#OOTD: How to Wear a Rugged Overshirt This Fall

This week’s #OOTD fun on The Style Guide continues in fine fashion — or should I say, fall fashion? That’s right — we’re truly starting to get into rugged fall style on the blog, from the menswear to wear on a fall trip to today’s focus: How to wear a rugged overshirt this season.  The overshirt — particular a stylish Taylor Stitch overshirt as featured today — is as versatile a #menswear layering weapon as you’ve got in your fall style arsenal. Namely, it can function as both a shirt … and a jacket. For those days and nights when it’s not cold enough for a heavier top layer, an overshirt can pull double duty. Feel free to layer it over a slim striped henley or toss it on over another shirt — say, an American-made Oxford. Made with the right fabric (like the Japanese selvedge cotton found on the Taylor Stitch Maritime Shirt Jacket seen here), it’s going to provide warmth from the chill and earn you major style points at the same time. You’ll notice some other fall style touches, including stylish (yet tough!) Danner hiking boots and a classic field watch. This look is casual enough to fit in at an outdoor concert, it’s durable and rugged enough to wear to a fall tailgate … basically, a rugged overshirt is your ticket to versatile, casual style this season. Want more style tips? Follow me on Instagram. And let me know what you think of the below #OOTD in the comments below!

Rugged fall style

Classically rugged fall style — essential for a tailgate, a bonfire or a day trip. Gotta love the rugged Taylor Stitch Maritime Shirt Jacket as seen here.

The Overshirt: Taylor Stitch Maritime Shirt Jacket in Sea Washed Indigo, $118  (When Signing Up for Bespoke Post— Ahh yes, the well-made, well-crafted and exceptionally stylish rugged overshirt we discussed earlier.  This Taylor Stitch Maritime Shirt Jacket features selvedge detailing and a modern fit.

The Henley: Taylor Stitch Mercerized Merino Henley, $125 — What are you layering under your Taylor Stitch overshirt? A rugged Taylor Stitch Mercerized Merino Henley, of course. The stripes add visual interest, and the merino wool adds breathability and classic fall style.

The Denim: DSTLD Slim Jeans in Charcoal Overdye, $85 — You could certainly throw on a pair of classic dark denim for monochromatic style, but these slim charcoal jeans from direct-to-consumer Los Angeles brand DSTLD offer a neat contrast in terms of color and texture.

The Boots:  Danner Vertigo 917 Boots, $220 — Now, you could easily swap in a pair of stylish leather sneakers here, yet these hybrid hiking boots from Danner convey both rugged style and functionality — a wise bet if you end up on your feet for longer than expected (perhaps an Octoberfest bar crawl, ehh?).

The Belt: Sturdy Brothers Everyday Belt in Chestnut, $80 — We always say that the little details make the difference here at The Style Guide, and this tough leather belt from Sturdy Brothers gets those details right.

The Socks: Arvin Goods Crew Socks (Three-pack) — $24 — If you read this blog regularly, you recognize the name Arvin Goods — the brand makes functional, understated socks at a great price. These affordable crew socks should team nicely with your Danner hiking boots.
The Watch: Momentum Watches Flatline 42 Fabric Watch, $164.98 — When your outfit is filled with adventure-ready pieces, it makes sense to grab a classic field watch. The Flatine 42 Fabric Watch from Momentum Watches gives you the durability and style you need.
The Fall Essential: Knight Co. Complete Moisturizer, $24 — Don’t overlook the importance of keeping your grooming game tuned up through the fall months — especially as colder weather descends. The Knight Co. Complete Moisturizer should prove both premium and quite helpful with that goal.

As October approaches and crisp weather rolls into town, I’d say you surely need a rugged layering piece with plenty of potential — the Taylor Stitch Maritime Shirt Jacket is going to be your ticket to essential fall style. From craft beer festivals to weekend coffee trips and perhaps a stylish fall weekend trip, there’s little that the Taylor Stitch Maritime Shirt Jacket can’t do. Particularly when layered up with a rugged striped henley — also from Taylor Stitch — you’re going to be set for fall weekends aplenty. Charcoal denim from DSTLD is a nice way to mix things up visually, while the Danner Vertigo 917 Boots offer both comfort and durability for all-day style. And with its subtly fashionable design and tough construction, the Flatine 42 Fabric Watch is the ideal casual men’s watch to offset this ensemble. Of course, no outfit is complete without taking care of your men’s grooming essentials — who else needs that Knight Co. moisturizer in their medicine cabinet? At any rate, I hope this #OOTD gets you thinking when it comes to rugged fall style. Who’s ready for the season? I sure am!

