The Thursday Buy: The New Shinola Runwell Grey Watch is one of the Coolest Timepieces on the Market

Best leather watch for men.

For as important as it is to stock your full rotation of menswear essentials for spring — like the best rain jacket, for instance — it’s also crucial to make sure your accessories are on-point, like seeking out one of the best leather watches for men. No outfit is complete without the little details (word on the street is that folks notice both the watch on your wrist and your shoes first), so why not invest in the best with a rugged new Shinola men’s watch? Sounds pretty ideal, right? Don’t you and I both know it. I’ve talked plenty on the blog about the rugged appeal and timeless style points of the Shinola Runwell and other styles — like the hard-wearing, weather-ready Shinola Duck Watch, too — but there’s something a bit different about the Shinola Runwell 47mm in Matte Gray.

The 47mm case diameter, for starters, is a bold and tough Shinola favorite, the kind that might be too big on some wrists but sits nicely on others (remember, they also make the Shinola Runwell 41mm). This new edition of the Shinola Runwell can certainly take a few dings, but it’s the gunmetal PVD brushed case finish that takes it to the next level in terms of durability and eye-catching style. Trust me, your watch collection needs both, and the Shinola Runwell 47mm in Matte Gray delivers.

Best everyday leather watch for men.

The Shinola Runwell 47mm in Matte Gray features other useful, Shinola-esque details, like a handsome bit of contrast between the black dial, crisp white markings and the vibrant Shinola logo detailing (again, it’s the little things that make a big difference). There’s a helpful sub-dial and within that tough watch case, the Shinola Runwell 47mm in Matte Gray is powered by the brand’s Argonite 1609 quartz movement. Quartz is a less expensive movement in the watch world, but that’s what helps make the Shinola Runwell 47mm in Matte Gray such a steal anyways — it looks like a much more expensive watch, but is priced reasonably at $675. That’s part of who Shinola is as a brand: Making some of the best men’s watches at agreeable prices, packed with plenty of style details. Yes indeed, the Shinola Runwell 47mm in Matte Gray is next on my wish list when it comes to the best watches for men.

To finish things off, the brand places the Shinola Runwell 47mm in Matte Gray on a remarkable whiskey cordovan leather strap. That contrast between black and brown just works handsomely, giving you the option to wear your new favorite watch with rugged, durable leather boots, indigo blue jeans and one of the best men’s henleys, or with stretch washed chinos and a classic Oxford shirt back at the office. Any way you wear the Shinola Runwell 47mm in Matte Gray, it’s going to come through in matters of both style and precise timekeeping. Go forth and add it to your collection, my friends.

The Sunday Sale: This Rugged Outdoor Watch is 20 Percent Off at Huckberry Right Now

Marathon Watch WW194026 Swiss Made Military Diver's Automatic Medium Size  Watch with Tritium (36mm, Rubber Strap) : Marathon: Watches

There are certain deals that seem too good to pass up, especially when it comes to scoring a discount on one of the best men’s watches — that’s why you’ve got to see it to believe it yourself in the Huckberry Sale Section. The deal in question? I’m glad you asked, as it’s yet another fitting entry when it comes to the best menswear deals of the moment. Right now, you can take 20 percent off the Marathon MSAR Automatic Watch via the always well-stocked, covetable and seriously cool Huckberry Sale Section. That 20 percent discount (as of the time of this writing, at least) brings the watch down in price to about $840, from its previously lofty retail price of $1,050. So, that price drop now makes it one of the best men’s watches under $1,000, does it not? I’d have to say so, and I hope you feel the same way.

It’s the specs on the Marathon MSAR Automatic Watch that make it so impressive and downright essential if you need one of the best men’s adventure watches. The case on the Marathon MSAR Automatic Watch is sized at 36mm, a more old-school touch that ensures it’s not too cumbersome to wear on your wrist. And the Marathon MSAR Automatic Watch features a tough stainless steel case and a hard-wearing sapphire crystal dome on the dial. As to the dial itself, it’s easily legible in adverse conditions thanks to MaraGlo paint on those dial markings. And as Huckberry says, thanks to its “robust construction,” the Marathon MSAR Automatic Watch is water-resistant all the way down to 300 meters. It’s one of the hardest-working, toughest watches on the market (complete with a ready-for-anything silicone rubber strap), so you’d do well to add the Marathon MSAR Automatic Watch to your watch collection right now at 20 percent off. Happy shopping — thank me later, my friends.

