The Thursday Buy: The Huckberry x Coors Collection Is the Coolest Summer Menswear Collab to Shop Now

Coors x Huckberry summer menswear

Some menswear partnerships just make so much sense, it’s a wonder they haven’t always existed in some form — like the Huckberry x Coors menswear capsule that just dropped, which just so happens to be one of the coolest style collabs of the moment. It’s a thoughtfully designed, well-made collection of truly classic summer style essentials, the kind of pieces that look timeless, wear well and get better with age. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the good folks at rugged gear purveyors Huckberry know plenty about durable gear, adventures on and off the grid, and of course, capping it all off with an ice-cold beer or two.

Shop Huckberry x Coors gear right now

A collection worthy of a toast

Now, what precisely awaits you out there as you shop the Huckberry x Coors capsule and nod to the time-honored tradition of sipping on an ice-cold Coors Banquet with your friends and family? Plenty is in store for the guy who appreciates gear that looks great and gets the job done — even if that job just so happens to be refilling the cooler with icy Coors.

Huckberry x Coors Summer 2022 Collection

The Huckberry x Coors capsule features everything from throwback-inspired patch logo trucker hats to cool-as-can-be Western shirts (note the Coors detailing on these rugged shirts from the Huckberry x Coors collab, for instance). Plus, the lineup of ringer tees — also suitably vintage-inspired — rounds out the Huckberry x Coors partnership quite nicely this summer. The next time you want to grab a cold one, make it a Coors, naturally — and make sure you’re rocking gear from the Huckberry x Coors capsule, my friends.

See Now, Buy Now: The Buck Mason Campus Knit Oxford is Your Most Reliable Summer Shirt

Best Oxford shirt for men.

The best menswear essentials often have a little more to them than meets the eye, a fact you assuredly know if you’ve read the blog on the regular — and a fact you know if you regularly shop the timeless Americana menswear being produced by the good folks at Buck Mason. Take the Oxford shirt. So named for the Oxford cloth that originally produced the style Across the Pond, the Oxford shirt is a prep staple and now, a Swiss Army Knife you can dress up or dress down, even in the summer months — and my friends, this is where the Buck Mason Campus Knit Oxford is ready to step right up and join your wardrobe.

Hopefully, you’ve already ramped up your summer wardrobe with other Buck Mason style picks, like the famed Buck Mason Twill Officer’s Chinos, another modern-meets-classic style upgrade. If you’re still looking for that ideal shirt to wear from the summer into early fall (yes, it’s on the way!), then the Buck Mason Campus Knit Oxford is going to check off more than a few boxes. Let’s count the ways, yes?

Best men's Oxford shirt.

The kicker with the Buck Mason Campus Knit Oxford is both the inspiration and the fabric itself — here, Buck Mason has taken design cues from vintage shirting by using a textured 7oz. yarn-dyed cotton for some nice depth and visual interest, plus an all-season weight.

In short, you can wear the Buck Mason Campus Knit Oxford with everything from stretch chino shorts in the heat of summer to, well, the aforementioned Buck Mason Twill Officer’s Chinos in the fall and winter (layered accordingly, naturally). For now though, make the Buck Mason Campus Knit Oxford a part of your regular summer style rotation, my friends.

The Tuesday Steal: Save 20 Percent on the Best Lightweight Sweater From Taylor Stitch

Best lightweight sweater for men.

Although we’re currently in the throes of a heat wave (at least in my neck of the woods), there’s some relief in sight — at least, there’s relief in sight as some very, very early fall menswear picks start to pop up online here and there. I’m of the opinion that it’s never too early to start preparing for the best season in menswear, hence today’s critical Tuesday Steal: One of the best lightweight sweaters, currently up for grabs via an early pre-funding deal in the Taylor Stitch Workshop.

If you’ve read the blog over the years, you know that San Francisco-based Taylor Stitch is a consistent favorite of the blog, offering up a variety of the very best menswear — shirting, blazers, sweaters, chinos, you name it — that toes the line between classic and modern quite easily and stylish. And that’s where the Taylor Stitch Hugo Sweater comes into play, and it’s up for pre-funding right now for 20 percent off.

