The Friday Read: A New York Fashion Week Giveaway, The Best Thermal Shirts, and Sapporo Beer

Cozy slippers made with elements of your favorite sneakers. Perfect for the weekend.

First of all — cross Friday off your calendar. It’s here. Second of all, grab a new pair of the first-ever slippers from SeaVees for the weekend. And next? Enter a great New York Fashion Week giveaway. Yes, that’s right. We’re coming at you today with an exclusive, super-fun offer: You could win a trip to New York this February. What for, you ask? Easy answer: Fashion week. But Beau, how’s that work? Again, easy answer. Story time: Although I love my glasses, I used to wear contacts all the time. Sadly, I never got to try Alcon Air Optix Colors, but if I did, I’d be pumped — ‘cuz they’re the brand giving you the chance to vist NYC. They’re hosting a NY Fashion Week sweepstakes now through December 11th. Simply go upload an IG photo of yourself wearing your Air Optix Colors lenses — or, go online and virtually try on one of their 12 new lens colors, then upload a photo of your look (tagging @AIROPTIXCOLORS and using the hashtags #Readytoplay and #Sweepstakes). Oh, this is important: You can find the official rules HEREThe winner will get a trip for two and a VIP experience (none other than backstage passes) at New York Fashion Week: The Shows in February 2019.  That’s all there is to it! Nice.

Again, all you need to do is that virtual try-on, then upload a photo … then you’ve got your chance. I find fashion week to be a fun whirlwind — you’re in the thick of it in NYC, seeing the latest and greatest from boundary-pushing fashion brands. I look forward to it every season, and I think you will, too! Again, you can (and should!) enter with Alcon Air Optix Colors. After you’ve done that, be sure to come back here and enjoy plenty of talk related to choice winter style essentials. Maybe crack open an Anchor Christmas Ale and turn on The National while you’re at it. Happy Friday!

  • In my mind, this post is worth sharing again, especially if you still find yourself searching for that go-anywhere winter jacket. I’m talking, of course, about the Billy Reid Dempsey Jacket, as seen in a post in our Style Pick of the Week series earlier this month.
  • The thermal shirt is the underrated winter layering essential you might not have known you needed. I wrote about the best men’s thermal shirts for The Manual, just in time to help you fight the chill. (Related: Grayers makes a stylish thermal henley you’d do well to buy as we head into winter).
  • My good friend Pat Evans — an accomplished beer writer and a pal from my days at The State News at Michigan State University — has written up a fascinating piece (also at The Manual!) on the German origins of Sapporo beer. A neat read as we get ready to raise a glass this weekend.

That’s bringing us to the end of today’s Friday Read.  Can’t get enough menswear? Read more about the best cold-weather gear to buy now. Or, check out this handy guide on how to wear a henley this year.  Lastly, just because … find a new and improved way to wear your denim shirt for the season.

The Friday Read: New York Fashion Week: Men’s, Timex x Todd Snyder and Grand Rapids

Phew — it’s Friday. It’s not just any Friday, though — it’s a fine and fun summer Friday. Yes, that’s right!As if that wasn’t exciting enough, it was followed by one of busier times of the year for yours truly — that’d be New York Fashion Week: Men’s! Now, if you follow me on Instagram, perhaps you kept up with that action. If not, come along for the ride! Coming off the Fourth of July holiday, it was quite a way to jump back into the fray of NYC with New York Men’s Day, a series of showcases celebrating up-and-coming designers on Monday morning. A mix of edgy and classic brands — led by the seriously cool Krammer Stoudt and tailoring impresario David Hart  — headed up the pack at the morning showing I attended. With athleisure and futuristic, surprising silhouettes aplenty, it’s different than what I normally wear or see — and that’s not a bad thing at all!

Oh, and there were traditional shows, too — like that of lauded American menswear designer Todd Snyder on Wednesday night, a personal favorite who sent a collection of breezy tailoring and sportswear down the runway. Talk about a serious highlight! I also loved checking out the beautiful luxury leather goods from Mark Cross, billed as “America’s first luxury leather goods brand,” one with serious cache at that. The wares are very expensive, to be sure, but very beautiful (take the Baker Overnight Bag, for instance).  All of that being said, it was quite hectic to balance at all — particularly when my Tuesday night also included the chance to check out a special concert by French indie pop-rock luminaries Phoenix! Across a decades-long career, Phoenix captured my attention way back in 2009 with seminal album “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix,” and 2017’s “Ti Amo” is just as beautifully crafted and enjoyable to listen to — especially with a cold beer in hand! But again, phew. It’s Friday. I’m engaged! And I’m heading back to Michigan for the weekend, too! So. Let’s get to the Friday Read!

