Online Shopping Picks: These Are the Best Men’s Jackets for Fall

These are heady times we live in — busy times, too. If you’ve followed along with our Online Shopping Picks series on The Style Guide, you know that we’re all about getting you prepped for rugged fall style. And that continues today, in a big way. Putting together a rugged fall #menswear look is about the details — the big categories and the small ones, too. And in the way of essential men’s style for fall,  outerwear is a pretty big category. So, we’ll get you shopping and thinking today. The best men’s jackets for fall feature durable construction, essential warmth and pleasingly rugged-yet-versatile style — that combination is going to take you a lot of places.

Some of the below picks, like the tough Taylor Stitch Bomber Jacket seen below, can work in both casual and tailored situations (try it with an American-made Oxford and a knit tie). And others — like the Bridge and Burn Thielsen Jacket — fit right in with the rugged climes of fall. Regardless, this list of rugged fall jackets should have you set for the season. For more #menswear than you can shake a stick at, follow me on Twitter or Instagram. Enjoy fall — soon enough, anyways!

#1. Taylor Stitch Albion Jacket — $265 

A rugged and versatile piece that’s ideal for layering.

Yes indeed, ladies and gentlemen … the Taylor Stitch Albion Jacket tops our list, and with good reason. It’s the perfect transitional jacket to wear during early fall and on through November. Made from a custom-developed two-way stretch windshell nylon fabric, the Albion Jacket is a positively versatile layering piece. It’s even lined in fleece and is water-resistant — it’s a stylish fall jacket for layering over a rugged striped henley and teaming with classic dark denim.

#2. Abercrombie and Fitch Shera-Lined Corduroy Jacket — $160

A cozy jacket that evokes classic, timeless fall style.

Abercrombie and Fitch — a Style Guide favorite — continues to come roaring back season after season, and the Sherpa-Lined Curdory Jacket is a prime example of that. It evokes the kind of classic fall jacket that your dad or grandpa might have worn to do yard work, except this number features a slimmed-down fit and just as much warmth — plus added style points. Again, a slim striped henley and suede chukka boots are ideal companions.

#2. Flint and Tinder Stretch Denim Trucker Jacket — $158

Flint and Tinder

This piece could very well be your new favorite denim jacket — agreed? Agreed.

Originally part of our See Now, Buy Now series, the Flint and Tinder Stretch Denim Trucker Jacket should be welcomed to this list with open arms. At least, I think so. Everyone needs a stylish denim jacket in their layering arsenal — the Flint and Tinder Stretch Denim Trucker features a crisp indigo color and the type of easygoing wearability that looks great with slim tan chinos and a white chambray shirt or a slim striped henley.

#3. Bridge and Burn Thielsen Jacket — $238

A fall-ready color and durable cotton construction set this jacket apart.

If you’ve read our Style Guide Q+A with Portland lifestyle brand Bridge and Burn, you know they’re dedicated to making classic, straightforward pieces with a touch of Northwest style influence. And in this case, the Bridge and Burn Thielsen Jacket channels the kind of rugged durability you need this fall, and tosses in a healthy dose of style, too. The hard-wearing cotton outer and quilted liner of the Thielsen Jacket provide protection from the elements, while the rich Acorn color is a fall-ready shade. Who’s ready to hit the pumpkin patch, people?

#4.  BANKS Tombstone Jacket — $130

BANKS Tombstone Jacket

Another warm, classic and durablly made piece of outerwear for the season.

The rugged fall style just keeps coming in spades with the BANKS Tombstone Jacket. A unique brand available via the great folks at Bespoke Post, the Tombstone Jacket channels classic style with a modern edge. Which is to say, the faded blue cotton exterior plays nicely off the golden sherpa collar, while the lined warmer pockets ensure you stay warm even at long, chilly tailgates. So, throw on the Tombstone Jacket and pass me a beer, will ya?

#6. Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket in Cone Mills Selvage — $188

Taylor Stitch

A handsome denim jacket that’ll only get better with age.

Another jacket from Taylor Stitch on our list of the best men’s fall jackets? Yes indeed, you bet. The Long Haul Jacket is a much-loved silhouette from the brand, harnessing a slick, slim design with the power of Cone Mills denim. That’s right — Taylor Stitch teamed up with the country’s foremost denim mill on a rugged denim jacket that you can wear now over a chambray shirt and wear later over a stylish crewneck sweater. And that’s just the beginning, I’d wager.

#7. Taylor Stitch Maritime Shirt Jacket — $148

A faded shirt jacket that layers with darn near anything in your closet — a job well-done by Taylor Stitch.

