The Sunday Sale: Shop the Filson Warehouse Sale to Save 50 Percent off the Best Rugged Menswear

Filson Warehouse Sale 2023

Filson, that famed Pacific Northwest heritage retailer with a penchant for making some of the most rugged gear for guys, just keeps knocking it out of the park (at least in my humble opinion). That’s the case with some of its new spring layers, like one of the best men’s hoodies, but the rest of the famed brand’s inventory more than delivers the goods, too.

As Filson says, after all: “Might as well have the best,” and when given the chance to shop and save, I’d urge you to hop right on it. That’s because we’re in the midst of the Filson Warehouse Sale, a rare opportunity to save on the best rugged menswear out there.

The scoop? It’s more than ideal if you want to refresh your wardrobe for early spring, with more than 500 items (yes, 500!) knocked down 50 percent off. Yes, you read that correctly: The Filson Warehouse Sale gives you 50% off more than 500 items, and some of these picks are quite simply heirloom-quality and true seasonal style essentials.

Now, granted, that’s plenty of stylish on-sale essentials to sort through, so I’m going to wrap this one up early today. A word to the wise, though? Picks like the Filson Unlined Denim Cruiser Jacket and the Filson Field Flannel Shirt are downright steals at the moment in terms of style and quality (to name just two picks). Do yourself a favor and ramp up that wardrobe for a hefty discount this season at the


Style Pick of the Week: Relwen Shawl Collar Sweater – Spring’s Best Laidback Sweater

Best sweatshirt for men.

If you’re anything like me, perhaps you enjoy swerving ever-so-slightly from the norm, even when it comes to normally more laidback style scenarios. After all, spring style essentials are always the right way to go, and it’s all the better if you switch things up a bit when you least expect. Take the lineup at Huckberry, for instance. It’s full of distinct changes of pace — for instance, when you might be tempted to reach for a more casual athletic logo sweatshirt, reach instead for the Relwen Shawl Collar Sweater. The change is simple, really: Any time you might wear a crewneck sweatshirt, swap that out for one of the best men’s sweatshirts while retaining that air of casually rugged appeal.

Best casual sweatshirt for men.

The Relwen Shawl Collar Sweater is a Huckberry Bestseller for a reason, and part of an entire lineup of classically inspired yet modern gear from Ohio-based Relwen. The brand takes basics like the chino or the quarter-zip sweater, reinterprets them with modern fabric, then injects them with an air of cool, unique style.

Case in point, of course, is the Relwen Shawl Collar Sweater. The French Terry fabric blend is soft and pliable, and plenty ready to layer over other spring style essentials, be it a rugged chambray shirt or your favorite henley. The shawl collar frames the face, while the unique button placket on the Relwen Shawl Collar Sweater is a nice style swerve from, again, the more traditional crewneck sweatshirt.

Best of all, you can wear the Relwen Shawl Collar Sweater in all the same ways as you’d wear that crewneck sweatshirt, and then some: Try it at the office with stretch chinos or on the weekends with tapered joggers. Just make sure you pick one up in good time for the rest of the spring season. Happy shopping, folks.

The Friday Read: An Atlantic City Road Trip To See The Killers & The Best Whiskey for St. Patrick’s Day

Folks, the time has come for me to hit the road again, as you know if you follow me on Instagram. Just this year, I’ve trekked to Morocco to review the Fairmont Tazi Palace Tangier for, and I’ve also taken a jaunt upstate on a frigid weekend to visit the Wylder Windham Hotel in lovely Windham, New York. I’m keeping things a bit closer to home, but sticking right in my wheelhouse when it comes to my favorite way to travel: Hitting the road to see a powerful live show, of course!

It’s my first time on the surprisingly sunny boardwalk in Atlantic City, and as you can guess by the photo above, the show in question was one by none other than one of my favorite bands — led by a hero of mine, the ever-stylish Brandon Flowers. It’s hardly my first time seeing The Killers (I also visited Boston, Detroit and Orlando last fall in pursuit of the Vegas-born rockers!), but it’s always a welcome, incredible and jaw-dropping event — some of my favorite live shows of all-time are by The Killers, last night’s very much included.

A word to the wise: Any time The Killers play near you — especially in a throwback casino setting, as they did last night at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino — do your very best to make it out to that show.

