The Friday Read: AETHER Apparel’s Summer Sale, The Best New Sunglasses & Lincoln x Shinola Watches

Best summer sunglasses for men.

My friends, we did it: We made it through another hectic, hot week, so kick back, take a load off and start your weekend in style. One way to do that? With another edition of the Friday Read, and perhaps with a bit of online shopping at a brand famed for making some of the best men’s sunglasses. That brand would be California-based RAEN, makers of some of the coolest sunglasses for men (as sold by Huckberry as well as the brand’s own site, naturally). Not familiar with the company? Consider this your introduction — and my own stylish recommendation for the best sunglasses for men, of course.

Now that we’ve got that sorted out, let’s keep the rest of today’s weekly recap rolling along smoothly. I’ve stayed plenty busy this week writing style content for Maxim (more on that in a second!), not to mention writing about men’s style essentials like the best men’s T-shirt here on the blog. I also made time to see one of my favorite bands play a stunning, high-energy outdoor Brooklyn concert — that’d be Scottish synth pop trio CHVRCHES, and what a show it was!

Perhaps use that band to power your weekend, and of course, consider checking out the style essentials recommended here — including the best sunglasses for men from California-based RAEN — to get your weekend started in fine fashion.

  • Now, here’s a bit of style news you’ll be able to appreciate if you love fine automobiles and stylish men’s watches. New as of today, famed Detroit lifestyle brand Shinola — makers of some of the best watches for men, of course — launched a special set of two limited-edition watches in partnership with Lincoln. The occasion? 100 years of remarkable automobile craftsmanship from Lincoln itself. Both watches should prove more than fitting to wear the next time you hit the road.
  • Over the years, you might recall reading about the technical-yet-stylish menswear purveyors at AETHER Apparel, makers of essential picks like one of the best lightweight sweaters, for instance. Premium gear often comes at a premium price, though, which is why today’s news is even better if you value style and a bargain. The deal in question? Well, the AETHER Apparel Summer Sale is here and running through August 15th, and it’s giving you the chance to get up to 70 percent off the best style gear on the market. Happy shopping, folks.
  • Here’s one I know you’ll appreciate if you, like me, can’t wait to get to your next music festival. With the spirit of dressing for adventure and being ready for anything, I wrote for AskMen about the best boots to wear to your next summer festival. Step out in style and let’s get rocking, my friends.

Now, that ought to just about to do it when it comes to today’s Friday Read. What’s on your weekend agenda and which of the above picks will you be shopping right now? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If it’s stylish menswear you seek, you can’t go wrong with, say, some of the best sunglasses for men from California-based RAEN — among my other favorite picks this week. As always: Thanks for reading and stay stylish!


The Friday Read: The Best Harrington Jackets, A New Buck Mason Shirt and Spring Activewear

Best new Filson gear for spring.

My friends, join me in another edition of the Friday Read as we step into spring in rugged fashion — not unlike that Filson jacket shown above, and not unlike the well-curated New Arrivals section at Filson. From waxed outerwear to lightweight shirts and hard-wearing henleys and T-shirts, I’m sure you’ll find the best new menswear that you need for the season ahead, all thanks to the venerable Pacific Northwest gear outfitter. I’ve definitely got my eye on some new style moves for spring, as crucial a time as any to make sure you’re ready for, well, anything from — from breezy spring days to sports bar beer sipping as you watch March Madness this weekend.

My agenda this weekend mixes both work and play, as I’ll be writing more menswear and gear stories for (be sure to check out my byline!), not to mention taking in some long-awaited college basketball action featuring my alma mater, Michigan State! It really doesn’t get any better than that — be sure to follow me on Instagram to keep track of all the fun (and all of my writing work, too!). In the meantime, get into the spirit of the weekend (it’s still St. Patrick’s Day weekend technically, right?) with my picks for the best style reads and sales of the week.