  • There’s a darn good chance that by the time you read this, this watch will be sold out. To which watch am I referring? That’d be the elegant, affordably priced Timex x Todd Snyder Blackout Marlin Watch, a beautiful and highly attainable timepiece to wear with your best suit to a summer wedding.
  • By now, I’d wager most of us have listened to and enjoyed some tracks off rapper Drake’s new album, “Scorpion.” If you’re a Spotify user, you’ve also seen his image on many, many playlists on the platform. Why is that? As what you might call a devout music nerd, I found this piece from Pitchfork quite enlightening, even if I’m not the biggest hip-hop fan.
  • Last but not least, I’m going to point you toward a recent menswear shopping entry on this site, seeing as we could all use some guidance (or new ideas?) when it comes to summer style essentials for this season. There’s still plenty of time to stock up, so get to it accordingly.

Folks, that’s going to do it for this (somewhat short) Friday Read. Wishing you all a great weekend! For me, that means it’s time to hit the road. Cheers!


The Friday Read: The Best Gear to Shop in July, The Best Men’s Running Shorts and Amazon Prime Day

It’s another Friday here at The Style Guide, and a particularly momentous one at that.  For one, we’re capping off another hectic, fast-paced and incredibly fun New York Fashion Week: Men’s, the twice-yearly event that allows America’s top menswear designers — Style Guide favorite Todd Snyder among them — to showcase next season’s wares. Held at a mix of intimate studios and the cavernous shipping center-turned-exhibition site Skylight Clarkson Square, it’s a great week to catch up with industry pals (like my pal Jamal of StyleSocietyGuy) while taking in the season’s coming trends. It’s, in short, an excellent reminder of why I love menswear — the diversity, the modern takes on classic styles and more importantly, the great peole who make it all happen. It’s often a whirlwind of a week — that’s why I’m excited for the coming weekend and the festivities to follow.

That’s because it’s not quite your ordinary weekend exploring Brooklyn (as much as I do love those!). No, I’m heading north this afternoon to the quaint upstate town of Hudson — I took a November trip upstate to Hudson just last year, and I thoroughly enjoyed the town’s focus on excellent gourmet food, arts and culture. My trip has a bit of a different purpose this time around, though.  Famed indie rock heroes The National are hosting what should be a very special evening at former factory and current rustic performance space Basilica Hudson on the edge of town. It’s not quite your average concert, either. Dubbed “Guilty Party” — a direct play on the band’s latest single — the evening features a collaborative performance “in the round,” all taking place not far from where the band recorded said album. It promises to be an incredibly unique, heartfelt and meaningful evening — as any evening curated by your favorite band should be. So, that’s where Friday evening will find me.

And that’s not at all — in a crazy and quite busy turn of scheduling, Saturday brings the fun, quirky and eclectic New Belgium Tour de Fat to NYC. The craft beer festival and all-around extravaganza blends a circus-like atmosphere (think vaudeville performers and trick cycling races) with live music — as it were, an all-time favorite band, New Zealand indie rockers The Naked and Famous, are capping off the night. In short, it’ll be a jam-packed weekend to cap off a jam-packed week. But right now, I couldn’t be more excited. Before you start your own weekend of adventures, stick around a bit longer for our weekly #menswear news recap. Thanks, as always, for reading! Rock on!

  • Equally as important as your prep for the weekend is your weekend shopping strategy — at least, I think so. That’s why I’ve had quite the fun time putting together The List, an ongoing Style Guide series covering the best men’s gear to buy this month.  From the handsome and surprisingly affordabe Newgate Pimlico Wall Clock to the rugged and handy Line of Trade Waxed Canvas Watch Roll, I’d wager that this is gear you’re going to want to buy as soon as you can.

  • I’ll be the first to tell you I enjoy a nice, head-clearing jog through the quite streets of Midwood here in Brooklyn. It’s all the more helpful that the next time I pound the pavement, I’ll have a few ideas on how to do so in style — that’s because I covered the best men’s running shorts for GearMoose! Effective AND stylish, all at once.
  • Amazon Prime Day — the famed shopping portal’s offering of a bunch of deals through its Prime membership service —  flew by this week (Julu 12th, actually). Did you shop any deals? Let me know in terms comments!

And with that, my fellow Style Guide fans … I leave you to the weekend! Feel free to follow me on Instagram to check out Friday and Saturday’s music-filled fun, and be sure to join us tomorrow for our Style Pick of the Week.


The Friday Read: New York Fashion Week, Sunlit Youth and Fall Style Wishes

Editor’s note: Expect these posts once a week on Fridays — consider this a jumpstart on reading for your weekend downtime. Expect a mix of style and non-style content. For more entries, click here.  

