See Now, Buy Now: Add to Your Watch Collection with the Timex Waterbury Stainless Steel Dive Watch

Timex Waterbury

One heck of a watch for the price — maybe one to buy right now, as it were?

One of the things that comes up a lot at The Style Guide (weekly? daily?) is the importance of buying quality, affordable and versatile #menswear pieces. From a classic Oxford shirt to a rugged henley to slim, American-made denim, that type of quality and wearability is out there — if only you know where to look. Such is the case with Timex, a brand that you might have glazed over in the past, one that now deserves a second, or third, look. And in the latest entry in our ongoing See Now, Buy Now series, we’re giving the rugged, essential Timex Waterbury Stainless Steel Dive Watch a close look — it’s among the best men’s casual watches to buy now, I can say that much.  The Waterbury Stainless Steel Diver plays off the brand’s vintage-leaning, stylish Waterbury line — surely, you’ll recognize the rugged Timex x Red Wing Waterbury Chrono from the pages of this blog. The Waterbury Stainless Steel Diver is in a league of its own, starting with the standout price and carrying right on through to its handsome, subtly stylish and easily wearable aesthetic.

It’s a rugged men’s dive watch that gets the look right without a cluttered design. While it’s not exactly made for plunging into great depths in the ocean, it’s a daily watch that’s more than serviceable thanks to the classic durability for which Timex is known. For you and me both, that’s great news. And the better news? You can get it via Bespoke Post, purveyors of plenty more of your favorite #menswear.  If there’s one watch to wear to the office with a classic navy blazer during the week while also teaming it with a rugged short-sleeve henley on the weekend, it’s the Waterbury Stainless Steel Diver. Folks, that type of affordable style can’t be emphasized enough. And a rugged stainless steel dive watch is the perfect piece to add a bit of toughness and visual interest to cold-weather outfits, too — perfect given that we’ll be into fall before you know it. With all that being said … I can’t recommend the Waterbury Stainless Steel Diver enough. That’s as true right now as it’ll be when fall hits.

Shop away, and thanks for reading!


#OOTD: How to Dress for a Music Festival This Summer

Can you feel it in the air? Yes? No? Maybe you can … hear it? That’s right, summer festival season is upon us, truly now.  And of course, with that comes a crucial question: How to dress for a music festival this summer?  If you already made the pilgrimage to the two-weekend extravaganza that is Coachella, you surely got a taste of what’s to come: Hot weather and crowds filled with far-too-trendy teens. I kid, I kid — we all know there’s excellent music and cold beer to be had, too. Whether you’re gearing up to attend NYC’s Governors Ball this weekend — as I will be — or a festival a bit later in the summer (like Panorama or Bonnaroo), we’ll set you up with simple-yet-stylish gear to take you festival-hopping from stage to stage, all day long. It’s about style that’s ready for anything, namely. Whether there’s rain and a slight breeze or a brutal sun high in the sky, I think the below #OOTD is versatile and comfortable — not to mention ready for a rock concert during the rest of the year. What will you be wearing to your next music festival? I hope it includes some of the below pieces. And if you still have questions, get style inspiration via my Instagram. Oh, and join me on Twitter for daily #menswear tips.

Mixing a classic chambray shirt with slim jeans and comfortable slip-ons — ready for plenty of festivals in the months ahead.

The Shirt: Old Navy Slim-Fit Chambray Shirt in Dark Chambray, $26.94 — While others might be reaching for neon tank-tops or … dare I say … male rompers (yikes), outdo ’em all with a classic — a slim short-sleeve chambray shirt. It’s not a stretch to say every guy looks good in one, and I think you’ll like the results if you buy this one.
Sutro Footwear
The Extra Layer: Outerknown Evolution Shirt Jacket, $195 — There’s a good chance you might not need this shirt-jacket at all, but should it start to rain or get chilly, you’ve got a handy, stylish and easily packable layer in the Outerknown Evolution Shirt Jacket. It’s not the most colorful jacket, but it’ll get the job done.

The Denim: Abercrombie & Fitch Super Skinny Jeans in Light Wash, $39  — Slim jeans in a pleasing light wash are as much of a concert essential as they are a summer essential — these feature stretch for comfort and an excellent price (comfort for your wallet, if you will).

The Shoes: SWIMS Breeze Leap Laser Loafer, $150 Look, I love a pair of rugged leather boots for a concert as much as the next guy — but if conditions get overly hot, you want shoes that are easy to wear, easy to clean and still stylish. The Breeze Leap Laser Loafer is your answer there (I wore a pair of SWIMS to the 2016 Governors Ball festival—  with great results, too!).