Rugged Western shirt for men.
  • Here’s a great way to start your weekend — by picking up a rugged new Western shirt from Buck Mason, of course. The ideal Western shirt — like the one shown above — is light enough to be worn on its own, yet durable enough to style with one of your favorite T-shirts, and it looks great with black jeans, tan chinos or even olive joggers. Get yours from Buck Mason now.
  • Alright, here’s a standout sale for all your budget-conscious shoppers (guilty as charged). The good folks at elevated performance menswear brand AETHER Apparel are running an End of Season Sale now through March 28th. Click through to get up to 60 percent off men’s gear, jackets, shirting, footwear and more — you won’t regret the savings or the style points.
  • Moving on from rugged menswear, spring is a time to get back out into the world with comfort and style in mind. That’s why it was so neat to write all about the best activewear joggers and jackets over at Maxim — these picks are anything but sloppy, my friends. Upgrade your wardrobe ASAP.

I’ll leave you with one last cherished, helpful style read before heading into the weekend. The Harrington jacket has an illustrious history and plenty of utility and heritage to go along with it. It’s one of my favorite styles of jackets, and that’s why it was so cool to write about the history of Harrington jackets over at Fatherly. Layer up in style, my friends! Cheers!

The Friday Read: The Best Adventure Sunglasses, The Best High-Top Sneakers & New Aether Apparel Gear

Score 25% Off Designer Outerwear From Aether Apparel

Who’s ready to gear up for yet another fall weekend? I’ve got just the brand to help you do that, at least in my estimation. Whether your fall adventures involve a day hike, brunch, college football or yard work (I know, I know), the new Aether Apparel Fall Collection is packed with rugged gear for excursions near and far. These are durable, dependable pieces made with technical fabrics and plenty of style points, always worth adding to your own fall style rotation (call ’em the best fall style essentials if you must). It’s similar to the gear I’ll be wearing as I scout out Brooklyn beers, enjoy some college football and pack for a very exciting getaway early next week (be sure to follow me on Instagram for full details).

Yes indeed, I’ll be hitting the road to Kentucky next week for two days of special events with Horse Soldier Bourbon, as the veteran-founded brand breaks new ground on a distillery and offers up a tour of its current operations. It’s a trip perfectly timed with fall weather and fall whiskey, and I’m ever so grateful for the invite. Of course, I’ll be staying busy in the days before and after writing for sites like Fatherly and AskMen, so check out my bylines there, too. In the meantime, here are some top weekend gear picks from yours truly to keep the season rolling in fine fashion.

  • If you’ve been searching for some of the best adventure sunglasses, the type of sunglasses you can wear on the trail or on a run, and then to a brewery (to name but a few fall pursuits), then Nathan Sports has you covered. The Nathan Sunrise Sunglasses retail for just $50, blend stylish elements like a classic tortoise finish with polarized lenses, and look great for work or play. Don’t sleep on these durable outdoor sunglasses for the season ahead, my friends.
  • Speaking of my work at Fatherly, here’s a story I certainly feel is worth your hard-earned time and cash. The cult favorite basics brand Entireworld, known for its colorful sweats and T-shirts and founded by Scott Sternberg of Band Of Outsiders, is sadly going out of business. Fear not, because you can still score some stellar deals on the best basics, and I wrote all about the best on-sale clothing at Entireworld right now. Happy shopping, folks.
  • The headline says it all in today’s post, but right now truly is the season to step out in some transitional footwear, also known as the best high-top sneakers (in my opinion). Where can you find said sneakers? Why, via my latest roundup for The Manual. Time to step out in style, my friends.

I’ll let you cruise on into the weekend right now with those helpful style tips and shopping picks top of mind, but before I let you go, allow me to make one more recommendation: The best Chelsea boots from Nisolo are going to go a long way towards getting you around town in sustainable style. Read this blog post from yours truly for the full scoop. With all that being said: Enjoy the weekend and thanks for reading!

The Friday Read: Filson New Arrivals, Aether Apparel’s Sale & A Michigan Getaway

My friends, welcome back to another edition of The Friday Read, your guide to the latest and greatest menswear and gear for your weekend. I don’t know about you, but I’ve certainly got rugged menswear top of mind this weekend, and for a couple reasons. In dealing with the heat in NYC and Michigan (as part of a family vacation I’m taking Up North!), I’ve been adding some items from the Filson New Arrivals section to my wish list — I’m not sure about you, but I’m definitely coveting some of the best fall menswear right about now. Do you have any favorites from the venerable Pacific Northwest retailer?