The real key here is the use of 100 percent cotton in an alternating weave — as seen above — which gives it some pleasing texture and makes it easy to retain its shape, thanks to the ribbed collar and cuffs. On that note: Trust me, you’re going to want to wear the Taylor Stitch Hugo Sweater plenty this fall, be it with Taylor Stitch selvedge denim or stylish, trim Taylor Stitch chinos.

Here’s another key to keep in mind: You’ll have to wait until October to get your hands on one of the best lightweight sweaters for men, but with its versatile color, distinctive stitching and wear-with-anything crewneck design, it’ll be well worth the wait.

See Now, Buy Now: The Bonobos Stretch Lightweight Chinos Are the Only Pants You Need This Summer

If we’ve talked about it on the blog before, we’ve talked about it, well, plenty of times. There’s going to come a time, once again, this summer when you’ve got to step out in tailored style… wearing a pair of stylish pants, all in spite of the heat. The pants in question you should be wearing? Well, that part, to me, is easy: The Bonobos Lightweight Stretch Chinos are a go-to style move that should keep you looking sharp and staying plenty cool for the rest of summer, and that’s an understatement.

Goodlife Clothing - Try Before You Buy

You’re hopefully well-aware that Bonobos makes some of the best men’s style essentials across each of the four seasons, from one of the best lightweight jackets to the best stretch jeans, but this new pair of breezy pants might be the best of the bunch — for right now, at least. The key with these stylish summer pants really is right in the name: The Bonobos Lightweight Stretch Chinos live up to that billing, and then some.

Crucially, the Bonobos Lightweight Stretch Chinos truly are a stretchy blend of polyester, rayon, cotton and spandex for ease of movement and a hand feel that’s a step up from even the brand’s classic Bonobos Stretch Washed Chinos 2.0 (those might already be one of your favorite pairs of pants, as luck would have it).

Helpfully when it comes to the Bonobos Lightweight Stretch Chinos, you can also take your pick from three cool-as-can-be colors, including the ever-versatile Dark Surf as worn above. Beyond that, you can pair up each set with everything from a white short-sleeve henley — for high-low casual style — to a crisp Oxford shirt. To round things out nicely, you can score the Bonobos Lightweight Stretch Chinos for under $100. The next time you want to beat the heat in style, this pair might just be your best bet.

The Sunday Sale: Billy Reid’s Summer Sale Offers Up to 30 Percent Off the Best Seasonal Menswear

Best summer style deals for guys.

Building an outstanding wardrobe, one that works across multiple situations and in multiple seasons, is all about knowing when to strike — and knowing when to shop some of the best menswear deals, more importantly. That’s what makes today’s Sunday Sale so essential in my book: It’s got the best of both worlds, as in, standout gear from one of the country’s best menswear designers, not to mention the best deals on menswear you can wear the rest of summer. Yes indeed, my friends, the Billy Reid Summer Sale is the one to shop now.

Sure, you probably know the designer for his mix of classic-meets-modern full-price menswear, like one of the best retro T-shirts for men, but it’s even more worthwhile to sort through Billy Reid’s carefully designed wares when you can save a buck or two (and well beyond that!).

From the versatile, workwear-esque Billy Reid Westmoreland Scout Shirt to an array of breezy buttondowns, expertly cut trousers, stylish lightweight sweaters and cool-as-can-be patterned shirts, there’s plenty to dive into when it comes to the Billy Reid Summer Sale. Keep in mind that these deals won’t be around for very long, so it’s paramount that you shop the Billy Reid Summer Sale ASAP to save up to 30 percent on some of the most premium, refined menswear around. Hop to it, my friends!