You can check out more of the fun on my Instagram, but here’s another fun tidbit: It’s St. Patrick’s Day! Perhaps consider treating yourself to some of the best Irish whiskey via my latest guide, yes? To dress for the day and the rest of the season, consider as well stepping out with some of the best Chelsea boots from Huckberry.

And one more thing: Here’s hoping your NCAA Tournament bracket makes it through this first weekend unscathed! I’ll be keeping a close eye on the action from Atlantic City and eventually, back in Brooklyn this weekend. In the meantime: Thanks for reading, cheers to the weekend and long live The Killers! Nobody does it better. Cheers, my friends!

The Thursday Buy: Step into Spring with These Rugged Chelsea Boots from Huckberry and Rhodes Footwear

Best men's Chelsea boots.

Folks, take it from me: When a new season rolls around, it pays to be prepared in advance with the best spring style essentials, and you should certainly start from the ground up. Of course, you certainly don’t need me to tell you that, but a reminder is always helpful, yes? And there’s one source I always head towards when it comes time to build a look from ground up with a pair of the most rugged boots for spring. That source, naturally, is Huckberry, and they’ve given us the Rhodes Footwear Blake Chelsea Boots.

Best rugged boots for men this spring.

The perfect hybrid between a Chelsea boot and the best work boots, the Rhodes Footwear Blake Chelsea Boots check off all the right boxes as you step into spring. That includes an additional panel on the boots themselves for added durability, plus a chunky wedge sole for a sturdy look and feel.

Yet, the sole on the Rhodes Footwear Blake Chelsea Boots should prove lightweight, rather than bulky, and the entire silhouette rests nicely beneath a pair of your favorite blue jeans. The Rhodes Footwear Blake Chelsea Boots are also made in footwear hub Leon, Mexico, another indicator that you’re getting a pair of the best Chelsea boots on the market.

We’re wrapping things up early today, because you know what you need to do: Get out there and get a pair of the best Chelsea boots for men, with some added rugged appeal, via the Rhodes Footwear Blake Chelsea Boots.

See Now, Buy Now: The Todd Snyder Cruiser Jacket Is A Rugged Throwback for Expert Spring Style

There are certain designers and brands — in my humble opinion — that are always impressive, seemingly always at the top of their game, and always worth shopping in spades when it comes time to revamp your wardrobe for a new season with the best menswear essentials. Chief among those designers right here, right now? That’d be Todd Snyder, purveyor of everything from one of the best men’s cardigans to the coolest trucker jacket for the season.

Step on up and consider taking your wardrobe to the next level in a major way with the latest and greatest standout offering from the award-winning menswear designer. That’d be the rather stunning Todd Snyder Oil Cloth Cruiser Jacket, a heritage-minded piece that quite simply looks like your new favorite spring jacket. It looks like a jacket you’d find in a seriously cool antique shop or else an old history book, with timeless style and rugged appeal in spades — would you expect anything less from Todd Snyder, after all?

Best men's waxed jacket for spring.

Indeed, the Todd Snyder Oil Cloth Cruiser Jacket takes its design cues from “timber cruiser” jackets, then upgrades the style in modern, functional fashion with famed British Millerain waxed cotton cloth. The Todd Snyder Oil Cloth Cruiser Jacket also boasts classic “timber cruiser” jacket touches, like four oversized flap button pockets for your everyday carry, and a rear game pocket.

Todd Snyder outerwear review.

For good measure, the collar on the Todd Snyder Oil Cloth Cruiser Jacket is even lined in corduroy, and the entire jacket is delivered in a handsomely rugged shade of dark brown (similar to cruiser jackets from other iconic brands, like Filson.). Is the Todd Snyder Oil Cloth Cruiser Jacket an investment at $498? Yes, it certainly is: If you ask me though, your wardrobe is all the better for it.

The Tuesday Steal: Save More Than 30 Percent On This Lightweight Huckberry Vest for Spring Layering

Best spring shirt jacket for men.

Maybe, like me, you can feel it in the air a bit: Spring is rolling into town slowly but surely, and in a way that’s much more welcome than bitterly cold winter weather. What’s a guy to do? That’s easy, my friends: Layer up with the best spring menswear, and if you can save a few bucks in the process, that’s all the better. And where should a guy go to get those new spring style essentials?