Shop Filson’s New Arrivals

Rugged fall gear awaits you

That brings me to another point, and one that’s especially fitting given the Filson heritage of making durable outdoor gear. I’ve got some essentials packed with me this weekend to head “Up North,” as we call the northern Lower Peninsula of my home state of Michigan. It’s my first time back in a year, and quite a bit has changed since on, well, all fronts. I can’t wait to see family (and some college friends prior to that!), and I’ll be outfitted the right way all the while (head to Filson to outfit yourself for the season ahead, while we’re here). Beyond that, I’ll highlight a few of my favorite seasonal picks below. And one last word to the wise: If you prefer your menswear shopping with a side of music and craft beer, as I do, then I’d head over to my music-menswear-craft beer newsletter, The Style Guide In Brief, which features a bit of all three (and Saturday’s will take a look at the new album from The Killers. one of my favorite bands, in particular). The choice is all yours, but I don’t think you can go wrong. In the meantime, here’s the rest of your Friday Read. Cheers!

The List: Shop for the Best New Spring Style Essentials from Aether Apparel  | The Style Guide
  • Now, it’s not every day that one of the best menswear sales comes around. And it’s not every single day that Aether Apparel, makers of some of the best rugged performance menswear out there, drops a sale that’ll make you sit up and take notice. The brand, which I talked about here in a piece on the best men’s gear for spring, is offering up to 60 percent off jackets, sweaters, vests, tees, pants, bags, and more for men (and women), now through August 15th. It’s a sale packed with quality essentials that’s truly not to be missed. Start shopping!

Shop the Aether Apparel End-of-Season Sale

Score great deals on the best menswear
  • Speaking of great deals on great gear, how’s this for one of the best new menswear collections around? Just as we talked about earlier with Filson, it’s high time to start planning, slowly but surely, for early fall. Head over to Grayers, makers of classic chinos, tailored Oxford shirts and super-soft flannel shirts, to get some of the best early fall gear right now. It’s hard to pass up rugged henleys, easy-to-layer shirting and timeless chinos, right? There’s no wrong way to go with Grayers New Arrivals, in my opinion.
  • Speaking of rugged henleys, here’s yet another way to outfit yourself in style this season. Over at Fatherly, a really great parenting and lifestyle site for new dads and guys of any age, I wrote all about the best henleys for early fall from some of my favorite brands, including Buck Mason and seven other standout favorites. Shop accordingly, my friends.

Get yourself a Buck Mason henley now

Add a prime fall layer to your closet

So, that’s where we’ll leave things in today’s Friday Read — that gives you more than enough time to shop for the weekend, does it not? I’ll give you one last recommendation before Friday kicks off in earnest. You’re going to want to keep your grooming on-point from summer into fall, and you should do that by checking out my guide to the best natural deodorant from American Provenance over in this blog post. Keep it classy and sharp, folks. Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out tomorrow’s Style Pick of the Week!

The Thursday Buy: Bundle up for Early Spring With One of the Best Men’s Sweaters From Aether Apparel

Aether Apparel Jersey Long-Sleeve Crew

Your new favorite sweater for spring from Aether Apparel.

If you thought it was high time you stowed away your rotation of men’s sweaters, I’d urge you to reconsider (if only briefly). In today’s Thursday Buy, after all, we’ve got the perfect piece to bridge the gap between winter and spring, and it just so happens to be the phenomenal Aether Apparel Jersey Long-Sleeve Crew. It’s a highly refined, functional and versatile layering essential, and it’s also one of the best sweaters for men I’ve seen in some time. It’s going to be the last sweater you buy for a while, too (it’s priced at $165 at Aether Apparel), but the brand gets plenty right when it comes to crafting the best menswear essentials for plenty of seasonal style.

The Aether Apparel Jersey Long-Sleeve Crew draws its heritage and quality from the very roots of the Aether Apparel brand, as it were. Aether Apparel was born on the West Coast in 2009, founded by two city dwellers looking for functional, utilitarian-yet-stylish gear to help them get around (and eventually, out of) the city. That city? Aether Apparel was founded in L.A., to be exact — the brand’s headquarters to this day. As they say, Aether is focused on durable, premium gear for “urban-dwelling, design-focused, well-traveled men and women,” but when it comes to one of the best men’s sweaters — to name but one example — this is a brand for everyone.

