#OOTD: How to Wear a Graphic Tee This Season … Stylishly

Now, we’ve all been there. On certain weekend days, you might be standing at your closet rummaging through your long-sleeve shirts and thinking … “Man, I just want to wear a T-shirt today.” Fear not, because we’ve got that stylish T-shirt on lock for you — and better yet, we’ve got a full guide on how to wear a graphic T-shirt the right way. The graphic tee tends to get a bad rep because of gaudy designs and messages that would fit right in if you were still in middle school, perhaps. That’s just the way it is — but today’s stylish graphic tee is anything but that, as you’ll see. And given that it’s still just early September, this #OOTD is one that you can make work for you — no jacket required (although we’ve still got a rugged chore coat listed as an option below). Yes indeed, the best graphic tees are understated and subtle, not too loud, yet stylish at the same time — and they can be worn to a backyard BBQ or a night at your favorite dive bar in equal measure. The best graphic tees are a solid conversation starter with some rugged style appeal, too — today’s selection comes courtesy of Huckberry, and you’ll find a classic tee for every taste on the brand’s site. For now though, let’s dive in — if ever you’ve wondered how to wear a graphic T-shirt in a way that’s cool and stylish, not laughable, start with this #OOTD. Like what you see? Let me know on Twitter!

A rugged, laidback, timeless way to wear a graphic T-shirt.

  • The Stylish Graphic Tee: The Landmark Project Mt. Hood Tee, $30 — For just $30, you’re getting a surprisingly stylish graphic tee with a design that’s not too loud — it’s just plain cool, even if you’re not from the Pacific Northwest. Consider this the retro T-shirt you didn’t know you needed.
  • The Jacket: Wellen Stretch Chore Coat, $128 — Now, because it’s still September, you might not need this jacket — but in the event you do, this rugged chore coat is a versatile and stylish layer.
  • The Denim: Wellen Organic Jeans, $88 — Finding a pair of stylish blue jeans made the right way can be tricky — but this pair of classic slim denim from Wellen takes the cake. Understated and subtly stylish, they’re a new early fall style essential.
  • The Boots: Blundstone Super 550 Boots, $165.98 — Because it’s early fall, these rugged leather boots from Blundstone could come in handier than you think — the perfectly casual pair to wear to your favorite brewery, at that.
  • The Watch: Jack Mason Field Watch, $225 — When it comes to what’s on your wrist with this #OOTD, understated, classic-yet-rugged style is the way to go — this handsome Jack Mason Field Watch brings a bit of a throwback feel here.
  • The Belt: Tanner Goods Classic Belt, $79.98 — Every guy — yes, you included — needs a stylish leather belt, especially when wearing a pair of stylish blue jeans. Tanner Goods has outdone themselves here.
  • The Cologne: Duke Cannon Proper Cologne, Two-Pack for $40 — Yes, cologne. But not that body spray of days gone by. No sir, Duke Cannon’s Proper Cologne offers a range of masculine-yet-versatile scents for your next casual outing.
  • The Everyday Bag: Filson Ballistic Nylon Duffel Backpack, $245 — Now, you could be heading down the street for a coffee or across town to grab a six-pack, but you’ll be surprised how handy and durable the Filson Ballistic Nylon Duffel Backpack can be. Consider it an everyday carry essential.

OK, who’s on board with how to wear a stylish graphic tee now, ehh? The right graphic tee, like the one above, has an eyecatching design that doesn’t overdo it — the same can be said for the rest of this outfit, featuring an equally classic pair of classic slim denim from Wellen. Those are the building blocks for an #OOTD that works well on a Saturday night or a casual Sunday in the fall, especially when teamed up with a rugged chore coat (if needed), and of course, rugged leather boots from Blundstone — they provide functionality and style points in spades. But as I always say, you’d be remiss not to wear a stylish watch for a bit of standout style, and the Jack Mason Field Watch is that timepiece precisely. When paired with a stylish leather belt, you’re keeping your accessories on point — no matter where you go. It’s touches like those ones that are going to take this outfit from good to great, because as we all know … the little details matter, even when wearing a T-shirt! Use Duke Cannon’s Proper Cologne to give yourself a nice lift grooming-wise — you’re going to love the scent and the price. And finally, no matter what’s on your to-do list, the tough style of the Filson Ballistic Nylon Duffel Backpack is going to come in mighty handy for a casual weekend. Alright, that’s all I’ve got for today. To see how I’m wearing my T-shirts this fall, head to my Instagram.