Style Pick of the Week: Relwen Jersey Stripe Polo – The Most Versatile Summer Polo on the Market

When you think about it, it’s actually easier than ever to spot a classic menswear essential that goes above and beyond the call of duty, so to speak, the kind of piece that stands out subtly and stylishly in a lineup. That’s precisely what Relwen — the old-school-inspired, Ohio-based brand as sold by Huckberry –excels at doing, be it one of the best men’s pocket tees or rugged outerwear. This all brings us to today’s Style Pick of the Week, the Relwen Jersey Stripe Polo. It’s absolutely one of those classic men’s style moves that brings more to your wardrobe than meets the eye, and your summer menswear rotation is all the better for it. Let’s dive in a bit more, shall we?

Crucially, the Relwen Jersey Stripe Polo uses lightweight cotton jersey fabric to keep things breezy and cool, and the details only get better from there. The uniquely shaped collar on the Relwen Jersey Stripe Polo is designed to frame your face nicely, while the extended three-button placket lends this stylish men’s polo some dressy-meets easygoing flair. The Relwen Jersey Stripe Polo also hits the right style notes in terms of color combinations, be it a striped red number or variations on navy and white micro-stripes.

To top it all off, the cotton jersey fabric of the Relwen Jersey Stripe Polo has been garment-washed for softness, so you can rock this one effortlessly right from the second you open it. Whether paired up with tailored chinos or light wash jeans, the Relwen Jersey Stripe Polo is the kind of style upgrade every guy needs.

The Friday Read: The Best Summer Jeans, Sustainable Ray-Ban Sunglasses & Filson’s Latest Sale

Just like figuring out the style essentials that work best for you on the daily, I’m going to start off today’s Friday Read with a bit of repetition: We talked earlier this week about Filson’s Semi-Annual Sale, which offers up to 40 percent off the best outdoor gear right now. And my friends, you’re in luck on this fine Friday, as the Filson Semi-Annual Sale is running into the weekend, with even more gear up for grabs right now. My advice? Hop to it and stock up while the getting’s good on rugged new menswear.

Stock up for summer with Filson’s Semi-Annual Sale

And my advice for the rest of your weekend? Well, that’s simple: Start it off the right way with a few choice style reads below, per tradition. As for me, I’m extending my working vacation of sorts by combining business and pleasure with a trip to the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago this weekend, where I’ll be putting on my music writer’s cap and once again reviewing another festival for NYC-based Atwood Magazine.

While the festival is packed with standout acts aplenty, I’m beyond excited for the chance to see — and write about! — my favorite band, Ohio-born indie rockers The National, a group I’ve covered plenty on the blog over the years! Opportunities like this one don’t come around all that often, so you can rest assured I intend to make it count! Be sure to follow along with all the fun on my Instagram, and get the rest of your weekend started accordingly with a few stylish reads below.

  • It’s not too late to score a new pair of stylish sunglasses — and beyond that, it’s not too late to make sure the pair in question is highly stylish and sustainable, to boot. Get the best of both worlds with the new Ray-Ban Wayfarer Bio-Acetate, a pair of classic frames made modern. I’ve got the full scoop over at Maxim — happy shopping!
  • Let’s keep talking summer style picks, yes? In the spirit of keeping your warm-weather wardrobe on point, I rounded up my favorites last week for the best summer jeans over at SPY. You won’t want to miss out on lightweight denim to keep your seasonal style polished in the weeks ahead, folks.
  • Now, not every pick I write about is all purely about style — some blend a dash of style with a ton of functionality, as with my picks for the best work shoes for men over at SPY (I wear a lot of hats, my friends!). These work shoes provide grip, traction and performance at the job site, on the factory floor, or wherever you might need it the most.

Goodlife Clothing - Try Before You Buy

We’ve reached the end of today’s Friday Read, and I hope it gave you a few style reads and shopping picks to consider through these hot days ahead — if you have any favorite reads or product selections, or any style questions, the Comments section at The Style Guide is always open. Cheers and thanks for reading! 

The Thursday Buy: The Filson Oil Finish Excursion Bag Is Your Next Weekend Getaway Bag

Best weekender bag for men.