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Fort Myers Festivities: Celebrating a Florida Christmas

Dressed for Christmas the Florida way. Printed shirt by Quiksilver. Chambray shorts by Canvas by Lands' End. Ripper Sneakers by Reef. Nautical 3-Hand Watch by Jack Mason. Glasses by Frameri.

Dressed for Christmas the Florida way. Printed shirt by Quiksilver. Chambray shorts by Canvas by Lands’ End. Ripper Sneakers by Reef. Nautical 3-Hand Watch by Jack Mason. Glasses by Frameri.

When the holiday season hits, I tend to think back to Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons spent in Michigan — who doesn’t love traditions of years gone by? With those memories in mind, it’s been a fun process the past three years to start new traditions in my parents’ adopted home of Fort Myers, and I always welcome the chance to escape the hustle and bustle of New York City for a warm and sunny Florida vacation. I traveled to Fort Myers last Christmas, and I get back every few months — including a recent visit for Thanksgiving — but it never gets old spending time in the sand and sun (especially when the alternative is dealing with a polar vortex in New York City).  Yes, the holiday season in Florida is always a treat, an adventure and a bit of a sight to behold — palm trees wrapped in Christmas lights looks a bit different. But it was great to be with family and friends, and I brought along as much stylish travel gear as I could pack.


Gear fit for Florida and NYC. Jack in Indigo Star Shirt by Taylor Stitch. Kinzie Jeans by Mugsy Jeans. Academia Chariot Sneakers by Brooks Heritage. Watch by Timex for J. Crew. Explorer’s Cap by Huckberry. Wallet by Brothers Leather.

Surviving a frigid day in New York City and capping that off with a flight to breezy Florida is no joke, so I wore gear that could stand up to both challenges (the rest, I packed in my trusty, durable Owen & Fred weekender bag — but you knew that, right?). Of course, my packing list looked a lot different than my winter weekend in Baltimore, but I stuck with the ever-versatile Taylor Stitch Jack in Indigo Star Shirt,for starters. It’s as reliable and well-fitting of a casual shirt you can buy, and it provided a nice bit of contrast to my light wash Kinzie Jeans — they’re the perfect travel denim from Mugsy Jeans.

For the day in NYC, I layered up with the heritage-inspired, ultra-comfortable Todd Snyder x Champion Pocket Sweatshirt, and accented the sporty sweatshirt with my comfortable and casual Brooks Academia Chariot Sneakers. They proved easy to slip on and off at the airport, and I’d wager they’ll work just as well for you the next time you travel. On the accessories front, I found my simple, effective (and unfortunately sold out!) Timex for J. Crew watch provided easygoing-yet-crisp travel style. And throughout my trip, I loved throwing on my vintage-inspired Huckberry Explorer’s Cap, a one-of-a-kind grey cotton flannel baseball cap with a navy felt “H” — for Huckberry, of course. So, that gear helped me make it to Florida in style — and it’s a good thing, as we had lots in store for Christmas weekend.

Looking out on a lovely day at Cayo Costa. Brando T-Shirt by Barking Irons. Swim Trunks by JackThreads. Gratton Sneakers by Fronteer. Expedition watch by Timex. Explorer's Cap by Huckberry. Runaway Aviators by MVMT Watches.

Looking out on a lovely day at Cayo Costa. Brando T-Shirt by Barking Irons. Swim Trunks by JackThreads. Gratton Sneakers by Fronteer. Expedition watch by Timex. Explorer’s Cap by Huckberry. Runaway Aviators by MVMT Watches.