#OOTD: How to Wear Your New Favorite Jacket … Just About Anywhere

We might be on the cusp of Labor Day weekend — and today’s #OOTD can certainly function well in that setting, too — but it’s also prime time to look toward early fall. Critically, how to dress for early fall is something we’ve been driving home these past few weeks on The Style Guide, and today’s #OOTD is no different. To wit: We’re taking a rugged camo jacket (perfect for long weekend travel or as a casual, cool blazer replacement) and matching it up with the kind of men’s style essentials you’d be proud to wear any time of year (but especially as the weather gets chilly). Trust me: It could be your new favorite jacket. And what about the rest of this look? You’ll find the Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Tee below, along with some of the best men’s pants for fall — the goal here is casually rugged style that works from the coffee shop to the open road (and maybe even your office, if you can get away with it). The focus is this: The right gear picks speak for themselves, so when wearing a more flashy camo jacket, you should tone down the rest of your #OOTD accordingly. And because we’re moving ever-so-slowly into fall, that means the introduction of rugged leather boots — the kind you wear to your favorite distillery or for a quick weekend hike. It’s all about gear that can go anywhere, so mix and match these picks as you please. Alright, without further ado … here we go.

The perfect combination of rugged and casual for Labor Day weekend & well into fall.

  • The Jacket: Taylor Stitch Ojai Jacket in Camo Wax, $198 — Here it is, your new favorite jacket. Consider it the perfect go-between layer for breezy early fall nights. This rugged camo jacket is both subtly stylish and distinct enough to work everywhere from a rock concert to a weekend brunch.
  • The Classic White Tee: Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Tee, $45 — Now, is this a full-on white tee? Not quite. And that’s OK! The Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Tee is A) Sustainably made and B) More durable than a thinner white tee — just what you need heading into September (and beyond).
  • The Pants: Proof Rover Pants, $98 — If it’s a pair of the best men’s pants for fall that you seek, then perhaps the oft-recommended Proof Rover Pants are your best bet. Sharp and stylish, yet easily paired up with one of the best white tees out there.
  • The Boots: Red Wing Heritage Weekender Chelsea Boots, $240 Stylish Chelsea boots that just so happen to be rugged and versatile? It’s possible thanks to these rugged leather boots — they’re also lightweight and not overly clunky.
  • The Watch: Jack Mason Diver Watch, $282.98 — You’ve got your rugged camo jacket, you’ve got your Red Wing Heritage boots … might as well throw on a classic dive watch as a complement to this #OOTD, ehh? Indeed!
  • The Grooming Essential: Saturdays NYC Clay Pomade, $24 — We’re leaving your stylish ballcap at home on the shelf in favor of a slick, sharp hairdo via the Saturdays NYC Clay Pomade, the latest grooming essential from one of your favorite brands.
  • The Everyday Bag: WP Standard Canvas Travel Bag, $215.98 — Need to hit the road in a hurry for a fall weekend trip? Need to haul a change of clothes to the office? This rugged shoulder brief is the way to go.
  • The Everyday Carry: Studebaker Workshop Keyholder, $58 — Never lose track of your keys again, no matter the style situation, with this crucial everyday carry upgrade.