Hey, might as well round out this list with more rugged menswear from Taylor Stitch, yeah? The Maritime Shirt Jacket made an appearance in our #OOTD series earlier this year — specifically when it comes to how to wear a rugged overshirt — and it’s guaranteed to impress. The Maritime Shirt Jacket features a cool sun-bleached finish, sturdy construction and the type of fit that works with slim chinos and wingtip boots or black denim in equal measure.

#8.  Finisterre Petrichor Overshirt — $76.98

A durable, rugged silhouette with the strong fabrication to match.

Why exactly are we included an overshirt on this list of fall’s best jackets? Well, my friends — anything goes when it comes to stylish fall layering, and the construction and style of the Petrichor Overshirt is such that it can serve as both if needed. It’s an affordable stylish chore jacket that doubles as overshirt, and the densely woven cotton and cool khaki color make for a heck of a durable piece — so, sold on the Petrichor Overshirt yet?

Alright, friends — what’s your favorite pick of the above? Will it be the rugged versatility of the sturdy cotton Petrichor Overshirt or the sun-bleached cool of the Maritime Shirt Jacket? Is it perhaps the classically styled BANKS Tombstone Jacket or the rough-and-rugged  Long Haul Jacket? Yes indeed, from sherpa-collar corduroy jackets from Abercrombie and Fitch to a durable cotton number like the Bridge and Burn Thielsen Jacket, I hope you found this list helpful. It’s about finding the right fabrication and the silhouette that works for — because believe it or not, I’m sure once you try one of these rugged fall jackets, you’ll want to wear it as much as you can.

How’d we do with today’s post? What do you think of the above picks? Feel free to drop a note in the comments below, or hit me up on Twitter! 

Online Shopping Picks: Best Men’s Jackets for Fall

Editor’s note: Check out more Online Shopping Picks here.

When we last chatted here at the ol’ Style Guide HQ, we were talking, among other things, about great gear to carry you through fall transitions. There’s a lot that can fall under that umbrella, however — from rugged henleys to crisp blazers and tough boots. But today, we’re talking specifically about outerwear. It’s not quite the weather for a super-refined and heavier topcoat as of yet, but it’s presumably colder than situations where you might just wear a simple long-sleeve tee. And we’re looking for styles that can lend some rugged appeal to dressier outfits, as well as a bit o’ casual cool. So, we’re right in the middle. That means everything from field coats to sweater-jackets are on the table. The picks below encapsulate just a few of the many styles you might find yourself wanting to reach for before it gets incredibly cold — best read up and do some shopping now!

#1. J. Crew Wallace & Barnes Denim Bomber — $298

An in-between jacket that's highly versatile.

An in-between jacket that’s highly versatile.

$298? For a denim jacket? Wallace & Barnes definitely represents the pricier iteration of J. Crew’s classic styles, but it seems the outerwear from this particular line is always quite well-done. And this denim bomber fuses a terrific silhouette with the unique styling touches of dark denim … on your top half. It’s definitely a splurge, but it can be styled over everything from an olive henley to a nice chambray shirt. And it’ll fade over time as it gets broken in, lending a distinctive touch to a piece you can really call your own.

#2. Shinola + Golden Bear Men’s Wool Bomber Jacket — $495

An unexpected take on the bomber jacket from a brand that excels in accessories.

An unexpected take on the bomber jacket from a brand that excels in accessories.

Is that price eye-popping? Yes. Is this an aspirational piece you might pin to a Wish List board? Indeed. But Shinola is a brand that’s really nailed their identity as far as crafting rugged-refined pieces you didn’t know you were missing until now — like the above bomber jacket. Bringing on the team at Golden Bear is perhaps the best way to make an entry into that category, as well. It’s a big-time luxury piece that updates a military silhouette, like its J. Crew brethren up top. It’d be a great jacket to reach for on those windier days closer to winter — and in the months thereafter. The most versatile thing about it is the fact that it can instantly elevate any outfit, from jeans and wingtip boots to some slim corduroys.

#3. Old Navy Quilted Bomber Jacket — $54.94

Simple style at a super-affordable price.

Simple style at a super-affordable price.

Now that cost above is more like it, right? Old Navy has been quietly upping their style credibility these past few years, and they’ve even outsold their loftier counterparts at Banana Republic and the like (witness their president leaving for Ralph Lauren as proof of this evolution). This bomber is a nice example of how they’ve made some waves. It’s not a piece that’ll turn a crazy amount of heads, but it’s affordably priced, versatile and able to handle both rains and fall breezes; the trickiest part about it is that black color, which is less versatile than navy or grey. But if worn casually, it should still fit right in over a henley and some brown chukka boots.