Getting some quality time out and about on the Florida water was in order for an early Friday boat excursion through the waterways of Fort Myers, from Cayo Costa State Park to Cabbage Key — both scenic islands with ample beach space. I stuck with a combination of gear both new and old, starting with my durable-as-heck FRONTEER Super Gratton high-top sneakers. I wore them on my last Florida trip and found they provided comfort and serious durability. A breathable, vintage-inspired Barking Irons Brando G.I. T-Shirt, courtesy of the New York-based design and apparel company, helped me stay cool on the water. Inspired by infantry T-shirts from the Vietnam era, the little details — like the scalloped hem and raised sleeves — make it a great pick-up. Of course, my JackThreads Swim Trunks were just as needed for the day, with their trim fit and neutral navy color. And my crisp, classic Timex Expedition field watch  on a tough black NATO strap held up more than fine, as did my MVMT Watches Runaway Aviators and my stylish — yet adventure-ready — Huckberry Explorer’s Cap.

With a day of exploration behind us and Christmas Eve ahead, it was time to look to the weekend. I did so with a mix of pieces both tropical-inspired — like my Quiksilver Sunset Tunnels Shirt — and my Canvas by Lands’ End shorts. Those pieces worked easily for a nice Christmas Eve dinner and some much-needed time in the sun. It felt slightly odd to not be bundled up on Christmas Eve as in past years, but some subtly stylish, comfortable black canvas Reef Ripper Sneakers helped me navigate the day in style, as did my Jack Mason Nautical 3-Hand Watch on a warm weather-friendly blue perlon strap. The watch, like the black canvas sneakers, proved just as stylish for exploring sunny Fort Myers as it did for grabbing a few brews and enjoy my family’s traditions — a classic Christmas Eve film and a reading of “The Night Before Christmas.” Doesn’t get much better, ehh?

An amazing Christmas featuring some great men's style essentials (of course. Vintage-style cotton sweater by Hillflint. Book by Esquire. Chocolate by Toblerone.

An amazing Christmas featuring some great men’s style essentials (of course. Vintage-style cotton sweater by Hillflint. Book by Esquire. Chocolate by Toblerone.

With a delicious Christmas Eve dinner complete, I went to bed with visions of my #menswear wish list dancing in my head (indulge me, will you?).  I hope you were able to come through with key shopping pick-ups of your own, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed with what Santa left me under the tree this year. I was really lucky to get an amazing vintage Michigan State sweater from Hillflint — it’s a super-premium cotton knit piece that I’ll look forward to wearing on Saturday fall trips back to East Lansing and chilly weekends in NYC alike. I’m also looking forward to breaking out an amazingly high-quality Todd Snyder White Label dress shirt for New Year’s Eve, and I’ll be reminding myself of proper dress etiquette with Esquire’s “New Rules for Men,” a fun, informative and quick-hitting feature from the fantastic pages of the essential Hearst publication. I also snagged a great Ticketmaster gift card from Santa — so you can expect more live music and menswear in the coming year on the blog!  Needless to say, I’m definitely a fan of the Christmas season, and I’m very thankful for such a great day!


Comfortable, crisp style essentials. Chambray shirt by Old Navy. Alpha Stretch Khakis by Dockers. Academia Chariot Sneakers by Brooks Heritage. Waterbury Chrono by Timex x Red Wing. Explorer’s Cap by Huckberry. 810 Wallet by Brothers Leather.

Given the need to put together a stylish New Year’s Eve outfit — not to mention those crucial menswear resolutions — I’m sure plenty of this gear will more than come in handy in the weeks ahead. Even moreso than those stellar gifts, it was a day that made me feel very lucky and grateful to spend it with my amazing family — that’s my true takeaway from this Florida trip (and of course, the added #menswear goodies will make it a bit hard to pack up for my flight home).  So with an overstuffed duffel bag packed for later this week, I reached for sharp essentials for another day today in Florida, starting with a classic Old Navy chambray shirt — casual but still crisp. And my Flint and Tinder Pocket T-Shirt proved a comfortable base layer. Because great style doesn’t stop with your top half, I reached for my slim-fitting, easily wearable Dockers Alpha Stretch Khakis and my  Brooks Academia Chariot Sneakers. When the occasion calls for simple style, I’d wager you’ll do just fine with similarly versatile, do-everything pieces like a classic chambray shirt and chinos.

So, what’s on the docket for the rest of the week? Definitely some rest, some reflection before 2017 and yes, plenty of planning for a stylish New Year’s Eve in New York City. You can stay tuned for business as usual tomorrow, starting with a winter style #OOTD, and continuing right on through to what to wear to ring in the new year via Wednesday’s style suggestion. Oh, and if you didn’t enter last week’s men’s lifestyle giveaway, do so before the 28th to win a Dick’s Sporting Goods gift card and get a jump on those fitness goals. At any rate, thanks so much for reading along — I hope you’ve had a stellar holiday season, and I hope you’re ready for lots more menswear on The Style Guide. Thanks, as always, for reading!


