliver on that promise. These sleek yet functional boots are made in a family-owned Northern Italy factory, a haven for the best footwear on the planet. The springy comfort of Ortholite insoles combines with durable Vibram outsoles for a unique blend of traction and exceptional wearability with the Season Three Ultralight Hiking Boots, too. That’s not the only these stylish winter boots have going for ’em.

Best winter boots for men.

Crucially, the Season Three Ultralight Hiking Boots come in a range of cool, eye-catching colors, the kind that call to mind retro hiking boots (especially with contrasting laces in the stylish pair of hiking boots as shown above). Better still is the fact that the Season Three Ultralight Hiking Boots check all the right boxes in other key areas of winter style, too: Just dive into the waterproof nubuck leather found on the Season Three Ultralight Hiking Boots as a starting point.

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For good measure, these stylish men’s winter boots also retain other timeless hiking boot touches, like D-ring lacing and metal hardware. And yet, it all sits atop a chunky, super-comfortable Vibram outsole for plenty of grip on slick city streets and slippery terrain. Yes indeed, the Season Three Ultralight Hiking Boots can do just about anything you ask of them in matters of casual style:

The profile on the Season Three Ultralight Hiking Boots is sleek enough to wear with tailored chinos and your favorite peacoat for polished weekend outings. And once again, here’s the kicker: Right now, the Season Three Ultralight Hiking Boots are on sale for 40 percent off. So, you can get your new favorite pair of winter boots for 40 percent off for a limited time — what are you waiting for, right?

The Friday Read: Matthew McConaughey, The Best New Cologne & Your New Favorite Hat

Matthew McConaughey's Longbranch Bourbon

My friends and Style Guide readers, thanks for joining me for a special edition of The Friday Read. Well, my weekly recap is special every time in its own way, but this is a big one in particular. Earlier this week, as part of my many freelance writing pursuits, I had the chance to share a pretty major story.

Over at Maxim, I caught up with the one and only Mr. Matthew McConaughey as part of a trip to Texas Hill Country last month! Yes, it’s true. We spoke about his work as creative director with Longbranch Bourbon (which you can order for home delivery from Drizly for a downright steal), and we also talked about the seriously cool new Longbranch Ranch experience at the rugged-meets-refined Walden Retreats. I found the brief conversation delightful and a total blast — and again, you can read the results of that interview over at Maxim.

HELM Boots- $50 Off Your First Purchase

I’m ever so grateful for the experience, and truly so grateful for the chance to travel to seriously cool locales while meeting icons and new friends along the way (you can view some snippets of my Texas trip on my Instagram). It’s all in a day’s work, as they say, and the freelance writing world can be a bit of a grind from time to time, but the pay-off and the rewards are immeasurable,

On the best of days (and most of the time, in fact!), I’m very proud of what I get to do — and I’m surely grateful for readers and companies who show an interest in my work! Gratitude is the name of the game this season, what with the holiday next week, but for now, let’s get back to chatting all things men’s and men’s style grooming (and perhaps Longbranch Bourbon) to start your fall weekend properly.

Best winter cologne for men.
Best men's wool hats.
  • Step right up and score one of the coolest new accessories this holiday and winter season — that’d be one of the best hats for men from a new personal favorite brand, Storied Hats. The upstart company makes its stylish hats for men using sustainable materials like recycled wool and upcycled, plant-based leather (in its carefully designed adjustable back straps). Better still is the fact that they also make some of the best wool hats for men in styles more commonly found in traditional tailoring. And of course, they’ve got a line of stylish activewear hats, too. All of this is to say, you’d do well to read my recent guide to the best hats for men from Storied Hats. Cheers and happy shopping!
  • Let’s close out today’s weekend reading and shopping guide with a quick look at a very fun splurge for all you photography enthusiasts. Over at Maxim, I wrote about an insanely cool, special-edition Leica camera made in collaboration with the watch experts at Hodinkee — think of it like the perfect blend of precision, heirloom looks and modern-meets-classic style. Get that wallet (or wish list) ready, folks.

And with that, my friends, I’m going to leave you to venture into the rest of your weekend in style. If I were you, I’d strongly consider ordering up Longbranch Bourbon (remember, you can order for home delivery from Drizly!), and I’d also consider investing in a stylish men’s hat or two from Storied Hats as we move into the winter season. Let’s go to it, folks – thanks for reading, thanks for your support!

The Thursday Buy: Lace Up Some of the Most Rugged Men’s Boots from FRYE This Winter

Best winter boots for men.

If you’ve kept up with this blog, and with your search for the best winter boots for men, perhaps you’ve happened upon FRYE, the rustic, rugged, all-American company with a penchant for making durable, finely crafted men’s boots. And yet, you might have been waiting for the right moment to add your new favorite pair of boots to your wardrobe. Well, as we cross through mid-November, the right time to shop for the best boots for men is, well, right now.

And that brings me to the cool, throwback-inspired, tough-as-can-be FRYE Prison Boots, some of the most durable men’s boots you can shop right now. If you’ve already shopped FRYE men’s boots in your quest for the best Chelsea boots, consider the FRYE Prison Boots like the more rugged alternative for everyday wear in inclement conditions.