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog on the regular, you already know that answer: Head to Huckberry, and in the case of today’s Tuesday Steal, head to the Huckberry Sale section. You’ll find what you need, and you’ll also find one of the best vests for men to wear this spring. The vest in question is the Proof Moonweight Puffer Vest, a more tech-savvy take on the vest than traditional fleece options, and the even better news? It’s 36 percent off right now, and available in cool colors like Carbon.

Best spring vest for men to wear now.

What’s the key with the Proof Moonweight Puffer Vest? It’s made from nylon infused with graphene, which resists odor, provides insulation and temperature regulation, and generally helps this vest serve as a reliably rugged, useful top layer for guys on the go. Wear the Proof Moonweight Puffer Vest in more casual ways (say, over a henley or a Huckberry flannel shirt), or style it with a dark grey Oxford and crisp blue jeans for a transit-friendly commute layer.

I’ll keep it brief today, since spring is on the way and a wardrobe refresh is the way to go. The key, though? Making sure you score a discount on the Proof Moonweight Puffer Vest before a new season arrives in earnest.

See Now, Buy Now: WP Standard Is Making One of the Best Leather Duffel Bags for Men

Best leather duffel bag for men.

As a new season dawns, perhaps you’ve got one thing on your mind: Planning your next (or your first!) spring getaway, and doing so by packing up plenty of your favorite travel style essentials into, well, one of the best duffel bags for men. The right gear is nothing without the proper means to transport it, and if you can do so in rugged, heritage-minded style, that’s certainly all the better.

From the pages of this blog, you’re likely well-acquainted with other brands making the best leather jacket and the best leather goods, like my friends at Satchel & Page. Let me introduce you now to a brand that’s going to make a serious run for your money, too: That brand would be WP Standard, an upstart brand with an intense dedication to quality and craftsmanship (and yes, that includes the best leather goods for men across the board).

The Texas-based brand began humbly enough, when founder Ryan Barr set out in 2009 to craft guitar straps out of finely crafted leather. A trip to a Mexican tannery and years working in his basement workshop set the brand on the path it walks today: The WP Standard lineup of leather goods is extensive, handsomely crafted and expertly curated, from leather house shoes to stylish leather wallets and of course, one of the best duffel bags for men on the market. In fact, if you’re searching for a high-quality duffle bag for under $500, the WP Standard PanAm Duffle Bag is an excellent, meticulously crafted option.

Best men's duffle bag for travel.

These days, WP Standard uses a team of artisans to turn its finished leather into remarkably cool, built-to-last products like the WP Standard PanAm Duffle Bag. The difference is in the details, and at a glance, the good folks at WP Standard have really knocked this one out of the park. 100 percent full-grain leather makes up the heritage-quality WP Standard PanAm Duffle Bag, further bolstered by brass hardware for a suitably antique-looking finish.

WP Standard leather goods.

Fittingly, it comes complete with a leather luggage tag to help you keep a watchful eye on your bag as you zig-zag across the country and the globe. An interior pocket provides space for other valuable leather goods and EDC essentials — for instance, the brand makes a refined leather toiletry kit — while the entire design of the WP Standard PanAm Duffle Bag is carry-on friendly.

Satchel and Page

If you ask me, this is one stylish leather duffle that’s about ready to go on as many adventures as you are, and naturally, the WP Standard PanAm Duffle Bag will develop a rugged patina over time. And again, it’s worth remembering that the WP Standard PanAm Duffle Bag retails for under $500 — talk about a steal for your new favorite travel bag.

The Sunday Sale: This Timeless Todd Snyder Cardigan is 50 Percent Off Right Now

Best cardigan for men to buy now.

It’s like I’ve often said here on the blog: The classics are the classics for a reason — for their reliability, their timeless sense of style and their effortless cool. And what’s all the better about today’s Sunday Sale is that you can get a modern classic for a heck of a discount, and just in time to upgrade your early spring layering in fine fashion. That modern classic is the Todd Snyder Garment-Dyed Cardigan Sweatshirt, part of the designer’s own “Issued By:” collection, and it’s more than worth an extra look.

It hails, of course, from the well-curated pages of Todd Snyder‘s online menswear emporium, the sort of place where you can find everything from the best chore coat for spring to a rugged-meets-refined, classic trucker jacket. But let’s go back to the Todd Snyder Garment-Dyed Cardiganright off the bat, it’s on sale for a whopping 52 percent off. That marks it down to $94 – still quite the amount of cash to spend on a cardigan, but more than worth it all the same.

Best casual cardigan for men.