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#OOTD: How to Dress for a Spring Bar Crawl

Editor’s note: You’ve surely seen this hashtag lots of different places, including on Instagram. But how does that carry over to real life? The #OOTD series will take one great item and put together a versatile, stylish outfit around it. Look for past features here.

Now that spring is here in earnest (at least a little bit), maybe those invitations to outdoor get-together (the best kind after a long winter) are starting to trickle in. If you’re like this #menswear writer, you might enjoy a cold beverage or two on a patio as things to start to warm up, and those sorts of things just go well with some nice barbecue or a burger. Even if Memorial Day and the true start of summer is a ways off, it never hurts to have gear on hand for these sorts of situations (that goes for beer, as well). We’re taking a scenario that’s more laidback and adding a bit of class through some key style details, like a sturdy jacket and some natural, garment-dyed jeans — both slight upgrades from the athletic windbreaker and baggy denim others might pick in a situation like this (to each their own, though!). Check out this casual, relaxed (but not sloppy!) take on a spring-ready outfit, and let me know how you like it over at The Style Guide Facebook page.

A casual, laidback mix of color and texture -- with a few vintage style touches thrown in.

A casual, laidback mix of color and texture — with a few vintage style touches thrown in.

The Jacket: J. Crew Mechanic Field Jacket in Navy, $198 — While any of a number of spring jackets might also be acceptable here, there’s something rugged and classic about a tough field jacket for tossing back a beer or two (if that’s your thing).

The Shirt: Mack Weldon Pima V-neck in Deep Lichen Green, $32 — Mack Weldon’s tees are slim, soft and well-crafted; in this case, the olive color plays very well off the dark navy of the field coat.

The Jeans: JackThreads Slim Natural Garment-Dyed Denim, $59 — If ever you felt like stepping away from rugged dark denim for something lightweight and spring-inspired, this is the pair for you. The slim fit should be on point, as well.

The Sneakers: GREATS Royale in Graphite Suede, $159 — Just like natural-colored denim, suede is a material that’s particularly at home during spring (especially in crisp sneakers that can be dressed up or down).

The Socks: J. Crew Factory No-Show Socks, $7 — We’re sticking with no-show socks here to really get into the spirit of spring — plus, some slim denim practically begs to be cuffed or rolled to show off those sneakers.

The Belt: Perry Ellis Navy Webbed Belt, $17.99 — So in this instance, does the belt match the shoes? No, sir. But, this is a casual situation — and crucially, the navy color and webbed texture play nicely off the rugged jacket and garment-dyed denim.

The Watch: Stuhrling Aquadiver Manta Ray Watch, $49.99 — For the rugged quality of this watch, there might not be a better value on the market. Also featured in this site’s post on what to wear for the NCAA tourney.

The Cap: Ebbets Field Flannels Bustin’ Babes 1927 Ballcap, $39 — Nearly $40 is quite the splurge for a cap, but this piece is a great conversation starter and it complements the vintage look of the field jacket. Call it a decided upgrade over a plain athletic logo hat. And if you’re not into hats, this outfit should look just fine without it.

We’ve talked a lot (I mean, a lot) about style upgrades on this blog, and for good reason. When you approach a more casual situation like a barbecue or beer (I mean, bar) crawl with an eye toward style, it helps. And coming from a guy who loves menswear, it’s always nice to be able to combine some unexpected colors — navy, olive, charcoal and a natural garment dye — in an unexpected way. Plus, the combination of easygoing layers and durable casual essentials (like that rubber-strap watch or the vintage ballcap) should come in handy throughout tons of other spring style scenarios.

What’s your take? Is this outfit fit for tossing a few back?

Online Shopping Picks: Versatile Men’s Watches On A Budget

A Timex Ameritus Sport watch with a No. 8 Chromexcel Horween leather band from Form-Function-Form, a recent addition to the personal collection.

A Timex Ameritus Sport watch with a No. 8 Chromexcel Horween leather band from Form-Function-Form, a recent addition to the personal collection.