The Socks: Arvin Goods No-Show Socks (Three-pack), $22.98 — Although you might be wearing laidback slip-on sneakers, don’t forgo no-show socks — they help any pair of stylish spring footwear last longer, for one. And with Arvin Goods, you get a handy three-pack for the whole weekend.

The Watch: Timex Waterbury Diver Chronograph, $130  — An affordable, tough and stylish men’s dive watch for under $150? Can’t be true, can it? That’s what you get with the Timex Waterbury Diver Chronograph, a recent addition to the brand’s line — perhaps the best-looking watch at any festival you attend.

The Sunglasses: Electric Bengal Sunglasses, $100 — When packing for a festival, it’s all too easy to throw a cheap pair of fluorescent sunglasses in your bag. Don’t — especially not when you can snag the stylish, retro-inspired and affordable (yet well-made!) Bengal Sunglasses seen here.

The Pre-Festival Must-Have: JBL E55BT Wireless On-Ear Headphones, $149.95 — What better way to prep for a festival than listening to your favorite artists? After testing out the JBL E55BT Headphones this spring, I can confidently recommend their stellar sound and sleek looks.

Oxfords under $50 CAD_728x90The Everyday Carry: Nisolo Lori Tote, $144.98 — Whether you bring a portable charger, a bottle of sunscreen (I like Tread for Men grooming) or a jacket, you need a bag to carry all that gear — the handsome Nisolo Lori Tote is that bag.

Make no mistake, folks — dressing for a music festival isn’t necessarily easy business …. unless you grab tried-and-true style essentials, ranging from a slim short-sleeve chambray shirt to essential light wash denim.  Couple that with easy-to-wear, weather-ready slip-ons, the versatile Outerknown Evolution Shirt Jacket and tough accessories — like a rugged dive watch — and you’re set for a long day of stellar music. And to carry around your gear, I can’t think of a more stylish bag than the Nisolo Lori Tote. The little details matter, too — that’s why I’d also urge you to pick up a pair of no-show socks from Arvin Goods. Oh, and don’t forget that handy sheet of set times — I’d wager you’ll be so focused on the music that this essential, versatile outfit will become an afterthought as you rock out. That’s what we want, right? At any rate, I hope you enjoy your summer festival season in style.

Thanks for reading!


#OOTD: How to Dress for Summer Travel

Editor’s note: You’ve surely seen this hashtag lots of different places, including on Instagram. But how does that carry over to real life? The #OOTD series will take one great item and put together a versatile, stylish outfit around it. Look for past features here.

One of the biggest steps in improving your style — whether you’re new to this whole #menswear game or digging in deeper — is making that extra effort to look great even when you’re off the clock. That could mean one of many possible situations, like dressing for Sunday brunch or prepping for a spring bar crawl, but given where we are on the calendar, it likely means you’re wondering how to dress for summer travel. It’s a curious task that can be a tall order — looking your best while on the road means dressing sharply, staying comfortable and finishing off your kit with excellent accessories, like one of the best dopp kits for men (written by yours truly, as it were). The below #OOTD incorporates a bit of everything, including chinos fit for travel — an upgrade over the sweats that some might be wearing — and a navy blue blazer that can go anywhere and do anything. Add in accessories fit for your everyday carry as well as a long day on the road, and you should be set. Got questions or comments? Hit me up on The Style Guide Facebook page. To see what I’m taking as I travel, follow me on Instagram — and we’ll see you on the open road!

Taking a traditional travel outfit and upgrading it with slim fits and go-anywhere essentials.

Taking a traditional travel outfit and upgrading it with slim fits and go-anywhere essentials.

The Chinos: Apolis Civilian Travel Chino, $138: A staple of any great outfit, these cotton chinos should be comfortable for flying and look a heck of a lot better than what your seatmate might be wearing (it’s all in the name, right?). Plus, they can go from the plane to a meeting to dinner — or just from the plane to a bar, your call.

The Shirt: Bourbon and Blue Beachcomber Shirt in Blue Chambray, $89: Here’s an easy style hack — stay cool yet look sharp by ditching the sleeves of your classic chambray shirt in favor of something cut slimmer and sharper. The Shoreline Check fabric from this upstart brand should add nice visual interest, too.