Your favorite Brooklyn style writer is quite the fan of one of America’s best menswear designers, and hybrid pieces like this are an example of what the Iowa-born Snyder does best. The cardigan can feel a bit stuffy at times, but with the Todd Snyder Garment-Dyed Cardigan Sweatshirt, you’re getting the best of both worlds. The pigment-dyed French Terry cotton feels as soft and as broken-in as your favorite Todd Snyder x Champion sweatshirt, the kind you’ve had for years on end.

Best men's sweatshirt for spring.

Plus, the fabric for the Todd Snyder Garment-Dyed Cardigan Sweatshirt is made exclusively for the designer at a family-owned Toronto factory, with an emphasis on design touches like flat-locked seams for durability. It boasts the button front of a classic cardigan, plus the classic hip patch pockets, yet the Todd Snyder Garment-Dyed Cardigan Sweatshirt harnesses the feel and soft, laidback coziness of a classic crewneck sweatshirt. And yes, it’s worth repeating that it’s 52 percent off right now. Go with Navy Sand, go with a versatile Heather Grey, and bask in the comfort and rugged appeal of a classic hybrid cardigan.

Style Pick of the Week: Faherty Brand All-Time Shirt – Your New Everyday Spring Shirt

Best men's casual shirt.

Perhaps you, like your Brooklyn style writer, tend to gravitate consistently towards the same (or very similar) pieces in your closet, be it your favorite chambray shirt, your essential pair of blue jeans, or something as consistent and versatile as the recently launched Faherty All Time Shirt.

HELM Boots

The brand already makes a range of tailored-meets-laidback picks for the modern man, from one of the best topcoats for men to a casually rugged cardigan, and they’ve always had quite the lineup of dependable shirting. That brings us back to the Faherty All Time Shirt, possibly a contender for your new favorite everyday shirt.

Lofty praise though that might be, it would seem this shirt has the goods to go the distance, if the good folks at Faherty Brand have anything to say about it (and of course, they do!). Here’s the scoop with the Faherty All Time Shirt: It’s made with a blend of Supima cotton, Ecovero Viscose and elastane for stretch and plenty of comfort (this falls in line with my past experiences with Faherty shirts, which are durable and yet remarkably soft to the touch).

Best casual buttondown shirt for men.

The fit is also comfortable enough to wear on its own, with a slight taper through the sleeves and at the waist, and a more relaxed fit through the chest. What does all that mean for you? I’d take your normal size in the Faherty All Time Shirt, then wear it either on its own untucked with an essential pair of blue jeans, or else layered over a Faherty henley or worn more as a shirt jacket.

HELM Boots

It’s got the dependability to do either, and it comes in a range of breezy, colorful, spring and summer-friendly plaid patterns and colors. Crucially, the company designed the Faherty All Time Shirt to work just about every single day, be it at a casual office alongside those dark blue jeans, at a post-work watering hole or as a more casual weekend shirt jacket. It’s a shirt that just looks darn good, season after season, year after year — at least, if Faherty has its way, the Faherty All Time Shirt will become one of your favorites, too. Try it out this spring and let me know in the comments if it works out for you.

The Friday Read: A Southbound Trek to Austin, Texas

Best rugged gear for men from Huckberry.

Folks, the time has come again: I’m gearing up to hit the road with my favorite travel essentials, all in pursuit of yet another story in my many freelance writing adventures. As luck would have it, I’m once again venturing down to Austin, Texas — a favorite city of mine that’s also a second home to one of my favorite brands, Huckberry. Naturally, gear from the retailer is just the right blend of rugged and refined, ready for just about anything — and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The reason for my trip? Exploring the city and getting to learn plenty more about Still Austin Texas Whiskey, a rising Texas whiskey brand that should fit nicely into my spirits writing over at Naturally, I’ll be wearing Huckberry menswear as I venture around the city and the distillery itself — from Texas whiskey blending sessions to cocktails and bar visits, there’ll be no shortage of some of the best Texas whiskey around.

If you want to keep up with my travels, give me a follow on Instagram. In rather exciting news, I’m hoping to use Saturday to explore some favorite spots from past trips, like Easy Tiger’s beer emporium and the righteous blend of iced coffee, cold craft beer and tasty food trucks over at Cosmic Coffee. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and gear up for your own weekend with gear from Huckberry — tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week is on the way, and as always, thanks so much for reading!