Online Shopping Picks: The Best Men’s Leather Watches To Buy Now

Whereas recent online shopping picks entries have covered everything from the best men’s home goods ¬†to smaller accessories like the best gloves to buy for winter,¬† we’re going back to basics today and telling you all about an everyday essential. That is, we’re shifting gears to something that should likely be a part of your daily style ensemble — a great leather watch. We’ve taken a deep dive with rugged casual watches and stylish dive watches, but a simple, sharp leather watch can — and likely should — become an easy-to-wear, everyday go-to in your rotation. Even if you don’t consider yourself a watch aficionado, adding a crisp leather watch to a simple outfit — say, a classic chambray shirt and dark denim — can add visual interest, subtle style and a sense of purpose (notice how more folks use their phone to check the time than a watch?). At any rate, we’re focused on affordability, classic looks and wearability when it comes to today’s #menswear picks. Shop away, chime in on Facebook and follow yours truly on Instagram for a¬†look at how I wear my favorite watches.

#1. Shinola Runwell Watch —¬†$550

A clean, simple and versatile watch worthy of an investment.

A clean, simple and versatile watch worthy of an investment.

Let’s call this “the watch that started it all” — at least for this menswear writer. It’s tough to argue with Shinola’s crisp, classic and durable approach to watch construction — even if some oppose the brand’s marketing practices — but make no mistake, you’re buying quality when you buy a Shinola timepiece.¬† In fact, this very watch made a past men’s style holiday wish list on this site, and it’s still a coveted timepiece. Anyone out there have any experience with Shinola?

#2. Orient Bambino Second Generation Watch — $198.98

Orient Bambino

Super-sharp, classic and easy to wear with just about anything.

Whereas the Shinola Runwell leans more casual, the Orient Bambino Second Generation ¬†is all dressy, refined and crisp style. With a textured leather strap, a just-right 40.5mm case diameter and minimal dial markings, it’s the watch you’ll want to wear with your best tailored suit this winter, and then slim stone chinos and stylish suede Chelsea boots come spring. In fact, the refined, sharp aesthetic means it’ll class up even a T-shirt¬†and denim¬†— give it a shot sometime in place of a more casual rubber strap watch.

#3. Seiko Dive Watch — $319.98


A leather watch that can pull double duty at the office and on the weekend.

Leave it to Huckberry to offer up a versatile, tough dive watch with not one, but two strap options (suede leather from Lum-Tec and a rubber strap option). In an eye-catching red-and-blue color combo, the 40mm case diameter hits the sweet spot for those of us with larger or smaller wrists. The option to switch up the straps means this timepiece will work just as stylishly at the office with the leather option as it will with high-top sneakers and a classic crewneck sweater as you swap in the rubber strap. Two for the price of one, ya dig?

NOV CAMPAIGN: Photo of brown boots with logo (no border)

#4. MVMT Watches The 40 in Blue/Brown Leather —¬†$120

A clean watch with an eye-catching dial-and-strap combination.

A clean watch with an eye-catching dial-and-strap combination.

The folks at MVMT Watches make essential, no-frills watches fit for situations both casual and dressy — and that makes ’em a Style Guide favorite. If you saw our January 2016 MVMT Watches product review, perhaps you’re already acquainted with the brand’s classic 40 Series. If not, consider this a great introduction. The¬† brown leather strap and blue dial are a study in handsome contrasts, and the relatively slim case means this is a great watch to offset everything from a tailored navy suit to a classic blue Oxford this winter — and well beyond.

#5. Linjer The Minimalist — $224.98

Clean, essential and unique. Everything you could want in a nice leather watch.

Clean, essential and unique. Everything you could want in a nice leather watch.

If you’ll recall, this site reviewed a sharp Linjer Leather Goods wallet all the way back in 2015 — the brand has certainly grown quite a lot since then, including its introduction last year of crisp, sleek watches.¬† In particular, the brand’s Minimalist Watch¬†solidifies its place on this list, what with its super-sharp looks and a very clean dial. This is certainly¬†a dress watch for any and all occasions, but again, the crisp design means you can wear it casually with dressed-down ensembles. And hey, you need a watch to offset your Linjer wallet, right?

Honorable Mention: Form-Function-Form Horween Leather Timex Fairfield — $98


A recent introduction from Timex meets a classic, tough leather strap.

If you’re looking to upgrade your watch collection on a budget, you’re going to want to check out this honorable mention. It’s comin’ at ya from our pals at Form-Function-Form and Timex — in particular, the Form-Function-Form team knows how to make a sturdy, handsome leather strap to reliably complement any watch. And when that watch happens to be a clean timepiece like the Fairfield, that’s all the better. It’s been refreshing to see Timex update its designs as of late, and the result is a surefire winner that looks great and pairs well with picks like a slim cardigan and dark denim.