SHOP: The Aether Apparel Jersey Long-Sleeve Crew

Aether Apparel men's gear

Talk about one of the coolest men’s sweaters, complete with some functional detailing.

It’s that critical blend of technical, premium fabrics that gives pieces like the Aether Apparel Jersey Long-Sleeve Crew that critical versatility, the chance to go from the city to the trail (the hills above Los Angeles, perhaps?) and back. In this case, one of the best sweaters for men starts out with the proper fabric, a 100 percent cotton-jersey knit that should prove easy to layer atop your favorite T-shirt, a technical dress shirt or a classic Oxford shirt in equal measure. This is an on-the-go sweater (available in neutral colors like Stoker Red and Darkest Spruce Green) that you can throw on easily underneath everything from a waxed trucker jacket to a well-worn denim jacket, too.

How’s that for spring style that doesn’t miss a beat? The front chest pocket, with notched corner detailing (a signature from the brand), is distinctive and makes this stylish men’s sweater easier to wear all on its own, too. The split hem detailing is also a unique touch that helps the Aether Apparel Jersey Long-Sleeve Crew stand out quietly. Whether you make this a go-to casual weekend sweater for days at home or you choose to layer it up on a day hike, the Aether Apparel Jersey Long-Sleeve Crew is your new favorite sweater for spring — I can nearly guarantee it.

SHOP: The Aether Apparel Jersey Long-Sleeve Crew

The List: Shop for the Best New Spring Style Essentials from Aether Apparel

Aether Apparel menswear

The right blend of style and functionality for spring from Aether Apparel.

If you’ve been searching for a brand that brings the heat, so to speak, when it comes to spring style essentials, today’s edition of The List is for you. We like to cover the best new gear across all sorts of brands here at The Style Guide, and this certainly won’t be the last time you hear about L.A.-based Aether Apparel. Founded more than a decade ago to help bridge the gap between stylish urban exploration gear and off-trail, adventure-minded functionality, the new Aether Apparel spring collection features, well, all the best new spring menswear you could hope to find.

Heck, they’ve even launched the Aether Apparel #WFH Collection in recent months, and they’re also well-known for road-ready picks like the rugged and incredible Aether Apparel Moto Boots. Here are some of my favorite picks below, from footwear to outerwear and beyond. These are investment-level pieces, but assuredly worth it. Last but not least: To see how I’m getting ready for the season, give me a follow on Instagram.

The Best New Spring Menswear from Aether Apparel

Aether Apparel Sector Jacket — $250

Aether Apparel Sector Jacket

A casual, cool jacket from Aether Apparel for blustery spring days.

If I had to guess one category that’s top of mind right now, it’d have to be the best men’s jackets for spring. Right? Right. This jacket, featuring raglan sleeves for ease of movement — plus a garment-dyed stretch cotton twill fabric — is the perfect casual spring jacket.

Aether Apparel Dalton Sneakers — $325

Aether Apparel Dalton Sneakers

Some of the coolest high-top sneakers on the market for spring.

These premium high-top sneakers are a favorite of the brand’s loyal fans, and you’re going to love ’em, too. After all, they’re a pair of durable Italian leather high-tops made with maximum shock absorption and expert spring style in mind. That makes ’em worth the price.

Aether Apparel Seward Button-Down Shirt — $275

Aether Apparel men's shirts

The kind of flannel shirt you can wear on chilly spring days and nights without missing a beat.

That might seem like an eye-popping price for a shirt, but this modern men’s button-down shirt features 100 percent Italian wool construction, made to regulate your temperature and keep you warm on blustery spring days. Wear it atop a classic tee on a weekend morning.

Aether Apparel Moto Boots — $595

Aether Apparel Moto Boots

A stunning pair of rugged leather moto boots to wear all the time this spring.

Aether Apparel made a bold leap into the footwear realm with the seriously cool and incredibly designed Aether Apparel Moto Boots, and they’d make a perfect spring footwear option for road trips or excursions when you need something sturdier than the Aether Apparel Dalton Sneakers.

Aether Apparel Vector Pants — $250

Aether Apparel Vector Pants

The perfect pair of work and travel pants for spring, no doubt about it.