OK, let’s recap it all, shall we? The goal here is transitional fall style that you can even make use of during Labor Day weekend. So, a rugged camo jacket from the good folks at Taylor Stitch takes care of business for breezy fall nights, as does the Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Tee — a one-two combo that’s subtly stylish and eyecatching. Some of the best men’s pants for fall act as another reliable outfit anchor, with the type of fabric and cut that works for fall travel or a fall day on the job. And it’s always tough to go wrong with rugged leather boots, particularly the kind that feature tough suede and sleek-but-hardworking construction. To haul your daily essentials, grab  tough-as-nails, rugged shoulder brief, but not before you’ve done up your ‘do with the Saturdays NYC Clay Pomade — it’s an immediate hair upgrade that adds some refinement to this look. Don’t forgo your everyday carry, either. And last but not least: Be sure you’ve accessorized accordingly with a classic dive watch to round things out. Is this the way you’d style this #OOTD? You can always let me know on Twitter. Cheers!



#OOTD: A New Way To Wear Your Favorite Summer Tee

The first thing you might notice about today’s #OOTD? Well, it’s a post that talks about how to wear your favorite summer tee … yet the stylish T-shirt in question is being layered up, not worn on its own. It’s small styling touches that are going to provide you with both visual interest and versatility, as crucial in the summer  months as it is the rest of the year. Take, for instance, a park stroll that turns into coffee that turns into lunch that turns into a round of beers … and another round. Want to be able to hop from one spot to the next with versatility in mind? Layering a rugged cotton twill shirt (like the American Giant number seen below) atop a slim navy T-shirt — AKA this one from Taylor Stitch — is one way to meet the demands of the day with both style and functionality in mind. The best T-shirts for summer offer layering potential and a crisp, classic look — such is the case with the Taylor Stitch T-shirt below. And as you’d expect, standout accessories, from timeless suede chukka boots to an investment-worthy watch, are going to take this simple-yet-stylish outfit to the next level. Again, it’s layers that can take a look to the next level, and with that in mind, I think you’re going to dig today’s #OOTD.  If, in the meantime, you want a dash of style as it happens, follow me on Instagram. Thanks for reading!

A crisp navy tee, layered up accordingly with summer style essentials.

  • The T-Shirt: Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Tee in Navy, $45 — A classic navy T-shirt made from sustainable fabric and done up in a standout fit.
  • The Overshirt: American Giant Highway Shirt in Whiskey, $99 –Although it might be too hot to wear some days, this rugged cotton twill shirt is the perfect layer when the weather turns breezy or cloudy.
  • The Denim: Revtown Automatic Denim in Dark Indigo, $75 — Faded just-so, this pair of slim dark denim is a four-season essential — yes, even during summer.
  • The Chukka Boots: Astorflex Greenflex Rough in Sand, $155 — Who doesn’t love a classic pair of chukka boots? You need the Astorflex Greenflex Rough Boots all summer long, and then some.
  • The Socks: CIVIC The Merino Sock in Blue and Grey Stripe, $22.50 — The right pair of socks seems to (still) be vastly underrated these days — CIVIC’s Merino Socks are out to change that.
  • The Belt: Levi’s Aberdeen Belt, $38 — Don’t have a rugged leather belt yet? Fix that now — the Levi’s Aberdeen Belt can add some surprising interest to outfits that lean more heavily on one color (a la the navy items in this particular ensemble).
  • The Watch: Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression Watch, $1,295 — When your outfit is straightforward and classic, you can amp up your wrist game a little bit — or a lot. The handsome, functional and investment-worthy Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression Watch is a stunner.
  • The Grooming Essential: Duke Cannon News Anchor 2-in-1 Hair Wash, $14 – Your head and your hair deserve a better kind of clean, and this shampoo-conditioner blend from Duke Cannon should give you a significant boost.