That’s a wrap on today’s online shopping picks, folks. Which of the above watches are you thinking of adding to your collection? If you’re looking for sharp versatility, a pick like Linjer’s The Minimalist is tough to beat. On the more rugged end of the spectrum, Seiko packs plenty of functionality and eye-catching design into its timeless Seiko Dive Watch, while perennial Style Guide favorites MVMT Watches serve up go-anywhere style with the brand’s 40 Series. Hopefully, you’ve found these picks affordable and stylish — right? Shop on, stock up and see you out there.

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The Product Review: MVMT Watches Brown Leather Watch

Editor’s note: For product reviews on outerwear, shirting, accessories and¬†beyond, click here. Portions of this article use affiliate links, from which a small commission might be earned. The Style Guide only recommends and reviews products its editor loves and wears regularly.

A sharp blue dial and crisp markings make this MVMT Watches timepiece a keeper.

A sharp blue dial and crisp markings make this MVMT Watches timepiece a keeper.

The finishing touch that a watch can bring to an outfit is one of the small pleasures of the menswear world, in my mind. Throwing on a reliable and stylish timepiece day after day can become a nice sort of repetition — on days I’m not wearing a watch, it feels a bit like I’ve lost my totem.¬†Whether that’s the case for you¬†and you find yourself with a growing watch collection, or you’re just diving into the world of watches, looking for style and versatility with a budget in mind won’t let you down. Luckily for both¬†the novice and experienced watch enthusiasts¬†among us, a growing group of companies are riding¬†the digital #menswear wave to put out watches that are stylish, affordable and reasonably well-crafted. Now, you won’t be getting a Patek Philipe from some of these brands, but that’s not what we’re going for. And among that set of brands producing sharp watches at excellent prices, MVMT Watches stands out.

The brand offers a variety of styles, including its simple-yet-slightly futuristic Classic line, and a series of Chrono watches that are a little more eyecatching — but the real pieces of interest (at least to yours truly)¬†come from its 40 Series. The dials in the collection lean dressier thanks to the slim silver¬†seconds markers, and the combinations — from rose gold plus brown leather to a silver dial with brown leather¬†— are refined and yet easily wearable. With that being said, the brand was a new one for me before they reached out and were kind enough to offer this watch for review. I was admittedly a bit skeptical having not heard much about them (although their Instagram following is substantial).¬†But after rocking The 40 – Silver/Brown Leather for the past month or so, I can safely recommend it as a bargain pick-up that wears a heck of a lot nicer.

The storage case is also a nice added touch from MVMT Watches.

The storage case is also a nice added touch from MVMT Watches.

The first standout quality about this watch is the color of that dial — I was initially a bit worried at how much I’d be able to wear a watch with a¬†blue dial (we all know how much I love blue). But the rich dark brown leather of the strap, plus the slightly toned-down silver case markings, make this watch more versatile than, say, a blue strap and contrasting¬†red¬†dial markings might make it. In short, I’ve paired it as a complement to dark denim and navy chinos, and I’ve even paired it up alongside navy suede boots. So when worn in the right situation, it can add a nice complement to ensembles that at first glance might not work. And it’s to the credit of this watch that the durability surprised me even more than the style potential.

The blue dial lends itself surprisingly well to pairing with rich style staples like tan Chelsea boots (from ASOS) and an elbow-patch sweater (from JACHS NY).

The blue dial lends itself surprisingly well to pairing with rich style staples like tan Chelsea boots (from ASOS) and an elbow-patch sweater (from JACHS NY).

The great thing about this watch is that the dial should hit the sweet spot for a¬†lot of us — similar to a¬† brand like Daniel Wellington,¬†a 40mm case diameter is decently¬†big enough so as not to look too small on a larger wrist, and it does just fine in terms of standing out on a small-to-medium size wrist (who knew wrist size would come up so frequently here?).¬† That’s where The 40 – Silver/Brown Leather falls on this spectrum, and it’s built to be worn with everything from suit trousers to a striped henley and cardigan.¬†Crucially, the silver-plated¬†stainless steel case feels fairly durable when wearing it, too — this isn’t a watch that feels too light on your wrist, or as if it can’t take a¬†bump or two. Now, this isn’t a rugged dive watch, but the case is certainly thicker than a Daniel Wellington timepiece.