#4. Land’s End Quilted Shirt-Jacket — $89.99

Two shades of blue plus some unique details make this a great go-between.

Two shades of blue plus some unique details make this a great go-between.

Land’s End is another brand that, much like Old Navy, has worked hard as of late to bolster its credibility in the style space. This quilted shirt-jacket is but one of the unexpected ways in which they’re making that effort. It’s a unique piece that’s not quite a full-on jacket, but should still do well layered over everything from a henley  (that’s a style suggestion that won’t quit!) to another chambray shirt. Pair this one with some slim chinos for a transitional look and see how it suits you.

#5. Combatant Gentleman Wool Club Jacket — $120

A moto-inspired style done up in a versatile color.

A moto-inspired style done up in a versatile color.

For a brand that’s normally known for its ridiculously affordable suits and trim blazers, Combatant Gentleman has done a nice job expanding into other product categories. And as far as fall style goes, this wool jacket certainly fits the bill. Like the Old Navy piece above, it’s not a style that’s going to turn an incredible amount of heads, but the color is versatile, the fit looks to be trim and it seems to be a nicely functional piece of outerwear. That dark navy color makes it quite sleek, as well.

Putting together this list was definitely a tricky ordeal, as so many brands have really looked to their fall outerwear to set themselves apart. J. Crew Factory, with its Utility Jacket, has certainly done a nice job filling a budget niche. And the entire outerwear collection at Bonobos has some stunning pieces — pricey, but stunning. Be sure to pick up one of these styles now to bridge that gap — and head to this piece on transitional fall style to get a look at how to wear ’em.

Stay stylish and thanks, as always, for reading.


Online Shopping Picks: Best Men’s Blazers for Fall and Winter

Editor’s note: For a plethora of Online Shopping Picks delving into accessories, footwear and knitwear, head right this way.

Ready to take on fall in this "old" photo circa 2014. Blazer & chambray shirt by J. Crew. Slim jeans by Scotch & Soda. Shawl cardigan by GAP. Knit tie by Frank & Oak. Brown wingtip boots by JC Penney. Photo credit: Khoa Nguyen.

Ready to take on fall in this “old” photo circa 2014. Tan herringbone blazer & chambray shirt by J. Crew. Pocket square by Banana Republic. Slim jeans by Scotch & Soda. Shawl cardigan by GAP. Knit tie by Frank & Oak. Brown wingtip boots by JC Penney. Stainless steel dive watch by Invicta. Glasses by Burberry. Photo credit: Khoa Nguyen.

As is often the case in the world of men’s style, it seems that sometimes the seasons change too quickly — on the writing front, that is. Last week, we tackled excellent henleys to transition into fall weather in earnest (for most of us, at least), and now your humble author will gladly take a stab at the best cold-weather blazers out there on the market — because those things have been on shelves far too long now for you not to buy one, right? Keep in mind that a great lighter weight blazer (one from this list) could definitely transition into the slight chill of fall when layered appropriately. Heck, I even have an unconstructed blazer I’ve worn in the Michigan winter, layered up with a V-neck sweater (of course). But let’s say you want something thicker to stand up to chilly weather — a la the trusty J. Crew blazer (sadly, long gone from shelves) at the top of the page. That’s what this edition of Online Shopping Picks will cover — but you’ll have to foot the rest of the bill for a new jacket. [Editor’s note: Some might take issue with the definition of a blazer here — these styles are sometimes called sportcoats — but we’ll stick with blazer terminology for now. To clear up any confusion, head here].

#1. Uniqlo Wool Blended Comfort Jacket — $99.90

As previously seen on this site's Fall Style Wish List, Uniqlo delivers on another great fall & winter blazer.

As previously seen on this site’s Fall Style Wish List, Uniqlo delivers on another great fall & winter blazer.

Does this jacket look familiar at all? Of course it does (at least if you caught it at the top of my Fall Style Wish List). Some might have issues with Uniqlo’s fit, as the tail of its jackets and its sleeves generally run a little shorter and slimmer than most, but the brand does make an outstanding jacket (is it a blazer? a sportcoat) for the price. These jackets certainly lean casual given the lack of construction, but in a deeper, saturated shade like the Grey Plaid on the far left or even the Dark Green option as seen on the site, it’s a jacket that could absolutely be paired with dress trousers and some sharp black shoes for the office.