Ideally, these stylish lace-up boots are made to be worn more casually (so, with pieces like the best men’s trucker jacket and your favorite blue jeans), so they certainly check an important box in your winter wardrobe — but that’s not all, my friends.

Most rugged winter boots for men.

The FRYE Prison Boots are just a classic-yet-modern pair of boots made the right way, boasting a Goodyear welt design that means they can be re-soled after years of wear. And given that the FRYE Prison Boots are made in the U.S.A from premium materials (including a sturdy rubber sole), well, you’ll certainly want to wear them as often as possible. The small touches on these stylish boots for men are also done the right way, including the tough waxed fabric laces and eye-catching antique brass hardware.

For good measure, the FRYE Prison Boots boast a shaft height that hits well above the ankle for maximum winter coverage. While the overall design is similar to hard-wearing leather work boots, the FRYE Prison Boots are versatile boots you can style with everything from dressy wool trousers to tailored stretch chinos or even slim black denim for a nice touch of stylistic contrast.

Sizes are going quickly despite the fact that these boots retail for more than $400, a mark of their quality. When it comes time to lace up the best men’s boots, turn to these timeless FRYE men’s boots.

See Now, Buy Now: Accessorize This Winter with the Best Men’s Hats from Storied Hats

Sometimes, the best style moves are all about the little details, or the pieces you might not think of right away — like one of the best men’s hats, of course. That’s where Storied Hats comes into play, an upstart company determined to shake up the way you wear your new favorite hat. After all, if you’ve already taken plenty of care into building the rest of your ensemble, from the best trucker jacket to a pair of the best blue jeans for men, then the accessories — yes, like one of the best hats for men — are just as important.

And it’s all the better if you can find a lineup of stylish hats for men made with patterns and fabrics that call to mind traditional menswear suiting fabrics, like the Storied Hats collection of stylish wool ballcaps for winter — but I digress. Scroll on!

Best wool ballcap for men.

Upgrading your casual everyday wardrobe is certainly where Storied Hats comes into play. What’s Storied Hats all about? Reader, I’m glad you asked. The brand truly does things differently, and that approach extends beyond just style points (although logo-free, crisp, subtly fashionable hats have that going for ’em, too).

They’re also a member of the 1% For the Planet organization and focus on sustainable manufacturing, like using recycled wool to craft custom-made designs in ethical factories. Still not sold? Read on, my friend, to find out more about the best hats for men.

Crucially, Storied Hats offers a variety of designs to suit every style, with each type of hat sticking to the company’s core values of ethical, sustainable production. Whether you pick up a stylish wool ballcap for winter — one of my personal favorites — or one of the brand’s colorful, retro-minded activewear hats, you’ll find touches like plant-based leather adjustable back straps and soft interior liners.

A new year calls for new adventures...check the national parks off your list as you go!

Plus, Storied Hats uses careful design practices (including dozens of prototypes tested through offices in San Fran and Portland), and the end result is some of the coolest hats for men across the board. The right ballcap can take even the most laidback looks from relaxed to great (for example, when you toss on a stylish wool ballcap for winter with a casual crewneck sweater and dark blue jeans).

Your Brooklyn style writer is looking forward to testing out the Storied Hats Black and Charcoal Wool Hat in the weeks ahead, and if I were you, I’d check out the entire assortment of seriously cool designs from Storied Hats as soon as possible. No doubt about it, this won’t be the last time you hear about the brand.

The Tuesday Steal: Take $50 Off The Iconic Flint and Tinder Waxed Trucker Jacket Today

Best waxed trucker jacket for men.

It’s rare that a certified modern menswear classic goes on sale right before the holidays, not least one as much-loved as the famed Flint and Tinder Waxed Trucker Jacket. And yet, today’s Tuesday Steal is extra-special for that very reason: The fine folks at Huckberry are running the second of two days of discounts on its best-selling waxed trucker jacket, the sort of deal that doesn’t come around very often at all.

Flint and Tinder trucker jacket review.

In fact, the Flint and Tinder Trucker Jacket won’t be included in any upcoming holiday discounts, and it’s the only sale of the year on the Flint and Tinder Flannel-Lined Waxed Trucker Jacket. That means, long story short, you’ll want to act now (the promo ends today!) to take $50 off the Flint and Tinder Flannel Trucker Jacket, which knocks this rugged, hard-wearing and utterly classic jacket down to $218 from $268.

Flint and Tinder Flannel-Lined Waxed Trucker Jacket review.

Keep in mind that potentially your new favorite jacket is a downright steal today, with all colors available in the warm, hard-wearing flannel-lined version. If you’ve never tried the Flint and Tinder Waxed Trucker Jacket, or if you simply want to add another one in a new color to your fall and winter wardrobe, now is the time to act.

Satchel and Page

The weather-resistant canvas on this handsome, timeless jacket gets better with age, as does the custom hardware, and this jacket can be layered up and styled with plenty of other Huckberry Bestsellers — including the Flint and Tinder 365 Pants — all season long. Again, consider this a crucial reminder: The iconic Flint and Tinder Flannel-Lined Trucker is available today only for $50 off. Happy shopping out there, my friends.