As every week draws to a close, it’s pretty fun to carve out some time to write these posts — sometimes, that time is pretty short (those Effortless Gent features don’t write themselves), and other times, there’s a bit more room for introspection. I often like to put on some music as I write, and for about the past week, that’s consisted of “Sunlit Youth,” the fantastic new album from the fantastic indie rock band Local Natives. But what’s that got to do with menswear, you might ask? Well, those guys dress in laidback, minimal California cool garb, for one (wink, wink). And number two — well, it’s just a plain beautiful record, and it’s got me looking forward to a Northeast trip to see their Providence show, wherein we’ll have a full travel style post next month. See, there’s the tie-in! At any rate, records like that are works of art, and worth your time, too — much like some excellent menswear, yes? And it’s music that’s so far colored my week — for the better, by far (personal favorites include the soaring “Past Lives,” the hopeful and lilting “Coins” and the determined drive of tracks like “Psycho Lovers” and “Mother Emanuel”). But again, I’m just one guy. If you fancy spinning that record while you catch up on the below men’s style stories, give it a go. I guarantee it’ll be a perfect start to your weekend.

  • With a new season comes the chance to buy and try out some new menswear — why not start with something supremely stylish, like this standout double-breasted camel wool suit from Banana Republic? It’s part of the brand’s new line of seasonal essentials featuring NBA All-Star Kevin Love, who cleans up pretty nicely in a variety of tailored looks from the brand. And if he can find a suit that fits him the right way, so too can you. Right?
  • If you’ve been itching for a change in seasons, much like I have, this week’s Fall Style Wish List at the ole’ Style Guide should set you right. Personal favorites — besides all of ’em — include that gorgeous Flint & Tinder Flannel-Lined Waxed Trucker Jacket. Who’s ready for fall yet??
  • While we’re out here talking about the change in seasons, the folks at Taylor Stitch are making gear to suit your needs for now and beyond. The Taylor Stitch Summit Sweater is what we’re talking about, and in either a marled red or navy color, it’s the perfect weight for layering up with a classic chambray shirt — so says Well-Spent, anyways.
  • Elsewhere in NYC, it was New York Fashion Week, which did feature a decent helping of men’s style in addition to dozens upon dozens (upon dozens) of women’s fashion shows — for one, the J. Crew Spring 2017 menswear presentation did a fine job at showcasing what the brand does best, which would  be breezy, wearable clothes for the modern man.

Want one last story to read before getting back to work?

  • Speaking of Flint & Tinder, the brand is on a serious push when it comes to stellar fall menswear that’ll last and last. Slim henleys in marled fabrics, that beautiful waxed trucker jacket and even some sharp denim — it’s all up for the taking. Read more about it at The Manual, and again — shop the Flannel-Lined Waxed Trucker Jacket ASAP; you can also snag the rest of the line at Huckberry.

That’s it for the above Friday Read, ya dig? Now, back to another spin of “Sunlit Youth”…. right?

Stay stylish and keep your eyes open,


Buck Mason - Timeless Design. Made in America.

The Friday Read: Yeezy Season 4, Bonobos GoodSport and What to Wear During Football Season

Editor’s note: Expect these posts once a week on Fridays — consider this a jumpstart on reading for your weekend downtime. Expect a mix of style and non-style content. For more entries, click here.  

The last time we spoke, we were heading into an action-packed Labor Day weekend and the start of some serious fall style cravings (oh, and college football season). Well, surprise — it’s a week later, and it doesn’t exactly feel like fall around these parts. We’ll keep looking toward everyone’s favorite menswear season next week, with both a Fall Style Wish List and some rugged men’s shopping picks for the season.  For now, we’ve got the shopping picks you need should you still find yourself having to beat the heat — as has been the case for months now, it seems like.  Rest assured that we’ve also got a few choice reads to jumpstart what I hope is a weekend of relaxation, menswear, football and craft beer (or are those just my plans?).  If you’re trekking to a tailgate, here’s what to wear.  If you’re heading to a rock concert, what do you know? Here’s what to wear to a show. And if you just fancy catching up on the week in men’s style news? Read on below.

  • If you stuck your head under a rock earlier this week, you might have missed the relative chaos that was Yeezy Season 4, just ahead of the start of New York Fashion Week. It was inescapable around New York City these past few days, and while I’m not the biggest fan at all of ‘Ye musically or, I guess, personally, the man knows how to command headlines. You decide whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing…
  • Gushing over these pieces is always fun (if slightly depressing in terms of budgetary constraints) — here are the goods the folks at Well-Spent would buy instead of rent this month.
  • Getting to and from the gym with style in mind isn’t always high-priority — but perhaps it should be. Bonobos just launched its GoodSport line of athletic-minded apparel, and GQ is calling ’em the best-fitting gym shorts on the market.