The Jacket: Grayers Cayman Blazer in Navy, $175: A knit blazer that ditches the traditional trappings of a jacket — AKA, no construction here to speak of — should fit sharply and stylishly over that crisp chambray shirt.

The Shoes: Soul36 The Grant Derby in Brown Nubuck, $195: A new take on the derby shoe, these brown nubuck shoes are made with a clean look in mind; the red-brick sole should offer a refined bit of contrast beneath the grey chinos.

The Socks: American Trench Summer Footies, $13.50: Because you’re going to want a nice, clean finishing touch beneath those rolled chinos, reach for durable, comfortable, American-made socks.

The Belt: J. Crew Classic Buckle Belt, $45: Sometimes, you don’t need an overly fancy belt — just a reliable classic that goes with your best business-casual or your best summer wedding look.

The Watch: Timex The Waterbury, $95: Part of Timex’s revamped line of heritage-inspired classics, the Waterbury is a reliable watch that’ll pair just fine with this outfit — or with a polo and chinos later on.

The Travel Companion: Jack + Mulligan Passport Wallet in Brown, $74.99: If you’re jetting overseas, this piece could be especially useful and stylish. But even if you’re only hopping on a train an hour or two away, this piece could still work reliably well when it comes to carrying a notebook.

As with many style upgrades, dressing for travel comes down to assessing what you’ve got, then pairing it up in ways customized to the situation. So a short-sleeve chambray shirt and a knit blazer are going to be lightweight, comfortable and reliably stylish options whether traveling for business or pleasure. And some eye-catching brown nubuck shoes cap off the outfit o in a way that works for multiple situations. Plus, a dependable Timex watch can go just about anywhere, as can comfortable no-show socks. If it gets hot out, ditch the blazer — and if you still need it as the trip goes on, be sure to store it in a stylish weekender bag. If you’ve got questions on how to dress for summer travel, hit me up on Twitter. Check back tomorrow for a neat reader giveaway opportunity that might just help you when you hit the road next time.

Stay stylish!

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Online Shopping Picks: The 5 Best Men’s Watches to Buy Now

Editor’s note: To feast your eyes on all kinds of #menswear shopping picks, click over here.

Curious about what casual watch you need in your arsenal? Read on. The Stuhrling Aquadiver Manta Ray is pictured here. Vintage ballcap by Goorin Brothers. Striped chambray shirt by JACHS NY. Sneakers by Reef. Sunglasses by Tom Ford. Sweatshorts by Pistol Lake.

Curious about what casual watch you need in your arsenal? Read on. The Stuhrling Aquadiver Manta Ray is pictured here. Vintage ballcap by Goorin Brothers. Striped chambray shirt by JACHS NY. Sneakers by Reef. Sunglasses by Tom Ford. Sweatshorts by Pistol Lake.

Look down at your right wrist. Now, look down at your left wrist. Do you have a great watch on? Yes? No? Can’t tell? I’m here to help you sort that out today. When it comes to style upgrades, there’s no messing about here at The Style Guide. As a guy constantly on the hunt for a great watch, it’s an area that’s been a focus for me as of late — we even covered off on some more men’s watches on a budget last spring, so it’s high time to get after it again. And although it might not be the first thing you look to buy for yourself (whether you’ve owned a timepiece before or not), it can play a pretty crucial role in tying together an outfit. The right accessories just work that way. And while a casual watch might seem a bit out of place, we’re looking today for watches that you’d wear to, say, a relaxed spring bar crawl or a casual Sunday brunch, not to a boardroom meeting. Specifically, look for something Bond might wear in the Moroccan desert — you see where we’re headed with this? The below picks definitely reflect that spirit of adventure without the high price tag — casual in nature, ready for spring and summer (and beyond), and designed with a slightly more rugged feel in mind. If you think I missed any pieces, give me a holler on Twitter! Talk to you soon!

#1. Timex Waterbury — $100

A unique offering from a brand that does casual watches very well.

A unique offering from a brand that does casual watches very well.

Note that the original Timex Weekender could very well fill this top spot, too — it was a close call! But the brand so well-known for that style is doing something a little different with its Waterbury line. These watches blend rugged style, like that slightly aged leather strap, with a simple contrasting design on the dial and no real frills anywhere. It’s the perfect watch to grab when you want to mimic a leather dress watch without such a minimal look (like at that Sunday brunch). The price is definitely tough to beat no matter where else you look — it’ll take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’, to quote the brand.