#2. J. Crew Factory Thompson Elbow-patch Sportcoat in Tweed — $168

A four-season shade of navy merged with suede elbow patches for fall and winter.

A four-season shade of navy merged with suede elbow patches for fall and winter.

Rustic, slightly throwback-focused details like suede elbow patches have been making a comeback in clothing items for the past couple years now, and designers aren’t pulling the plug on this added touch just yet. In the case of this blazer, it works quite well, calling to mind old hunting jackets. And this piece has some other things going for it, too — namely, you get J. Crew-like quality at a lower price than some similar models at the big brother retailer. The slightly flashier touch of those elbow patches is grounded by a nice shade of navy, which should work well over dark denim or grey wool trousers. The patches make it more casual and thus a little less versatile — thus dropping it to spot no. 2 here. Still, it’s a jacket that could see a lot of use in the coming months.  If you’ve got some bulk to you and want a jacket that ditches the elbow patches, the mainline brand is making a blazer in a similar shade in its roomier, more athletic Crosby fit.

#3. Apolis Indigo Wool Blazer — $388

The ideal balance of tradition and modern style, done up in an on-trend color and luxurious fabric.

The ideal balance of tradition and modern style, done up in an on-trend color and luxurious fabric.

Whoa, now. Almost $400 for a blazer? In spot #3? Yes, yes indeed — and here’s why. The argument can definitely be made here for investing in quality pieces that provide a long-term benefit; a terrific wool blazer, sure to be warm, well-made and endlessly versatile, can serve you well for seasons and years to come. And the way Apolis makes ’em, you know you’re getting a quality product. Not everyone has the kind of, er, capital to invest in such a piece, but this option has all the makings of a classic jacket if you do take the plunge. The double vents and deep indigo color make it the closest to a traditional blazer of any of the bunch seen here, yet it leans modern thanks to the slim fit. Wear it with some broken-in denim,  wear it with black corduroy pants for some edge — heck, wear it over a T-shirt.

#4. GAP Herringbone Blazer — $89.95

A nice color combo and casual patch pockets make this one blazer to take business-casual ... or just casual.

A nice color combo and casual patch pockets make this one blazer to take business-casual … or just casual.

Now, that’s more like it. We turn to a reliable standby at an affordable price for option #4. It’s somewhat concerning that the fit looks a bit … off in these photos, so this might be a good pick to try on in store. The price is not so expensive that it’d be too much of a pain to tailor. But note that the sleeves feature functioning cuffs, which can be an absolute mess to get tailored. However, the fabric blend, cool grey color and patch pockets make this an ideal blazer to throw on over, say, a white Oxford, red V-neck and dark jeans in a business casual setting — if the fit is on-point. Since the patch pockets do push it into casual territory, you could even mix it up and toss it over a long-sleeve henley. A word to the wise — keep your eyes open for the launch of The Hill-side’s capsule collection for GAP very soon; there’s likely to be a great blazer or two in there (Editor’s note: Check out the full rundown via GQ as of 9/23). 

#5. Everlane Luxe Sweater Blazer — $165

Part blazer, part sweater and all casual style in one high-quality Everlane piece.

Part blazer, part sweater and all casual style in one high-quality Everlane piece.

Is this a sweater? A blazer? A swacket? Whatever you call it, the Luxe Sweater Blazer definitely walks the line between casual and crisp style — exactly the type of versatility a nice blazer (or swacket) should provide in the colder months. It should almost wear like the Uniqlo wool blend jacket seen at the top of the page — easygoing enough over a crewneck sweatshirt (for both warmth and casual style), and high-quality enough to pair with a chambray dress shirt. From personal experience with Everlane, its products fit slim, and jackets like these often feature a nice hint of stretch — key when you still need mobility underneath a topcoat. This is one blazer in particular that would pair especially well with high-low combos — think slim chinos  plus vintage-inspired runners.

The competition across the board as this post was assembled was pretty cutthroat (or as cutthroat as writing about blazers can be). Brands like Bonobos, with its Italian Knit Blazer, are giving more established brethren like J. Crew a run for their money in the looks (and price) department. As was previously alluded to, The Hill-side is also quickly establishing itself as a player in the splurge blazer game — this Selvedge Mini-Houndstooth Tailored Jacket in Indigo has a great workwear vibe to it, not to mention a high price. Stick to affordable (or at the very least, classic) and versatile options when picking up a great blazer or two this season though, and you’ll reap those rewards as soon as the leaves start to turn.
Ben Sherman US
What’s your go-to fall and winter blazer? Are you planning on refreshing your closet with any of the picks here?

Ernest Alexander