As you plan out the rest of your fast-moving summer, I’m sure you’re aware of one thing: For any adventure off the grid (or on the grid!), the right gear is critical — and hopefully, you don’t need me to tell you that Filson delivers that proper gear. The revered Pacific Northwest heritage outfitter is currently running the Filson Semi-Annual Sale, to be sure, but there’s a full-priced pick I’m offering up today: It’s the rugged, impossibly cool Filson Oil Finish Excursion Bag, one of the best weekender bags on the market right now.

It’s less of a casual weekend travel bag and more a dependable bag you should take with you off the grid on camping, fishing or hiking trips, but the water-repellent exterior design of the Filson Oil Finish Excursion Bag will come in handy just about any time you need it. The waxed canvas is durable and dependable, but made to get better over time, while the legendary brand has also included an interior pocket designed to hold hard-wearing outdoor gear.

Crucially, the Filson Oil Finish Excursion Bag features a top-entry U-shaped zipper to provide easy access to your most critical gear off the grid. Accents like bridle leather and the webbing shoulder strap finish off the Filson Oil Finish Excursion Bag in hard-wearing fashion, too. The best part about the adventure-minded Filson Oil Finish Excursion Bag might be the fact that it’s priced fairly — for the quality and build, that is — at just under $400. The next time you need to load up a tough weekender bag to hit the road, make the proper pick with the Filson Oil Finish Excursion Bag.

See Now, Buy Now: The LUCA Terra Low Sneakers Are the Perfect Summer Pair to Buy Now

A guy’s summer footwear rotation needs options — but the right kind of options, mind you. The sort of picks that offer enough reliability and style points for the season at hand, while also delivering enough variety so that you don’t feel like you’re rocking the same pair of the best men’s sneakers day in and day out. And that, my friends, is where the LUCA Terra Low Sneakers come into play.

They’re part of the always well-stocked rotation of Huckberry New Arrivals, made with natural materials like crepe rubber soles and crafted for plenty of comfort and style. And yes, my friends, you need a pair as soon as possible.

Best new summer sneakers for men.

The LUCA Terra Low Sneakers are quite unique as far as a pair of summer sneakers is concerned, blending the look of a classic court-type sneaker with uncommon materials. While your favorite pair of summer sneakers might be made out of, say, casual canvas, the LUCA Terra Low Sneakers feature rich suede with full-grain leather overlays.

The LUCA Terra Low Sneakers are also made to blend the style of a moccasin with the sleek, modern appeal of a sneaker, meaning you can rock these versatile sneakers with everything from rolled light wash denim and a subtle pocket tee to olive chinos and a navy polo. Another nice detail about the LUCA Terra Low Sneakers? The gum rubber sole is going to break in over time the more you wear ’em, and in that regard, you’ll certainly want to wear the useful and fairly priced LUCA Terra Low Sneakers plenty the rest of the way this summer.

The Tuesday Steal: Shop Filson’s Semi-Annual Sale for 40 Percent off the Best Outdoor Gear

My friends, I’m going to let you in on a little secret, something that’s a key part of how we do things here at The Style Guide: When some of the best men’s outdoor gear goes on sale, it’s crucial you hop on those deals as soon as possible. I suppose that’s not the biggest secret of them all, but it’s especially relevant in today’s Tuesday Steal: The Filson Semi-Annual Sale is rolling along right now, offering 40 percent off some of the best outdoor gear for men, with picks aplenty for this season and each season thereafter.

If you read the blog on the regular, you’re well aware that the legendary heritage outfitter can upgrade your gear in the blink of an eye with picks like one of the best lightweight summer shirts, and there’s plenty more where that came from in the Filson Semi-Annual Sale.

Within the sale itself, you’ll find just about rugged gear pick you could ask for, from work pants to work shirting, durable jackets and breezy T-shirts — to name but a few categories in which Filson excels. I’m going to keep things brief today, because the Filson Semi-Annual Sale won’t be around for very long. Shop these deals ASAP, folks.