Alright, my friends. Have you gotten over the notion that a T-shirt is just a T-shirt? The classic navy T-shirt shown here is the right way to go when it comes time to pick out a tee for your next weekend (or weekday) adventure. The Taylor Stitch Heavy Bag Tee features sustainable and stylish fabric, plus a polished fit — all the better for layering underneath a rugged cotton twill shirt from American Giant when needed. A crisp pair of slim dark denim from Revtown grounds this look in casual, easygoing style, and the Astorflex Greenflex Rough Boots help to drive home the rugged appeal of this outfit. In short, it’s the kind of look you can wear to your favorite coffee shop or favorite brewery without missing a beat. Comfort and style are key with accessories, too — CIVIC’s Merino Socks are an undeniably stylish upgrade over whatever pair might be in your rotation currently.  For the price, you’d do well to have the Levi’s Aberdeen Belt in your wardrobe, regardless of season — it’s a rugged essential that just looks great, especially alongside dark blue denim.  You also can’t deny the standout wearability of a next-level watch like the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression Watch. Great style often starts with the small details, so before we forget … get yourself a bottle of the Duke Cannon 2-in-1 Hair Wash — simple as that. Do you think you can pull off this casually rugged outfit? I sure do. Cheers, and thanks for reading!

#OOTD: A New Way to Wear Your Favorite Graphic Tee For Summer

We’ve all got that one perfectly broken-in T-shirt we love to wear — right? A well-worn, well-loved tee that’s likely seen a lot. And yet … what if I told you that same style was available in a distinctly modern (and likely less hole-y) T-shirt from your favorite menswear designer? Yes indeed, folks. Today’s #OOTD is all about how to wear a graphic tee for summer… for grown-ups. That means one of the best T-shirts for men, crucially. So, no loud or ostentatious designs, no bright or overly flashy colors … just a simple, well-made and vintage-inspired tee paired up with like-minded essentials. Think American-made denim, stylish leather sneakers and a rugged leather watch.

This right here is the sort of outfit you can wear to your favorite brewery, your favorite coffee shop or your favorite deli — you name it, it’s nearly perfect for laidback, easygoing summer days. Just add a stylish jacket and consider yourself set for days and days of fun in the sun. I promise you, it’ll all work out. Shop the #OOTD below, chime in with your thoughts on Twitter and check out my Instagram account for more ways to stylish your new favorite tee. See you out there — cheers!


A smart-looking graphic tee, this time paired up with American-made denim, clean sneakers and a tough leather watch.

The Tee: Todd Snyder x Champion Track Graphic Tee, $60— Yes, it’s true. Todd Snyder makes a heck of an essential graphic tee, what with a simple-yet-interesting design in cool color combo that’s relatively easy to wear.

The Denim: Flint and Tinder All-American Jeans in Slim or Straight Tapered, $88.98— Whichever fit and wash you like, feel free to take those jeans and mash ’em up with this outfit. For what it’s worth, your Style Guide author loves the fit and fabric of the Flint and Tinder All-American Jeans.


The Sneakers: JAK Empire Sneakers, $119.98 — JAK is a brand that you might say has flown under the radar, yet these classically inspired sneakers in a crisp silhouette team up quite nicely with the easygoing graphic tee and slim light wash denim.

The Socks: Arvin Goods No-show Socks, $30 (Exclusive Three-pack)  — Your Style Guide team of one continues to go to bat for the sustainably made, comfortable and easy-to-wear  Arvin Goods No-show socks. You’ll need a pair — or three — for the rest of the summer.


The Belt: Sturdy Brothers Everyday Belt in Chestnut, $80 — A rugged belt built with casual, sturdy style in mind is exactly what you need to offset an outfit that’s equally rugged and casual. Sturdy Brothers does the trick.

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The Watch: Halios Laguna Watch, $675 — If you want a remarkably striking, tough and well-crafted watch, you’re going to want the Halios Laguna Watch. The bold style of this timepiece offsets the simple tee quite nicely.