Want more menswear to round out your day?

We’re signing out until Monday, when we’ll deliver the goods on that fall style wish list — check out Instagram for more style snaps along the way, and enjoy the weekend!


The Friday Read: #NYFWM, Super Bowl 50 and Dockers

Editor’s note: Expect these posts once a week on Fridays — consider this a jumpstart on reading for your weekend downtime. Expect a mix of style and non-style content. For more entries, click here

Perhaps you find yourself not paying attention to the runways or the sights and sounds of #NYFWM, the dedicated, NYC-hosted week for menswear writers, editors, buyers and industry pros to get their first look at upcoming seasonal collections. But after spending some time around great media and bloggers at a brand styling suite I helped run on behalf of Timberland, I must say — looking at the American iteration of fashion week is something you might consider. That’s especially true when perennial, classic favorites like Todd Snyder and Billy Reid step in the ring — after all, not every runway show is Zoolander-esque. Timberland-centric events gave me the terrific opportunity to connect with friends new and old, including my buddy Jamal of StyleSocietyGuy (the subject of this week’s Style Q+A), and my pals at Brothers & Craft (who are curating a consistently awesome men’s lifestyle site and brand). So even if you don’t pay attention to runway shows — something that’s admittedly not a huge focus for me, either — I’ve learned there are definitely things you can gleam from those around you, and that’s a rewarding part of any profession. And with that being said, it’s nearly time for me to go take a nice, long nap. And maybe enjoy a brew or two this weekend. Have fun with this week’s #menswear news recap in the meantime!

  • Speaking of NYFWM, Dockers, of all brands, kicked off the second-ever event by hosting a star-studded party  (by the way, don’t sleep on the brand’s Alpha Khakis).
  • In honor of Super Bowl 50 this weekend, the stylish folks at Get Kempt tracked down the best menswear in San Francisco.
  • The team at Well-Spent tells you the goods they’d rather blow their rent money on this month (hint: the piece includes a stellar American Trench merino watch cap).
  • Long “Read” of the Week: If you believe in the transformative power of music, you’ll love this stunning photo series from Narratively (hence “read” in quotes, ya dig?).

Run out of things to read? Look no further.

And on that note, if you made it to the end of this post — congrats! You’re free to enjoy your weekend.

Stay stylish,


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Todd Snyder Spring/Summer 2016 Collection Preview

The designer's collection preview took place at Skylight Clarkson Square, an industrial setting that's the hub of this year's shows.

The designer’s collection preview took place at Skylight Clarkson Square, an industrial setting that’s the hub of this year’s shows.

As New York Fashion Week: Men’s progresses, it’s easy to get caught in the whirlwind of colors and styles flying down the runways. What does it mean to the average shopper on the streets or your average PR guy behind his laptop? If you’re worried about being overwhelmed by a fashion runway, Todd Snyder is here to sooth those doubts with a stunning – and highly wearable – spring offering.  If you’re not familiar with Todd and are curious about dipping your toes in the ‘fashion’ waters, be sure to give his offerings a look — best-known for producing classic Americana sportswear pieces, he also does admirable tailored pieces and envy-inducing suede bomber jackets (more on those below).

Strong outerwear (as seen on the right) and lightweight, sportier pieces like the white knit, seen on the left, characterized the collection.

Strong outerwear (as seen on the right) and lightweight, sportier pieces like the white knit, seen on the left, characterized the collection.

I had the chance to attend Todd’s collection preview on Tuesday night with my friends over at Brothers & Craft. Menswear luminaries like Nick Wooster and A-listers like Dwayne Wade were also on-hand at Skylight Clarkson Square, the massive hub of this year’s shows (catch up with my tweets from the show here). Luckily for us consumers, the collection is on-point – and likely features a few items you’ll have to start saving for … right about now.

One of several lightweight knit pieces paired with drawstring pants.

One of several lightweight knit pieces paired with drawstring pants.

Color and texture was a huge part of the show, inspired by the Italian beaches of Bagni di Tiberio — a historical vacation hub for famous artists and creatives. The biggest takeaway from that tidbit is that the collection certainly feels ready for days spent by the sea.  Linen cardigans and band-collar shirts were layered with easygoing shorts and drawstring pants – nothing too imposing, a la the typical Thom Browne show.

One of the nicest pieces of outerwear in the show -- a sporty yet durable-looking take on the varsity jacket from the designer's Champion collaboration.