Another must-have when starting the day, besides a great watch -- delicious coffee! Brew shown here by Blue Bottle.

Another must-have when starting the day, besides a great watch — delicious coffee! Brew shown here by Blue Bottle.

That extra thickness helps it wear a little more casual than a standard dress watch (although DW’s watches can be dressed down, too).¬†The dark brown genuine leather strap doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy, and it’s worn pretty solidly throughout the past month — again, that’s a positive for the price. And if you’re the type who doesn’t like the “tick, tick” sound you get with some other watches (lookin’ at ya, Timex), rest assured, the 40 in Blue/Brown Leather¬†runs smoothly. It’s also water-resistant, so that should add another layer of protection to this watch. As far as other details, it boasts a quick-release feature at the buckle for the brown leather strap, so a new NATO strap¬†could be swapped in with ease.
The final selling point with this timepiece revolves around, as it seemingly always does — price! MVMT isn’t charging an arm and a leg (or a couple wrists) by any means. While this isn’t Timex-level pricing, $120 is still an excellent price for a watch that can carry you through at least three or four different outfits a week (as I’ve found) — and that goes for sharp situations that call for Chelsea boots (as seen above), to more casual weekend days. A blue dial could be an interesting style plunge to take if you’re just getting into watches, but it could definitely pave the way for future purchases if you wear this timepiece with confidence. And that’s what a great watch should ultimately give you at the end of the day — confidence. And oh yeah — the power to be on time to that lunch meeting.

What do you think of MVMT Watches? Would you consider buying a blue-dial watch?

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Style Pick of the Week: Alberta Watches

Editor’s note: Expect these posts weekly detailing one standout item coveted by yours truly. Sometimes, these fit within budgetary restrictions and other times, they’re expensive splurges worth saving for. For more Wish List items from Beau, head here, and to see other Style Picks, head here.

Your choice of a lovely blue or deep green dial (with black or brown leather strap), plus a classic field watch design from the newly launched Alberta Watches.

Your choice of a lovely blue or deep green dial (with black or brown leather strap), plus a classic field watch design from the newly launched Alberta Watches.

If you read any of my work over at VOUCH Mag, you might recognize this week’s Style Pick of the Week. While past Style Pick entries have run the gamut from American-made henleys to drool-worthy knit trousers , there’s something that’s simply too good to pass up about an affordably priced watch. And that’s exactly what Alberta Watches is offering with its newly launched Kickstarter campaign. The brand, inspired by the Canadian wilds and launched by former product designer Leo Josephy, is delivering classic field watches starting at just $58. That’s right … $58 (but for a limited time!). Funding spots at the low, low early bird price of $47 already filled up via the Kickstarter campaign, (which has quickly shot past its funding goal), but¬†the standard price of $65¬†for one watch is stellar, too. Throw in your choice of a black or brown leather strap and either a vibrant blue or deep green dial, and you’ve absolutely got a winning combination.

An up-close look at the handmade Horween leather strap that's also an option through the Kickstarter campaign. Photo courtesy of Alberta Watches.

An up-close look at the handmade Horween leather strap that’s also an option through the Kickstarter campaign. Photo courtesy of Alberta Watches.

Ben Sherman US

Get in on this while it lasts, because these watches feature a just-right 41mm diameter, mineral glass crystal and a¬†Japanese Miyota movement. The option to swap in a Horween leather strap handmade by a master saddlemaker¬†in Calgary, Alberta sweetens the deal, too. Note that the early bird Kickstarter price of $76 gets you the Horween leather strap, with a standard price of $95 thereafter. So at the most, under the century mark for a beautifully produced watch (set for production in the same factory that handles Bulova timepieces).¬† While it’s essential to match your watch leather to your¬†belt and shoes in dressier situations, this is one watch that could wear just as easily with a crisp pocket T-shirt and shorts as it could with a blazer and khaki chinos.¬†The difficult part about funding this campaign will be the waiting — delivery date is slated for October 2015 — but this is one watch I’ve got on my hot list now.

Would you fund this Kickstarter campaign? What are your thoughts on the design and construction of these watches?

Ernest Alexander

Online Shopping Picks: Versatile Men’s Watches On A Budget

A Timex Ameritus Sport watch with a No. 8 Chromexcel Horween leather band from Form-Function-Form, a recent addition to the personal collection.

A Timex Ameritus Sport watch with a No. 8 Chromexcel Horween leather band from Form-Function-Form, a recent addition to the personal collection.