The Sunglasses: Steven  Alan Bristol Sunglasses in Brushed Dark Gunmetal, $265 — A vintage-inspired tee, tough American-made denim and a stylish leather watch call for suitably striking accessories, like the utterly classic Steven Alan Bristol Sunglasses.

The Hat: FairEnds Brushed Cotton Ballcap in Beach Olive, $48 — Whether you’re hopping from patio to patio or bar to bar, a simple cotton ballcap shields your face from the sun and adds a nice topper to this casual outfit.

That’ll do it for today’s #OOTD. When wearing something as pared-down as a vintage-inspired graphic tee, standout complementary pieces really get the chance to shine. So, that puts the focus squarely on your stylish leather sneakers (how about those JAKS Empire Sneakers, ehh?), as well as handy everyday essentials like the handsome Halios Laguna Watch.  Let’s not forget slim denim, though — Flint and Tinder makes some of the best men’s jeans around. Finish it off with the ever-stylish Steven Alan Bristol Sunglasses and a casual ballcap, and I’d wager you’ll be set for a couple rounds at your favorite craft beer bar.  What’s your take on this #OOTD? Will you be adding any items to your rotation?

Thanks again for reading — stay stylish!


Style Pick of the Week: Todd Snyder Pocket T-Shirt


Not just any old T-shirt, thanks to the vintage wash and subtle styling details.

Not just any old T-shirt, thanks to the vintage wash and subtle styling details.

If you follow The Style Guide or peruse occasional photos from this author on Instagram, you’ll know I love me a great T-shirt. When you talk about a T-shirt that incorporates texture and subtle styling details, I’m sold (take this Stock Mfg. Co. Pocket Tee, for example). Sure, a tee’s not as fancy or nearly as crisp as a classic blue Oxford or a slim chambray shirt, but it’s a particularly useful summer style essential — and in the right cut and fabric, it’s a surefire style upgrade compared to athletic or logo-ridden tees you might be used to rocking. And on that note, I’m pleased to give you Exhibit A — this ridiculously stylish Todd Snyder Pocket T-shirt. It’s vintage-washed and weather-dyed for a broken-in, authentic look, and it features the sort of premium styling details we’ve come to expect from Mr. Snyder. The lauded American menswear designer is a favorite of this site (and a heck of a lot of other publications) for his approach to both continental, classic tailoring and rugged sportswear inspired by both vintage & Americana themes. It’s quite the combination, and it’s done in a way that’s wearable and relatable for the everyday guy. The Todd Snyder Pocket T-shirt is nearly as premium and well-made as a tee can get, and that means it can be rocked plenty of ways this summer.

Todd Snyder pocket T-shirt

Just one styling option for this Todd Snyder pocket T-shirt — it’ll go just as well with sweatshorts as a slim suit.

It’s done up with just the right amount of style details, including subtle double-stitching on the sleeves, pocket and collar. The button at that front chest pocket is a nice visual change of pace, too. Those small touches make it the type of tee you can wear very confidently atop your favorite pair of dark blue denim, and they also make it very suitable to rock with slim olive chinos and some classic white SeaVees sneakers, for example. The slim fit and premium construction make it Exhibit A for another reason, too. Thinking about trying the oft-tricky styling move of pairing a T-shirt with a suit? A tee with some variation in texture plus a slim cut is going to be the way to. Heck, it might not look all that bad with one of the Todd Snyder White Label suits that seem to be gaining in popularity, either. In more casual situations, it’s going to look just as right. Rock it with slim chino shorts and stylish leather loafers for a solid high-low style combo on the weekends, then pair this slim pocket T-shirt up with an unconstructed chambray blazer during the work week. Beneath a sportier crewneck sweater, it’ll also fare well in the fall and winter. The price is assuredly a lot for “just a T-shirt,” but you’re getting so much more styling potential and quality than that. Just tell them to put one on hold for me, ehh?

Are you a fan of this Todd Snyder tee? In what ways would you style it? Chime in on Twitter or via Facebook!
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