#2. Daniel Wellington Classic Glasgow 40mm Silver Watch, $195

A style Bond would be proud to wear -- the merger of a dress watch and a sport-inspired strap.

A style Bond would be proud to wear — the merger of a dress watch and a sport-inspired strap.

For those who prefer a slightly more crisp watch merged with the sporty nature of a NATO strap, here’s your winner. Daniel Wellington has taken the ultra-minimal design and thin case of a dress watch for its Classic Glasgow  and done it up in a sharp silver color. The striped white-and-blue NATO strap is practically begging to be worn alongside a slim pocket tee and a great pair of summer shorts — even if it looks a tad too dressy at first, a watch this well-designed can work with any outfit (just be sure to keep it out of the water — it’s not built to go quite that far).

#3. Timex for J. Crew Vintage Army Field Watch — $98

Based on a decades-old archival design, this watch is worth the higher price tag compared to other Timex watches.

Based on a decades-old archival design, this watch is worth the higher price tag compared to other Timex watches.

J. Crew continues to knock it out of the park when it comes to partnering with renowned third-party brands, and this particular watch has surely ended up on many a style wish list over the years because of that. The Timex for J. Crew timepiece in question is based on a style from the Timex archives that dates back to the 1940s — talk about timeless. The olive strap is neutral enough to match with almost anything, and the simple case markings and smaller case diameter make this one subtle, stylish watch — to say it’s perfect for a backyard barbeque would be an understatement.

#4. KOMONO Winston Heritage Chambray — $99.95

Chambray on a watch strap? Can't go wrong.

Chambray on a watch strap? Can’t go wrong.

While chambray as a shirting or trouser fabric is versatile enough to rock year-round, it’s not often seen on watch straps. In this instance though, the KOMONO Winston Heritage would be a unique, eye-catching addition to your watch collection — it’s just different enough visually from a brown leather watch to make it worth your time (pun intended). The acid wash chambray strap is a neat finishing touch that would play nicely off inky selvedge denim and a navy crewneck, and it would also work alongside a slim short-sleeve henley and light wash jeans this spring. Casual in nature, ya dig?

#5. Stuhrling Original Aquadiver Manta Ray Watch — $48.40

Ultra-tough and ultra-dependable, this rubber-strap Stuhrling watch just works.

Ultra-tough and ultra-dependable, this rubber-strap Stuhrling watch just works.

By far the most casual and least expensive watch on this list, perhaps the Stuhrling Aquadiver is what you had in mind when thinking “casual watch.” A rubber strap watch is certainly the most rugged and dependable among this group, and it even performs just as a stainless steel dive watch might — that is, you can rock it in the water, on land and everywhere in between. It’s a heck of a steal for under $50, and my personal timepiece is still going strong after more than two years of use (read the full review here).

With a dearth of casual watches on the market, cutting any list off at five is tough. But brands that do dress watches well (like Daniel Wellington) also have the market cornered with more casual timepieces. MVMT Watches delivers options that certainly drift a bit louder in terms of style (like this all-black, rugged watch), but they could be a wise pickup if you’re a fan of the brand. If you fancy yourself a watch collector with some cash to burn, you could feasibly snag the same watch worn by James Bond in Spectre. Oh, man. On the slightly cheaper side of things, Shinola is even manufacturing super-rugged, sport-inspired watches that might be worth a look. If building up your watch collection is a goal of yours, start with the basics — like a brown leather dress watch — and then move into the more casual realm with picks that serve a twofold purpose. As for me? I think this list isn’t a bad place to start.

Until next time,

Stay stylish,



#OOTD: How to Dress Down a Wool Blazer

Editor’s note: You’ve surely seen this hashtag lots of different places, including on Instagram. But how does that carry over to real life? The #OOTD series will take one great item and put together a versatile, stylish outfit around it. Look for past features here.

With winter weather still in full force for a lot of us, there can be a tendency to get into a bit of a style rut. That is, there are only so many ways you can style a shawl-collar cardigan or a crewneck sweater  before you want to change things up a bit. The good news is that, for so many of us, high-low dressing (that is, mixing and matching casual and formal pieces) is easier to do than ever before, regardless of what you might find yourself doing day-to-day. The below outfit makes use of some staples you likely already have in your closet (like dark denim, for starters) and puts ’em together in a slightly unexpected way. As a matter of fact, you might recognize the blazer from last week’s #OOTD post. Get the lowdown here, and then get those goods in your shopping cart.