Across the past few weeks, I’ve gotten questions from some of y’all out there (thanks for reaching out, by the way!) on stylish budget picks for all manner of things, from weekender bags to blazers. That area also includes watches ‚ÄĒ and watch shopping can be a bit tricky. If you’re like me and really into watches¬†but don’t want to drop, oh, nearly $20,000 on one watch, there’s actually quite a lot you can do. ¬†The picks below encompass watch styles that would work with lots of different outfits, although they skew towards varieties that don’t require matching the leather of your watch strap to your belt and shoes, conversely. There’s also not necessarily preference given to automatic versus quartz watches ‚Äď leave that to the watch snobs. Check out them out below and let me know your thoughts!

#1. Invicta 8926 Pro Diver ‚ÄĒ $85.27¬†

An up-close look at a versatile timepiece, the Invicta 8926 Pro Diver. Cardigan by Todd Snyder.

An up-close look at a versatile timepiece, the Invicta 8926 Pro Diver. Cardigan by Todd Snyder.

That’s an up-close look above at an outstanding watch for the price. The Invicta 8926 Pro Diver has more than shades of a Rolex Submariner, yes, but for a vast amount less. Some people aren’t into watches that pay homage to more famous and iconic styles, but there’s no denying that the strong black face and crisp silver numerals around the bezel are a great look. This watch is dressy yet durable, fit for casual wear (think a white henley and jeans) and at the same time sharp.

#2. Orient Black Ray Automatic Dive Watch ‚ÄĒ $135

$135 for a slightly faster loooking, durable dive watch.

$135 for a slightly faster loooking, durable dive watch.

This second watch keeps things in the stainless steel-silver links-black dial category yet there’s something just a bit different about it. Maybe it’s the shape of the numerals on the bezel or the pointed red arrow on the seconds hand, but it feels a little faster and sleeker. The price jumps up a bit in comparison to Invicta’s diver, but plenty have praised Orient for the quality-to-price ratio. This watch is again, durable-looking but plenty fine for wearing with a suit on one end, and with shorts and a T-shirt on the other.

#3. Stuhrling Original Classic Ascot Stainless Steel Watch ‚ÄĒ $70

The numerals are swapped for slim lines around the dial.

The numerals are swapped for slim lines around the dial.

While the first two options bring a nice dressy-casual combo, the Stuhrling watch pictured here leans a touch more dressy thanks to the absence of numerals on the dial. Stuhrling’s watches are a nice price for the¬†quality, although I don’t have personal experience with any of their dive watches. The diameter is a shade larger than the Orient Black Ray, but at 42 mm, this should still work with everything on up from a chambray shirt to a suit.

#4. Breda Stephen Watch ‚ÄĒ $39.50

From JackThreads ‚ÄĒ that brown-black combo just works with watches.

From JackThreads ‚ÄĒ that brown-black combo just works with watches.

This pick could be one of the more controversial on here ‚ÄĒ it’s not a stainless steel diver, so that requires going with brown dress shoes when the time calls for it, it’s not from a tremendously well-known brand, and it’s not incredibly dressy either. But let’s say you’re on a budget and don’t have the need or desire to wear a stainless steel diver ‚ÄĒ well, here you go. It’s more of a business-casual option thanks to the large numbers at 12, 3, 6 and 9, but it could also pair with a blazer-khaki chinos combo in a pinch (Note that the Timex Easy Reader would also be a good pick here).

#5. Timex Weekender with Slip-Thru Strap ‚ÄĒ $36

The Timex Weekender ‚ÄĒ customize it any which way you please.

The Timex Weekender ‚ÄĒ customize it any which way you please.

Again, this is another option that won’t necessarily fit for everybody ‚ÄĒ it’s a great casual watch and could see lots of duty on the weekends but isn’t nearly as versatile during the week. However, if that’s what your lifestyle calls for and you’d like a watch that’s simple but not sloppy, this is the one. The Timex Weekender¬†can be customized with all different types of strap options, including floral paisley patterns if you’re feeling bold. ¬†And some lovely leather strap options are also available from Form-Function-Form if you need a slightly more polished look.

When putting together a list like this, there are simply too many to go through to include everything ‚ÄĒ some honorable mention picks include Skagen’s exceptionally clean and modern Steel Mesh Watch, the Classic Ascot Agent from Stuhrling,¬†the Timex Easy Reader mentioned above, and the Men’s 5 Automatic Watch from Seiko¬†(needed some variety in there, ya dig?). You can also Shop New Arrivals Up to 84% off + Free Delivery via The Watchery here!

What are your thoughts on this list? What’s one versatile watch every guy should have?

The Watchery