Across the past few weeks, I’ve gotten questions from some of y’all out there (thanks for reaching out, by the way!) on stylish budget picks for all manner of things, from weekender bags to blazers. That area also includes watches — and watch shopping can be a bit tricky. If you’re like me and really into watches but don’t want to drop, oh, nearly $20,000 on one watch, there’s actually quite a lot you can do.  The picks below encompass watch styles that would work with lots of different outfits, although they skew towards varieties that don’t require matching the leather of your watch strap to your belt and shoes, conversely. There’s also not necessarily preference given to automatic versus quartz watches – leave that to the watch snobs. Check out them out below and let me know your thoughts!

#1. Invicta 8926 Pro Diver — $85.27 

An up-close look at a versatile timepiece, the Invicta 8926 Pro Diver. Cardigan by Todd Snyder.

An up-close look at a versatile timepiece, the Invicta 8926 Pro Diver. Cardigan by Todd Snyder.

That’s an up-close look above at an outstanding watch for the price. The Invicta 8926 Pro Diver has more than shades of a Rolex Submariner, yes, but for a vast amount less. Some people aren’t into watches that pay homage to more famous and iconic styles, but there’s no denying that the strong black face and crisp silver numerals around the bezel are a great look. This watch is dressy yet durable, fit for casual wear (think a white henley and jeans) and at the same time sharp.

#2. Orient Black Ray Automatic Dive Watch — $135

$135 for a slightly faster loooking, durable dive watch.

$135 for a slightly faster loooking, durable dive watch.

This second watch keeps things in the stainless steel-silver links-black dial category yet there’s something just a bit different about it. Maybe it’s the shape of the numerals on the bezel or the pointed red arrow on the seconds hand, but it feels a little faster and sleeker. The price jumps up a bit in comparison to Invicta’s diver, but plenty have praised Orient for the quality-to-price ratio. This watch is again, durable-looking but plenty fine for wearing with a suit on one end, and with shorts and a T-shirt on the other.

#3. Stuhrling Original Classic Ascot Stainless Steel Watch — $70

The numerals are swapped for slim lines around the dial.

The numerals are swapped for slim lines around the dial.

While the first two options bring a nice dressy-casual combo, the Stuhrling watch pictured here leans a touch more dressy thanks to the absence of numerals on the dial. Stuhrling’s watches are a nice price for the quality, although I don’t have personal experience with any of their dive watches. The diameter is a shade larger than the Orient Black Ray, but at 42 mm, this should still work with everything on up from a chambray shirt to a suit.

#4. Breda Stephen Watch — $39.50

From JackThreads — that brown-black combo just works with watches.

From JackThreads — that brown-black combo just works with watches.

This pick could be one of the more controversial on here — it’s not a stainless steel diver, so that requires going with brown dress shoes when the time calls for it, it’s not from a tremendously well-known brand, and it’s not incredibly dressy either. But let’s say you’re on a budget and don’t have the need or desire to wear a stainless steel diver — well, here you go. It’s more of a business-casual option thanks to the large numbers at 12, 3, 6 and 9, but it could also pair with a blazer-khaki chinos combo in a pinch (Note that the Timex Easy Reader would also be a good pick here).

#5. Timex Weekender with Slip-Thru Strap — $36

The Timex Weekender — customize it any which way you please.

The Timex Weekender — customize it any which way you please.

Again, this is another option that won’t necessarily fit for everybody — it’s a great casual watch and could see lots of duty on the weekends but isn’t nearly as versatile during the week. However, if that’s what your lifestyle calls for and you’d like a watch that’s simple but not sloppy, this is the one. The Timex Weekender can be customized with all different types of strap options, including floral paisley patterns if you’re feeling bold.  And some lovely leather strap options are also available from Form-Function-Form if you need a slightly more polished look.

When putting together a list like this, there are simply too many to go through to include everything — some honorable mention picks include Skagen’s exceptionally clean and modern Steel Mesh Watch, the Classic Ascot Agent from Stuhrling, the Timex Easy Reader mentioned above, and the Men’s 5 Automatic Watch from Seiko (needed some variety in there, ya dig?). You can also Shop New Arrivals Up to 84% off + Free Delivery via The Watchery here!

What are your thoughts on this list? What’s one versatile watch every guy should have?

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