Putting it all together -- combining style essentials you might already have in your closet.

Putting it all together — combining style essentials you might already have in your closet.

The Blazer: Frank & Oak Fairmount Deconstructed Blazer in Light Brown, $145 –A slim, soft sportcoat with a tailored fit and minimal padding — ideal for casual wear.

The Henley: JackThreads Daily Henley in Indigo, $34 — A great price for a superb piece that’ll age well over time; the “dressed-down” part of this outfit.

The Denim: Mott & Bow Skinny Mosco Denim, $96 — A classic pair of denim with great color and a nice bit of stretch (full review here). Note that Slim and Straight options are also available.

The Shoes: Frank & Oak Modern Leather Brogues in Dark Tan, $175 — Italian leather and European construction takes this pair to another level, plus  the color stands out remarkably well against the denim. Click here for a full Frank & Oak review.

The Socks: Anonymous Ism Wave Socks, $25 — Definitely a pricey splurge, but worth it for the quality and nice color they provide.

The Watch: Timex Waterbury Watch, $80 — A new Style Guide favorite; very well-priced, clean and classic. The ideal blend of casual and classed-up style.

Oh, and seeing as it is winter and all, finish off your oufit with my picks for the best winter accessories.

So with the above outfit in mind, I’d say give it a try just as soon as you can — when you pick up style staples that fit well and can be mixed and matched with ease, you’ll give yourself plenty of #OOTD options.

Would you rock the above look? How do you dress down your blazer?

Style Pick of the Week: Timex x Red Wing Waterbury Watch

Editor’s note: Expect these posts weekly detailing one standout item coveted by yours truly. Sometimes, these fit within budgetary restrictions and other times, they’re expensive splurges worth saving for. For more Wish List items from Beau, head here, and to see other Style Picks, head here.

Possibly the perfect watch? Red Wing shoe leather meets a tough-yet-sharp Timex dial.

Possibly the perfect watch? Red Wing shoe leather meets a tough-yet-sharp Timex dial.

The importance of a sharp watch — like other great style upgrades — in terms of finishing off an outfit is something that’s hard to overstate.  It can definitely help strike the right tone, whether that’s sharp and dressy or laidback and casual. And there’s no doubt that the watch you see here can do either of those  — it’s hard to overstate that quality, as well.  Watches haven’t often been part of this here Style Pick of the Week series, but that changes right now in a big way. Timex has drawn some buzz as of late for its upcoming partnership with Todd Snyder — as part of his FW16 runway show last week in New York City, Snyder (of Champion collaboration fame) sent models down the runway wearing several models of the above watch (which features, you guessed it, a Red Wing shoe leather strap). The partnership is exceptionally fitting, and it all dovetails off the fact that, somewhat confusingly, Snyder is launching his own collaboration with Timex this coming fall.  But back to the matter at hand — Fashion Week or not, you can (and definitely should) pick up this handsome watch right now.

Plenty of solid design went into this exceptionally affordable timepiece.

Plenty of solid design went into this exceptionally affordable timepiece.

The Timex Waterbury line was a welcome introduction last year as part of the brand’s anniversary celebration; it nodded to the brand’s heritage, took classic Timex style and gave it a rugged edge. You might recognize a model of the rugged-refined Waterbury  line from this past week’s post on how to style a crewneck sweater, in fact. And the Timex x Red Wing Waterbury seen here — sold exclusively through END Clothing for now — advances that design ethos perfectly. For now, it would appear END only has the 38mm model  (there are also 40mm and 42mm iterations). But 38mm works just fine — it’s the ideal balance between striking and subtle. Yes, the black-and-tan 38mm dial is just the right size for most of us, but the real standout here is the leather strap, made using leather from Red Wing’s S.B. Tanning Company. A genius idea, yeah? It’s the rare watch strap that’ll break in as superbly as your boots over time — and it’ll certainly match up well with your rugged Red Wing winter boots, to say the least. So given all the rugged refinement that’s gone into this iteration of the watch, it only makes sense that Snyder would look to the duo for style that really played well on the runways. Fear not, though — this particular watch will look superb on your wrist even if you have no modeling experience to speak of.  Style it with wingtip boots, jeans and a shawl collar cardigan now, and throw it on with a tee and tailored shorts when it (eventually) warms up. There’s no wrong way to go.

Are you a fan of the Timex Waterbury line? And this watch in particular? Or are you holding out for the Todd Snyder x Timex collab?

Frank & Oak