Now that you’ve got your Aether Apparel Moto Boots for tooling around this spring, how about adding a pair of tailored technical pants to the mix for even more versatility and comfort? These Aether Apparel men’s pants are made from garment-dyed stretch cotton twill and reinforced at the knee for travel-friendly performance and durability.

Aether Apparel Long-Sleeve Raglan Henley — $85

Best henleys for men

Your new go-to henley for spring.

It wouldn’t be a guide to the best spring menswear at Aether Apparel without including a cotton henley in a classic raglan-sleeve cut, right? Consider this one of the best henleys for men (and one of the best base layers out there) for relaxed spring days aplenty.

Aether Apparel Dolomite Boots — $400

Aether Apparel Dolomite Boots

Wear these boots with a henley and durable work pants for all sorts of spring adventures.

Let’s talk about another pair of much-loved, covetable men’s boots (probably some of the best hiking boots for men out there) from Aether Apparel, shall we? The expertly crafted Aether Apparel Dolomite Boots are the perfect boots to carry you from winter into early spring, made with day hikes and crosstown strolls in mind.

Aether Apparel Camber Jacket — $550

Aether Apparel men's jackets

A tough waxed jacket to keep you warm during blustery spring rain storms.

In my book, it’s always wise to take a look at Aether Apparel new arrivals, particularly when it comes to the best spring outerwear, ehh? Enter the water and wind-resistant, well-made Aether Apparel Camber Jacket for spring projects and spring hikes in equal measure.

Aether Apparel Scout Sunglasses — $600

Aether Apparel SALT Sunglasses

An iconic silhouette made with eye-catching and high-quality materials.

Yes indeed, that’s an eye-popping price for a pair of men’s sunglasses. But you shouldn’t be surprised to find that even in the accessories realm, Aether Apparel has gone above and beyond. That means these shades feature a beta-titanium frame and unbreakable temples, perfect for the open road, the trail or the town.

Aether Apparel Relay Track Pants — $195

Aether Apparel #WFH Collection

Comfortable, functional, stylish sweatpants for men from Aether Apparel.

I called out the Aether Apparel #WFH Collection specifically at the start of this post, so it’s to that collection we’ll return as we take a look at some of the best men’s sweatpants to wear at home or even around town this season. Note the stylish side stripe and the fact that these are as ready for a coffee run as they are for a workout.

Aether Apparel Pique Pocket Tee — $65

Aether Apparel review

One of the best-made T-shirts for guys on the market.

Let’s keep the casual yet incredibly well-made vibes rolling here with Aether Apparel menswear, shall we? Made from soft pique fabric, this is one of the best T-shirts for men.

Aether Apparel Lyon Sweater — $275

Aether Apparel men's sweaters

An easy sweater for spring layering.

For breezy spring mornings and unexpectedly cold nights that require an extra layer, it’s hard to go wrong with this rugged men’s sweater, made from a merino wool blend.

Aether Apparel Clarke Shorts — $195

Aether Apparel Clarke Shorts

Adventure-minded shorts that blend technical specs and stylish looks.

Because it’s going to warm up eventually, how about you spring for a pair of the best men’s shorts for the season, the kind you can wear on casual days on your porch or around the bonfire (or to that first early spring cabin getaway) without missing a beat. The garment-washed stretch cotton fabric is comfortable and ready for anything.

Aether Apparel Laptop Case — $75

A durable laptop case for your EDC.

Last but not least: Want to add some everyday carry essentials to your rotation without spending an arm and a leg? Better yet, want to protect your laptop on road trips and your daily commute — in style? This technical laptop case is the way to go.

Taft Boots

With a brand like Aether Apparel and the robust and well-rounded Aether Apparel spring collection, it’s tough to single out just one must-have piece of gear, is it not? If you need something to add to your everyday carry essentials, they’ve got you covered. If you need an heirloom-worthy pair of Aether Apparel Moto Boots, they’ve got you covered. And if you need a pair of the best sunglasses for men or something as simple as one of the best T-shirts for men, they’ve also got you covered. It’s pretty remarkable, the brand is very much worth your time and they’re absolutely worth the investment. How about it now, ehh? Let’s get ready for spring in style.