One of the nicest pieces of outerwear in the show — a sporty yet durable-looking take on the varsity jacket from the designer’s Champion collaboration.

Plenty of rugged heritage and workwear-leaning pieces, like faded tanktops and short-sleeve military shirts from the designer’s collaboration with Champion, were also trotted out – good news that it’s back again. Todd Snyder’s outerwear has historically been a strong point of his collections, and it’s an area that doesn’t disappoint here – he sent out classic belted trench coats, trim bombers in neutral colors like grey & navy and military field jackets, all items that definitely work for layering during the rainy days of spring and potentially back into the fall. Sweaters galore in rumped, lightweight linen and linen-cotton blends were also on display – those are pieces that can be layered over shorts and with spring & summer tees and polos particularly.

The designer's relatively affordable White Label line is set to feature classics like a medium-blue piped tuxedo.

The designer’s relatively affordable White Label line is set to feature classics like a medium-blue piped tuxedo.

And Todd’s tailored collection (the White Label line sold through Nordstrom) is back again for SS16, featuring classic piped tuxedo jackets in navy and black, and at least one white linen suit. While that’s a bold move unless you’re heading to an all-white party, the key here is that while still pricey, Todd’s suiting line sticks to classic basics done in a refined way – maybe save a bit (or a lot) here and there to pick one up as a splurge? Oh, and one last thing – if you find yourself looking for a pair of sandals to wear, the designer’s collaboration with Cole Haan is back again, featuring artisanal Italian leather sandals (maybe keep those to the beach unless you’ve got some serious  style cred, yeah?).

While some designers seem to get lost up in the art form of a show, others stick to sending out clothes that guys can – and will – actually wear. Todd Snyder’s SS16 collection definitely hit that mark admirably, and it does so in a way that’s extremely accessible to the general public, from lightweight layering pieces to easygoing pants, strong outerwear and crisp tailored wear.  Whether or not you find yourself drawn toward some sandals next spring is entirely in your court.

Any favorite looks from this collection? What pieces are you looking forward to breaking out or buying (if any) when spring rolls around, and what do you like from the designer right now?



New York Fashion Week: Personal Favorites

Spring New York Fashion Week is always full of colorful florals and stunning finale gowns. This year, I was actually disappointed with a majority of the shows.  Some shapes were too geometric and boxy for my taste.  But there were still many shows and looks that stood out to me.  These are some of my overall favorite looks from this week.

Tanya Taylor RTW Spring 2014


Retro silhouettes were everywhere this season! What I really enjoyed about this look was the beautiful combination of blue floral and the black and white pattern it lays on top of. Tanya Taylor had her Fashion Week debut just a year ago, and opted for a runway show this season. The movement of the skirts were so graceful and visually appealing to me, which is exactly why she chose the runway to show off her collection. Though she is a young designer, I could see this collection appealing to women of all ages.

Kate Spade Spring 2014

Kate Spade New York - Presentation - Spring 2014 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Kate Spade New York - Presentation - Spring 2014 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Kate Spade is one of my all-time favorite brands and this presentation blew me away.  The theme – a quaint European tour – was adorable and perfectly reflected.  The first few looks, inspired by Paris, made me audibly gasp in public! There is just something about the dress and peplum top with the wrought iron gate pattern that stunned me.  This collection had so many amazing silhouettes that were also very retro inspired. I loved the lemon theme representing Capri- it was fresh and perfect for spring.  Finally, the quirky clutches, colorful shoes, and sleek makeup added the perfect finishing touches to each outfit!

Oscar De La Renta Spring 2014

Oscar-De-La-Renta-SS14-12 Oscar-De-La-Renta-SS14-19 Oscar-De-La-Renta-SS14-41 Oscar-De-La-Renta-SS14-44 Oscar-De-La-Renta-SS14-50

This show was hands-down my favorite show of Fashion Week.  Again, the retro look was prevalent and that is probably why I was so drawn to this collection.  I saw several long, romantic tutu-style skirts throughout runway shows this season, but this was my personal favorite. The fabric used in several of these designs was similar to Tanya Taylor’s small patterns under floral, and it worked beautifully in each look.  The details in this collection really awed me and made it stand out to me.  Chunky necklaces, earrings, and beautifully patterned shoes topped off each outfit.  For some close ups of the details, check out the OscarPRGirl Pinterest board!

Overall, retro looks and bold details dominated the runway.  Though I was disappointed with a few shows, my high expectations for Kate Spade and Oscar De La Renta were fulfilled and even surpassed! To see more highlights of shows, check out the galleries on the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week website.